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Is Sold Separately.







Stiff and stately :

A bud but lately.
1 Hark! it's the tabby cat's song :
2 Poor Juliet he thought was a corpse.
3 The boats on it race well along,
4 She's grey, but the far better horse.


1 A musician who has written a charming autobio

graphy. 2 A musician also, and, like my first, pure and happy. 1 “Mourns his spirit, anguish torn," 2 What his vessel is to the " sailor-born." 3 A shape ascribed to the god of day,

Or an emblem of empire, choose which you may. 4 I spring eternal in the human breast. 5 The moorhen 'midst my sedges builds her nest.


Over the notes your fingers may stray,

For I shall be absent, not present, to-day.
1 A conic section I've described,
2 And legal study I have tried;
3 At x and y I have made essay,
4 But every year I play away.


1 “Old Caspar took it from the boy,

Who stood expectant by;
And then the old nan shook his head,

And, with a natural sigh-
' 'Tis some poor fellow's skull,' said he,
Who fell in the great victory.'”

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2 “Last noon beheld them full of lusty life,

Last eve in Beauty's circle proudly gay;
The midnight brought the signal sound of strife,

The morn the marshalling in arms,—the day

Battle's magnificently stern array ! * * * Rider and horse !—friend, foe !-in one red

burial blent !"

1 " For 'tis the hand we love the best

That deals the hardest

2 " Sure 'twas the clash of swords ! * * O Marcia, should thy brothers for


sake! I die with horror at the thought."

3 “He had lived for his love, for his country he died,

They were all that to life had entwin'd him, Nor soon shall the tears of his country be dried,

Nor long will his love stay behind him.”

4 Greater than the Rhine, Rhone, or Danube.

* * " A slow, vast volume of water, mild and beneficent as his statue in the Vatican."

5 “ When maidens such as die

Their place ye may not well supply,
Though ye among a thousand try

With vain endeavour."

6 “A palace dedicate to him

Who on this day, the famed tenth of August, Slaughter'd-more cruelly than Swiss guard-fell

7 “Sly stab o' the tongue. 8 “ This little Principality,

The gamblers' home.”


Two modern heroines.
I. “Bear a lily in thy hand;

Gates of brass cannot withstand
One touch of that magic wand.
Bear through sorrow, wrong, and ruth,
In thy heart the dew of youth,

On thy lips the smile of truth.”
II. “I marvel who will crown you wife, yon grand

And goodly creature ! Who will mount supreme
Curb the strong will that leaps, and foams, and

chafes Unto the golden gate, where quiet sits Grave matronhood."


1 An unhappy Stuart.
2 A renegade French general.
3 A British king.
4. A Byronic hero.
5 A Jewish queen.
6 A Poet's love.


“ Mein Vater hat mich kaum geliebt."

1 “Named from him 'gainst whom I first was thun2 “I swear to thee by Cupid's strongest bow;


By all the vows that men have ever broke,
In number more than ever women spoke,
In that same place thou hast appointed me,

To-morrow truly will I meet with thec.” 3

" Hie thee hither That I may pour my spirit in thine ear.” 4 “Sports prepare, the bring,

Songs of triumph to him sing." 5 And I, of whom his eyes

had seen the proof At Rhodes, at Cyprus, and on other grounds,

Christen'd and heathen-must be-lee'd and calm'd." 6 “Behind the arras I'll convey myself, To hear the

process; 'Tis meet that some more audience than a mother, Since nature makes them partial, should o'erhear The speech of vantage."


1 “While of his hidden soul the sins he told,

Proud Alaric's descendant could not brook

That mortal man his bearing should behold.” 2 "King James within her princely bower,

Feasted the chiefs of Scotland's power.” 1 “And her hat with shady brim

Made her tressy forehead dim;
Thus she stood amid the stooks

Praising God with sweetest looks."
2 “Her father lov'd me; oft invited me;

Still question'd me the story of my life.” 3 “In dark fens of the swamp

The hunted negro lay.”

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