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Public Statute Laws (1808), published by authority. Printed by

Hudson and Goodwin. In 2 books, 2 vols. [Compiled by J. Treadwell, E. Perkins, and T. Day. Contains prefixed, advertisement by compiler, with index and table, also charter (of 1662) and constitution of United States, with session laws.] 2 vols. “2 Books." 8°.

Hartford, 1808. "Book 1" is a revision. xiv + (118) + 696 p.

"Book 2" contains public statute laws. 379 p.
(1821), as revised and enacted in May 1821; to which are pre-

fixed, Declaration of Independence, constitutions of United
States and of State. Published under authority. (Compiled
by Z. Swift, L. Whitman, and T. Day.) Printed by Goodrich,
Huntington, and Hopkins.
XV + 512 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1821. (1824), as revised and enacted in May 1821, with the Acts of the

three subsequent sessions included. Prefixed are Declaration
of Independence, and constitutions of United States and of
Connecticut. Published by authority. Compiled by Z. Swift,
L. Whitman, and T. Day.}
xii + 469 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1824. (1826), passed since session of General Assembly of 1824. Pub

lished under direction of Secretary of State. Printed by H. Hun-
tington, Jr.
(1) + (1) + 473-502 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1826.
Shown in Albert Carlos Bates' “Connecticut Statute Laws."
(1835), compiled (by order] of General Assembly. Prefixed are

Declaration of Independence, and constitutions of United States
and of Connecticut. Published by authority. John B. Eldredge,
1 leaf + 1-34 + 357–640 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1835.
Shown in Albert Carlos Bates' “ Connecticut Statute Laws."
(1837), (comprising] laws passed at May and December sessions

1836, and May session 1837; with errata, and some public Acts
not included in edition of 1835. Published by authority. Printed
by J. L. Boswell.
1 leaf + 3-109 + 1 leaf + i-viii p. 8°. Hartford, 1837.

Shown in Albert Carlos Bates' “ Connecticut Statute Laws."
(1838), compiled.
717 p. 8°

Hartford, 1839. Public Acts (1843), passed 1839-1843. 89.

Hartford, 1845. In New York Bar Association. (1868), in force 1866–1868. 8o.

Hartford, 1868.
In Harvard Law School.
Revised Statutes (1849); Dutton, Waldo, & Fellowes. (Published

by authority.)
xvi + 758 p. 8°

Hartford, 1849. Statutes of Connecticut (1854); Dutton, Perry, Dunham et al.

(Published by authority.)
xviii + 1070 p. 8o.

New Haven, 1854. General Statutes (1866); Dutton, Waldo, & Booth. (Published by

lxi + 891 p. 8o.

New Haven, 1866. (“Revision of 1875 "); Booth, Woodruff, Mather et al. (Pub

lished by authority.)
lix + 749 p. 8o.

Hartford, 1874. (“Revision of 1887”); Hovey, Fenn, Walsh, & McLean. (Pub

lished by authority.)
lxi + 1179 p. 8o.

Hartford, 1887.
("Revision of 1902 "); Warner, Greene, White, et al.
1505 p. 80.

Hartford, 1902. Election Laws (1842), Public Acts relating to elections, and the

admissions of electors.
48 p. 8°.

New Haven, 1842. Common Schools (1866), Public Acts relating to common schools,

in force Jan. 1866.
32 p. 8o.

Hartford, 1866. Laws relating to Education (1868).

Hartford, 1868. (1872). x + 57 p. 8°.

New Haven, 1872. Index to General Statutes and Public Acts (1875-1882). 191 p. 8o.

Hartford, 1883. From 1889-93 both inclusive [by James J. Buchanan). 413 p. 8o.

Hartford, 1894.

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General Index to Private Laws and Special Acts, compiled by

Samuel A. Eddy. (Published by authority.) (Comprising the
period from 1789 to 1897.]
322 p. 8o.

Bridgeport, 1897. Resolves, Private and Special Laws (1789–1909), Vols. 1-15,

Part 2. (“Vols. 1-8 abridged, legislation of no present interest
being omitted;" Vols. 9-15 are unabridged reprints; Vols. 14
and 15 are each in 2 parts, making 17 vols. in all.]
17 vols. 8°.

Hartford, 1789-1909.

CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS, CONSTITUTIONS, ETC. Note. — The constitution at present in force in this state is that of Oct. 12, 1818.

1789. Convention; (ratifying United States constitution), printed by Hudson

and Goodwin. (" At the end are the proceedings of Connecticut
in ratifying the constitution. This issue is found both singly
and bound as a part of the revision of 1784, 2d ed. The edition
was 1136 copies."')

Hartford, 1789.
Shown in Albert Carlos Bates' “ Connecticut Statute Laws."

1638-39. “ First Constitution of Connecticut;" Fundamental laws adopted

by the inhabitants of the Three River Towns, 1638 and 1639.
Bound with “Blue Laws, True and False,” by J. Hammond
Trumbull, editor. p. 51.
vi + 360 p. 12mo.

Hartford, 1876. Constitution; For this constitution see Johnston's History of Connecticut (“ American Commonwealths ”), pp. 63 and 389.

1776. Constitution; consists of an Act containing abstract, and Declara

tion of Rights and privileges of the people and securing the same. (See United States Charters and Constitutions, Part I, p. 257, where it is said: “This continued the charter of 1662 in force as the organic law of the state.")

1818. Constitutional Convention; journal of proceedings of convention

of delegates, Hartford, Aug. 26, 1818, for forming a constitu-
tion of civil government. Printed by order of General As-
121 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1873. Constitutional Convention - Continued.

Reprinted by order of comptroller.
121 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1901. Constitution; printed by F. D. Bolles & Co. 1 leaf + 3–24 p. 12mo.

Hartford, 1818.
Shown in Albert Carlos Bates' " Connecticut Statute Laws."
Printed by E. Babcock and Son.
1 leaf +3-24 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1818.
Shown in Albert Carlos Bates' “ Connecticut Statute Laws."
Printed by William S. Marsh. Published by order of convention.
1 leaf + 3-24 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1818.
Shown in Albert Carlos Bates' " Connecticut Statute Laws."
A copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters

and Constitutions, Part I, p. 258. Constitutions (1638–1818), the three constitutions of Connecticut,

1638–9, 1662, 1818, messages of the Governor, rejected
amendments, Act calling convention, proclamation of gov-
ernor, roll of delegates. With notes by C. J. Hoadly. Com-
piled in comptroller's office.
128 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1901. Constitutions and convention (1639-1818). Historical notes on

constitutions of Connecticut 1639-1818, particularly on the
origin, etc., of movement which resulted in convention of 1818,
and adoption of present constitution. By J. H. Trumbull.
62 p. 8°.

Hartford, 1901.
Note. The State Library of Massachusetts has another edition of this

volume, Hartford, 1873. 60 p. 8°. Constitution Amendments. This constitution has been amended

as follows: Arts. I, II, III adopted Nov. 1828; Art. IV adopted Nov. 1832; Arts. V and VI adopted Nov. 1836; Art. VII adopted Oct. 1838; Art. VIII adopted Oct. 1845; Arts. IX and X adopted Oct. 1850; Art. XI adopted Oct. 1855; Art. XII adopted Oct. 1856; Art. XIII adopted Aug. 1864; Art. XIV adopted Aug. 1873; Art. XV adopted Oct. 1874; Arts. XVI and XVII adopted Oct. 1875; Arts. XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII adopted Oct. 1876; Arts. XXIV, XXV adopted Oct. 1877; Art. XXVI adopted Oct. 1880; Art. XXVII adopted Oct. 1884; Art. XXVIII adopted Oct. 1886; Art. XXIX adopted Oct. 1897; Arts. XXX and XXXI adopted Oct. 1901; Arts. XXXII and XXXIII adopted Oct. 1905; and an amendment concerning adjournments of the legislature, Oct. 1911. (Connecticut State Library, Jan. 10, 1912; also Connecticut State Register and Manual, 1911.)


1901. Connecticut Constitution; Melbert B. Cary. 140 p. 8o.

New Haven, 1900. Constitution (1818–1901), including amendments and excluding such

parts as are not now in force, also constitution of United
44 p. 4to.

Hartford (Nov. 20), 1901.
2d ed.
44 p. 4to.

Hartford (Dec. 14), 1901. Revision of Constitution; revised by George M. Clark. 16 p. 89.

Higganum, Conn., 1902. Constitution Amendments; debate, James G. Batterson and

Morgan G. Bulkeley.
53 p. 8°


1902. Journal of Constitutional Convention; printed by authority. 467 p. 8o.

[Hartford], 1902. Journal of Convention; printed by authority. 493 p. 8°

Hartford, 1902. Constitutional Convention; printed resolutions (consisting of reso

lutions, etc., concerning a new constitution).
Various paging. 8°.

n.t.p. N.D. Proposed Constitution to be submitted to electors for adoption

or rejection, June 16, 1902.
20 p. 8°.

n.p. Constitution; proposed amendment in the form of a revision of the

constitution, Sept. 10, 1907. 12 p. 8°




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