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Walker, Mr., on grant of land to the State of Missouri, | Webster, Mr., on bill to regulate the public deposites,
1120, 1123.

1649, 1745, 1758, 1767, 1776, 1778, 1783, 1785,
Mr. Clay's land bill, 1172, 1173, 1175, 1282,

1743, 1805, 1858, 1859.
1283, 1285, 1302, 1303, 1361.

misstatements in the Globe newspaper, 1693.
on fortifying Lake Champlain, 1199.

incendiary publications, 1721, 1731, 1736.
recognition of Texas, 1286, 1525, 1526, 1528, on Michigan school lands, &c., 1739.

the Northeastern boundary of the United States,
Smithsonian legacy bill, 1377.

harbor bill, 1383.

the banks in Florida, 1848, 1859.
imposing a duty on all imported hemp, 1997, bill for organizing the navy, 1874.

supplementary deposite bill, 1913.
general appropriation bill, 1401.

setting apart the surplus revenue for the defence
affairs of Texas, 1417, 1420, 1456, 1763.

of the country, 4625.
District of Columbia, 1449.

White, Mr., Tennessee, on speculations in Indian claims,
Alabama and Mississippi five per cent. fund, 1458.

Indian bill, 1462, 1463.

the bill for the relief of sufferers by the New York
Louisville and Portland canal bill, 1570, 1672,

fire, 128.

electioneering agents, 178
Florida banks, 1578.

suppression of Indian hostilities, 291.
fortification bill, 1583, 1587.

resolution for national defence, 291.
bill for regulating the public deposites, 1644.

national defence, 422.
pre-emption claims, 1696, 1739, 1741.

slavery in the District of Columbia, 697.
Michigan school lands, &c., 1738.

specie payments, 1094.
bill for regulating the public deposites, 1744,

navy appropriation bill, 1278.
1764, 1767, 1776, 1782, 1785, 1786.

Mr. Clay's land bill, 1279, 1303, 1304, 1310.
changing the mode of selling the public land, 1867, rescinding resolution, 1427, 1884.
1868, 1870.

fortification bill, 1428, 1432.
bill for organizing the navy, 1874.

Indian bill, 1459, 1460, 1462.
the vetoed bill fixing a day for the annual meet. appropriations, 1720, 1739.
ing of Congress, 1880.

to regulate the public deposites, 1859.
Webster, Mr., Massachusetts, on a resolution in relation

proceedings of a meeting in favor of acknowledge
to the late fire in New York, 13, 47, 103, 104,

ing Texas as an independent State, 1877.
121, 124.

the bill for distributing the proceeds of the pub.
fixing the commencement and close of the sessions,

lic lands, 4641.

Wright, Mr., New York, on a memorial in behalf of suf.
slavery in the District of Columbia, 95, 810, 833.

ferers by fire, 46, 114, 116, 391, 782.
memorial of Caln quarterly meeting, 100.

on the judiciary system, 60, 61, 62.
Indian hostilities, 103, 290.

slavery in the District of Columbia, 201.
surplus revenue, national defence, &c., 111, 148,

District of Columbia, 470, 1451, 1453.

Documentary History of District of Columbia,
purchasing Count Bourtoulin's library, 578.

bill repealing certain duties on imports, 704.

national defence, 534.
deposite banks, 8.39.

deposite banks, 843, 1383.
mail contracts, 848.

specie payments, 999, 1093, 1134.
petition of Professor Lieber, 1198.

admission of Michigan, 1019.
railroad contracts, 1205, 1249.

oll to regulate the public deposites, 1101, 1598,
resolution for receiving nothing but specie fur

1644, 1693, 1742, 1758, 1764, 1765, 1769,
public land, 1259, 1267, 1269.

1775, 1778, 1781, 1784, 1793, 1845.
appropriations for Florida war, 1299.

Mr. Clay's land bill, 1214, 1310.
Mr. Clay's land bill, 1311.

general appropriation bill, 1401, 1414.
general appropriation bill, 1400, 1401, 1407,

Indian bill, 1459.
1409, 1413, 1414.

transfer of public money, 1476.
appropriations for the army, 1413.

forlification bill, 1479, 1904, 1910.
the affairs of Texas, 1415, 1425, 1527.

extending the charters of the District banks,
District of Columbia, 1450, 1453.

Alphonso Wetmore's petition, 1458.

Michigan school lands, &c., 1738.
Indian bill, 1458, 1459.

changing the organization of the Post Office De-
transfer of public money, 1470.

partment, 1771.
defence of ihe frontiers, 1511.

the bill to anticipate the payment of the indemni-
Louisville and Portland canal bill, 1572.

ties due under the French and Neapolitan trea-
fortification bill, 1575, 1591, 1877.

ties, 1882.


Abolition, a report on, from a select commiitee, 3756; | African colonization; a memorial from Pennsylvania,
concluding with three resolutions, which were

praying for an appropriation for the purpose of
agreed to, 4051 to 4054.

removing free negroes to Africa, 2696.
Adjournment, a joint resolution from the Senate, pro. Alabama; a joint resolution from the Senate, proposing
posing to fix the day of, 3245, 3317, 4080,

to grant rations from the public stores to suf.
4176, 4295; it was resolved to adjourn on the

ferers in Alabama, 4032; agreed 10, 4050.
41h of July.

Alford and Brush; a resolution for their relief, 2694, 2747, Cotton; letter of the Secretary of the Treasury relating
2881; a bill ordered for their relief, 2883.

to the cultivation and manufacture of cotton,
Amendments to the constitution; the chairman of the

2735; a motion for printing an extra number of
committee to whom this subject had been re.

copies agreed to.
ferred reported certain resolutions proposing Creek Indians; resolution on the expediency of adopting
amendments, for which he proposed to move

measures for their immediate removal, 2556.
substitutes when they should be considereu, Cumberland roadl; a bill amendatory of the act for con.

tinuing the road, 2596; rejected, 4350.
Amendment of the journal proposed, in relation to me.m. a bill from the Senate to continue the Cumberland
bers refusing to vote, 4057; negatived, 4063.

road in the States of Obio, Indiana, and Ulinois,
Anti-slavery memorial from Vermont, 3233.

4495; passed, 4547.
Appropriations in part for the support of the Govern. a bill for continuing the road east of the river
ment for the year 1836, 2172, 3240, 3246, 3268,

Ohio was laid on the table, 4548.
3316, 3318; passed, 3329.

the bill to continue the national road from Vanda.
in addition to the above act, 4607; passed, 4610.

lia to the Mississippi river, in the State of Illi-
for the navy, 2180; considered, 2504, 2668, 2780,

nois, was passed, 4519; also, the bill to continue
2801, 3151; passed, 3219.

the same road from the Mississippi river to Jef.
for the Indian department; passed, 3367.

ferson city, in the State of Missouri, was passed,
for the army, 3376; passed, 3469.

Arkansas; a bill for admitting this State into the Union, Custom-house officers; the Committee on Commerce re.
2688; passed, 4294.

ported a joint resolution proposing to suspend
a supplementary bill, 4309; passed.

ihe 31 section of the act making appropriations
Arundel manuscripts; the President transmits a catalogue

for the expenses of the Government for the year
of them from the trustees of the British Muse.

1835, which provides that the number of cus-
um, for the purpose of being placed in the

tom-house officers on the 1st of January, 1834,
Congress library, 3463.

shall not be increased until allowed by Congress,
Banks in the District of Columbia; pelitions for the ex.

3146; this resolution was put in the form of a
tension of their charters, 2103.

bill, and afterwards passed.
a bill to extend the charters of certain banks in Dancing Rabbit creek treaty, memorials respecting,
the District, 2213; passed, 2238.

Bank of the United States; a bill to repeal the 14th sec- Dauphin county, Pennsylvania, memorial, asking an ap-
tion of the act of incorporation, 2918, 3235;

propriation for removing colored persons to the
passed, 3240.

coast of Africa, 2779.
Bank loans to members of Congress; a resolution pro. Deposites of public money; a resolution offered by Mr.
posing a committee to inquire into the subject,

Peyton, proposing that the bill reported by the
4348; agreed to, 4349.

Committee of Ways and Means, to regulate the
additional resolutions, 4605.

deposites of the public money in certain local
Books to members; resolution providing books for the

banks, be made ihe special order of the day,
new members, 3147, 4308, 4528; agreed to,

and have preference over all other business,

cerlain hours every day (except Fridays and
a resolution was offered, directing a subscription

Saturdays) until finally disposed of; the House
for three hundred copies of Elliot's Diplomatic

refused to suspend the rules for this purpose,
Code; laid on the table, 4529,

3096; laid on the table, 4103.
a resolution for payment of certain books; nega- Deposite banks; a resolution proposing to inquire into
tived, 4623.

the mode of selecting them, &c., by Mr. Wise;
Breach of privilege, occasioned by some disturbance by

refused to be considered, 3231.
two reporters, 4281; resolution avlopted and a a resolution by Mr. Dromgoole, agreed to be con.
committee appointed, 4284; report of the com.

sidered, 3244; taken up, 3249.
miltee, 4289; decis'on, 4322.

bill in relation to public deposites, 3733, 4339;
Chaplain, Rev. Mr. Stockton elected, 2083.

passed, 4379.
Chickasaw school lands; a bill to carry into effect, in the supplemental deposite bill from the Senate;
States of Alabama and Mississippi, the existing

passed, 4612.
compacts within those states in regard to the District business; days proposed to be set apart for the
five per cen!, fund and the school reservations,

consideration thereof, 3015; laid on the table.

taken up, 3475, and sundry acts discussed and
Choctaw Indians; a bill for the adjustment of cerlain

finally passed.
claims to reservations of land, 3615.

banks; a bill from the Senate to extend the char.
Combes, Leslie; a bill for his relief, 4286; passed.

ters of them, 4205, 4437; passed, 4560.
Commerce and navigation; a motion to print 10,000 extra Doorkeepers; Overton Carr, principal doorkeeper, and
copies of the Secretary of the Treasury's report

John W. Hunler, assistant, 1964.
to Congress; agreed to, 4067.

Documents, public; resolution to supply heads of De.
Compensation to messengers; resolution allowing extra

partments, &c., with them, 4667.
pay; passed, 4623.

Duties, resolutions proposed for the reduction of, 4338,
Congress; a bill from the Senale to change the time of

4446; the House refused to suspend the rules
meeting, 4136; passed, 4139.

to consider them.
a resolution instructing the Committee on En Duty on wines; an act from the Senate to suspend the
rolled Bills to report a bill fixing the annual

discriminating duties on goods imported in vese
meeting of Congress on the first Monday in

sels of Purtugal, and to reduce the duties on
November; agreed to, 4533.

wines, 4610.
a bill was reported for the above object, ordered Election, contested; (see Graham, James.)

to be engrossed for a third reading, and then Eskridge and Fisk; a bill for their relief; passed, 2694,
passed, 4538.

Executive patronage; a bill to repeal the 1st and 2d sec-
Constitutions of the several States; a proposition to print

tions of the act limiting the term of certain of
them, 4349; laid on the table.

fices to four years, 2470; not passed.

Expurgation of the journals; resolutions of the Legisla-

specting alleged frauds in the purchase of res.
ture of Maryland, protesting against the expur.

ervations of lands from the Creek Indians,
gation, offered, 3232; laid over, 3233.

4578; agreed to, 4605.
Florida, a resolution for the relief of sufferers in, 2438; Inundated lands; a joint resolution reported, directing a
passed, 2447.

survey of lands of this description on the Mis-
a bill to provide for payment of the expenses of

sissippi and other rivers, 3200.
the war, 3811; bill passed, 3820.

Jackson city; a bill to incorporate the Jackson City Asso-
a resolution calling on the President to communi.

ciation in the District of Columbia, 3002; bill
cate all the measures which had been taken to

laid on the table, 3005.
suppress Indian hostilities in Florida, 3820; Janis, Jean Baptiste; a bill for his relief, 4286; passed,
agreed to.

Fortifications; a bill for collecting materials preparatory Judicial systein; an act supplementary to the act to
to the commencement of certain fortifications,

amend the judicial system, 4610.

Kane, Hon. Elias K., from Illinois; his death announced,
Fortification bill of last session; a resolution proposing to

refer so much of the President's message as re- Kentucky Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb; a resolution
lates to it to a select committee, 2264, 2360.

directing the Judiciary Committee to inquire
bill making appropriations for fortifications for

into the expediency of granting to the institu-
the year 1836, 3594, 3735, 3863; passed, 4338.

tion further time for the sale of its lands, 2736.
France and the United States; a message from the Lands; a bill to graduate the price uf, 2133; laid on the
President, 2218.

table, 3496.
a message from the President, 2605.

resolution in relation to frauds under the pre-
awards under the treaty withi, 2799.

emption laws, 2517; agreed to.
message from the President, stating that payment resolutions of the Legislature of Kentucky, for the
of four instalments under our treaty with

distribution of the proceeds of the sales of pub-
France had been received, 3594.

lic lands among the several States, 2892, 3231;
French affairs; a resolution calling on the President for

postponed; taken up, 3231, 3580, 3820; laid
information as to the amount of duties received

on the table, 3862.
on wines and silks, 2518; agreed to.

resolution instructing the Comunittee of Ways and
Graham, James, from North Carolina; his election con.

Means to introduce a bill for the purpose of
tested, 1963, 2621, 2696, 2718; debate brought

distributing the proceeds of the sale of public
to a conclusion, 3007; resolved, that neither

lands, 3201.
candidate is entitled to a seat; new election to bill received from the Senate to appropriate, fur
lake place.

a limited time, the proceeds of the sale of pub-
Hale, Caplain Natban; a memorial praying that a monu-

lic lands among the several States, 3580, 3617,
ment be erected for his services in the revolu.

3679, 3862, 4195, 4322.
tionary army, 2134; considered, 2557.

Land Office; a bill to reorganize the General Land Office,
Harbor bill; a bill making additional appropriations for

4606; passed, 4609.
the Delaware break water, and for certain har. Latham, James; a bill for the relief of his heirs, 2642,
bors, &c., 4380; passed, 4494.

a bill making additional appropriations for same Letcher, R. P., and T. P. Moore; a bill for their relief,
objects, 4530; passed, 4611.

4191; ordered to be engrossed, 4194.
Havre de Grace; a memorial praying for a removal of Lewis, Hon. Dixon H., a member from Alabama, took
the obstructions at ur near the head of the bay,

his seat, 2698.

Light.houses; a bill making appropriations for building
Historical Society; the use of the hall granted to them

light-houses, &c., 4494; bill passed, 4535.
for their meeting, 2387.

Limitation of the term of office; a bill to repeal the first
Incendiary publications; an inquiry of the Committee on

two sections of the act for limiting the term of
the Post Office whether they would soon re-

office, 2634.
port on this subject, 2485.

McCarroll, John; a bill for his relief, 4176.
the minority of the Coinmittee on the Post Office McClelland and Smith; a bill for their relief, 4176;
express their readiness to report on this sub.

ject, 2944.

Madison, James, ex President of the United States; bis
Indian affairs; (see President's messages.)

death announced, by General Jackson, in a
hustilities; a bill providing for volunteers for the

message to Congress, 4563.
protection of the frontiers, 3763; bill passed, a joint committee of the two Houses appointed to

consider and report by what token of respect
annuity bill, 3367; passed.

and affection it may be proper to express the
resolution to suspend the sale of a part of the

sensibility of tte nation on this event, 4565.
public lands acquired by the treaty of Dancing report on this subject, 4577.
Rabbit creek, 3461; passed.

Mail contracts; a joint resolution for altering the time of
treaties; a bill making appropriations to carry into

making mail contracts, 3495; agreed to.
effect certain Indian treaties, 4501, 4549; bill Manning, the Hon. Richard J., from South Carolina;
passed, 4567.

his death announced, 3463.
resolution calling on the President for the same Marshall, late Chief Justice United States; resolution
information in relation to the Cherokee treaty

proposing a marble bust to his memory, to be
lately ratified, which had been laid before the

placed in the chamber of the Supreme Court;
Senate, 4504; agreed to, 4528.

agreed to, nem. con., 2527.
hostilities; a bill making appropriations for the Maryland resolutions; joint resolutions of the Legislature,
suppression of Indian hostilities, and for other

recommending the distribution among the
purposes, 4568; passed.

States of the proc of the pub

frauds and hostilities; resolution founded on a me.

4177; ordered to be laid on the table and prin:-
morial of citizens of Alabama and Georgia, re.

ed, 4186.

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co, 3509.

Members, list of, 1942.

Polish exiles; a bill to amend an act granting lands to
Mexican affairs; resolutions calling on the President for

certain exiles from Poland, 4103.
information, 3733.

Portuguese duties; (see President's messages.)
Michigan, the constitution of, 2077.

Post office; resolution respecting its management, 2488.
on its Representative taking his seat, 2102.

resolution respecting its management, 2733.
Mining Company, resolutions respecting, 2142. a bill to change the organization of the Post Office
memorial from the Legislature of Michigan, 2145.

Department, 3779; passed, 4135.
Michigan and Arkansas; bills to provide for their admis. Post routes; a bill for the establishment of certain post
sion as States, 4206; passed, 4294.

routes, &c., 3811; passed, 4538.
supplementary bills to do., 4309.

Potomac bridge; a joint resolution for repairing it, 4140;
Militia; a resolution of the Legislature of New York, on

the subject of a reorganization of the militia, Fire Insurance Company; a bill to amend the char.

ter, 4489.
Military and other roads; a bill making appropriations Presentation of petitions; a motion to suspend the rules,
for certain military and other roads, 4501; laid

in order to allow such petitions to be presented
on the table, 4548.

as shall not be objected to, 3296.
Mint; a message from the President, enclosing the di- President's annual message received, 1948; referred to
rector's report, 2263.

committees, 1964.
Mississippi; a bill to continue the national road from the messige, with reports from the Secretaries of
Mississippi river to Jefferson city, in Alissouri,

State and War, on the boundary question be.
4501; (see Cumberland road.)

tween Ohio and Michigan, 2178.
Naval appropriations; (see Appropriations.)

message informing the House that Great Britain
Naval service bill; (see Appropriations.)

had offered its mediation for the adjustment of
Navy; resolution instructing the Committee on Naval Af.

our dispute with France, 2502.
fairs to inquire into the expediency of increas. message on Indian affairs, 2519.
ing the naval force in commission, 2160.

message on Portuguese duties, 2667.
Newland, David; resolution proposing to allow bim pay message relating to the treaty of limits with Mexi-

for contesting the election of Mr. Graham,

message stating that the four instalments under
report in favor of paying David Newland, 3064;

the treaty with France had been received, 3594.
agreed to, 3090.

message in relation to the Potoraac bridge, 4139.
New York; (see Sufferers by fire.)

Printers to the House, Messrs. Blair & Rives elected,
Trades Union, the memorial of, 2696.

Ohio and Michigan boundary; a report and resolution on Protest of Messrs. Garland, Glascock, and Robertson,
the subject, 2667; agreed 10, 2688.

on a portion of the resolution adopted on the
a bill from the Senate to establish the northern

subject of slavery, 2503.
boundary of the State of Ohio, and to provide Recession of the District of Columbia; a resolution in-
for the admission of Michigan into the Union,

structing the Committee on the District to in-
3317; passed, 4294.

quire into the expediency of receding, said Dis-
do. to settle and establish the northern boundary

trict, 2697; the suspension of the rules to allow
of Ohio, 4309; passed, 4313.

the motion, refused.
Order, points of, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, Representatives' ball; leave asked to offer a proposition
1972, 1974, 1977, 1987, 1991, 1996, 1998,

for a committee to ascertain whether a better
1999, 2017, 2128, 2129, 2131, 2134, 2137,

hall fur legislation cannot be provided, 3617;
2178, 2219, 2264, 2265, 2267, 2268, 2269,

leave refused.
2281, 2283, 2284, 2285, 2293, 2294, 2315, Retrenchments; resolutions for making them in the seve
2317, 2437, 2447, 2497, 2533, 2534, 2535,

eral Departments, proposed to be House, 3225;
2536, 2539, 2556, 2607, 2638, 2639, 2640,

not received.
2657, 2658, 2660, 2661, 2662, 2685, 2686, Revenue service; a bill to regulate the compensation of
2717, 2737, 2760, 2968, 2934, 2986, 2987,

officers of the revenue cutters, 4205; passed,
3005, 3006, 3233, 3298, 3300, 3329, 4028,

4029, 4030, 4031, 4032, 4050, 4051, 4052, Rules of the House; a motion to amend them, so as to
4053, 4055, 4057, 4059, 4060, 4061, 4062,

require the Committee of Ways and Means to
4081, 4212, 4596, 4597, 4600, 4613, 4615.
Patent Office; a bill to promote the progress of The use-

report the general appropriation bill within

thirty days of the commencement of every ses.
ful arts, &c., 4609; passed, 4611.

sion, 1949; agreed to in the form of instruc-
Paymasters of the army; a bill for appointing three addi-

tions to the committee for reporting the rules,
tional ones, 4115.

Pay and mileage; a bill to establish a more uniform rule Rules, on the suspension of, 2487.
of computing the mileage, &c., 4194.

resolution proposing an alteration of them, 4499.
Pennsylvania avenue; a resolution directing it to be Salaries; a bill providing salaries for the officers therein
watered, &c., 3461; laid on the table, 3465.

named, 3364; passed.
Pension laws; a resolution to inquire into the expediency. Schnuck, Ellen Abein; a bill granting her a pension,
of extending the provisions of the act of 1832,

2525; agreed to.

Secretary of the Treasury's annual report received, 1948.
bills; a number of bills in relation to pensions Seminole hostilities; a bill making an appropriation for
taken up and passed, 4284.

repressing them, 2138; taken up, 2180; passed.
system; a bill to extend it, 4338; passed, 4339.

a bill making additional appropriations, 2358;
Pea Patch island; a bill to secure the title to the United

passed, 2360.
States, 3226; taken up, 3708, 4068; laid on the a bill for the payment of volunteers and militia
table, 4175.

corps, 2722; passed.
Pensacola and Perdido railroad; a bill to authorize the Sergeant-at-arms, Roderick Dorsey elected, 1960.

construction of the road through the public Slavery in the District of Columbia; petitions on the sub-
lands, 2963.

ject, 1961, 1966, 2607.

Smith, Hon. Nathan, from Connecticut; his death an-

to supply the place of Zalmon Wildman, de-
nounced, 1949.

ceased, 3460.
Smith, Jesse, and others, a bill for relief of, 2489; passed, Wildman, Hon. Zalmon, from Connecticut; bis death an-

nounced, 1958.
Smithsonian legacy; a motion to print a large number of Wisconsin Territory; the bill for establishing the Terri-
a report on the subject, 2236; amended and

torial Government thereof, 3090, 3201, 3220,
agreed to, 2237.

3308; passed.
Standing committees appointed, 1959.

Yeas and nays, on questions in relation to the abolition
Spain; a bill for carrying into effect a convention with,

of slavery in the District of Columbia, 1961,
2141, 2681, 3734; passed.

1963, 1987, 1997, 2076, 2077, 2136, 2179,
Speaker, James K. Polk, from Tennessee, elected,

2220, 2238, 2315, 2320, 2483, 2498 to 2301,
1945; his address.

2535, 2608, 2620, 2658, 2659, 2660, 2662,
Sufferers by fire at New York; report and documents,

and a bill for the relief of the sufferers, 1991; the constitution of Michigan, 2090, 2101.
taken up, 2239; passed, 2705.

the Representative of Michigan taking his seat,
a bill amendatory of the above act, 3117; passed,


banks in the District of Columbia, 2103, 2111,
Sufferers in Florida; (see Florida.)

Surplus revenue; (see Lands.)

Michigan memorial, 2159, 2160.
Tatum, Nathaniel P.; a bill for his relief, 2746; passed. resolution in favor of increasing the navy, 2168.
Tennessee pensioners; a bill providing for the payment taking up appropriation bills, 2358.

of certain pensioners at Pulaski, in Tennessee, forlification bill of last session, 2437.
3677; passed.

resolution for relief of sufferers in Florida, 2447.
Territorial bills; a resolution proposing to fix the time considering the report on the rules of the House,
for considering them, 3234.

Texas; a memorial from Obio, praying Congress to rec-

appropriation bills, 2486, 2487.
ognize the independence of Texas, 4080.

bill for relief of the sufferers at New York by
memorial from Nashville, in Tennessee, 4499;

fire, 2627, 2628, 2668, 2704.
and a resolution proposing an appropriation for do. touching the limitation of the term of office,
the outfit and salary of a minister to Texas; laid

on the table.

boundary line between Ohio and Michigan, 2680.
resolutions reported, declaring that the independ. West Point Military Academy, 2682.

ence of Texas ought to be acknowledged contested election of Mr. Graham, 2686, 2688,
whenever satisfactory information has been re-

2759, 2865, 2880, 2887, 3008 to 3014.
ceived that a successful Government is in op recession of the District of Columbia, 2697.
eration; agreed to.

memorial from Dauphin county, Pennsylvania,
Topographical engineers; a bill for their better organi-

zation, 2172.

bill for repealing 14th section of the act incorpo.
do. to authorize the chief engineer to employ

rating the Bank of the United States, 2934,
clerks and a messenger, 2172.

Trades Union; memorial asking Congress to regulate the suspending the rules of the House to consider
hours of labor, 2890.

Mr. Wise's resolution in relation to the employ-
United States and Mexico; a bill from the Senate to pro-

ment of Reuben M. Whitney, and Mr. Peyton's
vide for carrying into effect the treaty of limits,

proposing that the bill to regulate the public
&c., 3723.

deposites in certain local banks be made the
Volunteers; a bill to provide payment of volunteers and

special order of the day, and have preference
militia in the service of the United States, 2575.

over all other business, 3096, 3120.
do. authorizing the President to accept of volun. bill graduating the price of public lands, 3219,
teers, 3322, 3330; passed, 3375.

Washington, George; a bill authorizing the officers of on a motion to suspend the rules to take up a
ibe Washington Monument Society to erect a

resolution in relation to deposites of public mo.
monument to his memory, 4490.

neys, hy Mr. Wise, 3230.
West Point Academy; a resolution proposing the ap. on a similar motion, by do., 3244.

pointment of a committee to inquire what Mr. Dromgoole's resolution directing the Secre.
amendments, if any, are expedient to be made

tary of the Treasury to communicaie full infor.
to the laws of the institution, &c., 2191, 2682.

mation of the manner of selecting banks, &c.,
a bill making appropriations for the Military

Academy for the year 1836, 4569; passed, 4577. navy appropriation bill, 3474.
Western frontier; a bill appropriating a million of dollars the bill for ihe relief of the corporate cities of the
for its defence, 3493, 3510; bill passed, 3548.

District of Columbia, 3508, 3720, 3722.
A bill to provide for its better protection, 3593;

bill for the defence of the Western frontier, 3511,
passed, 3756.

Whitney, Reuben M.; a resolution offered by Mr. Wise, Kentucky resolutions respecting the public lands,
proposing the appointment of a select commil-

tee to inquire into the more of selecting banks a report on abolition, 4030, 4031, 4051, 4052.
of deposite, and into the contracts by which the suspension of the rules to take up the bills to
they are regulated, and to inquire into the con.

establish the boundary line of Ohio, &c., 4186.
nexion which exists between R. M. Whitney amendments to and on the passage of the above
and the Treasury Department, or between him

bills, 4290 to 4294.
and said banks of deposites, &c, 3095; the bill for appropriating proceeds of public lands,
House refused to suspend the rules to take up

the resolution,

the deposite bill, 4371, 4378, 4379.
Whittlesey, Thomas T., from Connecticut, took his seat, Jarbor bill, 4531, 4533, 4534, 4611.

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