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m Prophet as Moses speaks of here, such Volume an Angel as St. Paul mentions, should XII. work as many and as great Miracles

as Mofes and Christ wrought, should we then believe them?


I Ansiver ; This is not to be fuppos’d : for supposing the Providence of God in the World, it cannot be imagined that an equal attestation should be given to a false Doctrine and a

But that the greatest and most unquestionable Miracles are to carry it, is evident; because this is all the reason why Moses was to be credited above the Magicians, because he wrought more and greater Wonders than they did. But if it could be supposed that any one could work as great Miracles for the confirmation of Idolatry, as were wrought by way of attestation to the true Worship of God, then there would be no difference, but what the reason of the thing makes the Belief of one God being more reasonable than many; and not to make an Image or sensible representation of a Spirit, being more reasonable than to make one. But if this could be suppos’d,


the natural issue and consequence of

Sermon it would be Atheism; a man would

III. believe neither that nor the other, nor that there is any God at all. •

But a farther account of the Nature and Difference of Miracles, I reserve to some * particular Discour-sce Serses on that Subject. At present, for mons on the fuller opening of this matter, it in this Vol. will be proper to Thew,

1. That the Divine Authority both of the Doctrine of Moses and Christ is resolv'd into Miracles.

2. What assurance of Miracles is fufficient to perswade men to believe that Testimony, for the confirmation of which they are wrought.

3. What assurance they give us, That the Scriptures are a Divine Revelation.

But the Consideration of these I refer to the next opportunity.

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Of the Faith or Perswasion of a

Divine Revelation.

The fourth Sermon on this Text.

HEB, XI. 6.

But without Faith it is impossible 10

please God.

N discoursing of the Faith or Per

swasion of a Divine Revelation, I propos'd the considering thefe seven things.


I. What we understand by a Divine Revelation,

II. The

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II. The several kinds of it. XII.

III. Whether a Perswasion concerning a Divine Revelation be properly Faith.

IV. How we may come to be afsured of a Divine Revelation ; or by what Arguments, a Faith or Perfwafion of a Divine Revelation is wrought in us.

V. The degrees of this Perswalion or Assurance.

VI. The Effects of it.

VII. In what sense it may be fajd to be a divine Faith.

I was upon the [IV th] of these, viz. Considering by what Arguments a Faith or Perswasion of a Divine Revelation is wrought in_us; which led me to consider the Evidence of Miracles; and I propos'd to shew particularly these three things.

1. That the divine Authority. both


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