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“ Je voudrais échauffer tout l'univers de mon gout pour les jardins. Il me semble
qu'il est impossible qu’un méchant puisse l'avoir. Il n'est point de vertus que je ne
suppose à celui que aime à parler et à faire des jardins. Péres de famille, inspirez
la jardinoma vie à vos enfans.”—Prince De Ligne.

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The Thirteenth Volume of the Magazine has been enlarg.
ed by the addition of one hundred pages more than any
previous volume; and the following Table of Contents will
show the very great variety of information which it contains
in every department of Horticulture, especially on the culti-
vation of fruits, and descriptions of new and fine varieties.

C. M. H.
Boston, December 25, 1847.




On the Transplantation of the Coniferous

Forest Trees, (Pines, &c.,) of New Eng-
A Retrospective View of the Progress of land to the Southern States. By Dr. A.

Horticullure in the United States, dur Mitchell, Portland, Me. In a letter to

ing the year 1846. By the Editor, 1 the Hon. H.A. S. Dearborn. Commu-
Taste in Horticulture and in Designs. By nicated by Gen. Dearborn,



14 On the Importance of the Cultivation of

Observations upon the potato Roi:

By the Oak, and other valuable Timber

J. 8. B., Wesi Seituate, Mass.,

22 Trees; with Observations on the Pre-

Zinc Labels for Trees.

By j. owen;

servation of Ship Timber, and the Pro-


26 cess of Decay in Wood. By A. Mitchell,

A Compurative Notice of the Hog and

M. D., Portland. In a letter to the Hon.
Jerusalem Artichokes, with a descrip H. A. S. Dearborn. Communicated by
tive account of the growth, habit and Gen. Dearborn,


use of the former variety. By Dr. M. On the study and Pursuits of Botany.

A. Ward, Athens, Ga., •

30 By A. Mitchell, M. D. In a letter to

A Leaf from the History of Pomology in the Hon. H. A. S. Dearborn, Commu-
the Past. By T. s. Hurrickhouse, nicated by Gen. Dearborn,


Coshocton, Ohio,


Instance of Effect' of Boiling water on

Seeds. By X.,



Horticulture of the Past, as compared

with the Present. By T. S. Humrick Descriptive Account of Thirty-two Va.

house, Coshocton, Ohio,


rieties of the Grape, fruited in 1846.

On the Cultivation of the Arrow Root in Ry J. F. Allen, Esq., Salem, Mass.

the United States, as an article of com-

With Remarks upon their general qual-

merce. By Dr. A. Mitchell, of Port ities, &c.,


land, Me. In a letter to Hon. H. A. S. Root Grufting the Peach Tree and Rose;

Dearborn. Communicated by Gen. Grafting the Pear upon the Apple; the


193 Apricot on the Peach ; New Mode of

Guano, and its application to Fruit Trees

Raising Cucumbers, &c. By M. W.

By the Editor,

241 Phillips, Esq., Log Hall, Edwards, Miss. 49

List of Tropical Plants which may be ac: Results of the Cultivation of the Pear

clinated in the Southern States. By

and other Fruit in the Southern States.

Dr. A. Mitchell. In a letter to Hon. By R. Chisholm, Esq., Corresponding

H. A. S. Dearborn. Communicated by Secretary of the Beaufort Agricultural

Gen. Dearborn,

289 Society, ·


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