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FATHER of lights ! keep us this day

From sinful passions free ;
Grant us in every word, and deed,

And thought, to honour Thee.
Thou LORD of chastity divine !

Grant us the grace to quell
Those flames impure, which, cherished here,

Increase the flames of hell.
SAVIOUR, of Thy sweet clemency

Wash Thou our sins away,
Grant us Thy grace-grant us with Thee

The joys of endless day.
FATHER of mercies! hear our cry;

Hear us, coequal SON;
Who reignest with the HOLY GHOST

While endless ages run.

“ Ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the LORD : walk as children of light.” 95. MORN of morns, and day of days,

Silent as the morning's rays,
From the sepulchre's dark prison,
CHRIST the Light of lights hath risen.
He commanded, and His word
Death and the dread chaos heard :
We, O shame! more deaf than they,
In the chains of darkness stay.
Nature 'neath the shadow lies;
Let the sons of light arise,
All throughout night's stillness deep
Holy symphonies to keep.
While the dead world sleeps around
Let the sacred temples sound;
Law and prophet and blest psalm,
Lit with holy light so calm.
Thus to hearts in slumber weak,
Let the heavenly trumpet speak;

And like streaks of early morn,

ways mark the newly born.
Grant us this, and with us be
Sole Fountain of all charity,
Thou Who dost the SPIRIT give,
Bidding the dead letters live.
Equal praise to FATHER, SON,
And to Thee, the Holy One,
By Whose quickening Breath divine
Our dull spirits burn and shine.

“This is the day which the LORD hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.” 96. MORNING lifts her dewy veil,

With new-born blessings crowned,
Let us haste her light to hail

In courts of holy ground.
CHRIST hath shed a fairer morn,

From darkness rising free,
In His glorious light new-born,

Let us lift the jubilee.
From the swaddling bands of night

When sprang the world so fair,
Putting on her robes of light,

O what a power was there!
When our God Who gave His Son,

His guilty foes to spare,
Woke to life the guiltless One,

O what a power was there !
When from the Eternal's Hand

The earth in beauty stood,
Decked in light at His command,

He saw and called it good.
Yet a goodlier world it stood

In the Creator's sight,
In the LAMB's all-cleansing blood

Washed to celestial white.

In the light of rising morn

Which o'er creation flies
We descry, by fancy borne,

Heaven's courts beyond the skies.
In the Image of the Eternal,

In CHRIST, of souls the Sun,
Dimly, through the fleshly veil,

We see the Holy One.
In Thy law, blessed TRINITY,

A torch-light sure and true,
What Thou forbiddest may we flee,
What Thou dost bid, pursue.


Abide with us, for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent." 97. SOURCE of light and life divine,

Thou didst cause the light to shine;
Thou didst bring Thy sunbeams forth
O’er Thy new-created earth.
Shade of night, and morning ray,
Took from Thee the name of day;
Now again the shades are nigh,
Listen to our mournful cry.
May we ne'er, by guilt depressed,
Lose the way to endless rest;
May no thoughts impure and vain
Draw our souls to earth again.
Rather lift them to the skies,
Where our much-loved treasure lies;
Help us in our daily strife,
Make us struggle into life.
Holy FATHER, Holy Son,
HOLY SPIRIT, Three in One,
Praise and Glory be to Thee
Now and for eternity.


“There shall be no night there."
98.0 Thou, Whose Throne is hid from men,

By more than earthly rays,
Before Whose Face e'en seraphs shrink

And tremble as they gaze ;
Here we Thy people sit forlorn

In darkness doomed to dwell,
But soon Thy bright eternal Day

That darkness shall dispel.
This Day Thou hast in store for us

This Day so fair and bright;
How faint the mid-day sun, compared

With its celestial light.
But ah! too long thou lingerest,

The long-expected Day,
For why! this body's toilsome load

Must first be cast away.
But when my soul hath ta'en her flight

From earthly bonds set free,
To see Thee, love Thee, praise Thy Name,

Her endless task shall be.
O may we so, blest Three in One,

Thy present light improve,
That we hereafter may enjoy

Thy glorious beams above.



“He spreadeth out the heavens like a curtain, and layeth the beams of His chambers in the waters, and maketh the clouds His chariot." 99. COME, let us praise the Name of God,

Who spread the lofty skies,
And to the firmament above

Uplift our wondering eyes.

Slow floating in the blue expanse

The watery clouds we view;
Whence fruitful showers, at God's command,

The thirsty soil bedew.
How fair a type of God's free grace

Which to our souls is given;
It drops into the inner man,

Like gentle dews from Heaven.
And as the faithful heart receives

The sanctifying shower,
In rapture sweet

'tis raised aloft
By God's Almighty power.
O happy saints, on whom are poured

Such blessings from above:
O may they show a thankful heart

And render love for love!
To God the FATHER, GOD the Son,

And God the HOLY GHOST,
All glory be from saints on earth,

And from the Angel-host.

The day is Thine, and the night is Thine. Thou hast prepared the light and the sun." 100. O Thou, the FATHER's Image blest !

Who callest forth the morning ray,
O Thou eternal Light of light!

And inexhaustive Fount of day!
True Sun !-upon our souls arise,

Shining in beauty evermore ;
And through each sense the quickening beam

Of the eternal SPIRIT pour.
Thee too, O FATHER, we entreat,

FATHER of might and grace divine !
FATHER of glorious majesty!

Thy pitying eye on us incline.
Confirm us in each good resolve,
The Tempter's en vious rage subdue ;

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