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MERCHANTS (cont.) in Boston, Obser- | MILITIA of N. J. Aet for regulating and va. on several acts of parlia. and also

governing the. on the conduet of the officers of the MILLEDOLER, PHILIP, Philadelphia, customs and board of commissioners New-York, Dis. del. 23 March, 1806, appointed to reside in America, pub. bef. a soc. of ladies instituted for the by the, 4. Bos. 1769.

relief of poor widows with small chil. bank, Concise view of the late pro- dren, 8. N. Y. ceed. of the leaders of the Clintonian Ser. del. ord. and instal. Gardiner party in N. Y. and Albany for the sup- Spring in N. Y. 8 Aug. 1810, with the pression of the, by a spectator', 8. N. add. introduc. to the ord. service, the Y. 1804.

c. by Samuel Miller, and the exhorta. MERCURE de France, 13 Sept. 1788, to the people by John B. Romeyn, 8. 12.

N. Y. MERIAM, MATTHEW, Berwick, Ser. MILLER, SAMUEL, New-York, Prince

preaclied to Joshua Abbot at York, 3 ton, Ser. del. 4 July, 1793, bef. the Sept. 1792, preparatory to the 6th, Tam. soc. 8. N Y. the day appointed for his execution, Dis. del. in the city of N. Y. bef. with an add. to John Hancock by, and the grand lodge of the state, 24 June, Joseph Buckminster, q. v. of Ports- 1795, 8. N. Y. mouth, 8.

Ser. del. 4 July, 1795, bef. the MERINO sheep, Acc. of the, and of Tam. and other soc. 8. N. Y. their treatment in Spain, 8. N. Y.

Dis. del. bef, the manumis. soc. of MERRICK, John, Friendly retort in N. Y. 12 Ap. 1797, 8. N. Y.

behalf of truth or an alarm to univer- Nat. fast ser, del. 9 May, 1798, 8. salists, 12. Trenton, 1796.

N. Y. MESSENGER, ROSEWELL, York, Ora. Thanks. ser.del. 5 Feb. 1799, 8.

occ. by the d. of G. Washington, 8. N. Y. Charlestown, 1800.

Ser. occ. by the d. of G. Washing. Ser. ord. James Boyd in Bangor, 10 ton, del. 29 Dec. 1799, 8. N. Y. Sept. 1800, 8. Nby port.

Ser, del. bef. the N. Y. miss. soc. 6 MESURES, Instruction abregée sur les, Ap. 1802, with an app. 8. N. Y.

deduites de la grandeur de la terre Brief retrospect of the 18th. centu. umformes pour toute la republique, et ry, 2 vols. 8. N. Y. 1803. sur les calculs relatifs à leur division Two dis. on the guilt, etc. of suidecimale, 8. an 2.

cide, «lel. Feb. 1805, 8. N. Y. METHODIST communion, Serious add. Introduct. add. and charge at the

to the candid members of the, by a ord. of G. Spring. See Milledoler. member, 12. N. Y. 1792.

Ser. del. 19 Jan. 1612, at the Articles of agreement bet. quest of a num. of young gentlemen the gen. conference of the, and the of the city of N. Y. assembled to extrustees of the African meth. epis. ch. press their condolence with the inha.

in the city of N. Y. 8. Brooklyn, 1801. bitants of Richmond on the late MILITARY discipline, English, or the mournful dispensa. of providence in

way and method of exercising horse that city with an add. to the young and foot, with a treatise of all sorts of gentlemen, 8. N. Y. arms and engines of war, etc. ancient MILLER, ALEXANDER, Albany, Essay and mod. enriched with many figures, on ch. government, 8. Alb. 1801. 12. Lon. 1680,

The missionary's catechism for repository by Charles Smith, 2 vols. children, 12. Alb. 8. N. Y. 1796, 7.

MILLER, EDWARD, New York, Letter - philosophical soc. Extracts fr. the to gov. Clinton, 6 Jan, 180-4, by, resiminutes of the U. S. at an

dent physician, 8. meeting held at Washington, 30 Jan. Report on the malignant disease, 1808, 4.

wh. prevailed in the city of N. Y. Extracts, etc. at 1805, add. to gov. Lewis with an app. N. Y. 28 Dec. 1809, 4.

cont. proofs and illustra, of the princisystem of France, See France. ples del. in the report, 8. See Medical · monitor, or advice to the officers l'epository. and soldiers of the Am. army, with a MILLIN, A. Q. Peintures de vases anticarricature, 18. Bal. 1813.

ques, vulgairement appelés Etrusques,


gravees par A. Clener accomp. d'ex-, MINTHORNE, MANGLE, Reply to the plications par, Prospectus, 4.

resolu. and add. of a meeting at MILLS, E OMUND, Sutton, Ser. ord. Na- Martling's, 4 Feb. 1811, cont. the pro

than Holman in Attleborough, 15 Oct. ceed. of the com. of safety of 76 ag. 1800, 8. Wrentham, 1801.

by a whig of '76, 8. N. Y. 1311. MILNER, John, Letters in ans. to re- Minto, Walter, Inaug. ora. on the

flections on popery by J. Sturges, prog. and impor. of mathematics, del. etc. 8. Bal, 1810,

in Princeton Sept. 1788, 8. Trenton. MULTIMOKE, JAMES, Stratham, New MINUTES of council, Extracts fr. the,

bury, Ser. occ. by the d. of John Mur- cont. his majesty's late regulations rel. ray, 8. Exeter, 1793.

to the waste lands of the crown, etc. Ora. del at the inter. of John Mur- with an introduc, by Wm. Berczy, 8. ray, 8. Ex. 1793.

Quebec, 1798. Dis. del. bef. a musical choir in MIRABEAU, Count De, Considera. on New-market assembled on the birth day the order of Cincinnatus with Turgot's of G. Washington, 8. Ex. 1794.

letter to Price, trans. fr. the Fr. 8. Ser. ord. James Thurston, in New- Lon. 1785. market, 15 Oct. 100.), c. by Curtis MIRANDA's expedition, Gen. acc. of, Coe of Durham, f. by Wm. Pidgin of including the trial and execution of ten Hampton, with Thurston's ans. to the of his officers, etc. 8. N. Y. 1808. chorch's call, 8. Ex.

MIRANIA, General idea of the (proposSer. ord. William Gregg in Cape ed] college of, with a sketch of the Elizabeth, 15 July, 1101, 8. Portland. method of teaching seience, etc. add.

Ser. ord Jeremiah Noyes in Gor- to the consideration of the trustees ham, 10 Nov. 1803, c. by Paul Coffin nominated, rel. to the estab. of a coll. of Buxton, f. by Elijah Kellogs of in N. Y. [by Wm. Smith, provost of Portland, 8. Porti. 1804.

the coll. Phil. ] 8. N. Y. 1753. Ser. del. bef. the Female char. soc. MIRROR of misery, or tyranny exposed, in Newburyport, 20 May, 1807, 8 N. extracted fr. authen. docu. exemplified [] Address to a young lady, 12. by engravings, 12. N. Y. 1807. MILTON, JOHN, Looking glass for the MIRROR of taste and dramatic censor,

laity and clergy with the life of, 8. with portraits of distinguished actors, Phil. 177).

4 viis. 8. Phil. 1810, 11. MILT N in Massachusetts. See Cow-pox MIRROur or glasse of health necessary act.

and needeful for everye person to looke MINISINK and Wawayanda, Memorial in, that will keepe their bodye fr. the

of some of the part owners and pro- sicknesse of the pestylence, and it prietors of the patents of, bordering showeth how the planets do reygn in on the crown lands in the colony of N. every hower of the day and nyght, Y. etc. respecting the controversy bet. etc. [black letter] 18. Lon. [imp.] the col. of N. Y. and N. J. fol. N. Y. MISSIONARY SOC. Add. and constitu. of 1757.

the N. Y. 8. 1796, MINOT, GEORGE RICHARDS, Boston, - soc. of N. Y. Ann. report of the Hist. of the insurrec. in Massa. 1786

directors, Ap. 1809, 8. N. Y. and the rebellion consequent thereon, soc. Constitu. of the northern, in 8. Worc. 1788.

the state of N. Y. with an add. to the Add. del. bef. the Mass. char. fire pub. 8. Schenectady, 1797. soc. 29 May, 1795, with the act of in- Proceed. of the northern, etc. Sept. corpora. and subscribers names, 8.

8. Bos.

soc. London, Add. fr. the directors Eulogy on G. Washington, 8. Bos. of the, 12. Lon. 1797. 1800.

soc. of Con. Second add. fr. the Continuation of the hist. of the trustees of the, etc. 8. Hartf. 1801. prov. of Massa. bay fr. 1748, with an soc. of N. Jer. Constitu. of the, inintroduc. sketch of events fr. its origi- stitut. 8 Dec. 1801, 12. Morris. 1302. nal settlement, 2 vols. 8. Bos. 1798 MISSIONS to the new settlements, Nar. and 1803.

of the, according to the appointment MINSHULL, JOHN, Sprightly widow, a of the gen. associa. of the state of Con. comedy with a portrait, 8. N. Y. 1803. with an acc. of receipts and expen. 8

Rural felicity, a comic opera, 8. N. New Haven, 1794. Y.


MISSIONS, (cont.) Continua. of the nar. bef. the commissioners of review, 1743, etc. 8. Hartf. 1796.

4. Lon. 1769. Continua. of the nar. etc. 8. MOLAI, JAMES, Tomb of, or the secret New Haven, 1797.

of the conspirators, 8. Bos. 1797. MITCHILL, SAMUEL LATHAM, New- MOLINA, J. IGNATIUS, Geog. nat. and

York, Observa anatom. physiol. and civil hist. of Chili, with notes fr. the pathol. on the absorbent lubes of ani. Span. and Fr. versions, and an app. of mal bodies, also geolog. remarks on extracts fr. the Araucana of Alonzo the maritime parts of the state of N.Y. De Ercilla, trans. fr. the Italian, by an add. to Stephen Van Wyck, 12. N. Y. Amer. gent. and ded. to Benj. Smith 1787,

Barton, 2 vols. 8. Middletown, 1808. Ora. del. bef. the soc. of black MONEY unit, Notes on the estab. of a, friars at an anniv. 11 Nov. 8. N. Y. and of a coinage for the U. S. A. 1793.

1784, 8. Ora. del. bef. the Tam. soc. 12 MONOPOLIES and oppression, Act to May, 1795, giving an acc. of the life, prevent, in R. Isl. Dec. 1776, 8. Prov. exploits, and precepts of Tammany, 8. MONROR's view of the conduct of the N. Y

executive, Reflections on, by Scipio, [-] Case of the manufacturers of soap 8. about 1797.

and candles in the city of N. Y. stated |MONTAUBAN, Rapport des malheurs, and examined, with the laws of the dont la ville de, a été affligée 10 state concerning infectious diseases and Mai, 1790. an app. cont. docu. rel. to the subjects, MONTEATH, WALTER, New-Brunscompiled by, [accompanied with an ex- wick, Masonic ser. 12. N. B. 1788. tract, in ms, fr. a letter to the author, MONTFORT, COUNTESS DE, Eng. fleet written by the late Robert R. Living- in 1342, or the heroic exploits of the, ston,] 8. N. Y. 1797,

12. N. Y. 1804. Ora. del, on the 231. anniv. of Am. MONTGALLARD, State of France in indepen. 8. N. Y. 1800.

May, 1794, trans. fr. the Fr. of, by Synopsis of chemical nomenclature Joshua L. Wilkinson, 8. Lon. and arrangement.

Prospect bef, us, or the state of Explana. of chem. nomen. and ar- France in Aug. 1794, in reply to, etc. rangement, cont. several important al- by Horatius Publicola, 8. Lon. 1794. tera. of the plan originally reported by Necessity of continuing the war, 8. the Fr. academicians, 8. N. Y. 1801. Lon. 1795. Letter fr. the sec. of the navy, re

Continuation of the state of France, lating to naval preparations, etc. 20 8. Lon. 1795. Jan. 1802.

Situation of Eng. in 1811, trans. fr. [-] Picture of New-York, or the tra- the Fr. of, by a cit. of the U. S. 8. N. Y.

veller's guide through the commercial 1819. metropolis of the U. S. 12. N. Y. 1807. MONTHLY anthology, 10 vols. 8. Bos.

Observations on the Canada thistle, 1803 to 1811 inclu. with a plate, in a communica. to David mag. See London mag. Hosack, 8. N. Y. 1810.

MONTLOSIER, Declara. d'une partie Concise descrip. of Schooley's de l'assembleé nationale, concernant mountain in N. J. with experiments religion, suivie d'une lettre de, 8. à on the water of its chalyb. spring, 8.

Paris, 1790. N. Y. 1810.

MOODEY, JOSHUA,Portsmouth, Boston, [-] Histor. summary of the several Choice benefit of commuion with God

attacks that have been made upon the in his house, with a pref. by James city of N. Y. since its first settlement, Allen, 12. Bos. 1685. etc. 8. N. Y. 1812.

Great sin of formality in God's MITCHILL, MILLER, AND SMITH. worship, a ser. del. at the thurs. lec. See Medical repository.

in Bos. 12. Bos. 1691. MNEMONIKA, or chronological tablets MOODY, JAMES, Gr. Brit. On the va

exhib. the most remark. occurrences lidity of lay baptism, 8. Lon. 1755. fr. the creation to the present period, MoodY, SILAS, Arundel, Ser. del. 12

with an engraving, 18. Balt. 1812. Jan. 1800, occ. by the d. of G. WashMOHEAGAN Indians by their guardians, ington, 8. Ports.

Gov. and comp. of Connecticut and, Moor, ABRAHAM, Newbury, Two Certified copy of the book of proceed.

ser. on the parable of the prod. son, 8. per, republic of Fr. trans. by George N’l’yport, 1793.

L. Gray, 8. Norfolk, 1804. Moorr, BBAJAMIN, New-York, Ser. MORGAN, John, Philadelphia, Dise

occ. by the d. of Samuel Auchmuty, course upon the institu. of med. schools del. 9 Mar. 1777, 12. N. Y.

in Am. del, at the anniv. commenee. Ser. del, 15 July, 1787, at the first of the coll. of Phil. May, 1765, with a ord. held by Samuel Provost, 4. N. pref. 8. Phil. Y.

Morison, WILIAM, Londonderry, Add. to the mem. of the prot epis. N. H. el. ser. del, at Dover, 7 June, ch. in the city of N. Y. occ. by the 1792, 8. Ex. app. to Wm. Linn's ser. on the cha- MORRELL, ROBERT, Inaug. dis. on racter af Simon the sorcerer, 8. N. Y. Animal heat, sub. to the exam. of the 1793.

fac. of phy, under the author. of the Pastoral letter, 8. N. Y. 1801. trus. of Colum. coll. 1 May, 1810, ded.

Charge del. 5 Oct. 1802, to the to Richard S. Kissam and James S. conv. of the prot. epis. ch. in N. Y. 8. Stringham, 8. N. Y. N. Y. 180s.

Morris County, Petition and represen. Ser. del. bef. the conv. of the prot. of the soc. institu. in, for promotion of epis. ch. of the U. S. A. in N. Y. 12 learning and religion, 12. Newark, 1794. Sept. 1804, S. N. Y.

MORRIS, GOUVERNEUR, N.York, Ora. Ser. fr. Mat. 3. 15, 8. N. Y. 1806. occ. by the d. of G. Washington, del. MOORF, THOMAS LAMBERT, South in the city of N. Y. 31 Dec. 1799, 8.

Hempstead, Ser. fr. Eph. 4. 1, 2, 3, N. Y. 1800. with an add. 8. N. Y. 1792.

MORRIS, Defence of the conduct of MOORE, THOMAS, Great errour of commodore, during his command in

Amer. agri. exposed and hints for im- the Mediterranean, with strictures on prove. suggested with an add. to the the court of enquiry held at Washingreader, 8. Balt. 1801.

ton, and a map of the Mediter. 8. N. Y. [MOORE, CLEMENT C. New York,] 1804.

Observa. upon certain passages in Jet- MORRIS, Essex, and Sussex, Polit. cateferson's Notes on Virg. wb. appear to chism, ded, to the repub, of, by a lay have a tendency to subvert religion preacher, 8. Morris, 1812. and estal). false philosophy, 8. N. Y. Morse, JEDIDIAH, Charlestown, The 1804.

Am. geography, 8. Eliz. 1789. Compendious lexicon of the Heb. Nat. thanks. ser. del. 19 Feb. 1795, langnaye, ded. to his father Benj. illus. with notes, 8. Bos. Moore, bp. of the diocess of N. Y. 2 Ser. occ. by the d. of Thomas Rus. vols. 19. N. Y. 1809.

sell, del. 17 Ap. 1796, with notes, 8. [-j Sketches of our political condi. Bos. tion, etc. by a cit. of N. Y. 8.N.Y.1813. Ser. occ. by the d. of James RusTranslation of Tessier, q. v.

sell, del. 29 Ap. 1793, with notes, S. NOORE, S. S. AND T.W.JONES, Tra- Bos.

veller's directory,or pocket companion Nat. fast. ser. del. 9 May, 1798, showing the course of the main road with potes, and a copious app. 8. Bos. fr. Phil. to Washington, with a de. Fast ser. del. 25 Ap. 1799, 8. N. Y. serip. of the places through wh. it Add. to the students of Phillips' passes, illus. with an acc. of remarka.

acad. in Andover, 9 July, 1799, with a ble objects and plates, 2d. ed. 8. Phil. pref. 8. C. 1804.

Prayer and ser. del. at CharlesMORE, HANNAH, Gr. Brit. Consiilera. towy, 31 Dec. 1799, occ. by the d. of

on rel. and pub. education with re- G. Washington, with an additional marks on the speech of Dupont del. sketch of his life and notes, also an acc. bef. the nat. conven. of France, Sd. of the proceed. of the town, written ed. 12. Dub. 1793.

by Josiah Bartlett, of C. 8. C. Moreau, Discours prononcé par le Ser. del, bef, the Mass. hum. soc.

Gen. au tribunal criminel special du 9 June, 1801, with an app. 8. Bos. departement de la Seine, 4. à Paris. Ser. ord. Hezekiah May in Mar

Memoire justificatif du gen. 4. à blehead, 23 June, 1303, c. by Thomas Paris.

Barnard, of Salem, 8. C. Justification of, fr. the charge of Amer. gazetteer, illus. with maps, conspiracy exhib. ag. him by the im- 2d. ed. 8. Charlestown, 1804.

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an 7.

MORSE,J.(cont.) and Elijah Parish of By- Muir, JAMES, Paisley in Scot. Bet

field, Compend. hist. of N. Eng. with a muda, Alexandria, Ten ser. 12. map and pref. also an app.cont. extracts Alex. 1812. fr. orations del. at Plymouth on forefa- MURRAY, John, Ireland, Boothbay, ther's day, by John Davis in 1800, John Newburyport. The last solemn scene, Q. Adams in 1802, John T. Kirkland in a ser. del. in Boston, 22 May, 1768, 1809, and odes for the occas. by John with an advertise. 8. N. rep. 1793. Davis, Robert T. Paine, jun. Samuel Appeal to the impar. pub. in behalf Davis, and J. Q. Adams, 12. C. 1804. of the oppressed, being an ans. to their

True reasons on wh. the election call fr. the Mags. gazette of 16 June, of a Hollis professor of divinity in Har. etc. 8. Salem, 1770. coll. was opposed at the board of over- Character of, set in a fair light, 8. seers, 14 Feb. 1805, 8. C.

Salem, Ser. occ. by the d. of Mary Russell, Fun. add. and ser. occ. by the d. of, who died 24 July, 1806, with notes, 8. by James Miltimore, q. v.

Ser. del. 25 Sept. bef. the managers MUSEE Napoleon, Notice des tableaux of the Female asylum in Bos. on their des ecoles Fran. et Flamande, etc. 18. seventh anniv. with a state. of the expenses, etc. of the institu. 8. Bos. 1807. Central des arts, Notice des des.

Ser. ord. Joshua Huntington in Bos. sins originaux du, 2 de. partie 12. à ton, 18 May, 1858, c. by John La- Paris, an 10. throp of B. f. by Wm. Ellery Channing

Notice de plusieurs vrecieux of B. 8. Bos.

tableaux recueillies à Venice, FloSer. del. bef. the soc. prop. gos.

rence, Naples, Turin, et Bologne am. Ind. etc. 1 Nov. 1810, with copious exposés dans le grand salon du, 12. à notes and an app. 8. C.

Paris. Univ. geography, 6th. ed. 2 vols. 8. MUSEUM, The Amer. orrepo s. ancient Bos. 1812.

and mod. of fugitive pieces, 7 vols. 8. MORSS, JAMES, Newburyport, Dis. Phil. 1787 to 1790.

del. on opening St. Paul's ch. 29 May, Music, Tractate on chureh, being an 1809, 8. N.

extract fr. Peirce's Vindica. of the MORTON, EBENEZER, Middleborough, dissenters, with a postcript, 8. Lon. Ans. to a pam. by John Cotton, q. v.

1786. 8. Bos. 1746.

[Mussey, John, Peterborough,] LefMORTON, NATHANIEL, New Eng- ter fr. a solicitous father to his chil.

land's memorial, or a relation of the dren, 12. Haverhill, 1800. most remarkable providences mani- MUTINY and desertion, Act for punishfested to the planters of N. Eng. etc. ing and the better payment of the ar8. Newport, rep. 1772.

my, etc. 26 of Geo. II. 12. Lon. 1753. [Morton, Mrs. Dorchester,] Virtues MUTUAL assurance comp. for insuring

of society, a tale founded on fact with houses fr. loss by fire in N. Y. Deed of a ded. to mrs, Adams and an adver- settlement of the, 4. N. Y. 1787. tise. 4. Bos. 1799.

Act to incorporate MORTON, JACOB, New-York, Com- the, passed 28 March, 1798, with the * para. statement of the num. of deaths bye laws and regula. 12. N. Y. in the city of N. Y. during the years MUTUAL assistance bag comp. Rules and

1804, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 8. N. Y. 1810. regula. of the, in the city of N. Y. 12. MOSELEY, BENJAMIN, Cow pox epis

N. Y. 1803. tle to Rowland Hill, 8th. ed. 8. Lon. MUTUAL benefit soc. of N. Y. Constitu. 1807.

of the, 12. N. Y. 1804. MOULTON, WILLIAM, Concise ex- MUTUAL relief soc. of the city of N. Y.

tracts fr. the sea journal of, written on Constitu. of the, 12. N. Y. 1807. board of the Onico in a voyage fr. MYCALL, JOHN, Funeral add. oce. by Connec. to Staten isl. in the South the d. of G. Washington, del. at Har. sea, fr. 1799 to 1804, 8. Utica.

vard, 22 Feb. 1800, 8. Bos. MOULTRIE, WILLIAM, S. Carolina, Menioirs of the Amer, revolu. so far

N. as it related to N. and S. Car. and NAPPLETON, JOHN, Gr. Brit. Ad. Georgia with his portrait, % vols. 8. vice to a student in the univ. concern. N. Y. 1802.

the qualifica. and duties of ministers Moyes, Henry, Scotland, Heails of of the gospel in the ch. of Eng. 8. Oxf.

philosoph. Icotures, 8. N. 8. 17$1. 1795.

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