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the better government of the troops, | STOUT, BENJAMIN, capt. of the Heretc. 12. N. Y. 1805.

cules, q.v.
STEWART, JAMES, Trials of Geo. Fed. Srow, John, A survey of the cities of

Boutelier and John Boutelier, for the London and Westminster, and the bo.
murder of Fred. Eininaud in N, Scotia, rough of Southwark, 6th. ed. fol. Lon.
with a plate showing their tract, 8. 1764.
Hal. 1791.

STILES, EZRA, Newport, Portsmouth, del. in the Ger. reformed ch. N. Y. 8.

New Haven, Con. el. ser. del. in Hart- N. Y. 1796.
ford, 8 May, 1783, 99 pp. 8.

Ser. fr. Prov. 31. 29, 30, 31, 12.
Hist. of three of the judges of N. Y. 1800.
Charles I. viz. Whalley, Goffe, Dis. Letter to Nicholas Chester, in ans.
well, with an acc. of Theophilus to his dogmatical one add. to, etc. by
Whale of Narragansett, 12. Hartf. å student, [a freshman,

****,] 12. Ñ. Y. 1802. STILLMAN; SAMUEL, Boston, Art. el. STRICTURES on a friendly add. to Ameser. 4 June, 1770, 8. Bos.

ricans, 24. Phil. 1774. Mass. el. ser. 26 May, 1779, 8. Bos. STRINGHAM, JACOBUS S. Novi Ebon

Ser. occ. by the d. of G. Washing- raci, Disputatio med. inauguralis de ton, 8. Bos. 1800.

absorbentium systemate, quam, annuSTITH, WILLIAM, Hist. of the discove- ente summo nujine, ex auctoritate

ry and settlement of Virginia, 8. W'ms- rev. admodum viri dom. Georgii Baird, burg, 1747.

etc. eruditorum examini subjecit, 24 STOCK, John EUMONDS, Gr. Brit. In- Junii, ded. to Alex. Monroe and Henry

aug. essay on the effects of Cold upon Inglis, 8. Edin. 1799.
the hum. body, sub. to John Ewing STROEBEL, JOHN CHRISTOPHERI
and the med. professors and trus. of Essay on the lungs, ascertaining their
the univ. of Penn. 12 May, 1797, ded. true functions, etc. 8. N. Y. 1810,
to Benj. Rush, 8. Phil.

STRONG, NEHEMIAH, Astronomy im-
STODDARD, SOLOMON, Northampton, proved, or a new theory of the plane-

Doc. of instituted chh. explained and tary system, del. in three lec. with a
proved fr. the word of God, 4. Lon. ded. to Ezra Stiles, 12. New Haven,
1700. Question whether God is riot an- 1784.
gry with the country for doing so little STRONG, NATHAN, Hartford, Con.el.
towards the conversion of the Indians, ger. 13 May, 1790, 8. Hartf.
a dis. fr. Rom. 8. 19, 4. Bos. 1723.

Thanks. ser. 29 Nov. 1798, 8,
STOER, JACOB, Dictionaire Francois-Al. Hartf

leman-Latin et Alleman-Francois-La- Dis. del. 27 Dec. 1799, occ. by the
tin avec un petit abbregé de gram. d. of G. Washington, 8. H. 1800.
Fran. 12. à. Geneve, 1650.

STRONG, JOSEPH, Norwich, Ser. del.
STONE, ELIAB, Reading, Ser. ord. at the fun. of Joshua Lathrop, who

Ebenezer Hubbard in Marblehead, 1 died 29 Oct. 1807, 8. Hartf.
Jan. 1783, c. by Morrill of Wilming STUART, WILLIAM, Ora. del. 12
ton, f. by Isaac Story of Marblehead, March, 1793, bef. the Uranian soc. in
8. Sal.

N. Y. 8. N. Y. 1794.
Nat. fast ser. 25 Ap. 1799, 8. Bos. STULTIFERA navis, the modern ship
STONE, NATHANIEL, Dennis, Ser. del. of fools, 8. Phil. 1807.

17 Dec. 1795, at the opening of a new Suisse, Manuel de l'etranger qui voya
meeting house 8. Bos. 1796.

age en, 12. à Zurich, 1790.
STONE, EDMUND. See Bion. SULLIVAN, JAMES, Newhampshire,
STORY, ISAAC, Marblehead, Boston, Boston, Enquiry into the constitutional

Ser. del. 15 Aug. 1798, in Hamilton, authority of the sup. fed. court over
at the ord, of his brother Daniel Story, the several states in their polit. capa.
to the pastoral care of the ch. in Ma. city, in ans. to, by a cit. of S. Car. 8.
rietta, Ohio, c. by Manasseh Cutler of Charlestown, 1792.
H. with notes [rel, to the artificial for- Hist. of the district of Maine, with
tifications and mounts in Marietta,] f. a map, 8. Bos. 1795.
by Benjamin Wadsworth of Danvers, and Timothy Pickering,q.v. Intereste
with a copy of the proceed. of the ing correspondence bet. 8. Bos. 1808.
eccles. council on the oecasion, 8. Sa- SULLIVAN, WILLIAM, Boston, Ora

del. 4 July, 1803, 8, B,


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SULLIVAN, W. (cont.) Ora. del, bef. tions, etc. agreed upon by the elders

the Wash. ben. soc. of Mass. 13 Ap. and messengers in the, with a ded. 1812, with notes and the odes for the epistle to the gen. court, 4. Bos. occas. by John Lathrop, jun. E. Tis- SYNOD (cont.) Acts and proceed. of the

dale, and Lucius Manlias Sargent. general, of the reformed Dutch ch. in SUMNER, CHARLES PINCKNEY, Mil. Am. met at Haerlem, 1 Sept. 1807, 8.

ton, Boston, Compass, a poetical per. NY formance, at a lit. exhibition in Sept. Extracts fr. the minutes of the ge1795, at Har. univ. 12. Bos.

neral, of the ref. Dutch ch. N. Am. Eulogy on G. Washington, del. in met in N. Y. June, 1809, 8. N. Y. Milton, 22 Feb. 1800, 8. Dedham. Acts of the particular, of N. Y. SURREBUTTER, The late John, The 1811, 8.

pleader's guide, a didactic poem, cont. the conduct of a suit at law, with ar

T. guments of Bother'um and Bore'um, TALLEYRAND, Memoir concerning the in an action bet. John-a-Gull and John- commercial relations of the U. S. with a-Gudgeon, 8. Phil. fr. the Lon. ed. Eng. by, with an essay on the advan1803,

tages to be derived fr. new colonies SUSQUEHANNAH case, 4.

in the existing circumstances, 8. Bos. SWEDEN, A voyage of the late king of,

1809. and another of mathematicians, in whi. TAMMANIAL tontine associa. Plan of are discovered the refraction of the the N. Y. 12. N. Y. 1792. sun, wh. sets not in the northern parts TAMMANY, Constitution public of the at the summer solstice, variation of the Soc. of Saint, 1789. needle, etc. 12. Lon. 1698.

Songs of, 12. SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL, Summary Soc. or Columbian order, Constitu.

view of the heavenly doctrines of the of, 8. N. Jerusalem che collected fr, the TAPPAN, DAVID, Newbury, Camwritings of, 8. Phil. rep. 1787.

bridge, Dis. del. 1 May, 1783, occ. by Interesting and impar. add. to the the ratifica. of the treaty of peace bet. clergy of Gr. Brit. and christians in Gr. Brit. and the U.S. A. with a hymn general, respecting the evidence, na- composed for the occ. 8. Salem. ture, and tendency of the theolog. Fast ser. del. 15 May, 1783, fr. Isa

works of, 18. Manchester, 1796. 21. 11, 12, 8. Salem. SWORD of maintenance, a ser. del. bef. Two friendly letters fr. Toletus to

the judges of assizes at Hartford, 13 Philalethes, or fr. D. T. to Samuel July, 1599, 12. Lon. 1600.

Spring, cont. remarks on the sentiSYMMES, THOMAS, Bradford, Art. el. ments and reasonings of the latter in

ser. 6 June, 1720, with a pref. by his dial, on the nature of duty, with au Benj. Colman, 8. Bos.

app. 8. Nbyport. Ser. on the interest of the people of Mass. el. ser. 30 May, 1792, 8. God to do their duty towards the sub- Bos. sistence of the ministers of the gospel, Dis. fr. John 14. 1, del. at Porto ded. to Wm. Dummer, 8. Bos. 1724. mouth, 8. P. 1792.

Dis. fr. Acts 16. 25, on psalmody, Fast ser. del. in Cambridge and 8. Danvers, 1779.

Charlestown, 11 Ap. 1793, 8. Bos. SYMMES, WILLIAM, Andover, Mass. Ser. ord. John Thornton Kirkland, el. ser. 25 May, 1785, 8. Bos.

in Boston, 5 Feb. 1794, c. by Samuel SYMOND's abstracts of two bills, with Kirkland, missionary, f. by Jeremy

the corona. oath and magna charta, 8. Belknap of B. 8. B. Lon.

Dis. del. in the chapel of Har. univ. Synop met at Bos. 1662, Defence of 17 July, 1794, at the request of the

the ans, and arguments of the, on the senior class, an occas. of their depart. subject of baptism and consocia. of chh. ure fr. the univ. with a ded. to the ag. the reply of John Davenport, with class, and a list of their names, 8. an ans. to the apologetical pref. set Bos. bef. Davenport's Essay, by some of Dis. del in the chapel of Har. univ. the elders, who were members of the, 16 Sept. 1794, designed chiefly for 4. Camb. 1664.

the young members of the univ. 8. at Boston, 10 Sept. 1679, Necessity Bos. of reformation, in ans. to two ques- Dis. occ. by the d. of John Russell


a mem. of the senior class at Har. coll. is add. a third add. etc. Sd. ed. 4. Oxf.
with the names of the members of the 1807.
class, 8. Bos. 1795.

TATHAM, E. (cont.) Fourth add. etc.
TAPPIN, D. (cont.) Dis. del. to the stu- 2d. ed. 4. Oxf. 1807.

dents of Har. univ. 6 Sept. 1796, Strictures on the new statute De designed for the special benefit of the examinandis graduum candidatis, with new elass, 8. Bos.

remarks on the first and second add. Conv. ser. 1 June, 1797, 8. Bos. of, 4. Oxf. 1807.

Fast ser. del, in Boston and Charles- Letter to, by Philatethes, 4. Oxf. town, 5 Ap. 1798, 8. Bos.

Dis. del. in the chapel of Har. Tit. IX. seet. II. De examinadis
univ. 19 June, 1798, ococas. by the graduum candidatis, in reference to
approaching departure of the senior wh. the foregoing articles, under Ed.
class, 8. Bos.

Tatham, were written, 4.
Two ser. del. in Plymouth, 5 Jan. Tavern licenses, Report of a com. of
1300, on the sab. after the ord. of the Hum. soc. appointed to enquire
James Kendal, 8. Bos.

the num. of, and to visit Bridewell, 8.
Dis. del. bef. the univ. in Camb. on N. Y. 1810.
the d. of G. Washington, 21 Feb. Taxation, Thoughts on, in a letter
1800, with an add. in Latin by Joseph to a friend, 4. N. Y. 1784.
Willard, and an acc. of the proceed. TAYLOR, JOHN, Norwich, Friendly
of the university. 8. Bos.

epistle to, by M. Adamson, 3d. ed. Ser. ord. Nathaniel Hill Fletcher with a dial. bet. Tim. Telltruth and in Kennebunk, 3 Sept. 1800. 8. Camb. Obadialı Friendly, 8. Bos. rep. 1758.

Ser. del. in Andover at the fun. of TAYLOR, WILLET, S. of N. York, Samuel Phillips with an acc. of the Inaug. dis. on the Searlatina anginosa, fun. arrangements and biog. notes, 8. sub. to the exam. of the fac. of phy.

Ser. instal. Hezekiah Packard in under the author. of the trus. of Wiscasset, 8 Sept. 1802, f. by Free. Colum. coll. 30 Ap. 1793, ded. to man Parker of Dresden, 8. Camb. Samuel Bard, 8. N. Y.

Lectures on Jewish antiquities del. TAYLOR, JOHN, Deerfieid, Ora. 4 July, at Har. univ. 1802, 3, 8. Camb. 1807. 1796, 8. Greenf.

Ser. on important subjeets with a TAYLOR, JOSHUA, Ora. del, in Porte biog. sketch of the author and a ser. land, 4 July, 1805, 8. P. del. at the fun. of, by Abiel Holmes, TEACHERS of the city of N. Y. Act to 8. Cam. 1807.

incorpo. the soc. of, for benev. and TARLETOX, Hist. of the campaigns of literary purposes, passed 4 Ap. 1811,

1780 and 1781, in the south. provin- 8. N. Y.
ces of N. America, by lieut. col. 8. Telmo, San. See Malaga, Sevilla.
Dub. 1787.

Strictures on the foregoing. See

Lon. 1705.

TEMPLE of reason [conducted by Pal.
TATHAM, WILLIAM, Histor. and prac- mer] 2 vols. 4. part of the 1st. vol.

tical essay on the culture and com- printed at N. Y. the remainder at
merce of tobacco, with coloured plates, Phil. 1800, 1, 2, 3.
8. Lon 1800.

TENNENT, Gilbert, New Bruns. View of the proposed grand june- wick, Philadelphia, Three ser. fi. tion canal designed to bring the com- Rev. 3. 3, del. in N. Y. Ap. 1742, merce of N. Car. to Norfolk, 8. Norf. with an app. rel. to the errours of the 1808.

Moravians recommended by the mi.
Comparative view of the four pro- nisters of Boston, 12.
jected coastwise canals, 8. Norf. 1808. Two ser. on the priestly office of
TATHAM, EDWARD, Add, to the mem. Christ and the virtue of charity, 12.

of the convocation at large on the pro- Bos. 1742, 8.
posed new statute respecting new ex- TESSIER, Complete treatise on merinos
aminations in the univ. of Oxford, 2d. and other sheep with plates recently
ed. 4. Lon. 1807.

pub. at Paris by order of the governSecond add. etc. 2d. ed. 4. Oxf. ment, compiled by, cont. the method 1807.

of forming good flocks, of increasing · Letter to the deane of Christ ch. them, etc. with docu. extracts, and respecting the new statute, etc. to wh. short note not found in the original,

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etc. trans. fr. the Fr. by (Clement|THACHER, T. (cont.) Biograph. me. C. Moore] ded. to the Agri. soc. of moir of Sam. West of Boston, 8. Bos. the U. S. A. S. N. Y. 1811.

1608. TESTIMONY and advice of an assembly THACHER, THOMAS CUSHING, Lynn,

of pastors of chh. in N. Eng. at a Malden, Thanks. ser. 20 Nov. 1794, meeting in Bos. 7 July, 1743, occas. 8. Bos. hy the late happy revival of religion Ser. del. 11 Dec. 1795, at the inin many parts of the land, with lel- terment of eight seamcn, with a pref. ters in the way of attestation by John 8. Bos. Rodgers, Jere. Wise, Peter Thacher, THACHER, WILLIAM, Methodism Wm. Shurtieff, Jonathan Russel, vindicated in a brief reply to Samuel John Rogers, jun, Daniel Putnam, Taggart, 12. Brooklyn, 1803. Oliver Peabody, John Tucke, David THACHER, PETER, [Now Oxen.' Hall, Benj. Bradstreet, John Wales, BRIDGE,] Boston, Ora. 4 July, 1807, Ivory Hovey, Nat. Appleton, Jona- 8. Bos. than Parker, David M'Gregore, and THẠCHER, JAMES, Plymouth, The. sundry associations of ministers, &. Am. new dispensatory, with an app. Bos.

several useful tables, recommendation brems and advice of a num. of laymen by Warren, Dexter, and Bartlet, a

respecting religion and the teachers of ded. to John Warren and a pref. 8. it, add. to the pastors of N. Eng. 12 Bos. 1810. Sept. 1743, in reference to G. White- THELWALL, JOHN, Trial of, for higla field, 4. Bos.

treason, with a portrait, Dec. 1794, &. of an association or club of laymen Lon. convened at Boston, respecting the THEOPHILANTHROPIST, cont. crit, present times, 4. Bos. 1745.

mor. theolog. and literary essays in THACHER, THOMAS, Boston, Fast monthly numbers, num. 1, 2, 4, 5, 8.

ser. del. 26, 1. "74, with a pref. by In. N. Y. 1810. Mather (imp] 4. Bos. 1678.

THESES pub. by the students of Har. THACHER, PETER, Weymouth, Bos. coll. A collection of,

ton, Mass. el. ser. 25 May, 1726, 12. THESPIAN preceptor, or a full display Bos.

of the scenic art, 18. Bos. 1810. THACHER, PETER, Malden, Boston, THEVENOT, COULON, L'art d'ecrire

Ser. del, in Bos. 13 Sept. 1778, occas. aussi vite qu'on parle, ou la tachygraby the d. of Andrew Eliot, 8. Bos. phie Francaise, 19th. ed. 8. à Paris;

Ser. ord. Wm. Fred. Rowland, in 1795. Exeter, 2 June, 1790, 8. Ex.

THISTLE soc. of the city of N. Y. Cone Ser. occ. by the d. of John Han- stitu. of the, 12. N. Y. 1806. cock, del. in Bos. 2 June, 1793, 8, THOMAS, DANIEL, Poem del. in MidBos.

dleborough, 8 Sept. 1802, at the anniv. Art. el. ser. 8 June, 1793, 8. Bos. of the Philandrian soc. 8. Wrentham, Ser. del. bef. the Mass. congrega. Thomas, ISAJAH, Worcester, Hist. of char. soc. 12 Feb. 1795, 8. Bos. printing in America with a biography

Ser. del. bef. the ch, and soc. in of printers and an acc. of Newspapers, Bratile-street, Boston, 29 Dec. 1799, also a view of the discovery and prooce. by the completion of a century fi. gress of the art in other parts of the its first estab. 8. B. 1800.

world, 2 vols. 8. Worc. 1810. THACHER, THOMAS, Dedham, Ser. THOMPSON, WILLIAM, New garden

del, bef. the Mass. hum. soc. 10 June, er's calender, 12. Lon. 1800, with an app. 8. Bos.

THOMSON, ADAM, Philadelphia, Dis. Ser. ord. Joseph Tuckerman in on the preparation of the body for the Chelsea, 4 Nov. 1801, c. by Sam. small pox, del. 21 Nov, 1750, with a West, of Boston, f. by Aaron Green pref. 4. Phil. 1756. of Malden, withsthe character of Phil- THOMSON, JOnn, Enquiry concerning lips Payson as pub. in the Columbian the liberty and licentiousness of the Centinel, 8. Bos.

press, and the uncontrollable nature Dud. Iec. del. at Har. coll. 8 May, of the human mind, 8. N. Y. 1801. 1805, 8. Bos.

THOMPSON, JOHN, Nar. of the riot at Dis. del. in Milton, 9 Sept. 1807, Baltimore, 27 and 28 July 1812, with at the dedica of the academy, 8. Ded- the nar, of, 24, 1 Sept. 1812, bam.

Lord's supper, 8.

THOMSON'S Seasons, French version of, Charters, 4 vols.
See Poulin.

Medicine, 4 vols.
THURSTON, BENJAMIN, North-Hamp- · Miscellaneous, 18 vols.

ton, Two ser, on the natural man not Orations, 3 vols. receiving the things of the Spirit of Poetry, 8 vols. God, etc. 8. Nbyport, 1793.

Politics, 22 vols. Ser. del. bef. the Piscalaqua asso- Sermons, 11 vols. cia. at Kittery, 7 Oet. 1795, 8. Dover. · Theology, 3 vols. Four ser. on gospel election and the Travels, 1 vol.

Trials, 1 vol. THAYER, John, Acc. of the conversion [The partieular articles of wh. these vo

of, to the Rom. cath, denomination in lumes are composed, are duly noticed 1783, 5th. ed. 12. Bal. 1788.

in their respective places. These seveTHAYER, NATHANIEL, Lancaster, ral series of voluines will shortly be

Ser. instal. William Emerson, in Bos- much increased from the abundance of ton, 16 Oct. 1799, c. by Ezra Ripley pamphlets already collected and cata. of Concord, f. by Peter Thacher of B. logued.] 8. B.

TRAGICAL series of remarkable judg. TILLARY, JAMES, Add. del. 24 June, ments on a family for cruel treatment

1788, bef. the St. Andrew's and Hol. of an aged parent, an acc. of wh. is land lodges, 18. N. Y.

given in Wesley's life, rep. at the reTOLENDAL, TROPHIME GERARD DE quest of Samuel Langdon. 12. Exeter,

LALLY, Defense des emigres Fran- 1795. cais, 2d. part, 8. à Paris, 1797.


BAR. Exposition of Rev. TOMB, SAMUEL, New-Market, New- 4th, chap. [black letter] 12. Lon. 1573.

bury, Ora. del. 22 Feb. 1800, in New- TRANSACTIONS of the Am. philosph. bury, occ. by the d. of G. Washington, soc, at Phil. vols. 1, 2, 4, 5. 4. Phil. with two odes and an acrostic, 8. Nby- 1771 to 1802. port.

of the soc. for promot. useful arts in TONNERRE, esclair, foudre, gresle, et the state of N. Y. 8. Alb. 1807.

tremblement de terre, Petit traitté, etc. TRAVELLER's directory. See Moore 12. 1592.

and Jones. TONTINE association, Constitu. of the TREASON, The law of, a view of the Boston, 1791, 12.

power and duty of grand juries in coffee house in N. Y. Constitu, and crim. cases, 8. Lon. 1794. nominations of the subscribers to the, TREATY of alliance, eventual and defen4. N. Y. 1796.

sive, bet. Louis XVI. and the 13 U.S. TORREY, SAMUEL, Weymouth, Mass. A. concluded at Paris, 6 Feb. 1778, k.

el. ser. 16 May, 1683, with a prefato- Phil. 1778.

ry add. by In. Mather, 4. Bos. ap of amity, com. and naviga. bet. his TOUCHSTONE, GEOFFREY, The house Brit. majesty and the U.S. A. Sundry

of wisdom in a bustle, a poem descrip. resolutions and proceed. in cases bef. of the noted battle lately fought in the board of commissioners for carry. -88, 8. Phil. 1798.

ing into effect the 6th, article of the, 4. Towers, Joseph, Illustrations of pro- Phil. 1799.

phecy, in which are foretold among Candid exam. of the objections to other great events a revolution in the, of amity, etc. bet. the U. S. A. and France favourable to the interests of Gr. Brit. as stated in the report of the mankind, etc. first Am, ed, 2 vols. 8. com. appointed by the citizens of the Phil. 1808.

U. S. in Charleston, S. Car. by a cit. of TOWNSEND, SHIPPIE, Boston, Re- S. Car. 8. N. Y. rep. 1795.

marks on a pam. entit. All men will See Jay. not be saved, written by Sam. Mather TRIALS, see Boutelier, Boot and Shoe. in ans. to one entit. Salvation for all makers, Broad, Burr, Chase, Cheet.

men, Sam. Mather, 8. Bos.1783. ham, Clark vs. Williamson, Coleman, [-] Short catechism with proofs, 8. Cooper, Craig, Despard, Dillon, DufBos. 1791.

fin, Eaton, Emlay, Gelston, Hanson, TRACTS, SELECT, [Under this title, the Hopkinson and Nicholson, Little,

N. Y. his. soc. has had many hundred Schuyler, Selfridge, Smith and Ogden, pamphlets neatly bound in Russia and Thelwall, Wilson, cum aliis. lettered] viz.


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