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Our voices let's raise

In Phæbus's praise,
Inspir’d by so glorious a theme,

Our musical words

Shall be join’d by the birds,
And we'll dance to the tune of the stream.

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HE Sun is now too radiant to behold,

And vehement he sheds his liquid Rays of Gold; No cloud appears thro' all the wide expanse;

And short, but yet distinct and clear,

To the wanton whistling air
The mimic shadows dance.



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Their scythes upon the adverse bank

Glitter ’mongst th' entangled trees, Where the hazles form a rank,

And court'sy to the courting breeze.

Ah! Harriot ! sovereign mistress of my heart,

Could I thee to these meads decoy,
New grace to each fair object thou’dst impart,

And heighten ev'ry scene to perfect joy.


On a bank of fragrant thyme,
Beneath yon stately, shadowy pine,
We'll with the well-disguised hook
Cheat the tenants of the brook ;
Or where coy Daphne's thickest shade
Drives amorous Phæbus from the glade,
There read Sydney's high-wrought stories
Of ladies charms and heroes glories;
Thence fir'd, the sweet narration act,
And kiss the fiction into fact.

Or satiate with nature's random scenes,
Let's to the gardens regulated greens,

Where taste and elegance command
Art to lend her dædal hand,
Where Flora's flock, by nature wild,
To discipline are reconcil'd,
And laws and order cultivate,
Quite civiliz'd into a state.

From the sun, and from the show'r,
Hafte we to yon boxen bow'r,
Secluded from the teizing pry
Of Argus' curiosity :
There, while Phæbus’ golden mean,

meridian is seen,
Ere decays the lamp of light,
And length’ning shades stretch out to night----


C 2

Seize, seize the hint---each hour improve
(This is morality in love)
Lend, lend thine hand---O let me view
Thy parting breasts, sweet avenue !
Then---then thy lips, the coral cell
Where all th' ambrosial kiffes dwell!
Thus we'll each sultry noon employ
In day-dreams of exstatic joy.

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WAS when bright Cynthia with her silver car,

Soft stealing from Endymion's bed,
Had calld forth ev'ry glitt'ring star,


th' ascent of heav'n her brilliant host had led.

Night, with all her negro train,
Took possession of the plain ;


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