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size of the original, a cast having been made expressly for this pur. pose, and with the utmost exactness. On the interest of such a work, and the value to philology, it is needless to dwell; it is enough to remark, that M. Schorn, the writer of the accompanying text, is in every respect a worthy successor to the illustrious Hayne. "The archæological erudition, and the superior taste uniformly displayed, will render this work a most honourable monument of that zeal for classical literature by which Germany has been long distinguished.

Count Cicagnara, the author of the excellent Storia della Scultura, and president of the Academy of Fine Arts at Venice, has published an extensive Catalogue Raisonné of his library, one of the richest in the world in works of engravings and graphic literature. This collection has been enriched with the rarest articles of this description from some of the most distinguished libraries in Europe, for its possessor spared neither pains nor cost in amassing whatever related to the fine arts. The Catalogue is divided into forty sections or classes, and contains remarks on each article, pointing out its rarity, the value of the editions, the merits of its embellishments, &c. &c. all of which render it truly valuable to those who study the bibliography of the fine arts. Under the head of Ingressi, Triørifi, Feste, &c. there are no fewer than 200 articles; and relative to the single subject of ancient and modern Rome, about 300.

Mineralogy.--A work on the science of mineralogy is about to make its appearance in Germany. It is from the pen of Mr. Frederick Mohs, Professor of Mineralogy at Fryberg, and will contain the terminology, the rules of the construction of Mr. Mohs's system, and the nomenclature, the characteristic and the descriptive part of natural history. The whole to be comprised in two volumes octavo, with plates.--An English translation will appear at the same time, made under the inspection of the author, by Mr. Haidinger, who lately visited this country, in company with Count Brenner. From the known celebrity of the Fryberg school, as well as the acknowledged ability of the author, we have reason to expect that this will be a useful work.

Mr. Physick, sculptor, will publish twelve Subjects on Utero-gestation, which he has modelled from the originals of the late Dr. Smellie, and which are now in the possession of H. G. Clough, Esq. These models are coloured from nature, and will be opened for inspection every Monday and Thursday, (commencing the 3d October,) between the hours of two and four, at 23, Spring-street, Portman Square.

A Treatise on Dislocations and Fractures of Joints. By Sir Astley Cooper, Bart. T.R.S. 4to. With plates.

Dr. John Boron is about to publish, Illustrations of the Inquiry respecting Tuberculous Diseases, with coloured engravings.

Joseph Swan, Esq., has in the press, an Inquiry into the Action of Mercury on the Living Body.

Mr. W. Wallace, Surgeon and Lecturer on Anatomy, is printing a System of General Anatomy, in an 8vo. volume.


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4 D

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At page 116, the article on the Courts of Love is erroneously given to
the Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, instead of the Retrospective Review.

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