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"Ye must be born again." (John iii. 7.) In our Lord's discourse with Nicodemus, we see





and exposed to the wrath of Go:l. Alas, alas! putting the Gospel before persons both publiely

“Master of Israel," a teacher of others, and and privately. Clear doctrines are not enough.

not concerned about his own salvation. Religion We should remember our Master's oft-repeated how wisely, faithfully, and graciously. He met a the fathers, the religion of the people, the rites and sincere, if we only make general statements

. not true, a religion of dead works, the religion of word, YE! People do not think we are in earnest professeully religious man. The Lord's mole of and customs of synagogue duties, with their I was much struck the other day, in reading an dealing with this Pharisee was different from His attendant honours and official trappings, was the account of a young man. A faithful servant of way with the woman of Simaria, though Ilis powerful current which was hurling this ruler Christ said to him, “Do you know that you are purpose of bringing them both to Himself for of the Jew's," and others, downward at a fear- going on to perdition?", No!” said he, neither salvation appears the same. The latter was a fully rapid course, and that, too, with the name mother is a inember of your congregation, and I notoriously sinful woman, insensible of her guilty of God upon their lips. and undone state; the blessed Lord therefore But is it not the same now? What is to be feared am sure she loves me dearly, and if she believed brings her at once to a sense of her ignorance is the condition of thousands around us? Is it it I am persuaded she would have told me of it

. and foul course, by saying, “ Gu call thy husband, that they deny the existence of Almighty God? My sister also is a member; she loves me very and coine hither. Bu: the former case was that Do they contend that He should not be wor- much; and I am sure if she believed it, she of an outwardly blameless man blinded by false shipped?

would throw her arms round my neck and

Do they set aside ecclesiastical ofrelixion; the first thing therefore the Lord does fice? Do they dispute the veracity of the Holy | Don't

, O don't, go to perdition." with him is to cut down his religion, root and Scriptures ? Certainly not.

But if you ask We may next notice how decidedly the Lord branch, and then shew him that he is a perishing them if they have experienced the new birth, insisted on the necessity of the new birth –“ Ye sinner needing mercy, and, like a bitten Israelite, vou will find that soine will hang down their MUST be born again.” Not you may, hut you could only live by looking to Goll's remedy. heads in confusion, others will judge, you a

MUST; not you should desire it merely, The religion of this man of the Pharisees, I say, ranter, or a rild fanatic, while others will try to must. Yes, without the new birth, you must be was false, though not altogether so, for Satan's shelter therrselves behind some delusive sacra- for ever in darkness —"cannot see the kingdom deadliest snares are composed of a mixture of mental form, and deny altogether the truth of of God;" without the new. birth, you must be truth and error. It was so with the oan in regeneration by the sovereign power of the Holy shut out for ever from the presence of God the carden, a:d was, so with the Pharisees, and Ghost. But some, perhaps, may siy, Is it not cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” How it is common also in the present day. Nicodemus very uncharitable to conclude that all who have plain! how decisive! How essential to be born believed in God, assented to the veracity of the not experienced the new birth are hastening on of the Spirit”! This secret of the new birth the Scriptures, held the existence of both angels and the broad road to eternal destruction?

May learned Pharisee was entirely ignorint of, and spirits

, anil the resurrection of the body; these there not he something good and hopeful in them vainly tried to argue the impossibility of a points were according to truth; but the grand without this? We unhesitatingly reply, No; second birth; but it only drew from the loving, foundation truth of the gospel -- redemption by because our Lord Jesus said, ". Except a man be faithful heart of Jesus a thrice - repeated testi blood, was thought nothing of; this was the fatal BORN AGAIN, HE CANNOT SEE the kingilon of mony to the absolute necessity of it, and the

The measure of truth, little as it was. God." () that the Holy Spirit might so work in explanation that the new birth was from above held by a man of such dignity and education, the hearts of thousands of professors around us, and spiritual. This positive declaration at once only tended to keep his mind in darkness, and that they might know the folly and unprofitable cut at the root of the Pharisee's religion, and enable hiin more successfully to spread his false ness of that religion which does not hegin with razed to the ground all his cherished confidence religion among those who came in his way; heinz “born again !".

and expectation; for it pronounced a verdict on whereas a person wallowing in pollation and The first word of our text shews us how the best man in the flesh, as being so apostate transgression, without any relizious profession, pointed and personal our Lord was in llis and corrupt as to be unfit for the presence of would have no such temptation, hence our Lord ministry—“YE must be born again." This God. But, while it exposed man's total inability said of some, Publicans and harlots shall enter tells out His faithful love. He did not propound to fit himself for the kingdom, it referred to the into the kingdom of heaven before you.”

dry doctrines, or get up eloquent addresses, to power and goodness of God in quickening the The erroneous character of this man's religion please the itching ears of His audience.

No. dead in trespasses and sins. The doctrine our was soon exposed by our blessed Lord, for He He was the Faithful Witness, and He came not to Lord here propounds is of the highest importance ; knew what was in man. The religion of this destroy, but to save. He knew the worth of the for men may be moral, amiable, benevolent

, out“man of the Pharisees” was not spiritual. soul, and salvation had its paramount claim in vardly religious, and the like, hut they must he He knew nothing of the new birth. This is His mind. His loving heart would bear with the horn again. They may be high even in ecclefatal ignorance. He passed over man's fall in unworthy manner in which He was approached, siastical office, far advanced in theological educaAdam, his death in trespasses and sins, he saw no and set salvation before His hearers in the plain- tion, hut they must be born again. Man's thought necessity for repentance, or the new-birth, and est and most pointed way.

To the cavilling of religion is that he must gradually improve

, yet took his place as a religious man, offering Jew's in the synagogue, His word was, " Except and perhaps he ultimately saved. God's religion service in the name of God as if he were holy we eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink is first to have life, and then rejoice in an assured instead of being polluted; considering himself a His blood. ye have no life'in you." 'On another hope of glory. Man's thought is to work for creditable member of a popular religious sect, occasion He said, “Ye are frim heneath ; I am life ; God's way is to work from life. Man proand considered worthy of dignity and esteem as from above; we are of this world; I am not of poses to himself eternal life at the end; God such lig others. But it was carnal religion, which this world. I said, therefore, unto you, that ye presents it to the true Christian at the very we are told cannot please God, and as man in shall die in your sins; for it ye believe not that beginning. Man's wisdom consists in reformathe flesh cannot rise above his own level, it was I am, ye shall die in your sins." Again we see tions and improvements in the flesh, with pernecessarily connected with walking and acting lim standing in the midst of a crowd, and say- severing efforts to pile up a quantity of supposed to be seen of men, instead of as in the sight of God- ing. “ Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise creature-merit and self-righteousness; the Lord “Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; perish.” To the careless Sim:ritan Ile said, Jesus knocks it all down with that uncomprobut God knoweth your hearts, for that which is " If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is mising sentence, “Ye MUST be born again.” highly esteemed anong men is abomination in that saith unto thee, Give me to drink, thou But what are we to understand by the new the sight of God.

wouldst have asked of Hiin, and He would have birth ? “Ye must be BORN AGAIN." Certainly But Nicodemus had heard of Jesus, and desired given thee living water. He said tr the seeking it is not an alteration of the old fleshly nature some intercourse with Him; how, then, could it le blindman, “What wilt thou that I should do into that which is spiritual, for our Lord in the accomplished ? how could this honoured “Master unto thee? And when he replied, “Loril, that previous verse clearly shew's the distinction beof Israel,” this "ruler of the Jews,” have an in- I may receive my sight,” Jesus said unto him, tween the two natures and the two births: “That terview with the despised Nazarene? What Receive thy sight; thy faith hath saved thee.'' which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which would the people say? Nicodemus, however, is not And so in the text before us, our Lord did not set is born of the Spirit is Spirit.” The apostles, too, at rest, for he helieved that Jesus was “ a teacher be ore Nicodemus some profound points of the in their writings, continually keep up this discome from God,” and see Him he must. He ology for his consideration, as the ruler, perhaps, tinction of the two natures, not only as a matter therefore came to Jesus by night! for in this way expected, neither was it a display of eloquence, of doctrine, but also of experience and practice, he could satisfy his conscience, without displeas- such as a learned man might have appreciated, The believer is spoken of as made a partaker of ing men, or exposing himself to their scorn and neither did He set truth in a general way before the Divine nature, and as having the Spirit of persecution. Such is man. Such was the spirit him. No; He came at once to the point, and Christ in him; his experience is referred to as in which this “mån of the Pharisees” approached said, “YE must be born again!" O that search- necessarily one of conflict, because of the oppothe Lord of glory. His thought was about Jesus ing word ve! This is divine ministry, this is site workings of the two natures—flesh and

spirit, being, a teacher. He might have imagined it the way of the perfect preacher, and this is the * The Aesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the would be beneficial to him professionally to listen style that should be imitated in the present day. Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to His instruction. Though he was constantly It is when the Holy Ghost powerfully and per- the one to the other, so that ye cannot do the occupied with the letter of Scripture, and the sonally applies the truth, so as to say to the con- things that ye would.” While in reference to religious duties of the synagogue, it does not science, - Thou art the man," that decided good practice, he is exhorted to " walk in the Spirit.” appear to have once entered his mind that he was is accomplished. Persons may read the Bible, and " not fulfil the lusts of the flesh;" to put off a sinner, and needed a Saviour. Now pause, and and think it is all about others; they may hear the old man which is corrupt, and put on the nex mark the way of Christ with this man. Did He the gospel, and say that the preacher was very man, which after God is created in righteoussay, you come to me in such an unworthy way faithful to some present; but it is when a person ness and true holiness.". This is a subject of im, I cannot grant you an audience? Did He say, feels that the truth read or heard affects himself, mense importance, for if a really exercised soul cast away this and that first, and then I'll speak that we may expect blessed results. “Oh, yes," imagines that regeneration is a conversion of the to you? Did He say, get better first, and then said a learned gentleman, after reading the Epis- old Adam sinful nature into that which is holy, I'll receive you? Oh, no. The loving Saviour tle to the Romans, “I see this doctrine in the he cannot be in peace, for he must find that his in this, as in every other instance, fulfilled His Bible.“But do you see it in your heart?" experience does not correspond with the idea. own blessed word,“ Him that cometh to me, I replied his friend. That question led him to Hence many a quickened soul thinks he cannot will in no wise cast out.” How full of encourage consider, and make the truth of such personal be a Christian because he finds, with a principle ment this is, and how blessedly it unfolds to us application as to be the means of his conversion, of delight in the law of God, that there is another the graciousness of the Lord Jesus! Nicodemus Fellow Christians ! we should be pointed and principle working in him which is contrary to did not see that he was "condemned already,” | personal, as well as deeply affectionate, in holiness; therefore he concludes that he is not a

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in Christ.

Christian, while the truth is, he would not be difficulty of how a man is born again, very simply ately say to you, that you are dead in sins, and “ born again” if he had no experience of this and beautifully told out by our Lord. He refers what you want is life--eternal life! Sacraments in ward conflict. His conscience must find peace the enquirers to his own Seriptures; the Book of and ordinances of any kind cannot give you life. alone in the blood of the Cross. Instead of Paul Numbers is selected, and the well-known tale of Separation from immoralities cannot give you life. saying that he felt sin was rooted out of him, he the serpent of brass is brought forth as the key and delusion still leaves you without life. Enlisting

Withdrawing from the fontest forms of blasphemy oheving it, he kept his body under and brought Pharisee's conscience is brought at once to the yourself among the ranks of your most religious it into subjection, which, by the new life received, fountain of living water; the Litten, dying Israel neighbours cannot give you life. The strictest he was enabled to do.' ile revariled his “old ites are depicted as receiving life through looking

outward propriety cannot give you life. Neither as an enemy, and kept it under, and at the serpent of brass lifted up; and there Nico- can church office, ecclesiastical honours, or theoexhorted saints not to fulil the lusts of the flesh, demns might learn that, with all his Pharisaic logical knowledge, as we have seen in Nicodemus, but to bring every thought into critivity to the religion and theological science, he is still doud in give you life. God only can give you life, and obedience of Christ. Regeneration, clearly then, sins, and, like the bitten Israelite, must perish; Beware then, lest you die withont an interest

That lite.- eternal life-viš in His Son Jesus Christ. is not a conversion of the flesh" intü “the unless he renommee every other refuge, and look in Christ'; for " he that believeth in the Son Spirit."

Veither does the new birth con-ist in mere Cress. By looking only to the brazen serpent, the hath everlasting life, and he that believeth not outward reformations and moral amendments; sinful, dying Israelite lived; and so now dead and the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God

abideth on him.” for “a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good ruined sinners receive life eternul only by faith in fruit." Let the inmoral become moral, the li- Christ crucified. It was life, eternal life, that centius chaste, or the drunkard sobier, still, he- Christ presented to the sinful Pharisee, as the Why Professors have no Certainty. fore God, he is only “born of the flesh.” You free gitt of God, to "every one," "any one," may trim up, cut off the branches of a thorn true, “whosoever” believeth on the crucified Son of and make its appearance more agreea!le to the God.

How many professed Christians I meet with eve, still it is a thorn, and cannot bear grapes. In this beautiful discourse with Nicoclemus, our The new birth, then, is something very different Lord shewed also how competent He was for this who have no confidence in their security, fr vin outward reformation. Neither are persons great work of viving new life to the dead in sins, no assurance of their acceptance with God, börn agiin hy sicramental rites. It is easy to and also of the amazing power and virtue of the say it is so, but it is a fearful delusion. It is work of the Cross, by telling him that He was

no certainty of being for ever with the true that our Lord spoke of being born of water, Son of God as well as Son of Min--God and man Lord. How is this? It does not appear to biu: it was of water and the Spirit: " Except a in one person, in heaven and get on earth. "No have been so with primitive Christians. inan be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot man hath ascended up to herren, but He that enter into the kingdom of God.” By' water our came down from heaven, even the Sou of Man does not appear to be the proper state of beLord, doubtless, referred to the grace of God, which is in heaven. And as Muses lined up the lievers in Christ. We ought to know if we that "living water” which Ile ili-penses to thirsty serpent in the willerness, even so must the son of are born again. We ought to know if we are souls, as presented in the story of t'ie woman of win be lifteil up, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

We ought to know if the Spirit The new birth is a spiritual work: “so is For Guil so loved the world that He gave IIis onli- of God dwells in us. Or, in a word, if we every one that is born of the Spirit." We feel begotten Son," &c. The Lord also most plainly

is operations in our hearts, but we can tell shewed the treeness of the grace of God, that is, are Christians, we ought to be satisfied of it, nothing of llis coming or going. It is a heavenly the willingness of His heart to receive all, anı anıl rejuice in it. tork : we are born from above (marzin]. It cast out none that come to Him, by twice saying, How is it then that so many are uncertain, is not man's work, but the irurk of God: we are ** whosoever believeth in Him should not peri-h, uneasy, and almost always in doubt and fear? "born not of the will of the tieshi, nor of the but have everlasting life.” will of men, but of God.It is it new life, s.) The doctrine of the new birth is therefore Perhaps they do not look simply to Jesus. that those who are partakers of it are nevr crea- taught by our Lord in connexion with the Cross. Now Jesus is presented to us to be the object tures: “If any man be in Christ, he is a new A new birth is inseparable from a new life; that

of our faith.

Ile has all we need, or can creature.” It is done once and for ever: we are new life is here detined to be not temporal, but s born again, not of corruptible sevd, hut of in eternal, and as flowing only to us from Goi need. lle is willing to bestow all upon us, corruptille, loy the Word of God, which liveth through the Cross of Jesus, and that to every one and do all for us that we require. It is for and abideth for ever.” Regeneration, thien, is that believeth Therefore our Lord told Nicoclearly the work of God the Holy Ghost: “We demus that to be born again of water and the us, therefore, to look to Him for all we need, are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto Spirit, he must take the place of a ruined, and away from all we fear. go it works,'' &c.

perishing sinner before the Cross of the Son of at all times, and under all circumstances, Nicodemus might well be astounded at our God, and thus he would receive the life, remembering that He changes not. Lori's decisive preaching, and exclaim, ' 11,w and stand no longer as one condemned, but as

Now, if Cin titse thinus lie?" which at once opened to having pardon and acceptance with God. This, I look to Jesus to be my present, perfect, and door for our Lord to present to him the wondrous indeed, is being born of God. The Holy Spirit everlasting salvation, I shall have peace. story of the Cross. Having broken down the always directs the soul to the person and work rulei's religion by the doctrine of the new birth, of Christ. The Holy Ghost does not say, Look I look to Himn for all I need at present and in Jeslis now presents to him the glorious salvation at me for salvation, look to my operations for future, I shall enjoy confidence. of the God of all grace, and shews him that the peace, look to my gifts for a vurnie. Oh, no! only place a man can truthfully take is that he is the Glorities of Christ, therefore Ile saith,

They do not trust alone in his blood. That of a perishing sinner, ani a receiver of merey, Look to Jesus lifted up, look to the Lumb slain, blood cleanses from all sin. That blood justibefinne llim. This is the way in which sinners look to the Saviour of simers; believe on the fies the sinner before God. That blood gives are born again. Man is a fallen creture, Is Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved! been driven out from the presence of God, and is and if we be led of the Spirit we shall surely

an unquestionable title' to everlasting life. dead in sins. Jesus is the fountain of life, and testify of Christ. Were I merely to preach, Y That biood is sei before us in the gospel, that the Cross is the fountain opened-there the water must be born again, it would be no gospel of glaid we may trust in it, plead it before God, ind of lite fws freely. Christ crucifie'i is the sinit.tidinys, no balm for the weary and heavy laden, ten Rick, whence streams of living water How no comfort for the anxious enquirer; but when expect to be saved by it. Now, if I receive abundantly to the needy and undone; and there we connect with the doctrine of the new birth God's testimony concerning the blood of His the Spirit brings perishing, thirsty souls, to look the blessed truth, that Christ crucified is an ocean Son, and if I place my simple and entire de and live, to drink and live forever. Wherever of boundless love, an overtlowing fount:iin of living ele they drink they thirst avain, lut whose water, a well of everla-ting life to every sinner pendance on that blood, I shall enjoy certainty, drinketh of the water that Jesus gives shall never that believes, we announce good tidings of great and my soul will be at ease. But, if I am thirst, but it shall be in him a mell of water joy.

not satisfied with the blood of Christ alone, springing up into everliestin life. Yes, Jsens VIy reader, wliot think you of Christ? Has is everlasting consolation, a never-failing soul...** thirsty soul drank the living water of His | but must look into myself for something elut's satisfying portion. There is no possibility of salvation ? or, are you perishing with hunger while or to my conduct for something beside, is the being born again, apart from Chri- crucified and there is brend erough and to spare in the Father's ground of my confidence before God, I shall rien. There the river of 1:40 p!!!4. Tliere it is house? The fashion, pleasure, and honour of this Hritten, *Whosoever wil, let him crit and present evil world are rapidly passing away. The never be happy for long ingether. tike the wa'er of live freely.” Such thus believe summons of the God of all flesh will ere long They do not rely on His word. The word ing on the Lord Jesus for salvation, lese roeived call you into His presence. Your own conscience of Jesus to the sinner is, “l'ome uno me.” Him whom God biti se!', and have passed from admonishes you that you are a simer. Experience -- Him that cometh I will in nouise cast out.” death unto life.

has long ago convinced you that you are hastening An intelligent Israelite, ought to have known to the chamber of leath. You have often triedi" He that believeth shall be saveil.” Coming something about the new birth. The plain state earth's best refreshments, and as often proved that ment of Ezekiel, “I will give them a new kennt," he that drinketh of this water shall thirst again.

to Christ is believing on Him, and believing should have been enough to have taught the ruler You have avoided the foul habits of the licentious; on Him is corning to Him. For faith is the this, while the prophet's vision of the resurrection you have shunned the companionship of the riot-out-going of the heart to Christ, relying on of the dry bones should have shewn him that God ous; you have refused to walk with scotiers ; you Christ, and entrusting its eternal interesis to is the quickener of the dead; our Loril, therefore, have withdrawn from Socinian blasphemy, and the exposes still further the iynorance of this “1 infidelity of popery; but have you been born Christ. The word of Jesus to the soul that of the Pharisees" by the question, “ Art thou a again! or, in other words, have row, as a guilty, has come to Him, or believes on Him is, “He master of Israel, and knowest not these things ?” undone sinner, been brought to the foot of the

The ruler's question, however, “How can ibese Cross, and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ for that believeth hath everlasting life, and shall things be?" was specdily responded to; and the salvation? If not, dear reader, let me atection-I not come into condemnation.” Now, if I

To look to Ilim


To empty us





come to Jesus, I shall be received: to doubt His law and justice. Self-despair drives us for should he be sunk so low as to say with this, is to question the truthfulness of Christ. out of self entirely, and then we build on one of old, “I am a worm, and no man,” yet If I believe in Christ, I have everlasting life, Christ wholly and alone. The work of the even there will the promise reach him; for it and shall never come into condemnation; not Holy Spirit is needed. It is His work to strip is addressed not to prevailing Israel, but to

us of every thing of our own. to believe this, is to make the Son of God a

the worm Jacob. "Ah, but,” says the timid of self entirely. To lead us entirely away one, “I know I am a worm; but the promise liar. If, therefore, I am uncertain about

from self. To enable us to cast ourselves says, worm Jacob." Well, and so thou art salvation, or uneasy about my state, either I do not simply look to Jesus, or I do not really upon Christ. To apply the blood to our con- doubting whether thou art like Jacob. Just

sciences. To assure our hearts, and to bear let me tell thee, then, who Jacob was: he trust in His blood, or I do not rely on His witness with our spirits, that we are the chil- was a dissembler-a sinner saved by sovereign word.

dren of God. Until there is a deeper work grace; and if thou knowest that thou art a But why is this? Well, it may be that of the Holy Spirit in many doubters, they sinner

, deserving wrath, and yet dost desire self-righteousness is not destroyed. If we look will not have confidence, or enjoy settled mercy, looking for that mercy in Christ Jesus to self at all, we cannot look wholly to Jesus.

And yet they are not to look at the alone, then thou mayest cast away thy fears, If we depend on self at all, we cannot depend work of the Spirit, in order to have peace, and trust simply in what Jesus has done ; for on Christ alone. We must therefore renounce but at the work of Jesus. Our peace was

none ever knew their utterly lost condition, all dependance on our good works and plea- made on the cross. Our peace flows from the and sought for pardon through the atonement sant feelings, and take Christ to be our perfect

And peace flows into our souls, by of Christ, unless the Holy Spirit had first Saviour. And it is as necessary to take the

our looking to the cross. Yet, realizing the begun a work of grace in their heart, which eye off our feelings as our works; and to re- fact that we need the teaching, enlightening, work, when once begun, SHALL be completed, nounce all dependance on the one as well as and enablings of the Holy Spirit, we may, and end in glors; so that notwithstanding on the other, if we would enjoy settled peace and should pray for the same. But even while thou art but a worm, yet the Master says and constant confidence in God. Perhaps the

we do so, we should endeavour to keep the even unto thee, “FEAR NOT." world is not wholly given up. If not, there

eye fixed on what Jesus has done for sinners, · Fear not; for I have redeemed thee, I can be no positive assurance of our accep- and look for pardon through His blood, ac- have called thee by thy name; thou art mine." tance with God, for the friendship of the ceptance through His righteousness, and life (Isaiah xlii. 1.) world is enmity with God; if any man therethrough His death.

By nature, we are all slaves to Satan, harfore will be the friend of the world, he is the

To conclude: the more we look away from ing voluntarily submitted ourselves to his hard enemy of God. While, therefore, there is a self the better. The more we are taken up bondage. For all the chosen, who believe in clinging to the world, its peasures, its cus- with the person, sacrifice, and death of Christ, Jesus' name, and trust in the Saviour's work, toms, its fashions, and its spirit, there can be the better. For it is only by looking away He has paid the redemption-money, the price no settled peace. But if

, perceiving that the from self, and being taken up with Jesus, that being His own atoning blood. This redempworld is at enmity with God, and is doing all we shall enjoy peace of conscience, confidence tion being final, perfect, and abiding, they it can to dishonour God, we come out of it toward God, and certainty in the prospect of who are thus made free, can never more be and are separated from it, God will receive

glory. Holy Spirit, teach us to look simply brought into a state of slavery, but are the us, become a Father to us, and send the

to Jesus; enable us to trust alone in His property of Him in whom they have liberty; Spirit of adoption into our hearts, crying, blood, and bring us to rely confidently on His and, losing their old service, they likewise “ Abba, Father.” Therefore, says the apostle,

Destroy all our self-righteousness, surrender their old name, being now called John, “Love not the world, neither the things bring us clean out of the world, and instruct by their Redeemer “CHRISTIANS.” In Jethat are in the world; for if any inan love the

us that we may clearly and fully understand sus they are safe, and shall be made comworld, the love of the Father is not in him."

the gospel warrant. Bring us to feel self- pletely happy; so that they may even now, Or the warrant of the yospel is not seen.

despair, empty us, and strip us of every thing though surrounded by enemies, “ FEAR not.”' gospel warrants any sinner and

of our own, and fill us with Christ; clothe Fear not, O Jacob, my servant; and thou, to believe in Jesus, and gives to every one

us in the garments of salvation, and cover us Jeshurun, whom I have chosen.(Isa. xlix. 2.) that believes, the positive assurance of ever- with the robe of His righteousness. Fill, O

This sweet FEAR NOT" may be applied lasting life. If, therefore, I believe in Jesus, ill us, with all joy and peace in believing, to the Sunday-school teacher, who, toiling on the gospel warrants me to feel assured that that we may abound in hope, rejoice in Christ year after year, meets with no apparent suceternal life is mine, that I am saved in the Jesus, and live in the joyful expectation of cess.

He labours earnestly through the week Lord, with an everlasting salvation. If, then, eternal glory, through His finished work.

to prepare his lessons; he wrestles fervently I am in a state of uncertainty as to my state,

at the throne of grace for a blessing to rest if I am uneasy about my salvation, let me

“Fear Not."

on his efforts; he strives assiduously to imenquire, is self-righteousness destroyed in BYT.W. MEDHURST, OF COLERAINE, NORTH OF IRELAND, press the minds of the children with the Is the world fully given up by me?

great verities of the gospel of Christ; set Do I understand the warrant the gospel gives “For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right still no result is seen. Faint not, my brother, me to believe in Jesus, and then to feel hand, saying unto thee, Fear NoT ; I will help you shall not lose your reward. God looks assured of my salvation? If so, do I look to thee.(Isaiah xli. 13.)

not at the manifest result, but at the secret Jesus, trust in His blood, and rely on His When the child has hold of its parent's motive. If your simple aim is the promotion word? If so, to doubt, fear, or feel uncertain, hand, it feels safe, and fears no danger. So of His glory, you shall, ere long, hear the is unscriptural and improper.

should it be with the believer, for he is God's welcome plaudit, “Well done, good and faithWhat is needed in many cases of uncer- child; and as an earthly parent will uphold ful servant; thou hast been faithful over a tainty? Self-despair. Until we are brought and defend his offspring, so will our heavenly few things; I will make thee ruler over many to despair of all help and hope in ourselves, Father aid and protect all His adopted family. things; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” and in every thing we can do and suffer, we Think, o heir of glory, how safe thou art, for Still labour on, dear teacher; your work is shall never trust in Christ alone. Slight con. thou hast Jehovah for thy defence. He holds important; and though the reward may tarry, victions of sin, or faint impressions of divine thy hand, and will not suffer thy foot to slip. it is sure. “Go forward," and " truth, do not bring us to this; and therefore He guides thee with His

Fear ye not, neither be afraid ; have not it is that so many hang between works and thee with His words, saying,

" FEAR NOT. I told thee?(Isaiah xliv. 8.) between their own feelings and the Fear not, thou worm Jacob.(Isa. xli. 14.) Afflicted heir of heaven! Jesus has left it blood of the Lamb, between self and Christ. Many a real Christian oft feels his own un- recorded, that in this world you must have We must be brought to despair, absolutely worthiness to such an extent, that he is apt tribulation; therefore think it not strange to despair of ever doing any thing to recom- to imagine it to be utterly impossible that he when you are called upon to pass through the mend us to God; or of suffering any thing, should be one of the chosen seed: to such fiery trial; for Jesus considers it to be needin whole, or in part, to satisfy the claims of an one this promise is specially applicable ; ful for you, and you know Jesus cannot make














a mistake; He is too wise. Jesus cannot be

Looking on the Pierced One. joice that thou shalt live for ever to glorify unkind, He is too good; therefore let sweet

and praise His name. O my soul, Jesus was resignation accompany you, as you onward The senses affect the soul. What impres- wounded for thy transgressions, and bruised press, even though in your path you should sions are made through the ear, but perhaps for thine iniquities! His blood has made thy meet with floods and flames, for His dear more and deeper through the eye. A look peace with God, His righteousness gives thee sake.

has led into sin, and a look has led away from a title to eternal life, and His death delivers "Thougb painful at present, it cannot last long, sin. A look has ruined, and a look has thee from dying. I wish to fix my eye inAnd then, oh! how pleasant the conqueror's song." brought salvation. A look has hardened the tently on Jesus in Gethsemane, in Pilate's hall,

How loving did Jesus shew Himself to be, heart, and a look has softened it. Looking before Annas, Caiaphas, and Herod, and more when He said to His disciples, “ If it were represents believing; because in believing, the especially on the hill Calvary, and marking not so, I would have told you;” shewing mind is fixed on an object, affected by the all His tears, wounds, and agonies, feel that

I was the cause of all. I did it; yes, I His care for His own flock. And think you, object, and if good, drawn to the object. bruised Him, scourged Him, spit on Him, tried believer, that if Jesus would not keep a There is one object on which the eye of the crowned Him with thorns, smote Him with secret from you, that He would grieve you mind should be constantly fixed, if we would the fist, and nailed Him to the cursed tree. unnecessarily, or try you too sorely? Oh, no, enjoy peace, grow in grace, or walk with I inflicted all. He patiently endured. God no, no; Jesus is too loving to hurt one poor God. Therefore it is written, as the language to endure it; and 1, O wonder of wonders! I

allowed it, because He voluntarily undertook timid soul who trusts in His mercy. Wipe of our crucified Lord, “ They shall look upon derive ease, holiness, and eternal life from it! your eye, stay that murmur, hush that hard One whom they have pierced.(Zech. xii. 10.) thought, for the promise bids you “ FEAR Pierced! Who pierced Him? We did,

and pierced Him to the heart. Nor were we A CHRISTIAN lady slept, Fear ye not the reproach of men, neither satisfied with piercing Him once, for we have And dreamt a dream of heaven; be ye afraid of their revilings.(Isaiah li. 7.) pierced Him often, and pierced Him through She thought within its pearly gates Those who belong to Christ will be re- and through. Our unbelief pierces Him.

Entrance to her was given. proached by Satan, and reviled by the world; Our ingratitude pierces Him. The coldness She stood upon the sea of glass, they will meet with taunts and sneers on the of our love pierces Him. Our forgetfulness

Amid the white-robed throng ; right and on the left. Let not such imagine of Him pierces Him. Our preferring the

She walked the golden streets, and sung a strange thing has happened unto them, for world to Him pierces Him. Our neglect of

The everlasting song. this is the lot of all who will live godly in His ordinances pierces Him. And our doubt- The conquering palm was in her hand, Christ Jesus. The reason why Christians are ing His love pierces Him. It was we who

She tasted bliss untold ; not reproached more than they are, is because pierced Him on Calvary, we put the nails and

And on her radiant head she wore they are not so holy as they should be. Our the hammer into the hands of the executioners;

A crown of shining gold. religion is at a low ebb, when the world and put the spear into the hand of the Roman

Ah! clime of glory, no regret ceases its annoyances. Jesus has told us soldier. Yea, it was we that gathered the

May ever mar thy rest ; that in this world we shall have tribulation; thorns, and picked out the strongest and the

Yet sighed the sleeper, as she dreamt, and then, in order that the cup of our bitter- sharpest, formed them into a mock crown,

She was not wholly blest. ness may be sweetened, He has given us the thrust it on His head, and, with the staff, beat She marked the sparkling diadem sweet assurance, that in Him we shall have the thorns into His temples. See, see, there

On many a princely brow, peace. Surely this precious promise should He hangs, pierced in His head, hands, feet,

Resplendent with the diamond's blaze,

And the rich ruby's glow. strengthen our faith, and enable us to " FEAR and side-pierced for us; pierced by us !

O'er turquoise fair, and priceless pearl, Look, my soul, at the pierced One. It is

The emerald's glory streamed ; " Fear not; for thou shall not be ashamed.” | God's only Son that hangs on that Cross. He

But in her heavenly crown, alas ! Isaiah liv. 4.) created the heavens and the earth. He was

No radiant jewel beamed. He who has a good hope, through the before all things, and by Him all things con

O that to grace her coronet grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, has a hope sist. He is naturally and eternally Divine,

gein she might yet win ; that maketh not ashamed, because his hope and yet man. He was God by nature.

0.could she but return to earth, is based on the promise of Jehovah, who is became man by choice. As God-man He

And save one soul from sin. unchangeably the same, and who will not suffers, bleeds, and dies. O my soul, look at

Full well she knew what jewels gave alter the word which has gone forth from His Jesus! He is thy Substitute. He is there

These crowns so rich a blaze; mouth, He who trusts in Jesus alone and for thee. He is suffering death for thee. He

They were the souls of sinners shown entirely, to a complete renunciation of self, is bearing the desert of thy sins in His own The error of their ways. may sing joyously, body on the tree. He is enduring thy curse,

She woke, and lo! 'twas but a dream! “Yes, I to the end shall endure, being made accursed for thee. He is reveal

But in the Book Divine As sure as the earnest is given; ing what is in man's nature, what is in God's

She read who, in the courts of bliss, More happy, but not more secure,

heart, and what He is willing to do, suffer, or Shall first in glory shine. The souls of the blessed in heaven."

become, rather than I should perish. Yes, The Word of God declares to all who be- Jesus is there for me.

That they who unto righteousness
He represents my

Do many sinners turn,
lieve in Jesus, “ I am the Lord, I change not; person, He answers for my crimes, He dies in Like stars in heaven's firmament,
ye sons of Jacob are not consumed."

O Saviour, was ever love, was

For evermore shalt shine. With this sweet word, and many precious ever agony, was ever death, like thine! exhortations, we, by God's rich grace, will Look, my soul, look to Jesus, the pierced

Christians should be more "FEAR NOT."

earnest. One, as Israel of old looked to the brazen Poor sinner, if thou hast no desire after serpent, until thy guilt is removed, thy fears “CHRISTIANS," said Mrs. Judson, must Jesus, I dare not bid thee

Fear not;" for dispersed, and thy soul is saved! Look to pray more, they must give more, and from heaven, earth, and hell, thou hast much Him as the one great and all-sufficient sacri- make greater efforts to prevent the Misto fear, but nothing to give thee comfort. Iffice for sin, by which sin is put away for ever,

sionary tiame from becoming extinct. thou desirest Jesus, and art seeking Jesus, God's justice eternally satisfied, and thy sal- himself guilty if he has not done all in

Every individual Christian should feel then I can say to thee, “ Fear not;" for all vation made easy and honourable. Look, and his power for the spread of the gospel, who desire Jesus to be their salvation may mourn, because thy sins degraded, disgraced, and the enlightening of the heathen have Him; all who are seeking Jesus to be and put Him to grief. Look and rejoice, for world. On earth we serve God, in heatheir Redeemer shall find Him. Look then, thou shalt have dignity by His degradation, ven we enjoy Him, is a motto I have long pour sinner, look to the crucified One, who honour by His disgrace, and life by His death. wished to adopt. When in heaven, we only can give thee pardon. God help thee to Look, and be sorry that thou hast ever sinned, can do nothing towards saving immortal for Jesus' sake. Amen.





my stead.


and so caused Jesus to suffer. Look, and re- souls."


The Deaf and Dumb Boy. stepped forward, and again shrank back. innocence, but (wondrous love!) His

Satan A GENTLEMAN once being on a visit to a

At last he took courage, went out of the SON for poor LOST sinners. friend in Manchester, the conversation heard the book was sold in secret.

College, and entered the house where he always tries to tell us lies about God.

He Nothing could shew forth the riches of turned upon the great blessing of the bought the precious volume, and then His grace like this, that He has GIVEN Deaf and Dumb Institutions, when the hastened to shut himself closely in his HIS OWN SON FOR POOR SIN. former expressed his incredulity as to room, to study it. As he read the book, NERS. “God commendeth HIS lore those thus affected really understanding

he came to the words, “This is A FAITI- toward us, in that, while we were yet sinwhat they were taught. His friend pro

FUL SAYING, AND WORTHY OF ALL ACCEP- ners, Christ died for us."

TATION, THAT CHRIST JESUS CAME INTO GOD IS RIGHTEOUS, in what? in posed he should visit the Institution, in THE WORLD TO SAVE SINXERS, OF WHOM I requiring goodness from us? No! “He order that he might have the opportunity AM CHEF." He laid down the Testa- is righteous and just to forgive us our of judging for himself. They accordingly ment to reflect on the verse. As he sins” in estimating the worth of His vent, and he was requested to write on turned to it again, he cried, “Oh, saying own Son's work. “The blood of Jesus the black board, which was hung up in Sou!" The result was, as he tells us, of St. Paul, how sweet thou art unto my Christ His Son cleanses from all sin.”

When we stand in the centre of God's the room where the children were sitting, that "this one sentence, through God's love encompassed by it, we find it imany questions he wished to propose. He inward teaching, did so rejoice my heart, measurable. “Come; taste and see that took the chalk and wrote,

being before almost in despair, that I the Lord is GOOD); blessed is the man “Who made all things?"

soon found peace.” “Jesus Christ saves!" that trusteth in Him."— E.xtracted from:

he cried; One of the little boys wrote,

'yes, Jesus Christ saves !” | “M’ords of Truth."In the beginning God created the those "glad tidings of great joy” which

From that time he became a preacher of heavens and the earth."

Asleep in Jesus. had filled his own soul with comfort; How wondrous are the dealings of God with Hle again wrote, and at last he suffered as a faithful

guilty, lost sinners. He who is rich in mercy Why was it Jesus Christ came into martyr." The eye of some dear uncon- manifests His grace in various ways to the

verted student, for whom many prayers children of men. this world ?

Marvellous truth - God is have been made, may rest on this, and love! And He sent His well beloved Son to The answer given,

his soul may long for a similar salvation save those who by nature love him not. “God so loved the world, that He gave throngh Christ Jesus. To you, my Every sinner who trusts in the Lord Jesus His only begotten Son, that whosoever friend, is the word of this salvation for salvation is delivered from guilt, condembelieveth in Him should not perish, but sent:” “Jesus Christ saves! yes, Jesus nation, and eternal death. Christ saves!” o that you so felt it

Dear reader, I will tell you a little about a have everlasting life.” IIe took the chalk again, and wrote,

that you could die, if need be, for your poor sinner who believed in Jesus, and could

Saviour's sake. Whoever you are - if rejoicingly exclaim, “ We love Him, because How is it that I can both hear and

He first lored us.(1 John iv. 19.) you can make out yourself to be a sin

Eliza B— spent the greater part of her speak, whilst you are deaf and dumb ? ner – Christ Jesus came into the world life in serving the prince of this world, “the

The little fellow's eres filled with tears, to save you, for He came to save sinners. spirit that now worketh in the children of whilst he wrote underneath,

Come to Him now, and be saved for disobedience.” Vain and sinful pleasures ever!

were her delight, the reading of God's word “Ever so, Father, for so it seemeil

was neglected, nor did she attend a place of good in thy sight."

God good, and righteous.

worship Whilst thus pursuing the road This touching answer rebuked the un

leading to destruction, it pleased the Lord to belief of the gentlemall, who retired, not

awaken her soul in a very remarkable manJest's did not come to cultivate the good ner. only courincell, but deeply affected.

Relating the circumstance to me some of human nature, but to SAVE the DAD years after it occurred, she said the thing The Cambridge Student. and the LOST; therefore, Ile tells the seemed even then plainly before her mental

vision. “One day, when walking home near Ix the reign of Henry the 8th, a young Pharisees, “The publicans and the har- the village of A--, I saw a strange light student at Cambridge, named Thomas lots go into the kingdom of God before around me, and the impression made then Bilney, was in deep anxiety about the you." (Matt. xxi. 31.)

upon my mind was, that it was the “fire of salvation of his soul. He went again “There is none good," says Jesus, of hell.” From that time she felt the beary and again to his confessor, and told him human nature (and this is His account of burden of sin, and sought deliverance from all his sins. The priest at one time pre- you, dear reader), but there is ONE good unbeliever; nor did she seek in vain. By

that punishment which she knew awaited the Seribed severe fasts, at another time, pro- - God.

looking to the Lamb of God, and resting in longed prayers, and then masses for When summing up the sins of the

simple faith upon the finished work of the which he had to pay dearly. The stu- Gentiles, the Apostle tells us, “God gave Lord Jesus, she proved the love of God, ard dent devontly followed these directions, them over to a reprobate mind.” Why? her soul was filled with sweet peace and jer. : but found no hope or comfort. His Because “they did noi like to retain God Her walk and conversation plainly declared Rodily strength wasted away under the in their knowledge;" this was the root, that she had Christ for her portion, and was discipline, his mind became more dis- all other sins were but fruits. God does learning of Him. The writer could iell much turbed and his purse became empty: not ask for our goodness, He wants the about her trials, but it will be sufficient to · Alas!' said the weary man, my last heart, and this man does “not like” to say that these, whether persecution or otler state is worse than the first: what shall give.

sorrows, were meekly borne. She had reI do to obtain peace?' At that time no English version of the Bible had been people. The law was God's being right that curse you, do good to them that hate

Paradise was God's being good to good ceived some gracious instruction from Him printed, and the Hebrew and Greels cous to biul people. Scriptures were forbidden for private What we want is, Gvi good to bad you, and pay for them which despitefully

use you, and persecute you, that ye may be nise, so that Bilney had not yet rend people; where shall we find this? In the chikiren of your Father which is in heathese “true sayings of God.' One riay the Gospel. You may object, “That is ven; for ile maketh His sun to rise on the he heard his friends talking about a tivouring the wicked." (Isa. xxvi. 10.) evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the book: it was a recent translation of the Jesus came, as sent, to the LOST. just and on the unjust.” During the time of New Testament into Latin. Bilney was , GOD IS GOOD. This is what Satan a long illness I was privileged to mark mere highly attracted by their praises of its always tries to make us disbelieve, and especially, "what great things the Lord and

done for her soul." While her wasting budy style, and was in the act of taking it into what our prond hearts do rot like to achis hands, when he suddenly recollected credit. Satan said (in effect) to Eve,

became more feeble daily, her soul seened that his confessor had forbidden him to 'God wants to keep an apple from a man that her portion was everlasting life." and

to gain strength. She knew for a certainty read the Scriptures. Yet he thought, who is innocent; Ile is afraid you will always expressed a confidence in the love * Is it not the Testament of Jesns Christ? be gods, like himself, knowing good and of an "Enchanging One.” Speaking of May not God have placed some words evil.' Bint what has God done? He has some serere trials, she said, "God gives me there which can heal my soul?' HelGIVEN, not simply an apple to one in patience to bear them,” and to my enquiry,

MATT. xix. 10 - 20.

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