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Turn each misfortune to our good,

Direct us right in all we do.
Rule Thou our inmost thoughts; let no

Impurity our hearts defile;
Grant us a true and fervent faith,

Grant us a spirit free from guile.
May CHRIST Himself be our true Fouu,

And Faith our daily cup supply;
While, from the SPIRIT's tranquil depth,

We drink unfailing draughts of joy.
Still ever, with the peep of morn,

May saintly modesty attend;
Faith sanctify the midday hours

Upon the soul no night descend.
To God the FATHER glory be,

And to His sole-begotten Son;
The same, O Holy Ghost! to Thee
While everlasting ages run.

“God is love."

101. OUR praise Thou need'st not, but Thy love,

Our FATHER and our Friend,
Would have our prayers thus soar above,

In blessings to descend.
Thy secret judgments' depths profound

Štill sings the silent night;
The day, upon his golden round

Thy pity infinite.
The soul, lost in astonishment,

Would speechless wonder fill;
But, in the ravished bosom pent,

Love cannot all be still.
Feeble and faint she fain would tell,

Of our great FATHER's love,
Tempering the ills that with us dwell,

And pledging good above.

Thither would our best thoughts aspire,

But chains on us abide:
O quicken

Thou our faint desire,
And to Thy Presence guide.

EVENING. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were above the firmament from the waters that were under the firmament." And the evening and the morning were the second day.” 102, LORD of immensity sublime!

Who lest the waters should confound
Thy world, didst them in earliest time
Divide, and make the skies their bound;
Framing for some on earth below,
For others in the heavens a place :
That so the sun's attempered glow
Might not Thy beauteous works efface.
Upon our fainting souls distil
The grace of Thy celestial dew;
Let no fresh snare to sin beguile,
No former sin revive anew.
Grant us the grace, for love of Thee,
To scorn all vanities below;
Faith to detect each falsity,
And knowledge, Thee alone to know.
FATHER of mercies ! hear our cry,
Hear us, O soul-begotten Son !
Who, with the Holy Ghost most high
Reignest while endless ages run.

“The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." 103. WHEN storms and tempests o'er us roll

Our hope is in the skies ;
To Thee, O God, our anxious soul

And earnest prayers arise.

Thou, FATHER, dost Thine aid afford,

Before the prayer is made,
In all our weakness, gracious LORD,

Thy strength is full displayed.
The sufferings that our souls oppress,

Thy mightier Hand shall cure;
And Thine avenging arm redress

wrongs we now endure.
O, then, what full success shall shine

On all our labours past !
Who would not gladly weep awhile

To reap such joys at last?
To FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One mighty God of Heaven,
All glory by the Angel host,

And saints on earth, be given.



“ The sea is His, and He made it, and His Hands prepared the dry land.” 104. He speaks the word ; the floods obey,

And sink into their bed ;
Emerging from her liquid veil

Earth shows her new-born head.
This to His children, for their home,

The FATHER hath assigned;
One common earth contains them all,

One common love should bind.
We've no abiding city here,

But there's a Home above,
For those who live as sons of GOD,

In peace and holy love.
But they whose dark deceitful arts

Their fellow-men molest,
They shall not of my love partake,

Nor come unto Thy rest.

But, LORD, our hearts with holy peace,

And love, and concord, join ;
These are the fruits that certify

That we are truly Thine.
Eternal glory be ascribed

To God, Who reigns above,
By Whom is sent into our souls
The grace of holy love.

“ Let us watch and be sober." 105. THE cock's shrill horn proclaims the morn

And heralds forth the rising light,
CHRIST's startling eye, so keen and nigh,

Wakes to new life the slumbering sprite. “ Take up,” He cries, “ your bed and rise,

In palsied sleep no longer lie;
With loins girt up and sober cup,

Keep vigil. I, the LORD, am nigh.”
Yea, Thee let all, LORD JE call,

With prayers and tears chaste vigil keep ;
The prayer intent true hearts present,

Would have the spirit wake and weep.
Break Thou the spell, our eyes unseal,

Thou, Jesu, burst the bonds of night,
Spoil the stronghold of trespass old,

And fill us with Thine own new light.
FATHER, to Thee all glory be,

And Thee, Alone Co-equal Son,
And Spirit Blest, with Both confest,

Now, and while endless ages run.

“ And this commandment have we from Him, That he who loveth God, love his brother also." 106. O 'Tis our duty first of alı

To love the LORD Most High:
And next we learn to keep the law

Of holy charity.

O LORD, our fellowship regard

In Thy great Name begun ;
In number though we many be,

Yet all our hearts are one.
And faith is ours, and truth sincere,

And grace, and holy joy;
O then, may no unholy strife

This sacred love destroy !
But teach us, LORD, more strictly still

This holy rule to keep,
With saints rejoicing to rejoice,

With weeping saints to weep.
Triune JEHOVAH! to Thy Name

Be endless glory given,
Who fashionest, with holy love,

The hearts of Thine for Heaven.


“ And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit .... and the evening and the morning were the third day.” 107. CREATOR, great and good,

Who broughtst the mountains forth,
And rolling back the o'erwhelming flood,

Didst fix the enthronéd earth;
Where robed in verdure meet,

And crowned with golden flowers,
And teeming with her fruitage sweet,

Delightsome food she showers ;
Cleanse with Thy freshening grace,

Our blighted spirit's sore;
Let her with tears the past efface,

And learn to sin no more :
But hearkening to Thy voice,

Escape each blasting breath,
With goodness filled in life rejoice,

Nor know the sting of death.

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