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From the State of


Henry B. Metcalfe.
Simeon B. Chittenden.
Archibald M. Bliss.
Edwin R. Meade.
Samuel S. Cox.
Smith Ely, jr.
Fernando Wood.
Abram S. Hewitt.
Benjamin A. Willis.
George M. Beebe.
John H. Bagley, jr.
Charles H. Adams.
Martin I. Townsend.
Andrew Williams.
Henry H. Hathorn.
Samuel F. Miller.
George A. Bagley.
Elias W. Leavenworth.
Clinton D. MacDougall.
Elbridge G. Lapham.
Charles C. B. Walker.
John M. Davy.
George G. Hoskins.
Nelson I. Norton.


Miles Ross.
Robert Hamilton.
Augustus W. Cutler.
Frederick H. Teese.
Augustus A. Hardenbergh.


Chapman Freeman.
Charles O'Neill.
Samuel J. Randall.
John Robbins.
Washington Townsend.
Alan Wood, jr.
Hiester Clymer.
A. Herr Smith.
William Mutchler.
Francis D. Collins.
James B. Reilly.
John B. Packer.
Joseph Powell.
Sobieski Ross.
John Reilly.
William S. Stenger.
Levi Maish.
L. A. Mackey.
Jacob Turney.
James H. Hopkins.
Alexander G. Cochrane.
John W. Wallace.
George A. Jenks.

James Sheakley.
| Albert G. Egbert.


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From the State of


s Thomas J. Henderson.

Greenbury L. Fort.
Richard H. Whiting.
John C. Bagby.
Scott Wike.
William M. Springer.
Adlai E. Stevenson.
Joseph G. Cannon.
John R. Eden..
William A. J. Sparks.
William R. Morrison.
William Hartzell.
William B. Anderson.



Edward C. Kehr.
Erastus Wells.
William H. Stone.
Robert A. Hatcher.
Richard P. Bland.
Charles H. Morgan.
John F. Philips.
Benjamin J. Franklin.
David Rea.
Rezin A. De Bolt.
John B. Clark, jr.
Johu M. Glover.
Aylett H. Buckner.
Lucien C. Gause.
William F. Slemons.
William W. Wilshire.
Thomas M. Gunter,
Alpheus S. Williams.
Henry Waldron.
Allen Potter.
William B. Williams.
George H. Durand.
Omar D. Conger.
Nathan B. Bradley.

Jesse J. Finley.
s John H. Reagan.

David B. Culberson.
James W. Throckmorton.
Roger Q. Mills.
John Hancock.




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Two hundred and fifty members having answered to their names,
The Clerk announced that a quorum was present.
Mr. Holman submitted the following preamble and resolution, viz:

Whereas the House being informed that since its last adjournment Hon. Michael C. Kerr, who at the commencement of the present Con. gress was elected Speaker of the House, has departed this life, creating a vacancy in the office of Speaker: Therefore,

Resolved, That the House do now proceed to the election of a Speaker viva voce.

Mr. Banks, as a question of privilege, presented the credentials of James B. Belford as Representative from the State of Colorado, and moved that the oath of office be administered to the said Belford.

Mr. Holman demanded the previous question on the adoption of the said resolution ;


Mr. Banks made the point of order that the right of a member to participate in the election of a Speaker was a question of higher privilege than the election of a Speaker.

The Clerk overruled the point of order, on the ground that the resolution submitted by Mr. Holman presented a question of privilege ; and that pending the decision of such question another question of privilege could not be submitted.

From this decision of the Clerk Mr. Banks appealed ;
Pending which,
Mr. Cox moved that the said appeal be laid on the table.

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