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grace, not law, gives life and peace, and produces see that the Law of ten commandments is of God, of men shall be made low, and the Lord alone godly walk and conduct. Grace brings life to and acknowledze its just claims upon them; they shall be exalted in that day.” Now Christ calls the dead in trespasses and sins: “I am come,” also own that God should be worshipped, and chief-sinners, and cleanseth the blackest, foulest said Jesus, that they might have life, and that His ordinances attended to. They are conscious sins, with His precious blood; but then He will they might have it more abundantly.", Or, as is of having sinned, but hope, by redoubling their judge righteously, and put all enemies under His elsewhere expressed, “None eye pitied thee, to efforts, to attain to some fitness for God. Some- feet. May God the Holy Ghost solemnly imhave compassion upon thee; but thou wast cast times they are well pleased with their progress, press these truths on many hearts! out to the loathing of thy person, in the day that and at other times, the sense of guilt alınost thou wast horn. And when I passed by thee, overwhelms them. Endeavouring to come up to

Whom having not seen we love. and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said an inaginary standard of holiness, they live unto thee, when thou wast in thy blood, Live! somewhere between hope and despair, only they I will love thee, all my treasure! rea, I said unto thee, when in thy blood, Live!” | are astonished that others can speak with con- I will love thee, all my strength ! It is life, everlasting life, the soul receives; not fidence of their peace with God, and acceptance I will love thee without measure, by doing, but by believing; not as a future ex: in Christ. Dear Reader ! if such is your expe

And will love thee right at length. pectation, but as a present blessing :,: Hle that rience, allow us to say, that you do right in believeth on me hath everlasting life;" " whoso acknowledging the Law, and all its stern de- I will love thee, Light Divine, eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath mands; but it is better to confess your guilt as a Till I die and find thee mine! eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last transgressor, than go on trying to patch up the day." This life is Christ in us, and we in old garment. O look at once to Christ crucified;

Alas, that I so lately knew thee, Him: “ He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh behold flim as the Substitute God provided to Thee, so worthy of the best; my blood, dwelleth in me, and 1 in Him." As fuitil the Law for you, to bear all its penalties, Nor sooner turned to view thee, we have before seen, grace, not law, is also the and give you an everlasting righteousness, in

Truest good, and only rest! sole ground of peace with God: for He hath which you can stand justified from all things made peace through the blood of His Cross. llence before Him. You need not hesitate, for God has

The more I love, I mourn the more the order of the apostolic writings is not peace given you free permission to come, because He That I did not love before ! and grace, but grace and peace—“grace unto says, “ Christ is the end of the Law for rightyou and peace be multipled. Those only have eousness to every one that believeth.” Thus re

I will praise thee, Sun of Glory! the enjoyment of peace with God, who are look-nouncing your own righteousness, and simply For thy beams have gladness brought; ing simply to the grace of God to us in the death believing what God has done in Christ, you will I will praise thee, will adore thee, and resurrection of Christ. Many sincere souls have peace with God, and will be able to say,—

For the light I vainly sought! have not peace, because they are looking within for it instead of to Christ. Believing the grace

" How long beneath the Law I lay,

Thou art come my soul to cheer,

In bondage and distress; of God, we also bring forth the blessed fruits of

Shine, eternal Sunbeam, there.

I toil'd the precepts to obey, righteousness, and are led by the Spirit to be

But toil'd without success.

I will love, in joy and sorrow! imitators of Christ, hence the righteousness of the Law is fulfilled in us; and more too, because "To see the Law by Christ fulfillid,

Crowning joy! will love thee well; in following Christ we obey more than the Law,

And hear His pard'ning voice,

I will love to-day, to-morrow, though not under it as Law. The practical

Changes a slave into a child,

While I in this body dwell ! Christian does not break the Law, he loves and

And duty into choice."

I will love thee, Light Divine, serves both God and his neighbour. He also

There is another class of persons who have follows Jesus inside the rent vail, and worships known peace, and once tasted the blessed liberty

Till I die and find thee mine. the Father as standing in grace, and accepted in of the Gospel, but they did not know the deep the Son of His love. He claims not an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth, but returns bless-tures. At length they were spoiled by the tra- THOMAS J— was for the last three importance of trying everything by the Scrip

“God's Last Stroke!” ing for cursing, and loves his enemies. Thus ditions of men, and were persuaded to consider more than the righteousness of the Law is ful it necessary to add something to the finished years well known to the writer as a quiet filled in those who walk after the Spirit, for their work of Christ by way of making their salvaredeemed them with His own blood, fulfilled the overturned the great doctrine of justification by husband, a kind and indulgent father, and aim is to exalt Christ, and follow flim who has tion more secure, which they little suspected and humble follower of Jesus, a good Law for them, delivered them from condemna- | faith, and struck at the root of "true Christian tion, and given them eternal life.

peace and joy. At last, prayer became irksome, a ready friend to all. On Saturday, " Rebels, we broke our Maker's laws;

the Scriptures lost their interest, their sense of He from the threat'ning set us free

the liberty of the Gospel declined, and, instead January 28th, 1860, he arose apparently Bore the full vengeance on the Cross, of quiet confidence, bondage, perplexity, and in his usual health : at one o'clock he

fear possessed thein, until they doubted their Besides this, we have a higher character of interest in Christ altogether. They departed complained of a pain in his head, which righteousness than if we had perfectly obeyed from the simplicity of Christ, made a law of continued to increase, till medical aid the Law, because Christ Himself is our righteous something, and got under it, though it might not ness---He is made of God unto us righteousness. have been exactly the law of Moses. This was was sought. Turning to his wife, he said, It is more than legal righteousness imputed to the Galatian error, a type, we fear, of a wide- “It is not a fit, my dear, but God's LAST us, it is divine-"the rigliteousness of God which spread evil in the present day, when many, inis by faith.” Thus giving us a standing of com- stead of growing in grace, have turned from STROKE." His dear wife begged him to pleteness before God, a nearness to Himself that the liberty where with Christ hath made them nothing could have given but the sovereign grace free, and become entangled again with a yoke of think of Jesus; when he replied, while a of God.

bondage. If any who read these pages feel that sweet smile lighted up his countenance, 4. Let us now notice some POINTS OF CON- this describes their case, we earnestly exhort TRAST BETWEEN THE LAW AND THE Gospel. such to turn at once to God, acknowledge your

“Oh, that is all right, all right, my dear; 1. The Law kept persuns at a distance from God. folly to Him, and earnestly pray, that by the I know I am safe; He will not deceive At Sinai, the people were con manded" not to go power of the Holy Ghost, you may have Christ up, or touch the border of it; whosoever toucheth so revealed to you, through the Scriptures, in me.”

After he had remained quiet a the Mount shall be surely put to death." The all His fulness, fitness, and offices, as to draw few moments, he said, “The end of all Gospel is a message of glad tidings of great your soul out after Him, and make you so jay;" it preaches "forgiveness of sins," invites realize the perpetual efficacy of His finished and earthly things has come,-good-byemen to come and take the water of life freely,” all-prevailing work, as to give you renewed rest good-bye;" and then, without a struggle, nd brin;s the far off nigh to God by tie blood and peace, and fill you with abhorrence at having of Jesus. 2. The Law said, do and live; the thought of adding ordinances, or anything else, groan, or sigh, he breathed his last. Gospel suys, believe and live; “I give unto them to make your salvation more secure. eternal life.” 3. The Law demanded righteous- There are others, alas! how many, who seem

Such, my dear reader, was the end of ness from man to God in the way of works; the not exercised either about the Law or the Gospel. a christian; his death was sudden, but Gospel brings righteousness from God to man in Their thoughts and ways have no reference to glorious, for through Jesus he was usherthe way of faith. 4. The Law required man to God. They are without God, therefore speak love God perfectly; the Gospel proclaims God's and act as if there were no God, and are con- ed into sudden glory. If you were now perfect loveto man in his guilt and ruin. “God sequently alike indifferent about His holy Law called upon to die, would death to you be cominendeth His love toward us, in that while we as His gracious Gospel. The world, either in were yet sinners Christ died for us.” 5. The reference to its business, cares, or pleasures, is gain? If you, as a sinner, are trusting Law spoke of remembrance of sin without remis- the all-engrossing topic of conversation, and the in Jesus for salvation, it will be so: but rion; the Gospel gives full remission without any great attraction of their hearts; and the eleva" Their sins and their

iniquities tion of man, instead of God, one of the most if you have not fled to Christ for refuge, will I remember no more.”, 6. The Law made powerful means of giving energy and force to death to you will be an immediate ennothing perfect; the Gospel declares that Christ their abilities. has

, " by His one offering, perfected for ever them near when Christ Himself will be revealed as trance to eternal misery. Fly then at that are sanctified." We might enlarge, but the only Potentate to whom everything must once to the dear wounds of Jesus, and this is enough to shew how wide the contrast is be brought into subjection; when all those who then you shall be able to meet death between law and grace, and how important it now despise His laws, and reject His blessed must be to “rightly divide the word of truth." Gospel, though perhaps prospering in the world, with a smile, and say, “All right, all 5. In applying the points we have considered, will be made to feel that He who once died on

right." we may notice, first, a class of persons who, for Calvary's Cross is Lord of all; for “the loftiness lack of clear gospel light, have not peace. They of men shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness Kingston


And nail'd the curses to the tree."


That recom.

The Saviour's Prize.

tittle of the law-then gave Himself a What! do you still declare there must Not long ago I heard of a young person sacrifice for sin, and hung upon that be something more ; some works required who was seeking to propitiate Jesus, and shameful cross, till with delight He could from you, before He will forgive ? No, by some merit of her own, to move Him declare that he had finished all. Ah, no, my friend; the Covenant is made to have mercy on her soul. She felt yes! the work was done-the price was with CHRIST alone ; He has fulfilled herself a sinner, and longed to get to paid-His work fulfilled! and when He His work, and now He sits at God's right heaven; she knew the blood of Christ rose again, with joy He entered heaven, hand, and there receives the recompense alone could cleanse from sin, but thought with His own blood, to claim the recom

of all. His sorrow here. she must commend herself to Him before pense of all His toil.

pense is sinners' souls. He has the great He would forgive.

Before His Father's throne He stood! delight of pardoning sin; and, with exI believe that this is no uncommon His work was owned complete ! No flaw, ulting joy, can break the chains of every case, and so would turn to you, my friend, no blemish conld be found ! all, all was

one that cries to Him! and if you are still a stranger to the pure, without one spot-one stain; and

Then do not trample on His precious peace which Jesus gives, would ask you He has gained the right of saving sinful blood; do not declare it is not enough to if her case in any way resembles yours? man! There on His throne He sits, and save your soul; and seek by works of

May be you think to prove you are calls poor sinners nigh! Each one who yours to gain favour in His eyes. Ah, worthy of eternal life; at least deserve comes to Him, He freely, fully saves! no! no tears, no groans, can ever merit it more than those around. You know He claims them as the purchase of His mercy from His hand! you must be saved you have deeply sinned, and all your life blood -- asserts His right to pardon all by grace alone! Then listen to this glohave turned away from God, and only their sins, and plucks them out of Satan's rious news! yea, listen with a joyful cared to please yourself; but still you iron grasp?

heart; and come this very day to Jesus' think you are not so bad as most, and

Believe His power and And think you that this precious blessed feet. pride yourself on this and that; you hope Saviour seeks for worthy ones ? that He willingness to save, and trust your guilty, in days to come to lead a better life, and picks out the best, or else the truly con- worthless soul to Him! trust, by prayer and penitence, to gain an trite ones, and only pardons them? Does

The Death of a young Sister, in interest in the Saviour's love. He require some little spark of goodness

Devonshire. But oh, my friend, you make a great from the souls he saves ? Ah, no! for mistake. You do not understand the that would bring in room to boast; there

The following touching and simple nar.

rative of the death of a dear young holiness of God. He cannot treat your would be merit mixed with God's free sin as if it were a little thing; he must grace, and so it would be no more grace.

Christian, about 17 years old, who had have compensation for it all. Atonement But, no! when God sent forth His been previously, I believe, a trembling must be made; and if you cannot satisfy Son to save, He laid the work on Him believer, was communicated to an intithe claims of God yourself, you must alone ; and He, by right, has power to mate friend, by her tenderly attached obtain a substitute; or else be cast into pardon every one who comes to Him. Christian brother, whose devoted love to the lake of fire. And can you answer If aught were asked from you, it would Christ had been greatly blest to her. The His demands ? Can you blot out the prove His work was not complete. Sal- letter was a private one, but I thought it past, and make amendment for it all ? vation is the prize for which He toiled so encouraging, and such a proof of the Can you in days to come abstain from and bled! He gave His life to purchase faithful love of the Good Shepherd to sin, and lead a perfect, holy life? No, no, pardon for the lost and guilty ones ; He His dear lambs, in carrying them ten. indeed! this is not possible for you! fully paid the price, and now He freely derly in His arms through the Jordan, your very nature is unclean, and sin is saves each one that comes to Him! that I earnestly begged permission to mixed with all you do. Then can you Then is it not insulting Him, to come copy it, and send it to the Evangelist for find a substitute? Will men or angels do? with something in your hand as com- insertion. can they fulfil your work ? can they atone pensation for this precious gift, for which I could see that the dear girl was near for sin ? Ah, no! and vainly may you He shed His blood ? Could works of her end, so I read to her, and prayed and search for one to take your place, and yours have saved your soul, would He talked with her. Her state of mind was set you free from wrath.

have died? Ah, no! for were it possible acute, and tolerably cheerful, and bent But see! the blessed Saviour comes ! for you to keep God's holy law, no Saviour on her departure to heaven. The poor the very and eternal God! He lays His would have come.

little thing felt growing worse and worse, glory by! He gives Himself to be the And now, what will you do? How and at times was asking if she might not sinner's friend-to bear his punishment! will you treat this One, who by His death be deceiving herself as to the state of ( wondrous, wondrous love! He came has gained the right of saving you? Will her soul. She, however, fully trusted in unasked-unsought! He came to bear you resist His love, and turn away, and God, and to everything she answered, the rebel's doom, and save the rebel's perish in your sins! Oh, no! be not “Not my will, but God's will be done." soul! He came to save His enemies ! so mad, but come at once, and cast your- I found her sister had been reading to the ones who spurned His grace- de- self before His face. Look up, and own her again the sweet hymn you had sent spised His love, and cast His laws behind yourself a lost and guilty wretch-con- her, “Abide with me." At about ten, I their back!

fess His power to save, and trust yourself went to bed; at eleven, Mary called me. And why was this? O whence this rich with all your sins to Him.

On my entering, she had whispered to amazing grace? It had its birth-place Would He reject or cast you off? Mary that she heard a voice, which said in the boundless love of God. He saw Would He refuse to hear your cry, or bid to her, “ Henceforth there is laid

for us wretched, ruined, and undone; con- you first repent and mend your ways ? you a crown of glory;” and then, as if by demned to perish evermore, and without No, no! but with delight would claim a super-human power, she raised her power to save ourselves; and so in richest you as His own, would hold you as the voice, before so weak, and in most piercgrace He sent His Son!

purchase of His precious blood, and use ing tones, and most ecstatic vehemence, That precious Saviour came! He did His own Almighty power, to keep you begun to exult in a beautiful strain of the work required-fulfilled each jot and safe from Satan's hand !

praise to God for His goodness. She


on me.

June 1, 1860.] said she saw Christ smiling on her, and for our iniquities: the chastisement of meaning, “Which things the angels desire she saw harpers harping with their harps, our peace was upon Him: and with His to look into.” and that the glory which was enveloping stripes we are healed. All we like sheep It is as we view the Cross, in relation to her soul's eyes, as the film on her earthly have gone astray; we have turned every sinners saved by sovereign grace, that its eres, was increasing, and beyond utter- one to his own way; and the Lord glories, with unsurpassed brilliancy, strike ancè. She exclaimed, “What love, that hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all." our eye. The Cross of Christ, to the & poor sinner like me should be so blest 'Twas love to sinners; unparalleled love saints, is the centre of unity; there is no as to be filled with such joy?” “Oh," she to rebel man, that moved Jesus thus to fighting, no quarrelling there, for there said, "what is my suffering to this joy? suffer; thus to bear the most excruciating all are one. The Cross of Christ is the What is the whole world to this bliss ? pain; thus to suffer a lingering departure; believer's centre of attraction: their "Oh, the pain, the bliss of dying.'” Ithus to pour out His soul unto death. standard is Johovah-nissi, the Lord my said,

Pause awhile, dear reader, and ask, was banner. The Cross of Christ is the "Hark, they whisper! angels say,

love like this ever seen before ? See, in saint's weapon against hell; with it he Sister spirit, come away!” this Cross of Jesus, the grand doctrine is able to drive back all foes.

By She continued the idea, and in most of the atonement fully declared. Man gazing on the Cross, we lose our sins lovely and eloquent language, such as I has sinned, he has broken God's law, he and sorrows, our pains and grief. 'Tis never heard before, she praised God, and has revolted from the Creator's authority, our only hope, and will never make its exalted like a spirit from another world - he has defied justice, and trampled the possessor ashamed. "Tis our only guide like a released soul—like the song of an holy law under foot. For this, man is to the celestial city. 'Tis our helm, by angel; and there came a shower of bless under condemnation, under the curse, which our vessel is steered through the ings from her lips, falling like a torrent and is only awaiting the execution of the billows of life. 'Tis our anchor, both

Oh, I shed tears while I write last dread sentence-death. But, behold, sure and steadfast, which entereth into it. Turning to Mary, she said, “Tell mercy steps into the sinner's place; Jesus that within the veil. Romanists wear your little ones the story of my death. becomes the sinner's substitute ; Jesus, the cross outside, Christians wear it inside, Oh, tell them the tale of Bessy's last who knew no sin, is made sin for us, that even in their hearts. 'Tis this which hours.” Oh! they were such prayers for we might be made the righteousness of constitutes their true beauty. "Tis this all who had been kind to her. For some God in Him. Jesus, who is coequal and which enables them to joy in tribulation. she prayed that they might think of their coeternal with His Father, makes Him. Yea, 'tis the unburdened pillar of their svuls, and be turned to God. She spoke self of no reputation, becomes a servant, confidence, even Christ formed in the solemnly and affectionately to the servant, and, as such, magnifies the law, and heart the hope of glory. warning her of her backsliding, which manifests its honour and glory. Jesus Now, my fellow-sinner, what are your she had heard of; and, oh, so sweetly and voluntarily becomes a curse--places thoughts concerning the Cross of Christ? kindly too, which brought bursts of tears himself under condemnation - satisfies Some there are who think nothing of it; from the poor girl. From that time she justice, pays His people's debt to the their attention is never fixed on anything said she had no pain, her soul's joy over- uttermost farthing, and dies that they higher than present good. Be not you came all, and after a long battling of her may have life more abundantly. And like unto such, or fearful may be your frame against death, calmly, collectedly, now, through the atonement, a way is doom. Without the death of the Cross, and devotedly, she rested her hand on opened whereby the sinner may find there could have been no salvation for Mary's breast, and her soul was wafted salvation. Dear reader, art thou walking sinners; and without faith in Him who by angels to God, who gave it. This is therein ?

hung on that Cross, there can be no sal. no fine writing of mine—no fiction; but

The Cross of Christ, when viewed vation for you. Believe on the Lord they are plain, unvarnished facts.

in relation to God the Father, declares to Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved.

man the great and glorious fact, that Look unto Jesus, and you shall have The Cross of Christ.

“God is love.” Jesus' death was not the peace. Fly to the dear wounds of Jesus,

cause, but the effect of the Father's love. there shall you find happiness. Imagine Tue religion of the Cross is the only Jesus died, not to make God love us, but not that you need either works or feelreligion which will stand the test of a to remove the obstacle which we, by our ings, ere you can go to Jesus. You need dying hour. In that solemn period of sin, had placed in the way of that love. none; go just as you are, a poor, lost, time all else will appear as lighter than God, as the Moral Governor of the uni- perishing sinner. Jesus commands you, as vanity. This religion is not a systen of verse, must be just. His love devised the a sinner, to believe the gospel record of philosophy, nor a system of morals, but death of the Cross, in order that, while salvation, through the shedding of His à grand, a glorious scheme, whereby justice had her full claims, mercy might blood; that command is your warrant for God can be just and yet the justifier of be able to rescue the offender. Now, going at once to Jesus. Good works the ungodly. The true Cross is often poor sinner, the Father is satisfied with and right feelings come as the result of used to express the trials, sorrows, and the death of Jesus on the Cross; wilt pardon, not as the cause; they will be duties of the Christian life.

thou not be satisfied too? Wilt thou the effect following an application to Viewing the Cross of Christ, as it ap- not at once take Jesus for thy salvation, Jesus. But nowhere in the Scriptures pears in relation to Christ Himself, we see and trust in Him alone ? Oh, do not are you instructed to wait for works and it to be the most shameful of all deaths; refuse, but at once call on the name of feelings, before you go to Jesus. Look none but slaves, or captives taken in war, the Lord and be saved. Look unto to Christ Jesus as you are. Believe in were crucified; and yet Jesus, on behalf Jesus, and receive pardon, full and free, Christ, just as you are; then shall you of lost and ruined man, despised the for all thy sins, past, present, and future. have an experience of inward joy, and shame. Christ Jesus died as a criminal, Oh, turn unto Jesus, for He is full of power to perform good works. Poor while He was perfectly free from all sin. tender mercy, and boundless compassion. sinner, hang all thy hopes for mercy on He died as the great substitute for His Viewing the Cross, in relation to angels, the Cross of Christ Jesus alone; for 'tis people's transgressions. “He was wounded we find them gazing on it as a living only at the Cross of Calvary God waits for our transgressions; He was bruised mystery, anxious to fathom its hidden to receive you. Your plea, that God is



Are you a


merciful, is a vain plea, unless you are for justification,) is the reward not reckoned deep down in the secret of that man's soul seeking mercy through the blood shed of grace (i.e., as a free-gift), but of debt. who trusts in Christ there is a well of living for the remission of sins. At the Cross But to him that worketh not, but believeth water, springing up into everlasting life," (Jno. of Christ, God is full of mercy; but out on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith cally holy, because he has a root of holiness of Christ, and apart from Christ's death, is counted for righteousness.” (Rom. iv. 3, within him.

Yes, indeed, let all who name 4, 5.) Again, “knowing that a man is not the name of Christ, remember that without God is a consuming fire. You cannot be justified by the works of the law, but by the holiness, no man shall see the Lord, (Heb. pardoned, unless the law is honoured, faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed xii. 14,) be his profession never so sound. and justice is satisfied; therefore I con

in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by But this root of holiness, “ Christ in you the

the faith of Christ, and not by the works of hope of the glory,” (Col. i. 27,) the natural jure you to look away from self, from the law: for by the works of the law shall man receiveth not. The educated philosophy sin, from the world, from all, to Jesus, no flesh be justified.” (Gal. ii. 16; see also of Greece could not discern it; nor will the who is the only Saviour, and the ONLY Eph. ii. 8.) “ For by grace are ye saved social science” of England ever lead to it.

through faith ; and that not of yourselves : Let then the wise of this world, of every WAY to happiness and peace.


it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any degree, hearken to the refined and educated the mount of Calvary, O hear the sweet man should boast. For we are his workman- apostle-“ Let no man deceive himself. If invitation of grace

ship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, any man among you seemeth to be wise in

which God hath before ordained that we this world, let him become a fool, that he “Love's redeeming work is done, should walk in them."

may be wise" (1 Cor. iii. 18); and when he is Come and welcome, sinner, come.”

The fact is, He brings all men, of every brought down to the feet of Jesus, clothed Come! just as you are.

Come, now. degree, high and low, gentle and simple, and in his right mind, he will be competent Come, naked. Come, trembling. Come, full of so-called “

educated or uneducated, moral or immoral, to speak of what the gospel and its claims " religious duties,” or de

but never before. vile. Come, needy. “Come unto me, all spisers of them, to one common level, and tells Reader, how is it with you? ye that labour and are heavy laden, and us that “when we were yet without strength, moral man resting on your morality? Then I will give you rest."

(then is man's impotency,) in due time Christ you are not resting on Christ alone. Are you died for the ungodly,” (here is our moral à careless man, yet when the gospel is pro

standing before God as men.) and thence claimed to you in its simplicity, immediately To the Memory of John Badcock.

shews us that if we expect salvation, we must begin to be shocked at such statements as

be content to take the place of the impotent calculated to lead to licentiousness? Then BENEATH this shady evergreen

and ungodly, and accept salvation as a beggar let me tell you, that a deceived heart has Thy ashes rest in peace,

accepts an alms. It is quite plain, therefore, turned you aside; you know not Christ. Are 'Till the archangel's voice be heard,

that the loftiness of man must be bowed down, you a sinful man, feeling your sinfulness, And tine and death shall cease.

and his haughtiness made low, before such humbled before God, and feeling alive to your Oh, while I stood above thy grave,

terms of salvation will be acceptable to him. dangerous condition ? then I would say to And gazed upon thy face,

Oh, what shifts a man is put to, to make him- you, thank God and take courage; to you is My soul could soar above the world,

self out a “religious character!” and how he the word of this salvation sent; for such as And reach thy beavenly place. will greedily catch at the fall of some religious you did Jesus shed His blood.

The gospel professor, that so he may have an excuse for in its fulness and freeness, the gospel proI saw thee bow before His throne, Whose love inspired thee here;

treating vital godliness as cant and hypocrisy, claiming salvation for the lost through the

never dreaming that his own so-called Chris- | atoning death of Christ, is that which alone Whose praise was in thy parting sigh,

tian name stamps him as a hyprocrite, if he can satisfy and pacify you; but that can do To whom thy death was dear.

is not what that name implies. What think it: it is the power of God unto salvation Although, my brother, we can feel

you, my reader, of this?

Are you a working to every one that believeth.(Rom. i. 16.) We must thy loss deplore;

Then let me tell you that there is as Trust in this blood of atonement, and you will We know thy heart has gained its end, much stiff-necked pride in the cottage as in

your own experience peace

with God, And longs for nothing more.

the palace, and unless you are humble before and peace in your own conscience, as the Thou wouldst not part with what thou hast, God for your rebellion against Him, you will happy result. May the Holy Spirit lead and

never know salvation; but if you be a gentle- teach you for Jesus Christ's silke. Amen. Or change for anything on earth,

man, so-called, or lady either, and moral Thy new and heavenly name. wi:hal, and strict observer of the rites of your

“He blots them all out." And I can say with every word,

church, and bountiful to the poor, all this will While grief and fear pass by;

profit you nothing, unless Christ himself be “ I KNOW that I am a sinner" is a sentence Yea, blessed, blessed, are the dead,

known and trusted in; and never is He trusted which often passes from the lips of some in until all our own religious shifts, evasions, whose hearts are not moved under the search.

and false confidences are snatched from us and ing eye of a holy God. These feel not the And a deep prayer was in my heart,

burden of sin compelling them to confess, As by thy grave I stood;

So much for the foundation of a sinner's - Behold, I am vile.” (Job xl. 4.) Oh that my soul may have with thine,

hope ; but when once a sinful man is brought Reader, are you saying, peace, peace, when A holy brotherhood.

to depend simply and singly on the blood of there is no peace? There are others to whom The same glad witness for the change

atonement for the remission, that is, for the the blessed Spirit has given just views of sin, That shall shake off this clay,

present forgireness of sins (see Col. i. 14), therefore they hate evil, strive to live apart And bear me through the gates of death, and not merely to say that he depends thereon, from an ungodly world; having a desire to To realms of endless day.

then we find the same apostle insisting that love and serve God. They know not any There, amid scenes of heavenly joy,

such an one so saved, (for a believer in Jesus other way of being saved from eternal death, From all temptations free;

IS saved, (see John iii. 36, v. 24.) should be than through the work and dying of the Lord My happy soul with all her powers “ careful to maintain good works.” (Titus iii. Jesus Christ, feeling assured that all who are

clothed Shall serve her God with thee.

8.) In our worldly transactions we fully re- found in Him, washed in His blood, To Him who loved us we shall look,

cognize and act on this principle, that is, we in His righteousness, and sanctified by His Who died, our souls to save; own that a tree must live, in order to, or Spirit are made meet for glory.

Rejoice in Who bore our sin and misery,

before it can, bear fruit; an infant must be the Lord” is the exhortation, and yet how

born before it will cry for food; the foundation frequently are some of the Lord's children And triumphed o'er our grave.

of a house must be laid before the edifice can looking into self, poring over their fallen na

be erected; the steam must be got up before ture, and thus from day to day disquieted in The Foundation of a Sinner's

the engine will work; but the self-righteous- their minds by thoughts of themselves, inноре. .

ness of man, fostered as it is by the religious stead of having the soul “filled with joy When the Apostle Paul was laying the profession which is made in this country, and peace in believing." Such poor doubtfoundation of the sinner's hope, he peremptorily refuses to take the place of an ungodly sinner, ing saints would do well to listen to what the insisted on the fact that other foundation and to accept salvation as God's gift; and, Lord says: “I have loved thee with an evercan no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus although possibly living without much con- lasting love, therefore with loving kindness Christ,” (1 Cor. iii. 11,) a statement which cern for the glory of God, he begins to profess have I drawn thee.” (Jer. xxxi. 3.) Nor are excludes all man's boasting in his own works; a profound jealousy for good works, and the proofs wanting of the love of the eternal be they his “ religious duties,” so called, his declares that such a gospel as Paul really Son, for He left for a while His residence in prayers, tears, morality, or benevolence; and preached, and as I have proved that he glory, came out from the Father's bosom, and he distinctly says, that "Abraham beliered God, preached, would only lead to licentiousness. down in this lower world He partook of flesh and it was counted unto him for righteous- Religion, to a mere professor, lies in what he and blood, and “poured out His soul unto ness." Now, to him that worketh (that is, I can see and do; he has no conception that death” as a sin-offering; thus shedding His



For worlds of wealth and fame;

Who in their Saviour die !



While we behold the Cross,

He suffer'd all for us.

that accuse you.

you believed


asunto a


Shall one suspicion lurk?


most precious blood to purge away all our lieve. Now, my friends, in professing to be- nity, yet the warning doth make but little iniquities.

lieve this Gospel, you concede all I urge; for impression on those left behind; and if we "Alas! we own, with conscious shame, the Gospel, which you say you believe, pro- look around, we cannot trace, in the dark

claims to you that very thing which you own souls of poor sinners, any visible desire to Our sins have slain the guiltless Lamb, would afford you peace, if you only knew it seek God's love in Christ. Although life

was the case, for it proclaims to you the for- and death are placed before them, yet they But hence our confidence begins,

giveness of sins, that is, the remission, the choose death eternal, rather than life eternal For we may boldly say,

putting away of sins, by the death of Christ. in Christ. That thus by bearing all our sins Now, I affirm, that if you believed this, be

You He took them all away."


say you desire we may be found Some time since I visited an aged man who cause God says it, you would be at peace; God's faithful servants, watching for souls: and thus am I warranted in saying, that peace

but oh, let us watch ourselves too; how arwas ill in bed. He seemed glad to hear the is necessarily connected with believing.

duous is this great task. Word read, for he could not read. He spoke If, then, you have not peace, it must be

I feel how unable I am to keep myself from of his ignorance, and told me that he believed because, after all, you do not believe God! falling, in an unguarded moment, to cling to the Lord was telling him things.”. “ I am You don't like this; you would rather be my Christ, my all; and even at best, I daily a sinner,” he said, but “ Jesus Christ came told that your earnest desires to know and grieve over my short comings. Oh, may God into the world to save sinners.” At one part follow Christ, your love for His people, your still keep me, His poor failing Jacob; He has of our conversation, when I was speaking to zeal for His cause, your hatred of evil, yea, promised He will never leave us, nor forsake him of " original and actual sin," he made use of this expression, “ [lc blots them all your very fears and doubts, were a sure sign us, until He has done all He has said He will out.” Well, I thought, " The Lord knoweth that you do not believe in God! But, I affirm,

your being a child of God, than to be told do, and He cannot lie.

I am glad to hear you say that there are them that are His," and if this poor man is if you did believe Him, you would be at many people of God at A-: this is indeed are “ forgiven.” Jesus says to the members peace; you have said so yourself, it is not I great encouragement to a poor saved sinner

You have owned, that if like me, saved only by the Blood of Jesus of His body, "Now ye are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you.” (John would be at peace; and when God tells you

your sins were forgiven, you

I began to flag like the prophet Elijah, xv. 3.) The apostle says, “ If we walk in the that forgiveness of sins is by the blood of and say, I am here at light

, as He is in the light, we have fellowship Christ, (by the blood once shed, and not by cave to lodge; and saying unto the Lord, Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin." | your believing, any more than by your doing,)*:I am very jealous for thy great name, for

do not believe Him, for if you did believe almost all Israel, (thinking but few excepThe believer is lifted up out of the depths of Him, you would be at peace. "You have said tions,) have forsaken the covenant, and thrown Jesus, and gloriously decked in the robe of so yourself, and you were warranted in saying down God's altar, and they are slaying the

so, for God says that he that believeth the Prophets with the sword, and I, even I only His righteousness. In this life

every want is supplied out of the riches of His grace, lized salvation, so did the Eunuch (Acts away.” Gospel is sared! In this way the jailor rea- am left, and they seek my life to take it

But, thank God, He hath reserved and hereafter there will be a full share of the viii. and xvi.); and so will you, when you some that have not bowed the knee to Baal. riches of His glory. Poor doubting saint! look not upon your many spots, but gaze on

cease from your own works, and are content And now, before I conclude, let me direct to be saved in God's way.

your every thought to the wondrous work of the spotless Jesus. Sprinkled with His precious blood, the Lord beholds you as His

* Clean every whit," thou saidst it, Lord,

God in Christ, in saving sinners. God has

taken pains to detail elaborately in the word chosen one, and says, “ Thou art all fair, my Thine, surely, is a faithful word,

of truth His ways and actings for the joy and there is no spot in thee.” And such And thine a finished work.

comfort of our souls, wherein we may read you will remain before the presence of His Ah! but you will say— for I know the shifts ourselves, and see, also, that we are entirely glory, through the countless ages of eternity. which unbelief is put to, under the pretence shut up to grace; and having come to that, Oh! dwell upon the wondrous love of Jesus: of knowing the truth-you are overthrowing let nothing separate our souls from the en“He who knew no sin, became sin for us,” the Spirit's work, and hurrying God's work. joyment of this love; as the whole depends and by the sacrifice of Himself, brought in My dear deceived friend, hearken to me. not on ourselves, but on sovereign grace, an everlasting righteousness.

If you want to honour the Spirit, you will therefore, let us lean on what God is for us, My dear reader! if you have not been honour Christ; he that looks to Christ, is the and not on what we are for God. quickened into spiritual life, you understand one who gives the surest evidence of his The moment our souls are brought to God none of these precious truths. May the Lord honouring the Spirit, who was sent to glorify in Christ, we find that Christ has more than awaken you, for if you continue to follow the Christ, and not to lead you to look into your- overcome in love, and put away all the evil of father of lies, you must die in your sins, and self for grounds of peace; and as to hurrying ourselves, bringing His love into our souls. perish for ever. Perhaps you apprehend dan- God's work in the heart and conscience of the Oh, the ways, purposes, counsels, and power ger as to the future; therefore, before laying sinner, let me tell you, that He hath given to of God for man can never fail, for where sin down my pen, I must give you the words of us His word to deal with, and that word will abounded, grace has indeed much more

God so loved the world, that He gave be a swift witness against the unbelief of all abounded. May the Lord give us understandHis only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth who, hearing of Christ, do not trust Him. ing, a divine understanding, of all His thoughts

in Him should not perish, but have everlasting “ To Him gire all the prophets witness, that and ways; may we not let our thoughts run ! life." (John iii. 16.)

through His name, whosoever believeth in out after the world, that knows not God,

Him receiveth the remission of sins.” (Acts nor the hidden mystery, which He reveals only Peace in Believing.

X. 43.) Our translation, in giving the future to those who love Him; but may our souls be Peace is inseparably connected with believing. tense, “shall receive," puts remission of sins taken up more with God Himself, in all these I mean to say, not merely that he who be- off

, as a known and enjoyed blessing, to some things, because precious, and valuable to Him, lieves in Jesus ought to have peace, but that indefinite period: but the remission of sins is they should be precious and valuable to us, as he will be at peace with God in his own con- an accomplished fact by the death of Christ. the various parts which make up the glory of rience who does believe His word. Now this TRUST HIM, and remission of sins will be the Lord Jesus Christ. may seem a hard saying to some; but let me an enjoyed blessing in your own soul, what

Our united love to you all. Believe me put this question to such: If you believed ever man or devil may say to the contrary. ever, yours in Christ Jesus.

your sins were forgiven, would you not “Oh! what licence to sin !” do I hear some be at peace? O yes, certainly, say you. Then Pharisee exclaim. But let all Pharisees know let me ask another question. Do you believe that Christ is the way to holiness of living, Parts 1 to 3, of Authentic Records of Revival, now the Gospel? Well, your answer will be, I and not holiness of living the way to Christ.

in progress in the United Kingdom. Supplied must own that I do. Yes, you must own

chietly by ministers, in whose congregations an this, or your complaints would be sheer hy

unusual work of awakening has occurred.

an Introduction by HORATIUS BONAR, D.D. pocrisy; for it is not for a moment to be sup

be compleud in six monthly parts. posed, that he who does not believe can, by Dear S--,-) am glad to hear that you any possibility, be at peace, except that false are all quite well. You say you have been to These books are all that could be desired on a subpeace in which the multitude are lulled to A-, since I saw you. I hope that your visit jert so intensely, interesting to all true lovers of

Your case, however, is far different there has not only been morally good, but soul. The names of the servants of Christ supplyfrom theirs ; you are alive to your need; you has also been the cause and means of spiri- so that the work may be relied ou as thoronghly dread a false peace ; you know that true peace tual blessing to immortal souls.

authentic. It is well got up, and at a low price, and can only be realized in the knowledge of the How loudly doth God our Heavenly Father deserves the widest circulation. truth. Now, Jesus is truth, and Jesus is speak to us through the mercies He daily be- by I'r. Bonar is a bold and powerful defence of the peace, and Jesus, the truth and peace, is stoweth on us, and do you not feel how slow reality of the work of God in the face of scepties

and all other opponents. preached to you in the Gospel, as having by of heart we are to return Him praise? still

W'ords of Peace and' Welcome. By HONATIUS Himself

, i. e., by the sacrifice of Himself, put His mercy fails not. Day after day, God is Bonar, D.D. Cloth, gilt edges, price ls. NisbET, away sin; and this Gospel you say you be- calling one after another from time into eter

Jesus :

E. P.







Price 6d. each. London: James NISBET & Co.


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