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APRIL, 1877.

NO. 1.


We launch our little bark upon the literary waters, freighted with humble yet earnest hopes for the accomplishment of some measure of benefit, through instruction, entertainment or pleasure, for the sons and danghters of New Hampshire, at home and abroad, more than for anything of distinction or profit for ourselves. We have long entertained the opinion that some publication, different from the ordinary newspaper which is devoted generally, and almost necessarily, to the record of current events and partisan political discussion-a publication recording and presenting regularly to the people something of the facts of our history, of the lives and achievements of our representative men, of the development of our material resources, the upbuilding of our industries, and the moral, social and educational progress of the people, together with a fair proportion of what is more properly known as literary matter, would be welcomed and supported by the people of New Hampshire, and would become, to some extent at least, an instrument of good. To meet as far as may be the existing want in this direction we have commenced the publication of the GRANITE MONTHLY. We shall make it peculiarly a New Hampshire Magazine, and we hope, by devoting our own best efforts to the work, and by the assistance and co-operation of able writers, and sympathizing friends of the enterprize, to make it worthy the consideration and patronage of the reading public in our State, and especially of those who cherish that laudable sentiment of State pride which is keenly alive to every thing touching the honor, prosperity and progress of New Hampshire, as illustrated in the successful achievements of her children in every field of effort or enterprise. If we shall succeed in strengthenieg in the hearts of any of our people that sentiment to which we allude, or in contribing in any way to the material prosperity of the State, through the instruction or entertainment of its children, we shall have found our reward and be abundantly satisfied.

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