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lishing during the whole of this period, still never neglecting to amass every species of information that might be made available. On going over such an extent of ground much has been culled that would either never have been known to me, or, if known, would have been forgotten, had the book been more hastily got up; and all those subjects, a knowledge of which, at first, may appear irrelevant or useless, will in practice be found highly necessary, there having been no dictionary or book of reference kept in the printing offices to which the workmen could apply. Should the work prove less useful than I could wish it, the fault is in myself, and not in the subject; but if on its perusal the young be instructed, the knowledge of the more mature workman be refreshed and confirmed, and the general reader find its utility as a book of reference, then have I nothing to regret, but much to be grateful for. Lord Bacon says, “ Every man is a debtor to his profession, from the which, as men do of course seek to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavour themselves by way of amends to be a help thereunto."

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A. “ABBREVIATIONS are characters, or else marks on letters, to signify either a word or syllable. & is the character for and, ye is the abbreviated, ye is that abbreviated ; and several other such. Straight strokes over any of the vowels abbreviate m or n. They have been much used by printers in old times, to shorten or get in matter; but now are wholly left off as obsolete."- Moxon. In reprints of old books, where the original is closely followed, we occasionally meet with q as an abbreviation of que: this mark of contraction for ue was attached to the q, and was originally used solely for that purpose ; for the convenience of using the q without it, the abbreviation was afterwards cast separate, and by degrees it was adopted as a point or stop to divide a sentence, becoming the semicolon, the next in order to the comma.

Some few authors yet retain the ; after a q, for the termination ue, which appears to be the proper mark.

Abbreviations “ occur very frequently, and are often the occasion of perplexity to readers less familiarly acquainted with them, in the earlyprinted books. These also originated from the idea which the first Printers entertained of making their books as much as possible resemble manuscripts. That they should perpetually occur in manuscripts is natural enough; for the librarii, or writers of manuscripts, necessarily had recourse to them to shorten their labours. These abbreviations, in the infancy of Printing, were perhaps to be excused; but it seems they multiplied to so preposterous an extent that it was found necessary to publish a book, both in the Gothic and Roman character, to explain their meaning.” — Beloe's Anecdotes of Literature, &c. See Domesday Book. RECORDS. SIGLA. A.- Aulus.

Adm. Co. - Admiralty Court. A.B. - Artium Baccalaureus. Bachelor Adm".

:} - Administrators

. of Arts.

Admor. Abp.- Archbishop.

A. H. — The Year of the Hegira. A. C. Ante Christum. Before the Birth A.M. - Artium Magister. Master of Arts. of Christ.

A. M. Anno Mundi, In the Year of the A.C. - Arch-Chancellor.

World. A.D. - Anno Domini. In the Year of A. M. .- Ante Meridiem. Before Noon. our Lord.

An. A. C.- Anno ante Christum. In the A. D. - Ante Diem.

Year before Christ. A.D.- Arch-Duke.

Ana. – Of each a like Quantity. Adm.- Admiralty.

Anon. - Anonymous.

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C.R. — Custos Rotulorum. Keeper of the

Rolls. C. R. - Civis Romanus. Cr. -Creditor. C.S. — Custos Sigilli. Keeper of the Seal.

A.P.G. - Professor of Astronomy in

Gresham College. A. R. — Anno Regni. In the Year of the

Reign. A. R. R. — Anno Regni Regis. In the

Year of the Reign of the King. Ast. P. G.– Astronomy Professor in Gre

sham College. A.T. - Arch-Treasurer. A. U. C. — Ab Urbe condita. From the

building of the City. Aug. - Augustus.

B. B. et L. D. - Duke of Brunswick and

Lüneburg B.A. - Artium Baccalaureus. Bachelor

of Arts. Bart.- Baronet. B. C.- Before Christ. B.C.L. - Bachelor of Civil Law. B.D. - Baccalaureus Divinitatis. Bachelor

of Divinity. B.M. - Baccalaureus Medicinæ. Bachelor

of Medicine, Bp. - Bishop. B. R. - Banco Regis. The King's Bench. Brit. Mus. - British Museum. Bt. — Baronet. B. V. - Blessed Virgin. B.V. - Bene Vale. Farewell.

D. D. — Decimus. D. B.; Domesd. B. Domesday Book. D.C. - Dean of Christ Church. 10ber. - December. D. C.L. - Doctor of Civil Law, D.D. - Divinitatis Doctor. Doctor in

Divinity. D.D.- Dono dedit. Gave as a Present. D. D. D. — Dat, Dicat, Dedicat. He gives,

he devotes, he makes sure, or, consecrates. D.F. Dean of Faculty (Scotland). D. G.– Deo gratias. Thanks to God. D. G.– Dei gratiâ. By the Grace of God. Dict. - Dictator. D. M. S. Diis Manibus Sacrum, Sacred

to the Gods of the dead. Dn. — Dominus. Do. -Ditto.

The same.
D. O. M. — Deo Optimo Maximo. Το

God the best, the greatest.
Dr. Doctor,
Dr. Debtor.

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E. E. - East. Eccl. — Ecclesiastes. Ecclus. — Ecclesiasticus. e. g. – Exempli gratiâ. As for example, e. g. - Ex grege. Among the rest (literally

from the Flock).
Ep. — Epistola.
Eps. — Episcopus.
Erg. - Ergo.
Esq.- Esquire.
Et. - Etiam.
Eur.— Europa.
Exch, - Exchequer.
Ex. g. 1 - Exempli gratiâ. As for er-

Exon. D. - Exeter Domesday Book.
Exor. - Executor,
Ex S. C. - Ex Senatûs consulto.
Ex V. -Ex Voto.

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ca. sa.

C. Caius.
c. Caput. Chapter.
Cæs. Aug. - Cæsar Augustus.
Cal. - Calendis.

The first Day of the
Cal. Rot. Pat. - Calendarium Rotulorum

Patentium. Calendar of the Patent

Cap. - Capitulum. Chapter.

- Companion of the Bath,
C. C. Caius College.
C. C. C. — Corpus Christi College.

Capias ad satisfaciendum. cf.-Confer. Compare. Chart. Max. — Large Paper. Cic. - Cicero. Civ. Civitas. C. J. C.Caius Julius Cæsar. Cl. Clarus. The celebrated. Cl. Claudius. Cl. Dom. Com. Clerk of the House of

Commons. Clk. — Clerk, a Clergyman. Cn. Cneius, Coh. -Cohors. Col. — Collega, Collegium. C. O. S. S. - Consulibus. To the Consuls,

or, From the Consuls, or, By the Consuls.

Being Consuls, or, During the Consulate, C.P. - Common Pleas. C.P.S. - Custos Privati Sigilli. Keeper

of the Privy Seal.

Ex. gr.

F. F.A.S.

- Fraternitatis Antiquariorum F.S.A.

Socius. Fellow of the Society

of Antiquaries. F.D. - Fidei Defensor. Defender of the

Faith. F.E.S. - Fellow of the Entomological

F.G.S. - Fellow of the Geological Society.
F.H.S. Fellow of the Horticultural

Fi. B. - Fide bonâ.
Fid. - Fides.
fi, fa. Fieri facias.

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H. h. e. – Hoc est. That is, or, this is. Heb. -Hebrews. Hel. - Helvetia. Hhd. - Hogshead. Hier. - Hierusalem. Jerusalem. H. J. S. — Hic jacet sepultus. Here lies

buried. H. M. - His or Her Majesty. H. M. P. - Hoc Monumentum posuit.

Erected this Monument. H.M.S. - His or Her Majesty's Ship. H. R. I. P.- Hîc requiescit in Pace. Here

rests in Peace. H.S. - Sestertius. Two-pence.

K. K. Aug.

Kalendæ Augusti. K. A.N. - Knight of Alexander Newski,

Russia. K. B. — Knight of the Bath. K. B. — King's Bench. K. B. E. — Knight of the Black Eagle of

Prussia. K.C. — Knight of the Crescent of Turkey. K.C. - King's Counsel. K.C. B. — Knight Commander of the

Bath, K.C.H. - Knight Commander of the

Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order. K.C. S. — Knight of Charles II I. of Spain. K. G. - Knight of the Garter. K.G.F.- Knight of the Golden Fleece,

of Spain, or of Austria. K.G.H. - Knight of Guelph of Hanover. K.G.V. - Knight of Gustavus Vasa of

Sweden. K.H.— Knight of the Royal Hanoverian

Guelphic Order, K.L.A. – Knight of Leopold of Austria. K.L.H. - Knight of the Legion of

Honour. K.M. -- Knight of Malta. K. Mess. — King's Messenger. K.M.T. - Knight of Maria Theresa of

Austria. K.N.S. — Knight of the Royal North

Star of Sweden. Knt,- Knight, K.P. - Knight of Saint Patrick. K. R. E. — Knight of the Red Eagle of

Prussia, K. S. — Knight of the Sword of Sweden. K.S.A. — Knight of St. Anne of Russia. K.S. E. — Knight of St. Esprit (or Holy

Ghost) of France. K.S.F. – Knight of St. Fernando of

Spain. K. S.F.M. - Knight of St. Ferdinand and

Merit of Naples. K. S. G. - Knight of St. George of Russia. K. S. H.— Knight of St. Hubert of Ba.

varia. K.S.J. - Knight of St. Januarius of

Naples. K.S.L. - Knight of the Sun and Lion of

Persia. K.S. M. & S.G. - Knight of St. Michael

and St. George of the Ionian Islands. K.S.P. - Knight of St. Stanislaus of Po.

land. K. S.S.— Knight of the Southern Star of

the Brazils. K. S. W.-- Knight of St. Wladimir of

Russia, K.T. - Knight of the Thistle, K. T.S. - Knight of the Tower and Sword

of Portugal. K.W.- Knight of William of the Nether.



1. - Ibidem. In the same Place. Id. - Idem. The same. Id. E. - Idem est. i.e. - Id est. That is. Ig.- Igitur. I. H. S. — Jesus Hominum Salvator. Jesus

the Saviour of Man, Imp. — Imperator. Emperor. Impp. - Imperatores, viz. de duobus. Imppp. - Imperatores, viz. de tribus. Incog. - Incognito. Unknown. Inq. p. m. - Inquisitio post Mortem. I. N. R. I.-Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Ju.

dæorum. Jesus of Nazareth, King of

the Jews. Ins. - Instant of this Month.

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J. J.C. - Juris consultus. J. C. — Julius Cæsar. J.D.-Jurum Doctor. Doctor of Laws. Jul. — Julius. Jun.-Junius. J.V.D. — Juris utriusque Doctor. Doctor

of Canon and Civil Law.

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L. L.-Lucius. lb. -Libra. A Pound. Ldp. - Lordship. Leg. -Legatus. Lieutenant- General. Leg. - Legio. Legion. Lev.—Leviticus. Lib. - Liber. Book. Lieut. - Lieutenant. LL.B. — Legum Baccalaureus. Bachelor

of Laws. LL.D. — Legum Doctor. Doctor of the

Canon and Civil Law. LL.S. -Sestertius. Two-pence. L N. E. S. - Ladies Negro Education

Society. L. P.-Large Paper. Lp. - Lordship. Lre. — (French) Lettre. Letter. L.S. - Loco Sigilli. Place of the Seal. L. s. d. - [French] Livres, Sous, Deniers.

Pounds, Shillings, Pence.

0. Ob.

Obiit. He or she died. Ob. - Obolus. Three Half-pence. Oct. - October. 8vo. Octavo. O.S. - Old Style. 0. T. - Old Testament. OZ. - - Ounce.

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M. M.- Manipulus. An Handful. M.- Marcus. M.- Monsieur. M.A. - Master of Arts. M. B. - Medicinæ Baccalaureus. Bachelor

in Medicine. M.B. — Musicæ Baccalaureus. Bachelor

of Music. M.D. — Medicinæ Doctor. Doctor of

Medicine, Mens. -Mensis. Month. Mess". - Messieurs. (French, the plural

of Monsieur.] Gentlemen ; Sirs, Mil. - Miles. A Soldier. Mil. Mille. A Thousand. M.M.S. - Moravian Missionary Society. Mons". - Monsieur. M.P. - Member of Parliament. Mr. _Mister. M.R. A.S. - Member of the Royal Asiatic

Society. M. R.J. - Member of the Royal Insti

tution of Great Britain. M. R. I, A. - Member of the Royal Irish

Academy. Mrs. - Mistress. M.R.S.L. - Member of the Royal Society

of Literature. MS. — Manuscript. M. S. - Memoriæ Sacrum. Sacred to the

M. T. C.

- Marcus Tullius Cicero.
M. Tul. Cic.
Mus. D. - Doctor of Music.
M, W.S. - Member of the Wernerian


P. P.-Publius. p. — Page. p. — Pugil.

What may be taken up, in compounding Medicine, between the two

Fingers and Thumb. Pag. - Pagina. A Page of a Book. P. C. - Patres Conscripti. Conscript Fa

thers ; Senators. Pent. - Pentecost. Per Cent. Per Centum. By the Hun

dred, Philom. — Philomathes. A Lover of

Learning. Philomath.-Philomathematicus, A Lover

of the Mathematics. P. M. - Post Meridiem. Afternoon. P.M.G. - Professor of Music at Gresham

College. Pon. M. - Pontifex Maximus. P. P.-Pater Patriæ, The Father of his

Country. P. P. C. - [French] Pour prendre congé.

To take Leave. P. R. — Populus Romanus, The Roman

People. Prof. – Professor. P.R.S. - President of the Royal Society. P.S. - Postscript. After written. P.S. — Privy Seal. P. Th. G. - Professor of Divinity at Gre

sham College. Pub. - Publicus.


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N. - North. n.


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