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own but His.

if we

it also tells us of an everlasting worthiness or shudder. And yet, reader, this is the state of that we might live; all the waves and billows righteousness in which His people stand accepted the great mass of mankind—of every soul out of God's wrath for sin passed over Him, and complete, even in Him who is risen from the dead, and the head of all principality and of Christ,—your state, if not a true Christian, leaving not one drop to fall on those who be

being even now condemned, because you be- lieve. To whom, then, is the merit, the We are also sanctified by the blood.-conselieve not on the only-begotten Son of God; glory of the salvation due? To the sinner in crated, or set apart to God. Jesus, that He might sanctify the people with His own blood, suffered every moment in imminent peril of everlasting part, because he prayed, tried, and repented ? without the gate. As sprinkled with that blood, woe. A moment before this accident hap- Nay, nay, nay, far be from us the hateful we are able to serve God as not our own but His, pened, this sailor little dreamed of any danger thought; untó Jesus only be all the glory and are thus taught that we are set apart for being at hand; so swiftly may your summons and all the praise. My reader, are you willHis service, not in order to be saved, but because we are saved ; not in order to be His, but be mind whilst you read the following, and may He is worthy, He is worthy, He alone. And

o let this thought solemnize your ing to give Him all the glory? Truly, truly, offering of the sin-offering and burnt offering, the Lord carry His own truth home to your what, added the visitor, would that man dewere sprinkled with the blood of the rain of soul with power. But to return to the sick serve to suffer who would not come off the consecration, and anointed with oil, to qualify chamber. After telling the sufferer that God, wreck, and the boat alongside, and after all them for priestly service. The tip of their right whilst He hates sin with exceeding hatred, that had been done? Why, if he perished, ear, and the thumb of their right hand, and the and will by no means clear the guilty, (having it would be clearly his own fault, certainly great toe of their right foot, were all marked with pronounced the fearful sentence of death on no one else's. The means for his deliverance blood, to teach us that because we have an in- the soul that sinneth,) yet loves sinners—pities were provided, but he will not avail himself of terest in the blood of Jesus, we are to listen to sinners, just as they are, in their ruined, lost it. But where should we find any man in his in God's holy service; that, as a redeemned, ac- condition ; yea, though man, since the fall of senses acting such a part? No, no, men love cepted, blood-sprinkled priesthood, we are set Adam, stands in the place of an enemy against their lives (through life) too well for that. apart to serve God, to worship God, to glorify God, God, using his very health, strength, and Ah, my friend, but though the danger is so in our bodies and spirits, because we are not our the many good gifts of a long-suffering God, imminent to men's souls, and though God

against the gracious Giver, as you and I has provided such a way of escape, yet few It is then the precious blood of Christ spinkled have often done. Yet, notwithstanding all, care to avail themselves of that. That is a on the mercy-seat by our great High Priest; God ưho is love) manifested His lore, not His solemn question, “How shall we escape, that is our simple way of approaching God at all wrath, which was so richly deserved by us. neglect so great salvation?" " That puts me times we enter into the holiest by the blood of He manifested His love by giving His only in mind,” said the sailor, “ of what happened tering into God's presence, it is because we have and beloved Son to stand in the place of the in our bay some time ago.

A strange vessel forgotten the blood, unless there be sin on the guilty, and for the very purpose of enduring came in, shaping her course in such a direcconscience unconfessed. But drawing near to all the tremendous punishment due to sin. tion that we could see, with the wind blowing God through the blood of His beloved Son, be- He was made sin for us who knew no sin, right on shore, and the sea that was running, lieving God's testimony to the value of that that we might be made the righteousness of that she was in great danger of going upon blood, and what it has done for us, we can then, God in Him. Reader, can you read this un- the rocks. It was plain enough that the capin the bright light and glory of His infinitely holy moved? Ought you not to fall down and tain did not know the place, or his danger; and magnify the imsearchable riches of Divine worship God for such glorious news as this ? so we jumped into a skiff, and, at considerable love

, seek áll we need at His hand, and not all this the visitor told the sick man Jesus risk, for there was a terrible sea on, got alonghesitate to search our hearts, and try our ways had done, once and for ever,— put away sin side of her. We shouted out to them their before Him, because He witnesses to us there by the sacrifice of himself; He had died the danger, told them we knew the ground well, that the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth just for the unjust,” standing in the place of and would put them into a safe roadstead. us from all sin.

the yuilty. God did not spare Him; the sen- And now, would you believe it? they hardly " That rich atoning blood,

tence, " The soul that sinneth, it shall die,”'. cared to notice us. The mate did certainly was erecuted on His person to the full, and look over the ship's side, but nothing more;

the justice of a holy God was thereby satisfied and as for the captain, he wouldn't trouble to An all-prevailing plea."

to the full; and that satisfaction was mani notice us at all; and so we pulled ashore Well then might the apostie say unto the be- fested by God raising Him up again from the again. Well, sir, she drifted nearer and lievers at Ephesus, " now, in Christ Jesus, ye dead; and He is now seated at the right hand nearer on to the shore, and then they tried who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ." Once they were in the of all power. And now, in consequence of to tack or wear; but 'twouldn't do, and so world and of the world, but now not of the world, this full atonement having been made,—this they thought they'd run her ashore; and so even as Jesus was not of the world. Once ene- fearful debt having been all answered by our they did, but not on the beach, as they exmies to God, nor friends. Once children of Surety,— through Jesus is preached forgive- pected, but on about the very worst spot in disobedience, now children of God. Once afar ness of sins to all who believe this testimony. the neighbourhood - on the sharp, rugged off, but now made nigh by the blood of Christ. Reader, pray do not hurry this once; this is a rocks, that soon broke her up into a complete Oh, that God's dear people did know their

message, remember, lo you, and life or death wreck. And, sir," said the sailor, “I met nearness to God, their standing, their privileges, eternal depends on the use you make of it. the captain a few days after; he looked very the guilt and power of sin, their rescue from this. He that believeth shall be saved; but he that down, poor fellow; his shoulder was dislopresent evil world, its ways and maxims, all by believeth not shall be damned! “Now,"cated, his ship lost, and altogether he was in THE BLOOD OF CHRIST!

said he who sat by the bedside, “suppose a a pitiable plight. So I said to him, • You had My reader, where are you at this moment ? vessel were fast on the Goodwin Sands, and better have listened to us, captain ; 'twould Are you still living and walking according to that a heavy sea were fast breaking her up; have been very different with you now.' 'I the course of this world ?

Do its pleasures, her boats all shattered to pieces, and useless; wish I had,' said he. But 'twas too late." honours, fashions, and its so-called progress, or would not a man on board that wreck be Reader, whosoever you are, one thing is its falsely-called science engage your heart and mind ? 'We cannot serve two masters. It mnst what could be more so? But now, suppose a yourself, as a child of fallen Adam, are lost,

utterly helpless ? Most certainly he would; certain concerning yon: you, as it regards be either God or mammon, Christ or the world ; which is it with you? Sure I am that a be- crew of brave, hardy fellows, such as the ruined, and utterly without hope or help. If lieving view of Christ crucified for sinners will coast of England abounds in, were to man not a Christian, your danger is imminent; you alone deliver you from the world and bring you the life - boat, dash through the boiling surf, | are like the vessel of which we have been nigh to God. It is vain to look elsewhere, reach the wreck, snatch the poor shivering, speaking, getting nearer and nearer to deeither around you or within you, for the God of perishing creatures thereon from certain de- siruction. A warning voice hails you; do truth declares that there is salvation in no other, struction, and land them safely on the shore. lisien; don't be like the listless mate, or the for there is no other name under heaven given to whom would the merit (under God) of self-sufficient captain, or you may wish you among men whereby we must be saved, but the Name of Jesus Christ.

Most assuredly had hearkened, when it's too late. altogether to the crew of the life-boat. The despisers will lift up their eyes in torment;

poor things on the wreck might have mingled and, oh, what anguish to remember that God O men, I call, and my their shrieks and cries with the howling blast

, called, and called, but they would not." voice is to the sons of men.” and the deafening roar of the devouring Perhaps these men despised their good adBy the bedside of a seaman, who lay dis- breakers; but what would that hare done to- visers, because not regular pilots, or it may abled, having fallen from the rigging of his feeble cries could never reach that distant liking to be advised or meddled with. Well,

wards their deliverance ? Not an atom; their be they were wise in their own conceits-not vessel to the deck, sat a friend, who sought shore; no, they were seen and were delivered. we see, which ever way it was, what was the to point him to the Lamb of God that taketh Now, just so is it with us sinners ; dead in consequence of scorning good advice. And away the sin of the world. It was indeed a trespasses and sins, we can do nothing to now, fellow-voyager, I pray you listen to good marked mercy that the poor fellow was not merit pardon or life by our righteousness at counsel, and while you may. You are a great killed upon the spot; and so he appeared to the hands of a holy God. But He saw our sinner, whosoever you be; but Jesus is a feel it, remarking, that had he then been lost estate, pitied us, and sent His own dear mighty Saviour, and will cast out none-none killed, his soul must have been lost for ever, Son, "mighty to save.He (blessed be His who seek salvation through Him. -a state one cannot contemplate without al dear and holý name !) willingly came to diel things are ready,-come!"

Which on the throne we see, Provides for those who come to God

their deliverance be due?

In hell

“Unto you,

· All J. B. I.




among the




“ Come unto me,




Come, with your guilt and fear “Watchman, what of the night p» misery. Reader, ask, is this thy condition?


And make this last resolve :-
Night is the time when thieves abound; and
is not Satan now prowling about as a roaring

I'll go to Jesus, though my sin

Hath like a mountain rose; Sin is the cause of all the ills which man is lion, seeking whom he may derour? Are

I know His courts, I'll enter in, heir to. Pain of body, grief of mind, and not the gayeties of the world seeking to rob

Whatever may oppose." the distracting cares of the soul, are a few men of peace, of pardon, of happiness, and

Backslider, here is a gracious word for many woes which are entailed of joy? Are not the fancied pleasures of

"return." You have wandered far, very far, on humanity by reason of multiplied trans- sin robbing men of joy in life, peace in death,

from Jesus; yet listen, the voice of free mercy gressions. These thoughts cross my mind and hope throughout eternity ? Reader, art

“ RETURN." as I lie awake, racked with the pain of a thou in the hands of these robbers ?

“Return, O wanderer, return, gnawing tooth. Let me, by the Holy Spirit's Night is the time when drunkenness walks

Thy Saviour bids thy spirit live: help, turn them to a profitable account.“ The through the streets; and are not all those

Go to His bleeding feet, and learn clock strikes One.” The dolorous voice of who have not Christ formed in their hearts

How freely Jesus can forgive." the watchman is heard beneath my window. the hope of glory, in state of intoxication ?

Needy soul, here is a word of invitation for Past One.” The words of the Prophet rush Ah, poor foolish man, beware; no drunkard "come.” Jesus says, across my memory—“THE BURDEN OF DU- shall ever enter the kingdom of heaven. all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I

Perhaps you look with an eye of pity on the will give you rest.” The whole of the Scrip“ He calleth to me out of Sion,

fool who staggers to his home in a state tures of truth bid you “come, and take Watchman, what of the night?-Watch-of insensibility, after his night's debauch, the water of life FREELY." man, what of the night? and well you may; but bear in mind that you

“COME, ye souls by sin afflicted, The watchman said, as much need washing in the fountain opened

Bowed with fruitless sorrow down; “ The morning cometh, and also the night. for sin and uncleanness, as does that poor By the broken law convicted, If ye will inquire, inquire ye: return, come.” drunkard; and if you are now intoxicated

Through the cross behold the crown ;

LOOK TO JESUS, Israel and Dumah, or Edom, are in bondage with the seeming joys of sin, you surely shall to Babylon, where they have been carried as be a companion with that man in the regions

Mercy flows through HIM ALONE." a chastisement from God for their sin. Edom, of perdition, unless Almighty grace prerent,

Ye careless ones, ere you put this paper the descendant of Hagar the bondwoman, which may God of his great mercy grant, for from you, “ Inquire ye,” what have I profited asks tauntingly, “ Watchman, what of the his Son Jesus Christ's sake. My reader, art by the past? What hope have I in the future? night?” The watchman replies, “ The morn-thou of the night, or of the day?

How many of my companions are now dead? ing cometh for Israel; but for you, O im The watchman's ANSWER concerns eternity Why am I left? Seek to answer these quespenitent Dumah, there cometh the night.” _The morning cometh, and also the night." tions honestly to your own conscience, and

Ministers of the glorious gospel are, in The present is inseparably linked to the may God grant the enquiries may lead you to many places of Holy Writ, compared to watch- future; how near that future may be no lir- Jesus, who is the only Saviour for the sinner, men, standing on the walls. It should be the ing man knoweth. To the sinner trusting to who blotteth out transgressions for His own business of the sinner, who is in bondage to Jesus for his soul's salvation," the morning sake, and will know no more the sins of those Satan, to enqnire,-—“What of the night?" cometh," a morning bright and glorious. The who apply to Him for pardon. Man's earthly existence may well be com- light of Calvary's cross has already dawned

Faith in Christ. pared with the night season. Night is a time upon his soul. The full light of the Sun of of darkness; and is it not true, that uncon- righteousness shall greet his gladdened eyes,

THERE are many persons who profess to verted man loves darkness rather than light, when Christ, who is his life, shall APPEAR the believe in Jesus as their Saviour, whose because his deeds are evil? The light of the second time, without sin unto salvation. faith, compared with the living faith of glorious gospel of Jesus Christ shineth full “ Fly, time, away, with rapid wings,

the believer, shews itself to be a counterbefore him, directing to that city that hath no And hasten on the hour that brings

My Saviour, clothed with power and grace;

feit-belief. Those who give only an asneed of the sun: but, alas! the careless sinner

sent of the understanding to the doctrines loveth not the light, but would rather cover

When the last trumpet sounds, the just

of the gospel are quite strangers to up his guilt, notwithstanding eternal destruc

Shall rise triumphant o'er the dust.” tion is awaiting him. Dear reader, is this To the ungodly who have despised the pro

"faith in Christ," "a believing with the thy case?

clamations of free grace, who have set at heart unto righteousness." Night is a time for slumber; and is it not a naught the counsels of Jesus, and would have True faith in the Son of God is pos. sad fact that sinners are even now slumbering none of his reproof, cometh “ the night,” a sessed only by those who have felt their on the rery brink of perdition. The law night black, cloudy, and terrible. That which guilt and wretchedness. They have been thunders in their ears, -" The soul that sinneth, is night to the unbeliever, shall be the mornit shall die.”—“ The wicked shall be turned ing of the believer, even the second coming of brought into the presence of a holy God, into hell, with all the nations that forget God.” Jesus, just as the pillar of fire was light to seen themselves as sinners, and have been Yet still the sinner slumbers on, muttering in the Israelites, while to the Egyptians it was a made willing to receive the sentence of his drowsiness, “I see no danger.” The

dense pillar of cloud. The darkness cometh death in themselves. As convinced, humgospel shouts in his ear,—“ Awake, thou that to the finally impenitent from Sinai, from an ble sinners, they have felt the power of the sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ outraged law, from insulted justice.

word, thou hast destroyed thyself," and shall give thee light;” but the sleeper does hates sin, from his Holy nature ; therefore, through the gracious teaching of the but turn himself on the bed of his indifmy reader, rest assured, if thy sin is found on

. ference, saying,-“ Time enough yet.” My thee in that day, thou must be cast into ever- Holy Spirit received the blessed soulfriend, art thou in this sad state?

lasting fire, prepared for the Devil and his reviving truth, “In Me is thine help.Night is the season when men do dream ; angels, where there shall be weeping, and (Hosea xiii. 9.) Saving faith beholds the and is it not most solemnly true that thouwailing, and gnashing of teeth.

suitableness, sufficiency, and completesands are, at this very moment, but dreaming

Seeking sinner, I have a word of counsel ness of the Saviour's work; it puts atray They have never repented of for you. " If ye will inquire, inquire ye." | all self-confidence, gives up every other their sins; they have never fied to Jesus for Inquire ye at the mercy seat, whereon Jesus ground of hope, and trusts wholly in refuge; they have never laid hold on the hope is now seated, waiting to pardon all who draw

Jesus. The sinner who has faith in set before them in the gospel; they have not Hear him saying for your encourage- Christ feels the preciousness of the been born again. Alas, alas! they but dream ment

, “ Him that cometh unto me, I will in sprinkled blood of Jesus, and knows his of heaven, and, on awakening, discover they no wise cast out.” are in hell. Then “ too late, TUO LATE,” rings

safety in the day of wrath, whilst with

“Come, humble sinner, in whose breast in their ears, sealing their eternal doom of

A thousand thoughts revolve,

wonder he admires the robe of righteous

When saints shall see Him face to face.


of heaven.


upon his soul.

John iv.


ness which his loving Father has put keep God's statutes. He who gives the God's hand was laid upon him; and he felt

rule must give the wisdom and the he could not escape-that the long-lookedDear reader, can you say with the strength necessary to observe it. He for time was come when he must yield his Apostle, “I am crucified with Christ : that requires obedience is ready to give spirit into the hands of Him that gave it, and nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ is ability to render it. Let us then take he was not ready for the terrible hour. Yet liveth in me; and the life which I now every precept to His throne, and—with he had had long warning. For sixteen months

had that hand been upon him. He knew live in the flesh I live by the faith of the a hearty desire to do all that God com- what the end must be, and yet, when it came, Son of God, who loved me, and gave mands, just because He commands it, and he was unprepared to meet his God. And himself for me?” (Gal. ii. 20.) If you with a view to His glory-cry out from why?-Dear reader, can you answer that know not Christ as your Saviour by faith the depths of the soul, “O that my ways question ?-Why are we, dying men and in His blood, may the Holy Spirit help were directed to keep thy statutes!

women, now living on from day to day, knowyou to look with the eye of penitence

“The Well is Deep."

ing not but that each breath we draw may and hope to Jesus.

be the last—this moment promising life, and The well is deep.

health, and strength-the next a lifeless Hear His gracious invitation

Look back into the purposes of God, “I have life and peace to give,

corpse—this moment full of plans and prosAnd scan Eternity. Trace to their source I have wrought out full salvation ;

pects, of hopes and fears for this world—the His wisdom and His power. Fathom, if thou canst, next ushered into eternity; so it has been Sinner, look to me and live!

His everlasting mercy. Should thy brain "Dwell upon thy sins no longer; Grow dizzy, and refuse to sound such depths,

with thousands of souls, so it will be till time Well I know their mighty guilt ; Confess thy feebleness, and meekly say,

shall be no more; and yet men give no heed But my love than death is stronger ;

The well is deep.

to the things that belong to their peace. I my blood have freely spilt. The well is deep. Take for thy longest line

They live on unmindful of Him who holds The cords of vanity--the rope of sins Though thy heart has long been harden'd,

the brittle thread of their life in His hands, Upnumbered. Choose then the heaviest weight; Look on Me, it soft shall grow,

and whose one word, when His time is come, Take thee tbine own poor hardened heart of stone: Thy transgressions shall be pardon'd,


it asunder, and launch them into a Now plumb the depths of God's unwearied love. And I'll wash thee white as snow."

Thy lead seems light—thy lengthened line run out;- world unknown. Oh that men would con-
E. P.
E'en with such instruments thou hast but plunged

sider these things--would take their true Beneath the surface of the tide. Below,

standing-place between time and eternity, and Precept and Prayer. Far, far below, in depths unfathomable,

realize the awfulness of their position! Few, Springs undisturbed the ceaseless flow of love,

even of the Lord's own children, live in the Embosomed in Eternity. Here rest, PRECEPTS call for yers; for, as they And humbly bend the knee, and own again,

presence of this thought; if they did, how point out God's requirements, and call

The well is deep.

different would life be to them. How empty, upon us for obedience, they teach us The well is deep. Mark now the wounded side

how dream-like, is every thing but God

His word and His work. What men and our weakness, and our need of Divine Of Him who hung upon the tree. Haste thee

To hide within that cleft: and as the springs strength. David seems to have felt this, of living waters from the riven rock

women of prayer and watchfulness would they

become-how zealous for souls--how would and therefore he says, “ Thou hast com- Gush freely forth, ponder the depths of woe manded us to keep thy precepts diligently;" From whence they rise. Behold that broken heart: they feed upon the word which alone giveth

life; but alas! it is not so. God's children Say, canst thou find the measure of His grief? and then immediately prays, O that my Hear that loud bitter cry from off the Cross,

are lukewarm, they slumber and sleep, and ways were directed to keep thy statutes !" "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” though the Bridegroom's voice shall awake

Think of those awful words, “I thirst,” when He, them, and the oil be found in the vessels, still (Ps. cxix. 4, 5.)

The unblemished Holy Lamb, in death and curse, they will lose the fulness of that promise, THE COMMAND. To keep His precepts. Sin's wages, Life laid down, to take again

“ Blessed are those servants whom the Lord These refer to moral duties, and positive and pour forth more abundantly. Search thus His

when He cometh shall find watching: verily institutions. He has commanded us to


I say unto you, that He shall gird Himself, and meet together for worship - to believe Of woes profound, and worship and exclaim,

The well is deep.

make them to sit down to meat, and will come His word when it is read or preached Thus bursts the Well of Life from these three forth and serve them. And if He shall come in to profess His name in baptism-to love


the second watch, or come in the third watch, and unite with His saints — and to ce- God's infinite decree; His boundless love;

and find them so, blessed are those servants." lebrate His love in the holy supper. And all those deep unuttered woes of Christ.

(Luke xii. 37, 38.) May God give us His childHis precepts are to be kept; we should Drink! stranger, drink! and quench thy thirsty soul, ren grace to “ repent and do the first works,”

From out of depths which ceaselessly abound. keep them in our minds and memories, The more thy need, the fuller still the fount;

to live more in the spirit of —" the Lord is at

hand,” that at His coming we may be found and in our practise, or daily behaviour. The more thy thirst, the deeper still the spring:

watching. They are to be kept diligently, as our No sealèd fountain this; no spring shut up;

But how had it been with poor J. C., and rule of conduct, as our guide in business; But, flowing forth to every child of want, It cries, Come unto me and drink,-invites

why, after so long affliction, was he not ready and to be kept with sincerity, prompt. The heavy laden to repose ;-cleanses

to stand before his God? I had visited him ness, and care. We should keep them Whilst giving life, and gladdens whilst it heals. for some time, and found him well instructed as the commands of God, of God who The thoughtless sinner, who, at Jacob's well, in head knowledge of the word of life; in is our Father, the source and guide of Tasted the living waters fresh from God,

fact he had, I believe, been a Sunday school all good things. We should keep them Has yet to learn, through all eternity,

teacher. He knew his danger, he knew the The truth of words she ignorantly spake too, as those who must give an account. Touching Samaria's failing earthly spring,

need of salvation, he knew Christ Jesus came THE DEVOUT ASPIRATION.

“ The well is deep."

into the world to save sinners, he knew that

whosoever came to Him He would in no wise ways were directed to keep thy statutes !

What became of his Sins ? This expresses a love to the precepts,

cast out, he knew he was a sinner, a dying “HERE I am dying, and I'm not released,” sinner; but it was not the knowledge of the and an approval of them. It intimates that there are hindrances or difficulties C.'s dying room.

was the cry that greeted me on entering J. heart.

Never shall I forget the Several days before the visit I spoke of at in the way of keeping them. Satan

There lay the poor sufferer gasping first, I had called to see him, and found him hinders ; the world hinders; the flesh for breath, with a face full of agony and ter- sitting as usual by the fire side. “Well, J—, hinders. It is a recognition of weakness, ror, as is only seen and known where the soul how is it now? Have you found Jesus to be and a desire for Divine strength. Divine realizes its unprepared nearness to the unseen your Saviour?” I could get no satisfactory influence is necessary to enable us to world, and the presence of its Maker.

"He was doing the best he could;"

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O that my



the power

“ hoped God would be merciful;” but I told the glorious liberty and freedom of the child

Consecration. him that would not do to die upon. He felt ren of God. The blood has been shed, the “Consecrate yourselves to-day to the Lord."-Ex. xxxii. 29. his sins a heavy burden, too heavy for him to pardon has been bought. Why then, doubt. Thus spake Moses unto the children of Israel bear, that we must be pardoned souls here, if ing one, will you carry the burden still

, which on a very trying occasion, and thus he speaks we would be accepted there. I tried then to Jesus has borne for you? Poor J. did at to us. The Lord has a right to us. He takes put before him the present willingness of once as he was told. He saw that Jesus an interest in us. He wishes us to be dedicated Christ to save, the perfect sacrifice and satis was the only one that could help him, and he to himself, and devoted to His service. Let faction for sins, in the precious blood of Jesus, went to Him, and took Him at His word, us, therefore, attend to the exhortation.

WHAT IS REQUIRED: That we consecrate the freeness and fulness of the invitation to and all was well; and so will it be with you take the water of life, and that all he needed now, if, while you read these few words, you our persons to the Lord's service and praise. was to take God at His word, and find his believe the record God gives of His Son, That we offer Him the cheerful service of the

and leaving all the sin that burdens you, take heart and life. That we surrender, not only place, as a pardoned sinner, at the feet of the Jesus for your all, and rest your soul upon the person, but the property, and write upon Lord Jesus Christ; for He has said, • He that

the word, that “the blood of Jesus Christ, the whole, It is the Lord's.” That we proheareth my word, and believeth on Him that His Son, cleanseth from all sin.” May God, fess faith in His Son, and take His name sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not by the power of the blessed Spirit, give us upon us. That we consult His will, as recome into condemnation, but is passed from grace ever to believe and hold fast the blessed vealed in His word, in reference to every death unto life.” But that to do this he needed hope of everlasting life, which He has given object and subject. That we endeavour to the power of the blessed Spirit of God, who us in Jesus.

please Him always, everywhere, and in all we could alone take of the things of Jesus, and

And now, one word, dear reader, to you do. That we prefer Him, and His will, to reveal them unto him; and I asked him if he who have, as you think, no burden. What all and every thing besides, even our nearest


do when you lie as J. C. did, upon and dearest relatives. were praying earnestly to God for this help.

not re

ITs DESIGN. Consecrate yourself to the "I cannot be always agate,” was his reply. your death bed, and feel you are I felt and told him, talking could do nothing

leased,” for feel it then you will. You may Lord, to be His servant, to do His work, to

not have the time he had, you may not have maintain His cause, to fight His battles, and for him. My words, God's own words even,

he had. I have stood by death to vindicate His honour. To be His wholly, could not help him, except the Spirit of God

beds where there was no time, where there His entirely, and His for ever, This is what applied them to his soul ; and so I left him, sad at heart, for the very knowledge he had was no power, and, alas ! where there was no the Lord requires ; to this He is entitled,

will; and these last have generally been the and this we should render Him. We have seemed his hindrance.

death beds of those who have, in life, and never answered the Lord's design in our elecAfter this I kept away for many days, until passing the end of the street he lived in one health, and strength, known that they should tion, redemption, or conversion, until this is come to Jesus, and have not come.

the case. evening, after visiting another afflicted one, I

Will you come now? It is an awful thing THE REASONS. Consecrate yourself to the felt constrained to go to him, and then it was

to die. For one moment close your eyes, and Lord, because you have received a pardon. he greeted me as I have mentioned. I saw

realize it all, if you can. death was not far off, and said at once, in

No more power of You were a criminal; you were condemned answer to his words, “ Must we pray till you

repenting, all fixed for ever. Will you not to die; you appeared to be left for execution. now seek the Lord, while He may be found — But the Lord had mercy on you; He pitied

call upon Him while He is near ? Gladly he acceded then, and for long he

He is you, He pardoned you, that you dedicate pleaded with me as he had never done before, nigh to you now, calling to you through these yourself to Him. You have enjoyed His

few words, powerless in themselves, but all- presence, for He has manifested himself unto but he seemed to get no nearer, till at last I used the words (so often said)—“J. powerful if He bless them.

you, as He does not unto the world ; there

You and I, dear reader, may never meet fore devote yourself to the Lord. You have yourself upon Jesus.” “I don't know what

face to face on earth, but we shall meet one felt His love ; it has been shed abroad in your you mean.” “Why, I mean, take sins to Him, and leave them there, come back day, and then I may hear you blessing God heart by the Holy Ghost; therefore conse

that you have listened to His call, or crying crate yourself to the Lord. without them.”—“I know now what

out in the agony of despair that you rejected THE PERIOD. Consecrate yourself to-day mean; you can go, but come again in an hour." I felt he wanted to be alone with

it when He, by His Spirit, brought it to your to the Lord. Why should you delay? Have

soul. Oh, as you value your soul, let it be you not delayed long enough? Jesus, so I left him, and in an hour returned;

accepted now, and peace and joy, in the love render God too much service, or do too much but oh, what a change !—the look of terror

of Jesus shall be yours; peace and such good good in a world like this? Consecrate yourgone-peace, glowing peace, for his face shone with peace and love, and joy and praises were

things as pass man's understanding yours, for self, therefore at once, and do it from conpouring from his lips._" Well, J., what have ever and ever in His presence, where there is viction, as your duty; do it cheerfully, as a you done with your sins now?"-" Why I've

"fulness of joy," and at His right hand, privilege; do it publicly, with holy boldness, taken them, and left them there;" and then where there are pleasures for evermore.” do it fearlessly, with manly courage; do it

thoroughly; consecrate your whole person, more praise and more praise still, and so till

without the least reserve, and do it for ever. God took him, a few days after, to see Him

Wuo gains by Christ, with Christ must suffer loss ; face to face, - whom, having not seen," he

Every believer should profess Christ. In loved,” in whom, though now he saw Him We see not our salvation, till we see Who follows Christ, like Christ must bear the Cross. his profession he should consecrate himself

to Christ. After his profession, he should not, yet, believing, he rejoiced" with joy un- Our earthly all all fastened to the tree.

ever consider himself a consecrated person. speakable, and full of glory," having received This forms the stem—the diametric line

and act accordingly. Every professor should the end of his faith, even the salvation of his Is where my will, o God, is crossed by thine.

expect to be treated as a consecrated person : soul. One or two blessed hours I had with Then ceases pain, then ends the unequal strife,

and, therefore look for contempt from the

world, love and esteem from the Lord's people, him, and never shall I forget that death bed. And love and wisdom crown my new-born life.

and the constant approval of his God. li And now, dear reader, here it all is-do

we are not consecrated to God, we are tu you feel yourself a heavy-laden sinner? Take

If not for the Lord, we are against

Him; if not consecrated to the Lord, we the sins, the burden, which years have been

To see the love of God transcending ill,

take part with Satan. increasing, which so weighs you down, which

And in the very breast that harboured it, surrounds you on every hand, take it all to

Building an habitation for itself :

A Catholic Soldier and his Wife. Jesus, and leare it there. His blood still

The chaff consumed, no more appears in heaven, Mr. Q. was a marine soldier in the British cleanses His Spirit still bears witness; and it

The grain is sown afresh on mountain tops ; service, and had served long in many seas is because we bring these sins, these burdens,

And through eternity the harvest fields and lands. As early as the year 1832, he and will not let them go, that so few rejoice in Whiten with joy, and liberty, and love, was, as well as the writer, in the British

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On the birth of her first


whole life.

But now we have

squadron off Tenedos, with the French, ex- the gifts they had more used in their first love. persuasions, the father, after much opposition, pecting orders to attack a Russian squadron, Not having been accustomed to such small for the sake of gain, joined that faith. (He and enter the Dardanelles, to support the means as eleven shillings a week, and needing too died suddenly while plying an oar in a Turks against the advance across the Balkan from habit good living, he had found it hard boat.) The daughter was therefore brought mountains of their enemies, when the treaty to reduce his expenditure to that regulation, up strictly in that faith. As she grew up, of Adrianople stayed the struggle until the and incurred some debts; but, immediately however, an intelligent mind began to work, days of Sebastopol. He served also in after his conversion, he saw how inconsistent and she felt much the manner the priests Canada, and at last four years on the north this was with the profession of the name of dealt with her, and the absurd questions coast of Holland, where the extreme heat and Christ, and made such determined efforts to sometimes put at the confessional. the baneful character of the climate, brought pay all off, that it is feared he hastened the

Being exercised about her state, she one on the consumptive attack of which he died. debility of frame, which, on catching a chill, day took up a Roman Missal, and read over After his return, he was removed to Wool- resulted in death in the spring of the year.

the “

Examination of Conscience;' and imwich, and afterwards to the Dockyard, Ply- As a soldier, he had learnt the value of mediately felt the hard bondage of legalism. mouth, where his health failed so much, that discipline to win the victories of this world, She shut the book, for while not doubting he was superannuated entirely. Through and after his conversion he was incapable of that such a process of attainment in self was a comrade, he was led to select a residence in understanding the views of professing Chris- needed for heaven, she felt it was impossible B., near a small hamlet on the river Tavy, in tians, who, because salvation is sure, by faith, in her case; and, thus, practically realized hopes to be able the better to make his re- they appear to assume that a life of obedience the Apostle Paul's confession, on the same duced means meet the demands of a young is of secondary importance. He was a true ground, When the law came I died." wife and three young children. He had soldier of the Cross, and all his ideas of its this state of helplessness she remained for married late in life, and chosen his partner duties were sanctified and refined, in the years, and so neglected the usual ministrations from one of his own faith-the Romanists; truest sense by His conversion to God; and, of her church. she having been brought up in it as a mem- lest he should neglect any written order, he child, however, she applied for its appointed ber of a Cornish family, who are celebrated wished to aid, though so poor, the work of ordinance, but was refused because of her past for their attachment to that view.

tract distribution; and, after some considera- neglect, and a penance was given her instead. Before we proceed with his after history, tion how to save for it, he said a voice seemed This made the breach of feeling more decided, it may be well to notice a few things which to say, “Stop smoking." He did so, and but until the evening recorded, she had no will shew the overruling hand of God in his brought the quarterly amount regularly, of idea that the fundamental grounds of her faith three shillings, for that end to the writer,

were doubtful. Like many others, she had His father was a stonemason by trade, and who knew nothing of his debts or sacrifices been satisfied to see and hold the external came to Liverpool from Ireland, for work; to pay them; and he said he never found difference in forms, and enquire no further. but finding the employers would only take himself the worse, but rather better in Immediately the new doctrine was propounProtestant Irish, he had his son, then an health for that change of habit. After his ded, she felt as if sin had slain her, by a coninfant, sprinkled by a clergyman of the death, his circumstances becoming known, sciousness of its embedded inberent hold on English Established Church. This parent all the burden of his remaining pecuniary her heart, so that salvation by Roman works was at last killed by a large stone falling on liabilities were taken off his widow's mind, was hopeless, and that here was a way which him from a scaffold.

by the contributions of gracious friends in made hope possible to her. When Mr. B. came to B-, he did it different quarters around.

It was this hope of salvation which made under the idea of the value of country air; to note the conversion of Mrs. Q., which, to such an immediate impression on her mind. but, as he could not bear a cold better than her huband's consolation, took place during So powerful was it, that the next morning a close warm atmosphere, this being very his life time, and to which the divine change after prayers, in their room, when all the low, surrounded completely by thick woods in him was eminently instrumental.

family had gone down stairs, she ran to her and orchards, was, for the health of his body,

drawer and took out all the old books of deabout the worst place he couļd have chosen; Who shall deliver me from the body of lusion, and hastily opened them to see if it but, as it proved, the very place to lead him this death ?

were possible she could make them agree with to consider the value of his soul.

As a visitor to the cottages of the poor, I her new - found hope, or whether she had In the village, besides a small body of constantly find one excuse of females for not made any mistake as to their meaning; and, Wesleyans, there were a few believers meet- seeking the salvation of their own souls, is after studying them awhile, became so overing only in the name of Jesus, and among the burden of unhappiness they have to bear come as to be obliged to call up her little them one, a poor labouring man, who preached from the conduct of the husband, or some- girl to assist her. on Lord's-day evenings, after the morning times of the husband from an ungracious Mrs. Q. now continued in an enquiring service of breaking bread. wife. Let such listen to my story.

state of mind, and a hearer of the Gospel in Of course, as soon as the writer who Mr. Q. was never an unkind man, but of in its true character. She bought of the preached there sometimes, knew of this oc- a free, generous, and affectionate spirit, but writer a small pocket Bible, and thus, after casional visitor, he sought to see him, and quick in his temper: and, as an old soldier, some time, became truly converted to God. himself having been in the navy, and in the being very stern in his idea of discipline, he Since her husband's death, she has openly same scenes, made him a peculiarly interesting carried it into his household sphere, and thus, confessed Christ, and salvation by Him alone. source of pleasant and profitable reminiscence in sickness and separation from old employ- Mrs. Q. is now privileged to be used in and thought to Mr. Q.

ments, he made life rather trying. After his the establishment, and constant instruction On the first occasion, after the points of conversion all was changed, all was new, and of a Lord's day school, in a town near her past secular biography had been noted, the the entire sweetness of his mind, and patient former residence, obtaining her livelihood by writer made some particular allusions to the graciousness of his manner, first led his wife her needle, and watching over the interests of path of profit in the past, and Mr. Q. said, to overcome her prejudices, and visit the place three young children; happy to be free from "Ah, sir, and to think that after wandering where the Lord had led him to hear of that Rome and its legal bondage; happier still to all over the world as I have, I never, until I love and that Spirit which was given for the know that which can alone give true liberty— came to this village, thought about the in- true regeneration and regulation of the heart. the truth as it is in Jesus. terests of my immortal soul.”

One evening Mrs. Q. made up her mind to long after this that Mr. Q. professed peace attend the preaching, and the poor brother, with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, and before spoken of, declared to his audience a was received into the communion of saints full, free, and everlasting salvation, through A New Version of the Book of Psalms. By Lord there, and his walk was always peculiarly the blood and righteousness of our Lord

CONGLETON. 6s. London: W. YAPP, Welbeck

Street, Cavendish Square, striking as a man of honour by a divine Jesus, as imputed to all who believe in His regeneration of heart.

name. Mrs. Q. was amazed. Though living The metrical form in which this version is preHe had heard of the words of the Duke of surrounded by Protestants, she had been quite sented, as well as the improved renderings, make Wellington* to a recreant clergyman, about ignorant of their faith; and, alas! how few it a very desirable work for all Bible-readers. The the use of evangelizing in India, and to re- Protestants, so-called, are themselves holding importance of this new version will be seen at member all the written orders was his solemn this true protest against Romanist self-right- once, by looking at the author's translation of conviction of duty to God, in gratitude for eousness, and vain human trust in forms and verses 2 and 3 of Psalm xvi., and verses 6, 7, and His redeeming mercy.

8 of Psalm li. The author has long been known As he was better able to walk than take any To Mrs. Q. this was a new idea; she had

as a Greek and Hebrew Scholar, and as a man of other exertion, he visited with tracts wherever never heard that any persons in the world held he could find a door open; for, by beginning such a view as present salvation. She was prayer

. We cordially recommend the work. to exercise himself in prayer at a little cottage- greatly troubled, and wondered if it could be The Coronet and the Cross; or, Memorials of the meeting, he was instrumental in stirring up true. This wrought the more effect on her Right Honourable Selina Countess of Huntingothers who had been converts to the truth a mind from some important experiences in her

don. London: W. Yapp, Welbeck Street, much longer time, but had been negligent of own history, it is here necessary to narrate.

Cavendish Square. * "Look to your written order, sir, Go into all the Mrs. Q.'s mother was housekeeper to the A DEEPLY interesting volume, deserving a large world,” &c.

master before alluded to, and, through her circulation. It will be eagerly read by all classes.

E. D.

It was not



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