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Cease from Man.
READ a word in the Holy Book,

Mark'd there with a Father's hand,
Which bade me from earth-born hopes to look,
Which bade me to-cease from man.

I read the same in the busy crowd,
I read it as I roam'd;

It spoke to my heart, and it spoke aloud,

And its voice was-cease from man.

I sought a friend, and thought I had found
Rest in this weary land;

But the word came fraught with affliction's sound,
And it murmur'd-cease from man.

And now I will come, O my Saviour, to thee,
View this life as a fleeting span ;
To the bosom of Jesus my Lord I would flee,
And cease altogether from man.

"Other foundation can no man lay than
that is laid, which is Jesus Christ."
1 COR. iii. 11.

"I will guide thee."

Little Children.
Matt. xxi. 15, 16.

law; you need not suffer, for there is a Saviour. If you have not, let me beseech "I KNOW a pious minister, now with you to go to Him, to plead with Him, to God, who, falling in his study upon a cast yourself on His mercy, nor leave off rousing subject intended for his own. crying to Him until assured that you are saved by Him. Then, as a believer, you congregation, was strongly moved, when will enjoy the pardon of all your sins, he had finished it, to go to a rude, vile, the full justification of your person,-and profane people, about five miles off, will perceive that by His infinite grace and first preach it to them. After many your services are purchased, your faults wrestlings with himself, not being willing are aggravated, your love is required to to quench any motion that might be supburn, your zeal should glow with fervent posed to come from the Spirit of God, heat, your property should be consecrated he obeyed and went to this people, who to your Lord's service, your influence had then no minister of their own, and should be exerted for your Lord's honour, few durst come among them; and then did the Lord, beyond all expectation, and your piety should be shewn to your fellow-sinners in every direction. As a open a door, and several profane ones. sinner, your state is sad; as a believer, My heart has been filled with gladness received Christ in that place."-John your state is glorious. As a sinner, your and praise lately in witnessing the Lord's Flavel. danger is imminent; as a believer, your goodness to a very old man, and I should safety is perfect. As a sinner, you can say one whom every body would term "a only look forward to shame, pain, and decent and respectable person." Asking Ir was the little children, you see, who everlasting contempt; but as a believer, him what the foundation of his hopes believed the Scriptures, which said Israel's you may anticipate glory, happiness, and for eternity was, he replied, "I hope, Sir, King should come lowly, and sitting on eternal honour. As a sinner, you may I have a good foundation." "What may an ass. (Zech. ix. 9.) And when he thus look upon God as your foe; but as a be- it be?" I asked. "Why, Sir, I pray came, they, the true Israel (v. 9), shouted liever, you may look upon Him as your heartily to God and to Christ to forgive for joy and gladness, "Hosanna," &c. Father. As a sinner, you may look upon me my sins." "That is very good as far Jesus as your judge; but as a believer, as it goes; we cannot call too often or too wise, believe what God says about Jesus Now you are called upon to do likeyou may rejoice in Him as your Saviour. earnestly on the Lord, but praying won't as a "little child;" if you do, you too There is but one step between the terrible do for a foundation. Now," said I, "if will shout for joy. "Wise and prudent" consequences of being a sinner, and all you had asked me on what I built my people, who trust in ordinances, &c., the glorious results of being a believer, hopes, I should have answered-In my never shout for joy, for Jesus is not reand that is, stepping into Christ, the ark, self I am a lost, ruined sinner, but vealed to such. the refuge, the hiding place set before through God's grace, Christ Himself is you in the gospel. There is but one my foundation. God has made HIM unto exercise of the mind, one act of the heart, us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, between condemnation and all its dread- and redemption." The serpent-bitten have everlasting life." ful consequences, and justification and all Israelites' case was then set before this its eternal benefits, and that is believing, aged one, as an illustration of the truth or faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Be- that in self, i. e. Adam and all his race is lieve in Jesus, only believe, and you pass death. In Jesus is life eternal, and that from death to life; from condemnation to life is freely given to all who believe on justification; yea, from hell to heaven.

Young Friend, pray read this.

Him. And now the Holy Ghost set His seal to this precious truth of God, tears AN aged woman as she laid her down up-cheeks; he believed, he rejoiced, and that of joy ran down the old man's furrowed

on a bed from which she was never to

arise in this life, said, "What is this life?" joy none can take from him.

Think of this, you who are full of health and strength, and expecting much from this life. Think of her words who, after eighty-six years of it, with an unusual share of vigour and intelligence, even at that advanced age, thus reviews the past; the "vapour" (Jas. iv. 14) was about to waft itself away, no more to be seen for ever.

"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him might not perish, but

J. B. I.

Sayings of Luther.

He who undertakes anything without a
Divine call seeks his own glory.

The desire of self-justification is the source of all the pangs that are felt by man's heart.

Thou, Lord Jesus, thou art my righteousness, and I, I am thy sin.

Beware of pretending to such a degree of purity as to cease regarding thyself a sinner.

They are my best friends who think

This individual knew the letter of the Word well, but up to this time that Word had come in word only, now it came in power. Some time after this, reading to out, "Oh what glorious news!" him Rev. viii., the dear old man cried the worst of me. And Not that I do not dread death, lately going into his cottage, I asked for I am not the apostle Paul, but his him what was his greatest comfort, "Sir, commentator only, but I trust that the I believe I shall be saved." (Acts xv. 11.) Lord will deliver me from fear. "And what is the sweetest of all names to "Jesus Christ, and," said he, "I

I would rather obey than work miracles, even if they were in my power. Our conscience is bound down by the A few hours after, her happy spirit was Lord to take it away, and it is gone." Word of God; we can suffer all things, with the Lord. My reader, have you the This old man now waits cheerfully and but we dare not overstep the Word of Comforter? or is your poor, poor position peacefully the summons home. Dear God. The Word of God must reign. "the pleasures of sin for a season," a sea-reader, I do not comment on this simple above all things, and remain the Judge

But, said a friend, "Is not the Comforter with you now?" With much energy she you?" replied, "What should I do without Him?" was in dreadful pain, and I asked the

son how short!

"Be not deceived, God is not mocked: narrative of God's power, through the for whatsoever a man soweth that shall name of Jesus, but I pray you try your J. B. I.

he also reap.

J. B. I. foundation.

of all men.

I would run into Christ's arms, if He had a drawn sword in His hand.

Christ is not only a Sacrifice, but who have been redeemed from among bereaved, and promote in us the spirit of High Priest also. men by virtue of the atoning blood, these holiness, causing us to desire a growing J. You do not seem to be happy to having discovered beauty in Jesus, and conformity to Jesus' likeness. day, M. desire a closer and brighter manifestation of His person.

M. I am not, J., for I have sometimes great doubts as to my being a Christian.

J. If you can trifle with sin whilst you profess to trust in Jesus, you have cause indeed for these fears.

M. My dear friend, I can, I trust, truly say, I hate sin; and it is the frequent sense of having felt, or thought, and alas! sometimes done that which is evil,

that makes me so wretched.

that He who died to redeem you, ever J. Is it thus with you? Then know lives to make intercession for you also. There are many who, like you, appear to know Christ as a sacrifice, but not as High Priest, and therefore are often truly wretched. Allow me to point you to a few texts: Heb. ii. 16, 17, 18, and iv. 14, 15, 16; 1 John ii. 1; also Romans, chapters

vi. vii. viii.

J. B. I.

Peace through the Blood of

Poor sinners, you have no hope while out of Jesus. You have nothing in pros

precious; these never think of His ap-hold fast, for your possessions are all
Some there are, to whom Jesus is not pect but a fearful looking for of judgment
and fiery indignation. I cannot bid you
pearing, or if they do, it is with a feel-
ing of dread, conscience telling them fading. Oh! be persuaded to loose your
that He will appear as their Judge, be- hold of earth ere it crumbles, lay hold
cause they have neglected and despised on eternal life. The things now seen

the Gospel of His grace, whereby they
might have received salvation.


are fleeting. The fashion of this world. passeth away. A few more rising suns, and then death snatches the sinner away, The time of Jesus' appearing shall be the twinkling of an eye; the world ap-receive his sentence, and be for ever sudden, it will take place in a moment, in hurrying him to the bar of God; not in the presence of Jesus to dwell, but to parently the same as ever, the same sins practised as were practised when Noah banished to the pit, which is bottomentered the ark, and the flood came, less! Sinner, I urge thee to grasp the drowning a world of unbelievers and unseen, lay hold on Jesus by the hand scoffers; the same iniquity abounding as of faith, fear no repulse; Jesus Himself abounded when Lot fled from Sodom, ere bids you come. He promises to receive the cities of the plain were consumed for you, to give you pardon through His their multiplied transgressions. death, peace through His blood, salvation by His such an hour as ye think not, the Son of with life for evermore. grace, The gospel now cries, Man cometh." Reader, when He cometh, will He find you watching? Let me urge you, as you value your own eternal welfare, to hold fast till He cometh. Hold fast the seamless robe, trust not in your own fancied morality, but seek the Saviour's spotless righteousness. See to it that you have this best robe on when He cometh, then shall you be able to say, "Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly."

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"Love's redeeming work is done,

Come and welcome, sinner, come." Come to Jesus now, so shall you be enabled to look forward, anticipate, and HOLD FAST TILL JESUS COMES.

The Irish Boy and the Priest.
A PRETTY Irish boy of mongrel breed,
The fruit of Protestant and Catholic seed,
To mother's church an inclination had,
But father unto mass would force the lad:

Yet still the boy to church on Sunday stole,

And evidenced a wish to save his soul.
The Rector eyed the youth, his zeal approved,
gave a Bible, which he dearly loved.
This made the father storm and curse,
Lock up the book, and use his son the worse;
With holy water, bless'd by men of God,
He bathed him oft-but oftener used the rod:
Yet still the boy to church on Sunday stole,
And evidenced a wish to save his soul.

SOME young persons who were anxious enquirers after the way of salvation, were addressed by an aged Christian, to the following effect:-It was my privilege to have a mother who loved Jesus Christ, and would delight to relate the Lord's dealings with her. When about your age, she was under deep convictions of her state as a sinner before God, and severely felt the The manner of Jesus' coming shall be want of a spiritual instructor, as the glorious. The Apostle calls it "the parson of the parish where she resided glorious appearing of the great God and was a sporting gentleman, and knew not our Saviour Jesus Christ." When Jesus the way of salvation; but remembering came first, He came as a man of sorrows, that she had heard a shoe-maker, who and acquainted with grief. He came to attended the market at Launceston, speak live a life of sinless suffering, to endure of the things concerning the kingdom of reproach, and at last to die, that He Heaven, she went thither, and according might free us from sin. At His second to her wishes, he asked her the state of coming, Jesus shall appear to be glorified her soul. On her expressing her fears in His saints; they shall welcome Him that her sins were too great to be forgiven, as their Saviour, the same Jesus who once he laid his hand on her arm, and said with suffered on their account. Then the great earnestness, "But, my dear, you Jews shall hail Him as their crowned forget that the blood of Jesus Christ His Messiah, while the Church shall with joy Son cleanseth from all sin." It pleased behold their King, clad in his royal apGod so to accompany it by His blessed parel. Let us therefore hold fast, that Spirit's influence, that she said she ran no man take our crown: while we relinhome so lightly, that her legs seemed quish our hold of the world, let us hold hardly to touch the ground. fast the true riches; while we are tossed up and down on life's tempestuous sea, let us hold fast our confidence, knowing thirteen." that He who has promised, is also faith-"And do your Deans confess ?"-"Yes, boy, they

"Hold fast till I come."


OUR characters may in a measure be determined by the way we regard Jesus' second appearing. If, as Christians, we never entertain a thought of the second advent, it is evident, we have not searched the Scriptures with a desire after the Spirit's guiding, to lead us into all truth. They who anticipate this as the glorious consummation of their hopes, are those

At length, one Sunday morn, it came to pass,
The father dragged the struggling boy to mass,
The zealous Papists help'd to force him in,
And begg'd the Priest to pardon all his sin.
"No, by the mass," he said, "I cannot bless,
"Well," said the boy, "supposing I were willing,
Except the culprit first confess.”
What is your charge?""I charge you but a

"Must all men pay and all men make confession?"
"Yes, every man of Catholic profession!"
"And whom do you confess to?"-"Why the

"And does he charge you?"—"Yes, a white

"Do bishops, Sir, confess-pay--and to whom?”
Confess to bishops, and pay smartly too."
"Why, they confess, and pay the church at Rome."
"Well," quoth the boy, "all this is mighty odd:
But does the Pope confess?"-"O yes-to God.”
"And does God charge him?" "No," quoth the

ful to perform. Though we are surround- do,
ed with error on the right hand and on
the left, yet let us, without wavering, hold
fast the profession of our faith, still using
the form of sound words. Let us do this,
then shall we be able to look forward to
our Lord's return as our blessed hope, a
hope which will cheer us under trials,
support us in sickness, encourage us when

"He charges nothing."-"O then, God's the best!
God's able to forgive, and always willing;
To him I shall confess, and save my shilling!”

"If 'twas n't a Sin."

"IF 'twas n't a sin, I'd thrash you," said a person one day to another from whom he had suffered an injury. He had been struck by him whom he addressed, without having given the slightest provocation: and although he had taken away the stick with which the blow was inflicted, yet he did not return the blow. And why? Because he felt it would be a sin to do so.

No doubt that Satan was busy telling him that "the man had no right to strike him," “that if he didn't strike him again, he would be a coward,” and such like deceits, but above

all these insinuations rose the voice of the

Spirit of Christ, saying, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you," and he

knew that to render evil for evil would be a

sin. Would that all those who profess to love

the Lord Jesus Christ feared more to sin

against God, either by thought, word, or


My reader, what are your thoughts about sin? Do you think of it as that which God hates? as that which has introduced into our world distress, sickness, pain, death? as that which has caused the loss of God's favour?

and which condemns the soul that has not

taken refuge in Christ to eternal punishment?
Perhaps you have never thought much
about sin, and have never felt what an awful
thing it is to be a sinner, indeed, have never
seen yourself to be a sinner,-one upon whom
the "wrath of God abideth," with whom
"God is angry every day," and upon whom

the sentence of death is already passed.
God says, 66
The soul that sinneth, it shall
die;" not only is the body given over to de-
struction, but the soul is condemned to de-
struction also; not merely to a death by which
it would cease to exist, but to that which is
far worse; a state of perpetual torment.

This is what God says of him who commits sin. Does it not behove us to see and know what sin is, and how we may escape the punishment due to us as sinners?

"Sin is the transgression of the law," and who is there that has not transgressed God's law? Has any one kept that first and great commandment, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind;" or the second which is "like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."

The word of God is true, and that bears testimony that "all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."

we say

Look at Christ the beloved Son of God upon
the cross, and see there the punishment of all
your sin.

God, who could not pardon the sinner with-
out punishing his sin, can now be “just and
the justifier of him that believeth on Jesus,"
for He has sent His Son to be the propitiation
for our sins, and not for ours only, but for the
sins of the whole world. "He has laid upon
Him, the iniquity of us all."

The great sin of this day, does not consist in Sabbath-breaking, or drunkenness, or any outward sins, although these things do but prove the enmity of the natural man against God, and his laws, but it consists in the wilful contempt of the price that the Son of God paid for our ransom: it is the slight that men the blood of Christ, by not believing in Him for salvation. A free pardon is offered to men, but instead of thankfully receiving the pardon which God offers, they treat

cast upon

it with contempt.

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Remember that God does not account sin a
little thing; and that if your sin is not re-
pented of, and washed away by faith in the
blood of Christ, you must for ever be tor-
mented in hell. God grant that you may take
advice in season, and begin the new year with
the determination that you will no longer be
the slave of sin, but that you will, by the grace
of God, exercise faith in the Lord Jesus, and
then yield him service of love for His great
kindness toward you.

"The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God
is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
W. A. S.

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in whom his soul delighteth, the Father's beloved Son, in whom He is well pleased, and whom He hath given as his salvation to the ends of the earth.

All the salvation of God is contained in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is salvation in no other. He has made a perfect atonement for sin in offering up Himself, the Just for the unjust; of which costly sacrifice the Father was pleased to shew his acceptance by raising Him again from the dead, and setting Him at his right hand in glory. He was delivered for our offences, and through his blood eternal life is imparted to our souls. It is in his righteousness alone that any poor sinner can appear righteous beHis blood cleanseth from all sin fore God. and his word is a sufficient warrant for all guilty, lost sinners to believe in Him, and his precious promises are suited to every case His love of trial, sorrow, or temptation. passeth knowledge, and every poor, believing sinner clothed in His righteousness, and washed in his precious blood, stands in the Father's sight perfectly righteous and ac

cepted in the Beloved.

It is the Holy Spirit alone who can give a guilty sinner to feel what sin is, and help the soul to apprehend the exceeding sinfulness of sin. It is the blessed work of the Spirit to prove to us what we are in ourselves, lost to eternity, and also to shew that "by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified in his sight," and to reveal that "Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth." Whatever may be our profession,

without a true sense of our own sinfulness and guilt, we shall never have gospel apprehensions of God's love in the gift of Jesus, or right and saving thoughts of Christ.

Dear reader, the question is now before The Saviour's Question. you, "What think ye of Christ?" Just acWhat think ye of Christ? It is very probable cording as you think in your heart concernthat when Jesus proposed this question to the ing Christ, so are you, and so is your state in Pharisees, they considered that their thoughts God's sight and estimation, a believer, or an concerning the Messias were sound and right. unbeliever, a Christian, or Christless. Have We find that these people knew some things you general, mean thoughts of Christ, or does respecting the promised Saviour; for, to the the Holy Ghost give to your mind humble enquiry, Whose son is he?" they gave an thoughts of yourself and exalted, believing answer according to the Scriptures, from which thoughts of Christ? Have you such a real, testimony they had learnt that the Messias was saving knowledge of the blood of the Lord to be "the Seed of David, the rod out of the Jesus, that you believe it cleanseth from all stem of Jesse," but these Pharisees were sin" in the sight of God? If so, then your without a saving knowledge of Christ. They conscience has peace, and your soul is filled needed instruction in the truth, which must be believed in order to receive salvation; they lacked a spiritual apprehension of Christ as God as well as man, David's Lord as well as David's son; "the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning Star." (Rev. xxii. 16.)

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with heavenly joy. Like the apostle, you through grace" are able to say, "for to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil. i. 21.) Christ is very precious to you, his love will be your theme at all times, and his cross your glory.

“He that believeth on the Son hath everlast

We may deceive ourselves by thinking that If, dear reader, it be otherwise, and you have we are not quite so bad as many others, but How many persons like the Pharisees of old not so thought of Christ as to receive Him as we cannot say that we are not sinners. "If think that they understand all that is necessary your Saviour, I earnestly and affectionately that we have no sin, we deceive our- to salvation. They have a religion, and with ask you to read over these words. (John iii. selves, and the truth is not in us," but blessed such knowledge their hearts are proud, and 36.) be God, He has not merely told us that we their minds puffed up; whilst at the same are sinners, but He has told us also of the time they have reason to be ashamed, being "blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, which ignorant of the truth. Right thoughts of cleanseth from all sin" the soul that believes Christ consist in the true knowledge of Him, him." and trusts in Him. "This is a faithful saying, not having our own mistaken thoughts of Him, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ but to think of Him as the Father does. In In the name of Jesus, the whole of the GosJesus came into the world to save sinners." the everlasting gospel, we find Jesus Christ pel is hid; for it is the light, the food, the Sinner, do you feel your need of pardon? set forth before poor sinners as God's anointed, medicine, yea, the very life of the soul.

ing life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on

E. P.

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The Tabernacle in its Dispensational Aspect.


Literal Uses of the Tabernacle.


Spiritual Application of the Tabernacle.

Israel in their separation in the wilderness-Outside the Camp-The Sin-offering and Ashes of the Red Heifer-The Gate of the Court-The Brazen Altar-The Laver-The Tabernacle-First Covering of Blue, Purple, Scarlet, and fine-twined Linen-Second Covering of Goat's Hair-Third Covering of Rams' Skins dyed Red-Fourth Covering of Badgers Skins-The Golden Altar-The Table of Shew Bread-The Golden Candlestick-The Ark of the Covenant, &c., &c.

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14. The Riddle Solved.
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TRACTS AND BOOKS on the COMING AND MR. P. H. GOSSE is now publishing a New



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The Second Advent and Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, Id.
The Premillennial Advent, 2d.

God's Eternal Purpose and Christ's Everlasting Kingdom, 2d.
The Things which are Coming on the Earth, 3d.
The Better Country, 3d.

Popular Objections to the Premillennial Advent, 3d.

The Personal Coming and Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, 2d.
The Rapture of the Church; or, Are any Events to be ex-
pected before the Rapture of the Church, Id.


CONTENTS-What is the Hope of the Christian? What is the Hope of the Church? Approaching Judgments. The Coming Crisis and its Results. The Doom of Christendom. Christ and the Church. Same subject, concluded. Israel in the Past and Present. Israel's Future Restoration. Israel's Restoration Introductory to Millennial BlessedThe Great Prophetic Question: Is the Millennium, or Christ's Second Advent, to be expected first? Further Pre millennial Evidence. Waiting for Christ. Ecclesiastical Corruption and Apostacy. The Last Days of Gentile Supremacy. Israel in the approaching Crisis. The Spared Remnant. The Martyred Remnant: with Remarks on the Earthly Calling of Israel and the Heavenly Calling of the Church. Apocalyptic Interpretation. The First Resurrection Same subject, concluded. The Millennium. A Recapitulation: or, a general Outline of Prophetic Truth. Objections Answered. Further Answers to Objections. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

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Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, 3s. 6d.; Crown 8vo. cloth gilt, elegant, 5s. THE PALMS: Hymns and Meditations. By ANNA SHIPTON. Second Sdition. "There is an easteru tradition of the Palm Tree, that when its leaves quiver in the wind, they whisper the holy name of Jesus. This sweet but fanciful idea must give place to the Written Word. Among the goodly branches borne by a re

joicing multitude, and strewn at the feet of the Lord, once
rose the glad welcome whose echoes still vibrate in every
believer's heart, Hosanna! Blessed is the King of Israel."
And amid the waving palms of the redeemed host, who came
out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and
made them white in the Blood of the Lamb,' will for ever
ascend, Salvation to our God which sitteth on the Throne,
an dunto the Lamb."-Extract from Preface to Second Edition.
By the same Author.

THE EMPTY GRAVE. A new Edition, royal 32mo, ld.
A RAINY DAY. 18mo. 3d.
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.


Second Edition, Demy 18mo., cloth, 28. ECOLLECTIONS OF AN EVANGELIST: or Incidents connected with Village Ministry; to which are added some Extracts from his Diary. By Robert Gribble.

CONTENTS-The First Step. The first fruits of the Gospel. The power of the Word of God. The Waggoner. The Shoemaker. The Midnight visit. Man's will and God's purpose. The Backslider. Gracey, the Schoolmistress. Retrospect. The Home Missionary Station. The Return. The Revel. The Missionary Tour. A new scene of service. The Little Farm. The Converted Publican. The Contrast. Harvest Time. The Baptism. The Chapel. The Consumptive. The Removal A Second Harvest Season. A Cry for the Gospel. The Praying Wife. The Great Debtor. The Two Converted Husbands. The Converted Farmer. Master and Servant. Retrospect. A Depraved Village. The Converted Blind Boy. Dangerous Prosperity. Sudden Death. Conclusion. Diary. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.


Crimson cloth, gilt edges, Is; also in packets, containing 24 Books, 19.



1. Frederick and his Wife; or the Two Hopes.

2. An Evening worth Remembering.

3. The Anxious Heart made Truly Glad.

4. The Brother's Return.

5. Was he Really Happy?

6. Rest in a Wearisome World.

7. Joy! Joy! both here and hereafter.

8. The Silent Voice.

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Righteousness without Works, 2d.

Assurance of Salvation, 2d.

Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, 3d.

Christ and the Church, 3d.

The Work of the Spirit and the Work of Christ

their distinction and their connexion, ld.

Christian Devotedness, Id.

The Eternal Purpose of God, ld.

The Heavenly Hope, 1d.

The Love of Christ to the Church, Id.

Divine Canons for the Church of God, 3d.
Heavenly-mindedness, 3d.

A Call to the Converted, 4d.

The Vision of the Glory of God, 3d.

Resurrection Life, Id.

Precious Truth, is.

What is it that is to be believed in order to

Salvation, Id.

Eternal Life and Eternal Punishment, Id.

One Shilling's worth of any of the above sent postage free
to any part of the Kingdom.
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

A Monthly Journal,


"Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled."

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We have again dispatched parcels of "The Evan gelist," for gratuitous circulation. Many servants of the Lord Jesus gladly help us in thus scattering the good seed of the gospel, and we are constantly receiv ing fresh applications. We shall be most happy to

continue this service, if funds are forwarded to us for

the purpose.

From Haslingden


W. W. Y.

A Friend

Miss A. Great Malvern

£. 8.

0 9 6

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John x. 1, they stopped me doing so, and
I was very angry with them, as they
called me a "thief and a robber."

02 open; one had opened it for me, and
Paul long ago said it was open, but some-
0 how I had never heard it, although its


5 0
0 10 0
0 5

All orders should be addressed to the Pub-opening was published at Acts xiv. 27.
lishers, Mr. W. YAPP, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish
Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. MORGAN & CHASE,
Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

All Communications, Subscriptions, Books for

Review, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, "To the Editor of the Evangelist," 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

I entered the house, and saw a title deed lying there, and one sentence at Rom. iv. 25 struck me as extraordinary, but I was almost afraid to BELIEVE it


[PRICE 1d.

Are your Sins Pardoned? DEAR SIR,-While I was waiting for a ticket at a turnpike near my house a short time ago, my companion said to the gate keeper, "Are your sins pardoned?"

After failing in my endeavours, I went down and touched the door, and to my PERFECT ASTONISHMENT I found the door | For a few moments he made no reply to this very unexpected question, but when we had passed on a short distance we heard him say with some little emphasis, "No-I wish they were." This encouraging answer caused some occasionally to visit him, and he seemed glad to hear from their lips the tidings of the gospel. He was soon after seen to enter a chapel not far from the gate, where he had never The deed recorded at Jer. xvii. 9, that been before, and on this first occasion, the writer KNEW I was "desperately it pleased the Lord to convince him of wicked, and deceitful above all things," his state as a sinner, not indeed by the and had debts and liabilities which I sermon, of which he appeared to rememNEVER could discharge, (Job. ix. 3,) but ber but little, but by the prayer which the deed recorded also at Galatians iii. preceded it. It was known that he was I heard one day that an inheritance had been purchased for me, and a de-13, that the writer, who was my elder to quit the gate on the last day of the brother, had paid all my penalties. The year, and many prayers were offered on deed repeatedly declares this in Eph. i. his behalf, that he might have peace be7; Coloss. i. 13, 14, and elsewhere; but it went much further-it told me to be joyful. (1 John i. 4.)

What I was, and what I am. DEAR READER,-I once resided in Gal. T. 19, and walked in Eph. ii. 2, and my continual conversation at that time, is still recorded in Eph. ii. 3.

scription of it reached me; you will find it at 1 Peter i. 4.

One who resides in Heb. iv. 14, had purchased it, and paid an extraordinary price for it; but, to say truth, I did not

believe this report, as I was entirely un-and I thanked God, took possession of I thought all these promises sufficient, acquainted with the MAN, and long ex- this deed as my TITLE deed, and I have enjoyed its riches ever since.

perience had convinced me that strangers NEVER gave favours through love alone, and friends seldom gave any favours that cost much.

However, I called at Heb. ix. 16, as my Own prospects at Eph. ii. 12, were as bad as they could be.

I found the house I sought for, at 2

Cor. v. 1, and the invitations to it, which you will see put up at Isa. lv. 1, 2, and by John at vii. 37, are wonderfully invit ing to the poor and needy.

The house has only one door, and it was sometime before I saw the door at John x. 9.

I tried before that to force myself into the house, over the walls and by the roof:

My permanent address will now be 2 Cor. v. 1, but if you call any day at Heb. iv. 16, you will meet me and many others-we are daily in the habit of meeting there.

If you call, attend to what the servant says at Luke xiv. 22, and you may DEPEND upon what that servant says.


AS YOU ARE. Do not waste time, trying
to pay your own debts: you will find
plenty of riches in the House to pay
them all.

fore that time. The prayer was heard,

and on the 22nd of December, he was blessed with a full sense of the Lord's pardoning love.

ing the gate an "Evangelist" had been On some former occasions when passleft, and was always received with expressions of thankfulness.

This dear, and new born child of grace is now in a place where he can scarcely ever have an opportunity of hearing the gospel, and no doubt very many of the same class are, by the character of their employment, or their very isolated situations, similarly circumstanced. For such persons your valuable paper seems especially adapted, and some of your readers will, I trust, be led to think of them, and Sow among them the valuable seed of divine truth which it contains. Such a

Remember the NAME of the door, at Acts xiv. 27. Ask for the Master, His paper is generally more valued and taken I climbed up upon some of the house name is Christ; go straight through the more care of than a small tract.

ladders: one was called the ladder of "door of faith," it is open; the moment prayer, another the ladder of ordinances, you enter the door you are in His preand another the ladder of works; but at sence. Do come.

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