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Before Jehovah's awful throne 87 Rev. I. Watts Old Hundredth L. Bourgeois

Begin, my tongue..

58 Rev. I. Watts Manoah

Arr. fr. Rossini

Behold, a stranger at the door 192 Rev. J. Grigg Bera

J. E. Gould
Behold, the Master passeth by 193 Bp. W. W. How Federal Street H. K. Oliver
Behold the throne of grace... 278 Rev. J. Newton Eastnor

Alfred King
Beneath the cross of Jesus.. 203 E. C. Clephane St. Christopher F. C. Maker
Beneath the shadow of.. 422 Rev. S. Longfellow St. Agnes

Rev. J. B. Dykes
Blessed are the sons of God. . 267 Rev. J. Humphreys Rosefield

H. A. C. Malan

Sturtevant 1 B. Shepard
Blessed Saviour! Thee I love 250 Rev. G. Duffield

Spanish Hymn 2 Spanish Melody






Blest be the tie that binds ... 269 Rev. J. Fawcett Boylston

L. Mason Bread of the world.... 418 Bp. R. Heber Eucharistic Hymn J. S. B. Hodges Break Thou the bread of life 163 M. A. Lathbury Bread of Life W.F. Sherwin Brief life is here our portion. 400 Bernard of Cluny

St. Alphege

H. J. Gauntlett Brightest and best are the sons 98 Bp. R. Heber Brightest and Best Rev. J. F. Thrupp

St. Theresa

Sir A. Sullivan Brightly gleams our banner.. 471 Rev. T. J. Potter Brother, hast thou wandered. 360 Rev. J. F. Clarke Woodman

R. H. Woodman

In Memoriam By Christ redeemed, in Christ 421 G. Rawson

F. 0. Maker Calm me, O God, and keep me 233 Rev. H. Bonar Lambeth

W. Schulthes Cast thy burden on the Lord.. 231 Rev. J. Cennick St. Bees

Rev. J. B. Dykes Cast thy care on Jesus.. 227 Rev. F. Scott Eripe Me

H. Crossley Children of the heavenly king 207 Rev. J. Cennick Pleyel's Hymn

Arr. fr. I. Pleyel Christ for the world we sing.. 382 Rev. S. Wolcott St. Ambrose W. H. Monk Christ is made the sure..... 366 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale Regent Square

H. Smart Christ is our Corner-stone... 368 Tr. Rev. J. Chandler Darwell

Rev. J. Darwell Christ is risen! Christ is risen 128 Rev. A. T. Gurney Resurrexit

Sir A. Sullivan Christ of all my hopes.... 297 Rev. R. Wardlaw Hendon

H. A. C. Malan Christ the Lord is risen again 125 Rev. M. Weisse Lætabundus

E. J. Hopkins Christ the Lord is risen to-day 129 Rev. C. Wesley University College H. J. Gauntlett Christian, dost thou see them 342 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale St. Andrew of C. Rev. J. B. Dykes Christian, rise, and act.. 335 F. A. R. Russell Cressbrook

R. Jackson City of God, how broad. 372 Rev. S. Johnson Nox Præcessit J. B. Calkin Come, every pious heart.... 134 Rev. S. Stennett Raleigh

E. Prout Come, happy souls, adore... 411 Rev. T. Baldwin Hebron

L. Mason Come, Holy Spirit, come..... 155 Rev. J. Hart Mornington

Earl of Mornington Come, Holy Spirit, Dove.... 410 Rev. A. Judson Federal St.

H. K. Oliver Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly. 154 Rev. I. Watts St. Agnes

Rev. J. B. Dykes Come let us join our cheerful 86 Rev. I. Watts Azmon

Arr. fr. C. G. Come let us join with faithful 362 W. G. Tarrant Azmon

Gläser Come, my soul, thou must be 3 Baron Von Canitz Haydn

Arr. fr. J. Haydn Come, my soul, thy suit..... 276 Rev. J. Newton Aletta

W. B. Bradbury Come," said Jesus' sacred

S Mabyn 1

A. L. Barbauld voice


X. Schnyder Come, Thou Almighty King.. 74 Rev. C. Wesley Italian Hymn

Horton 2

F. de Giardini Come, Thou fount of every, 82 Rev. R. Robinson St. Oswald

Rev. J. B. Dykes Come to Jesus, ye who labor 189 Rev. E. P. Parker Bushnell

Rev. E. P. Parker Come to our poor nature's.. 151 G. Rawson


U. C. Burnap Come to the Saviour now.... 180 J. M. Wigner Maker

F. 0. Maker

Vox Jesu 1 Rev. J. B. Dykes Come unto Me, ye weary..

181 W. 0. Dix

Lorelei 2

F. Silcher Come, we who love the Lord 79 Rev. I. Watts St. 1.omas

A. Williams Come, ye disconsolate.... 186 T. Moore


S. Webbe Come, ye faithful, raise.. 123 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale St. Kevin

Sir A. Sullivan Come, ye thankful people.... 448 Rev. H. Alford St. George Windsor Sir G. J. Elvey Coming, coming-yes, they are 376 J. W. MacGill Coming

Rev. E. Husband Consider the lilies.. 474 A. W. Brotherton Thecla

H. E. Nichol Courage, brother! do not. 351 Rev. N. Macleod Courage

Sir A. Sullivan Cross of Jesus..

120 J. S. Simpson Cross of Jesus Sir J. Stainer

Diademata 1 Sir G. J. Elvey Crown Him with many crowns

6 M. Bridges

Nevin's Proc. 2 G. B. Nevins Day is dying in the west.... 31 M. A. Lathbury Chautauqua

W. F. Sherwin Dear Lord and Father of.... 286 J. G. Whittier Whittier

F. C. Maker Dear Lord, another day. 296 F. D. Sherman Downfield

H. E. Button Dear refuge of my weary soul 258 A. Steele


J. P. Holbrook Draw nigh, draw nigh

Veni Emmanuel 1 Plain Song See, O come, O come......

94 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale

Veni Emmanuel 2 C. Gounod Eternal Father! strong..

458 W. Whiting


Rev. J. B. Dykes Eternal Light! Eternal Light 73 Rev. T. Binney Newcastle

H. L. Morley Every morning mercies new.. 22 Rev. G. Phillimore Kelso

E. J. Hopkins







Arr. by R. S. Willis
H. F. Hemy

Fairest Lord Jesus..

252 Anon.

Crusader's Hymn
Faith of our Fathers; living 438 Rev. F. W. Faber St. Catherine
Far out on the desolate billow 468 R. W. Raymond Lorelei
Father, hear Thy children call 200 Rev. T. B. Pollock Landon
Father, I know that all my.. 209 A. L. Waring Morwellham
Father, in Thy mysterious.. 301 Rev. S. Johnson Strength and Stay
Father of all—we urge as..

61 J. G. Whittier Kingsley
Father of mercies, in Thy... 167 A. Steele

Father, now the day is over.. 44 Ellen Bibby Evensong
Father, to Thee I come.. 462 Anon.

Father, to Theo
Father, whate'er of earthly.. 218 A. Steele

Fight the good fight with all 318 J. S. B. Monsell Pentecost
Fling out the banner! let it.. 387 Bp. G. W. Doane Waltham
“Follow Me,” the Master said 314 Anon.

For all the saints, who from 270 Bp. W. W. How Sarum
For thee, O dear, dear country 396 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale Glory
Forever with the Lord..

407 J. Montgomery Evening Shadows
Forth in Thy name, O Lord.. 322 Rev. C. Wesley Hampstead
Forward! be our watchward. 341 Rev. H. Alford Watchword
Founded on Thee...

363 Rev. S. F. Smith Pentecost
Fountain of good, to own Thy 317 Rev. P. Doddridge Sawley
From all that dwell below.. 80 Rev. I. Watts oid Hundredth
From all Thy saints.

265 Earl Nelson Savoy Chapel
From Egypt lately come. 292 Rev. T. Kelly

Ewyas Harold
From every stormy wind.... 272 Rev. H. Stowell s old Chapel 1
From Greenland's icy....... 380 Bp. R. Heber Missionary Hymn.
From the eastern mountains 93 Rev. G. Thring Princethorpe

F. Silcher
F. A. J. Hervey
C. Steggall
Rev. J. B. Dykes
S. K.
J. Walch
W. Schulthes
Gall's Hymns
H. G. Nägeli
Rev. W. Boyd
J. B. Calkin
A. Cottman
Sir J. Barnby
C. Vincent
J. T. Musgravo
W. Smallwood
H. Smart
Rev. W. Boyd
J. Walch
L. Bourgeois
J. B. Calkin
S. S. Wesley
E. Andrew
T. Hastings
L. Mason
William Pitts


Galilee, bright Galilee.. 467 W. F. Sherwin Galilee

W. F. Sherwin
Give to the winds thy fears 238 Rev. P. Gerhardt Olmutz

Arr. by L. Mason
Glorious things of Thee are. 365 Rev. J. Newton Austrian Hymn J. Haydn
Glory, and praise, and honor
See, All glory, laud... 107 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale Lancashire

H. Smart
Glory to Thee, my God, this

See, All praise to Thee.... 31 Bp. Thomas Ken Evening Hymn Alt. fr. T. Tallis
Go forth to life, O child. 358 Rev. S. Longfellow St. Polycarp Arr. fr. I. Pleyel
Go labor on, spend...
330 Rev. H. Bonar Pentecost

Rev. W. Boyd

Parting Hymn 1 F. S. Hunnewell
God be with you till we meet 17 Rev. J. E. Rankin

Farewell 2 W. G. Tomer
God bless our native land. 443 Rev. C. T, Brooks New America L. B. Longacre
God, in the gospel of His Son 164 Rev. B. Beddome Rockingham Old Arr. by E. Miller
God'is Love, His Mercy
59 Sir J. Bowring Carter

Rev. E. S. Carter
God is the refuge of His. 63 Rev. I. Watts Ward

Arr. by L. Mason
God moves in a mysterious. . 219 W. Cowper


Arr. fr. C. Tye
God my Father, hear me pray 282 Rev. J. Holme Illuminatio

Sir G. J. Elvey
God, my King, Thy might.... 83 Bp. R. Mant Carter

Rev. E. S. Carter

| Recessional 1 H. J. Gower
God of our Fathers, known of 441 R. Kipling

Deus Patrum 2 A. H. Ryder
God of mercy, God of Grace.. 62 Rev. H. F. Lyte Elijah

Sir G. J. Elvey
God of our Fathers, Whose.. 440 Rev. D. C. Roberts National Hymn G. W. Warren
God, that madest earth.. 43 Bp. R. Heber Temple

E. J. Hopkins
God' the All-terrible! King... 442 Tr. H. F. Chorley Russian Hymn A. Lwoff
Goodly were thy tents... 374 Rev. S. Wolcott Woodside

J. T. Grimley
Grace, 'tis a charming sound 174 Rev. P. Doddridge Silver Street

I. Smith
Gracious Saviour, Who didst 456 E. L Shireff Motherhood

Rev. L. M. White
Gracious Spirit, dwell with.. 146 Rev. T. T. Lynch Redhead

R. Redhead
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost. 157 Bp. C. Wordsworth Charity

Sir J. Stainer
Gracious Spirit, Love divine. . 149 John Stocker Buckland

Rev. L. G. Hayne

[blocks in formation]

Hail the day that sees Him.. 124 Rev. C. Wesley Ascension
Hail, Thou once despised Jesus 140 Rev. J. Bakewell Parkhurst
Hail to the brightness. 378 T. Hastings

Hail to the Lord's Anointed. 389 J. Montgomery

Westwood Hail to the Sabbath day. 49 Rev. S. G. Bulfinch Mornington Hark! a thrilling voice is.... 143 Tr. Rev. E. Caswell Lucerne

Carmen Cæli 1
Hark! Hark! my soul....... 401 Rev. F. W. Faber

Vox Angelica 2
Hark! my soul, it is the Lord 190 W. Cowper St. Bees
Hark! ten thousand harps... 139 Rev. T. Kelly Harwell
Hark! the glad sound.. 91 Rev. P. Doddridge St. Saviour
Hark! the song of Jubilee. 375 J. Montgomery Jubilee
Hark! the herald angels sing 96 Rev. C. Wesley Mendelssohn
Hark! the voice of Jesus. 308 Rev. D. March Lowell
He leadeth me; O blessed. 222 Rev. J. H. Gilmore He Leadeth Me
He that goeth forth with... 315 T. Hastings

Heal me, O my Saviour, heal 201 Rev. G. Thring Holy Cross
Hear our prayer, O Heavenly 36 Harriet Parr Springhill
Heaven is here, where hymns 319 J. G. Adams Parkhurst
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee.. 419 Rev. H. Bonar Langran
Holy Father, hear my cry.... 147 Rev. H. Bonar Lonsdale
Holy Father, Thou hast given 161 Rev. W. Bruce Illuminatio
Holy Ghost, the Infinite
See, Come to our poor.... 151 G. Rawson

Holy Ghost, with light divine 150 Rev. A. Reed Mercy
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God.. 8 Bp. R. Heber Nicæ
Holy night, peaceful night... 100 Rev. J. Mohr Holy Night
Holy Spirit, truth divine.... 148 Rev. S. Longfellow Haven
Hosanna! loud hosanna. 106 J. Threlfall

Hosanna to the living Lord.. 4 Bp. R. Heber Hosanna
How beauteous were.

110 Bp. A. C. Coxe Brookfield How firm a foundation.. 221 G. Keene

Adeste Fideles
How gentle God's commands.. 235 Rev. P. Doddridge Dennis
How precious is the book... 166 Rev. J. Fawcett Farrant
How sweet the name of... 256 Rev. J. Newton St. Peter
Hushed was the evening hymn 472 Rev. J. D. Burns Samuel

W. H. Monk
Sir J. Barnby
L. Mason
R. H. McCartney
G. C. Wellesley
T. A. Willis
Sir J. Barnby
Rev. J. B. Dykes
Rev. J. B. Dykes
L. Mason
F. G. Baker
Arr. fr. Mozart
H. F. Nichol
W. B. Bradbury
D. E. Jones
J. E. West
W. F. Hurndall
Sir J. Barnby
J. Langran
F. A. J. Hervey
Sir G. J. Elvey

U. C. Burnap
L. M. Gottschalk
Rev. J. B. Dykes
F. Gruber
E. Lemare
Rev. J. B. Dykes
T. B. Southgate
H. G. Nägeli
R. Farrant
A. R. Reinagle
Sir A. Sullivan

I am trusting Thee..

232 F. R. Havergal St. Helens
I bow my forehead to the dust 179 J. G. Whittier Blenden
I do not ask, O Lord, that life 295 A. A. Procter Submission
I heard a sound of voices.... 403 Rev. G. Thring Patmos
I heard the voice of Jesus.. 105 Rev. H. Bonar Vox Delecti
I lay my sins on Jesus.. 287 Rev. H. Bonar Aurelia
I look to Thee in every need 226 Rev. S. Longfellow Woodbridge

I love Thy kingdom, Lord.. 370 Rev. T. Dwight
I love to tell the story.

241 K. Hankey I need Thee every hour.

283 A. S. Hawks I sought the Lord, and.

205 Anon. I think when I read.

463, J. Luke
I was a wandering sheep.... 199 Rev. H. Bonar
I'm but a stranger here... 399 Rev. T. R. Taylor
Immortal Love, forever full.. 104 J. G. Whittier
In heavenly love abiding ... 208 A. L. Waring

State Street
Sweet Story

Lebanon 1

Pastor Bonus 2
Heaven my Home

Beatitudo 1

Serenity 2

Sir R. P. Stewart
C. E. Kettle
A. L. Peace
H. J. Storer
Rev. J. B. Dykes
S. S. Wesley
Rev. F. S. Hunne.

J. C. Woodman
W. G. Fischer
Rev. R. Lowry
G. W. Chadwick
J. Zundel
A. J. Caldicott
Sir A. Sullivan
Rev. J. B. Dykes
W. W. Wallace
J. H. Leslie

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