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Henry Angus, M.A., (M.C.), 1852, Minister of Erskine U.P. Church, Arbroath. Alexander Gray, M.A. (M.C.), 1851, Minister of Auchterless.

Michael Watt, M.A. (K.C.), 1858, Professor of Hebrew and N.T. Exegesis in the Divinity Hall of the Presbyterian Church, Otago.

List of those who have obtained the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity with Honours.

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Faculty of Law.

List of Doctors of Laws since 1860.

Those marked with an asterisk are known to be deceased.


*Andrew Findlater, M. A. (1832, Marischal College), Edinburgh.

*George Grub, M.A. (1856, King's College), Advocate, Aberdeen; afterwards Professor of Law in the University.

*Rev. Thomas M'Lauchlan, M.A. (1833, K. C.), Minister of St. Columba Free Gaelic Church, Edinburgh.

David M. Masson, M. A. (1839, M.C.), Professor of English Language and Literature, University College, London; afterwards Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, University of Edinburgh, and Historiographer Royal for Scotland.

*Rev. John Burnett Pratt, M. A. (1820, K. C.), Episcopal Minister, Cruden.


James Donaldson, M. A. (1850, M.C.), Rector of the High School, Edinburgh; thereafter Professor of Humanity in this University; now Principal of the United College of St. Salvator and St. Leonard, University of St. Andrews. *Robert Grant, M. A. (1854, K. C.), Professor of Astronomy, University of Glasgow.

Right Rev. Robert Machray, M. A. (1851, K.C.), D.D., Bishop of Rupertsland; now Primate of Canada.

*Rev. John M'Intyre, M. A. (1816, K. C.), Minister of Kilmonivaig.

*Rev. Alexander Mackay, M.A. (1840, K. C.), F.C. Minister, Rhynie.

Norman Macpherson, M. A. (1842, K. C.), Professor (now Emeritus) of the Law of Scotland, University of Edinburgh.

Rev. Andrew J. Milne, M.A. (1850, K. C.), Head Master of Collegiate School and Educational Inspector, Jamaica; afterwards Minister of Fyvie.


*John Stuart (1828-30, K.C.), H.M. General Register House, Edinburgh, Secretary of the Spalding Club.


*Henry Miles, M.A. (1839, K. C.), Vice-Principal and Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in Bishop's College, Lennoxville, Canada.


Rev. Andrew B. Davidson, M. A. (1849, M.C.), Professor of Hebrew and Oriental

Languages, F. C. College, Edinburgh.

Rev. George Macdonald, M.A. (1845, K. C.), Poet and Novelist.


*Rev. James Legge, M.A. (1835, K.C.), Professor of Chinese, University of Oxford.

*David Middleton, M. A. (1838, K. C.), H. M. Inspector of Schools.

Donald Morrison, M.A. (1843, K.C.), Rector of Glasgow Academy, Glasgow. *Charles Edward Wilson, M.A. (1836, K.Ç.), H.M. Inspector of Schools, Edinburgh.


*Neil Arnott, M.A. (1805, M.C.), M.D. (1814), F.R.S., Physician Extraordinary to the Queen.

Rev. William Garden Blaikie, M.A. (1837, M.C.), D.D. (1864, Edinburgh), Professor, New College, Edinburgh.

*John Hill Burton, M.A. (1829, M.C.), Historiographer Royal for Scotland, Edinburgh. LL.D., Edinb., 1864.

*James Duncan, M.A. (1831, K.C.), Superintendent, Diocesan School, Southamp



James Macdonald, M.A. (1849, K. C.), Rector of the Ayr Academy, now Rector of Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow.


*Alexander Beverly, M. A. (1844, M.C.), Examiner, Grammar School, Aberdeen. *Colonel Francis Duncan, M.A. (1855, M.C.), M.P., Royal Artillery, Woolwich. George Ogilvie, M.A. (1848, M. C.), Head Master, Watson's College, Edinburgh. 1874.

*John F. MacLennan, M.A. (1849, K. C.), Advocate, Edinburgh.

*Rev. Hugh Mitchell, M. A. (1841, M.C.), Free Church Minister, Craig, Montrose.


*Rev. William_Barrack, M.A. (1852, K. C.), Principal of the Institution, Dollar ; thereafter Rector of Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow.

*Alexander Gerard, M.A. (1829, M.C.), Gordon's Hospital, Aberdeen.

Rev. James M. Joass, M.A. (1850, K.C.), Minister of Golspie.

*John Forbes Watson, M. A. (1847, K.C.), M.D., Keeper of the Indian Museum in London.


*The Right Hon. W. E: Forster, M.P., Lord Rector of the University.

Charles Meldrum, M.A. (1844, M. C.), Observatory, Port Louis, Mauritius.

Sir Arthur Mitchell, M.A. (1845, K.C.), M.D., H.M. Commissioner in Lunacy, Edinburgh (now retired).

Alexander Morrison, M.A. (1851, K.C.), Principal of the Scotch College, Melbourne.

*The Hon. John Smith, M.A. (1843, M.C.), M.D. (1844), Professor of Experimental Physics and Chemistry, University of Sydney.

Rev. Walter Chalmers Smith, M.A. (1841, M.C.), Free Tron Church, Glasgow ; afterwards Minister of the Free High Church, Edinburgh; D.D., Glasg., 1868.


John Carment, M.A. (1834, K.C.), S.S.C., Edinburgh.

*John Webster (1822-26, M.C.), Advocate, Aberdeen, sometime M.P. for Aberdeen. 1878.

Rev. John Chalmers, M. A. (1848, K.C.), Missionary, China.


*Peter Bayne, M.A. (1850, M.C.), Author, London.

*Frederick Stewart, M.A. (1859, K.C.), H.M. Inspector of Schools, Hong-Kong ; afterwards Colonial Secretary.


*Andrew Leith Adams, M.A. (1846, M.C.), M.B. (1848), F.R.S., Professor of Natural History, Mineralogy, and Geology, Queen's College, Cork.

*Sir Andrew Clark, Bart., M.D. (1854, M.C.), F.R.S., London.

*Francis Edmond, M.A. (1823, K.C.), Advocate, Aberdeen.

David Ferrier, M.A. (1863), M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Neuro-Pathology, King's College, London.

David Gill (1858-60, M.C.), F.R.S., Astronomer Royal at Cape Town, South Africa.

*Thomas Morrison, M.A. (1847, K.C.), Principal, F.C. Training College, Glasgow. Sir Herbert Stanley Oakeley M.A. (1856, Oxon.), Mus. Doc. (1871, Cantab.; 1879, Oxon.), Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Edinburgh. The Right Honourable The Earl of Rosebery (Oxon.), Lord Rector of the University; LL.D., Edinb., 1882; Cantab., 1888; D.C.L., Oxon., 1893. Lieut.-General Sir Donald Martin Stewart (1851-55, K.C.), Bart., G.C.B., Commander-in-Chief of H.M. Forces in India.

*Major Sir George Cumine Strahan, M.A. (1856, M.C.), K.C.M.G., Governor of Tasmania.

*Rev. George Weir, M.A. (1848, K.C.), Professor of Classics and Hebrew in Morren College, Quebec.

*Sir Erasmus Wilson, F.R.S., President of the Royal College of Surgeons, London. 1882.

*Alexander Cruickshank, M.A. (1840, M.C.), Aberdeen.

*James Andrew Sandilands Grant, M.A. (1862), Bey, Cairo.

*William Alexander Hunter, M.A. (1864), Barrister-at-Law, London; afterwards. M.P. for North Aberdeen.

John Gray M'Kendrick, M.D. (1864), F.R.S., Professor of Physiology, University of Glasgow.

*George John Romanes, M.A. (1874, Cantab.), F.R.S., Naturalist, London. *William Robertson Smith, M.A. (1865), late Professor of Hebrew, Free Church College, Aberdeen; afterwards Professor of Arabic, University of Cambridge; and Burnett Lecturer, University of Aberdeen; D.D., Strassburg.


The Right. Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen, M.A. (1877, Oxon.).

Alexander Asher (1847-50, K.C.), Q.C., M.P., Solicitor-General for Scotland.
Robert Farquharson, M.D. (1858, Edin.), M.P. for West Aberdeenshire.

Frederick Fuller, M.A. (1845, Cantab.), late Professor of Mathematics in the

Rev. Robert Hunter, M.A. (1841, M.C.), formerly Missionary at Nagpore, Central India.

Rev. James Keith, M.A. (1845, K.C.), Minister of Forres.

Rev. Alexander Ogilvie, M.A. (1852, K.C.), Head Master, Gordon's College, Aberdeen.

*Frederick Apthorp Paley, M.A. (1841, Cantab.), formerly of St. John's College, Cambridge.

*James Ross, M.D. (1864), afterwards Professor of Medicine, Owen's College, Manchester.


Archibald Forbes (1853-55, K.C.), Author and Journalist.

*Sir Robert G. C. Hamilton, M.A. (1854, K.C.), K.C.B., Under Secretary of State for Ireland, afterwards Governor of Tasmania.

Thomas F. Jamieson (1843-46, M.C.), F.G.S., Ellon.

George King, M.B. (1865), Director of the Botanical Gardens, Calcutta ; afterwards K.C.I.E.

Charles Lapworth, Professor of Geology, Mason's College, Birmingham.

William D. Niven, M.A. (1861), C.B., F.R.S., Director of Studies, Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

John Dove Wilson (Edin.), Advocate, Sheriff-Substitute, Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire; afterwards Professor of Law in the University.


Charles Annandale, M.A. (1867), Lexicographer, Glasgow.

William Dey, M.A. (1861), Rector of Grammar School, Old Aberdeen.

Rev. Walter Gregor, M.A. (1849, K.C.), Minister of Pitsligo.

Robert Lawson, Inspector-General of Hospitals.

Rev. William Miller, M.A. (1856, M.C.), Ĉ.I.E., Principal of the Christian College, Madras; D.D., Edin., 189.

*Francis Ogston, M.A. (1821, M.C.), M.D. (1824, Edin.), F.R.C.S.E., Emeritus Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in the University.

David Rennet (1850-51, M.C.), Teacher of Mathematics, Aberdeen.

Rev. William Walker, M.A. (1840, K.C.), Episcopal Minister, Monymusk. *William Walker, M.A. (1853, M.C.), M.D., Deputy-Surgeon-General, Bengal Medical Service, and Honorary Physician to the Queen.


*William Alexander, Author, Aberdeen.

Rev. George Davidson, M.A. (1848, K.C.), Minister of Logie-Coldstone.
Principal Sir William Duguid Geddes, M.A. (1846, K.C.; LL.D., Edin., 1876;
Litt. D., Dubl., 1893), admitted ad eundem gradum of this University.

Patrick Manson, M. B. (1865), Hong-Kong, China.

Rev. John Milne, M. A. (1849, M. C.), Schoolmaster, King Edward.

*Sir Samuel Rowe, M.D. (1865), K.C.M.G., Governor-General of Sierra Leone. Sir George Gabriel Stokes, M.A. (1844, Cantab.), P.R.S., Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in the University of Cambridge; Burnett Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, 1883-86.

John Forbes White, M.A. (1848, M. C.), Craigtay, Dundee.


George Chrystal, M. A. (1871), Professor of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh.

Rev. James Gammack, M. A. (1857, M. C.), Canada.

*Sir John Hay, M.A. (1834, K. C.), K. C.M.G., Sydney.

Rev. Kenneth A. M'Kenzie (1846-50, M.C.), Kingussie.

George M. Macpherson, M. A. (1858, K. C.), Chief Commissioner of Scindę.

*J. Duguid Milne, M. A. (1840, M.C.), Advocate, Aberdeen.

Sir James Stirling, M.A. (1855, K.C.), one of H. M. Judges, Chancery Division, High Court of Justice, England.


The Right Hon. George Joachim Goschen, M. A. (1875, Oxon.), D.C.L. (1881),

M.P., Lord Rector of the University.

Henry Bowman Brady, F. R. S., Naturalist.

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