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Publish Saturday, M ay 3d:


By John Burroughs, author of "Wake Robin," "Winter Sunshine," "Birds and Poets." One

vol., i6mo, $1.50. A book of charming out-door essays on The Pastoral Bees, Sharp Eyes, Strawberries, Is it going to Rain? Speckled Trout, Birds and Birds, A Bed of Boughs, Birds* Nesting, The Halcyon in Canada. It ought to be a very popular book the coming summer.


By A. P. Russell. One vol., i2mo, $2.

A revised and enlarged edition of an attractive book published several years ago. On a thread of essay it strings gems gathered from a wide reading, grouped under various headings—insufficiency, extremes, disguises, standards, rewards, limits, incongruity, mutations, paradoxes, contrasts, types, conduct, religion.



A satire on the various philosophical, theological, and ecclesiastical trifles that divide Christendom, comprised in a series of conferences between Cardinal Unmanning, Rt. Hon. Dead Shure, Matthew Non Ego, Rt. Rev. Fiat Pax, Rev. Beulah Bochim, Dean Manly, Sherbert Dispenser, and Michael Kenealey Ginx.


Riverside Edition.

Skelton and Donne, 2 vols. Herrick, I vol. $1.75 each.

May 10th or i 7th:



As traced in the writings of Alexander Hamilton and of his Contemporaries. By John C. Hamilton. Fourth Edition. With many Heliotype portraits. Seven vols., 8vo, $25.

_ This important historical work is made more valuable and attractive by a large number of authentic portraits of men eminent in the military and civil service of the country in the days of Washington.


By Charles E. Pratt. One vol.,*i6mo.

This little book narrates the history of the rise and progress of the bicycle, gives all information for managing it skilfully, has several illustrations, and, in short, is a compact hand-book of the bicycle.


Nicholas Nickleby, 2 vols. Bleak House, 2 vols. A Tale Of Two Cities, I vol. Fully illustrated, bound handsomely and substantially in dark-green cloth, $1.50 a volume.


The Betrothed, I vol. Fair Maid Of Perth, I vol. The Surgeon's Daughter, I vol. PevEril Of The Peak, I vol. Waverlf.y, I vol. Substantially and handsomely bound in brown cloth, $1 a volume.

E#~ These editions of Dickens and Waverlby are so substantial, tasteful, and cheap, that booksellers can hardly fail to sell them in large numbers. .


By Helen M. Knowlton. i6mo, illustrated.

A thoroughly practical and helpful little book, by one who understands admirably both drawing and the giving of excellent hints.


ITS DANGERS AND ITS DETECTION. By B. Joy Jeffries, M.D. One vol., 8vo.

Dr. Jeffries has made a specialty of Color-blindness, and has discovered that it is far more common than was formerly supposed. The great practical importance of perfect vision in many vocations and the danger that may arise from undetected imperfection of sight, lend to this subject very deep interest.


ITS GRAMMATICAL AND LOGICAL PRINCIPLES. By Harris R. Greene, A.M., Principal of the Oread Institute for Young Ladies, Worcester, Mass. One vol., 121110.

This is not an ordinary grammar, but a careful and exhaustive discussion of the various organic forms of expression common to all languages, also of the various elements of thought. It is confidently believed that this work will supply a deficiency that thoughtful educators have long felt in the study of language, and that it will be found as fresh and original « " is valuable.

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Fublishers, Booksellers, Innporters, 714 BROADWAY, NEW YORK,

In addition to their own list of Standard Works, have arranged for the future publication of the following list of Books lately published by Houghton, Osgood & Co., for Albert Mason:

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McLeod’s (Donald) Life of Walter Scott. 1 vol., 12mo, Illustrated. Magoon’s (Rev. E. L.) Distinguished Amercan Orators. Illustrated. 1 vol., 12mo. Orators of the American Revolution. 1 vol., 12mo, Illustrated. March’s (Hon. C. W.) Daniel Webster AND his Contemporaries. 1 vol., 12mo, Cooper’s Naval History. A new edition. avo. Trowbridge’s (Mrs. Laura) Excelsior CookBook, ANd Housekeeper's AID. 1 vol., 12mo, Annuals of Scientific Discovery. Year-Books of Facts in Science and Art, exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Geography, Antiquities, etc., together with a list § Recent Scientific Publications: a Classified List of Patents: Obituaries of Eminent Scientific Men. With Minute Index of Subjects. Edited by David A. WELLs, A.M., M.D. For years 1850 to 1874; in 22 vols., 12mo, each with portrait. Sold separately or in sets.

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Bryant & Stratton’s Business, Arithmetic For
Commercial Colleges and Business Men. 8vo. ---
The Commercial ARITHMET1c. Counting-house edition.
Hedge’s (Levi, LL.D.) Logic. 12mo.
Jameson's (Alexander, LL.D.) GRAMMAR of
Logic AND Intellectual Philosophy. 12mo.
GRAMMAR of Rhetoric AND Polite LITERATURE. 12mo.
Pierson’s (David H., A.M.) A System of Ques-
tions in GeoGRAPHY. Adapted to any Modern Atlas.
New and revised edition. 12mo.
Putnam’s (Worthy) Elocution AND ORAtory.
saintine’s (x. B.) Picciola, the Prisoner of FEN-
Estrella; or, Captivity Captive. A new edition, with
Illustrations. 12mo,
Stael’s (Madame de) Corn NE ; or, Italy. Translated
by Isabel. Hill. 12mo.
Stoddard’s (J. F., A.M.) The Complete Ready-
Reckoner. 24mo, tuck covers.

Benedict’s Algebra.

Emerson’s National Arithmetic. Part I., Part II., Part III. Key to Second and Third Parts.

Town’s (salem) Analysis. ition.

First READER. Half bound.
Second READER. Half bound.
Third READER. Half bound.
Fourth READER. Cloth.
Fifth READER. Cloth.
Old Spelling-Book.

Lambert (Etienne) and Sardou's (Alfred) Idiomatic Key to French Language; or, Collection of about 2000 Idioms of the Actual Spoken Language.

Alphabetically arranged, with or. English Wer

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New and Improved

Revised and Enlarged.


A. C. ARMSTRONG & SON, New York. \

sion. 12mo.

ALL THE FRENch VERBs AT A Gloxce. 12mo,


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One page $1800

Half page 10 00

Quarter page 6 en

Eighth page 400

Per line 20

Special rates for yearly or other contracts.

A deduction at the rate oj'$4 per page, throughout these terms, for each re-insertion of standing matter. Pages fer re-insertion must be ordered kept standing.

Special positions. $5 per page extra. Applications for special paces will be honored in order of receipt.

All advertisements not ordered re-inserted or contracted for, to be charged at single rates. In case of imperfect fulfilment of contracts, all pages inserted to be charged up at single rates.

Books Wanted, or for Exchange, or Rare and Seconahand Books for Sale. 10 cents per line. Situatinns Wanted, free insertion of five lines.

Short advertisements must he paid in advance.

Advertisements should reach the office not later than Wednesday morning, but are desired as much earlier as possible.


One year, postage prepaid 93 so

Three months, postage prepaid 1 00

Single copies, 8 cents; post-paid, 10 cents.

All subscriptions payable in advance.

Remittances should be made by draft on New York, P.O. money order, or registered letter. We cannot be responsible for loss.

Address P. O. Box 4295, IT. Y.

Puslication Office-. 13 & 15 Park Row, N. Y.

The offices of The Publishers' Weekly, as also of F. Leypoldt, have been removed to 13 and 15 Park Row, near Broadway. Rooms 39-43. Elevator in the building.


D. Appleton & Co. add this week to their neat and popular Handy Volume Series a summary of the views of "Ruskin on Painting" and a new story. " An Accomplished Gentleman," by Julian Sturgis.

Bangs & Co. will hold their spring parcel sale at their new salesroom, Broadway, opposite Astor Place, May 12th. They expect invoices from several leading publishers, and ask the attention of trade buyers as well as buyers in general to possible bargains.

A Very unfortunate error crept into our columns last week. Mr. Worthington's Tennyson, in Chandos Classic style, is at the very low price of so cents, not 50, as there reported. There is a limit to cheapness, and Mr. Worthington has pretty closely reached it in offering all Tennyson, including the new poems, at the price named.

Roberts Brothers publish this week a new edition, from Wilson's press, of William Morris'" Story of Sigurd the Volsung, and the Fall of the Niblungs" ($2.50). a story to which Mr. Morris' characteristic style of narration and description is finely suited; and " The Life and Adventures of Ernst Moritz Arndt," who

was popularly regarded as par excellence the singer of the German fatherland. This is a crown octavo, and is introduced to the public under the auspices of the author of "Ecce Homo," who furnishes a preface ($2.25).

Geo. Routledge & Sons call attention to the important line of books of travel by Augustus J. C. Hare, which are of the utmost interest to the stay-at-home traveller as well as to the European tourist. The plan of these unique books, on London, Rome and Italy, and Spain, is to present a descriptive re'sume' of points of interest, and to this to append extracts from the great writers who have described them. They are charming, delightful books,—to the ordinary guide-book what the Pullman palace is to the regulation railway-car.

Houhton, Osgood & Co. publish this week Mr. Burroughs' attractive out-door and summer book, "Locusts and Wild Honey" ($1.50); Mr. Russell's revised and enlarged "Library Notes," full of quotable sentences gathered from a very wide range of reading, and making a very desirable book ($2); "The Peace Parliament," an anonymous little book, satirizing the unessential notions that so many regard as essential features of their several creeds (50 cents); and, in the Riverside edition of the British poets, Skelton and Donne in two volumes, and Herrick in one.

The new house of A. C. Armstrong & Son has added to its catalogue the well-known list of Oakley & Mason, more recently Albert Mason, for some time in the hands of Hurd & Houghton and Houghton, Osgood & Co. This includes a number of standard works, among them the fine Riverside edition of Macaulay's Essays, and other editions from the same plates; the library edition of Josephus; Kinglake's "Eothen ;" Mitchell's works on astronomy; Magoon's books on American orators; Macduff s popular religious books ; Zschokke's "History of Switzerland;" a library line of poets, etc.; also, a very well-known series of educational books, as Town's spellers, readers, and analysis, tried and still popular old standards; Bryant and Stratton's arithmetics, etc. Mr. Armstrong starts his list with solid books. Robert Carter & Bros, give us further information as to Miss Warner's new novel, "My Desire," which will be ready May 14th. "The scene is laid partly amid the simple farm life of New England, and partly among the gayeties of fashionable life in Philadelphia. Among the people in the book are the simple but true Desire, the crafty Olive, the worldly Caroline, and the quaint Grandmother. Polly Bininger is a character with her ' Nice spring chickens, jes'right for brilin'.'and Mrs. Deacon Sadler, who says to Desire when the latter comes to her help at the time her seven children, all under twelve, are down with the measles,' I'd jest as lieves have you as the angel Gabriel' Nor are there many better characters than good, kind Deacon Parsons, who, when asked what a sunny day in April made him think of, replied, ' It's good for the pastur'; that's what I think.'"


May 7 and 8, 3.30 P.m. :—Private library, inch philosophical, metaphysical, classical, and oriental books.— —Bangs.

May 12 :—Spring Parcel Sale.—Ban«s.


In this list, the titles in brevier are direct transcriptions from books actually received, according to the rultt 0/ the American Library Association; those in nonpareil are front the best information available■, and will bt repeated in brevier when the book is received for registry.

The notes followed by a number are those whtch are sent out on printed title-slips, as revised by the Library Association authorities: unless bracketed, which means that they have not yet been so revised. Those not followed by a number are on the sole authority of the Weekly, and are not included in the title-slip registry.

The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustus.- B: Benjamin; C; Charles: D: Daniel: E: Edward: F: Frederic; G: George: H; Henry: I: Isaac: 7: John,- L: Louis; N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R.Richard; S: Samuel; T: Thomas: W: William.

Sizes are designated as follows: F. {folio: over 30 centimeters high); Q. {$to: under 30 cm.); O. (five .- 15 cm.); D. {i-zmo: no cm.); S. (ibmo: 17J4 cm.); T. (i^mo: 15 cm.); Tt. (32ml?.- 12% cm.) ; Fe.X&mo: 10 en*.). So., obi, nar., designate square, oblong, narrow books of these heights. Where figure instead of letter symbols are used, the record is from publisher1 s designation, and not measurement.

Imported books are marked with an asterisk; authors* and subscription books, or books Published at net P~ica, with two asterisks ; educational books published at " •wholesale''' prices, with a dagger.

Baker, G M., ed. Reading club and handy speaker: serious, humorous, pathetic, patriotic and dramatic sel. in prose and poetry for readings and recitations, no. 6. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1879. 4 + 102 p. S. cl., 50 c.

50 selections from Elijah Kellogg, Mark Twain. John G. Saxe, Max Adder, Lover, Kate Putnam Osgood, Josh Billings, Nora Perry, and others. Baker, Rev. Walter. Handbook for visitors of the sick.

N. Y., Tibbals, 1879. 310 p. 160. cl., 80 c. ; gilt, $1;

leath., $t.2{.

Baring-Gould, S. The vicar of Morwenstow: a life of Rob. Stephen Hawker, M.A. N.Y., T: Whittaker, [1879]. 312 p. por. D. cl., $1.75.

Rev. R. S. Hawker (b. 1804, d. 1875) was 41 years vicar of Morwenstow, Cornwall, England; a high churchman during life; entered Roman Catholic fold on his deathbed; his remarkable character and many peculiarities are illustrated by an unusual number of grave and humorous anecdotes ; also ample details of his clerical work and private life, s appendices contain list of the Granville letters, and a sermon of H. Writer of memoir is author of " The origin and development of religious belief," "Yorkshire oddities,11 etc.

Barr, W: M. Practical treatise on combustion of coal, incl. descriptions of various mechanical devices for the economic generation of heat by the combustion of fuel, whether solid, liquid or gaseous. Indianapolis, Ind, Yohn Bros., 1879. 8 + 307 p. il. and 7 pi. O. cl., $2.50.

Text or reference book for persons interested in saving fuel; simply written for general reading; chapters on: The atmosphere; Fuels ; Analysis of coal; Combustion; Air required for furnace combustion ; The furnace ; Products of combustion ; Thermal power of fuels; Heat; The construction of furnaces; Mechanical firing; Spontaneous combustion of coal; Coal-dust fuel; Liquid fuel; Gaseous fuel; Utilizing waste gas from the furnace; Pousard's process and apparatus for generating gaseous fuel. Index. Author was for years supt. of the Atlas Works in Indianapolis.

Beerbohm, Julius. Wanderings in Patagonia; or, life among the ostrich-hunters. N. Y., Holt, 1879. 294 p. il. and map, S. (Leisure hour ser., no. 104.) cl., $1.

Record of a journey taken in 1877; the personal experience, incl. dangerous adventures in hunting and with natives, of one of a party of engineers; offers information relative to a country and people little known or written about. "Has as much interest as any novel of adventure. . . . To this adds all the charm of a veracious record of travel which it is, and travel through a strange land and among strange people. Told with admirable directness and force."—Ev. Post. Map of part of Patagonia to illustrate journey. Index.

Brooks, Airs. Maria Gowen [pseud., " Maria del Occideme."] Z6phie*l ; or, the bride of seven, ed. by Mrs. Zadel Barnes Gustafson. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1879. 57 + 261 p. S. cl., $1.50.

An oriental epic, first published in Boston in 1825 ; founded upon the story of Sara, Raguel's daughter, as given in the book of Tobit, in the Apocrypha; design of poem is to show how love affects individual fate, moulding and swaying both human and angelic nature; Rufus W. Griswold characterizes il (1845) as "one of the few compositions destined for durable fame . . . one of the most original, passionate, and harmonious works of imagination ever con

I ceived." Author born in MedforJ, Mass., 1797—d. about I I84s> Mrs. Gustafson, author of "Meg: a pastoral," pre'faces poem with a sketch (46 p.) of Mrs. Brooks' life, and j letters from celebrated writers who knew her. Notes (60 p.).

! Crosby, Howard. True temperance reform

address delivered in Anthon Memorial

Church, N. Y., Feb. 13. 1879. N. Y., A. D.

F. Randolph & Co., 1879. 29 p. S. pap., 10c.

Opposes total abstinence method ; offers a new plan ot

reform, chief features of which are a law prohibiting tk

sale of distilled (as distinguished from fermented and malt'i

i liquors, and the imprisonment of drunkards.

Deville, E. Examples of astronomic and geodetic calculations for land surveyors. Quebec, P. G. Delisle, 1878. 109 p. O. cl., f 1.50.

Dickens, C: Complete works. New ed. Phil., Porter« Coates, 1879, M v- *'■ I2°i c'-« $M<

Drury, E: Ja. Comical French grammar; or, French in an amusing point of view, being extractic, fantastic, idiomatic, methodic, phlegmatic, theatric and graphic. Bost., Estes & Lauriat, 1879. 104 p. il. S. cl., $1.

Contains all rules, explanations, etc., necessary for an acquisition of a sure foundation of the French language in 2 month; examples illustrated by humorous pictures in text; extracts for reading; also a facetious dissertation on education in general.

Fisher, G: P., D.D. Faith and rationalism, with short supplementary essays on related topics. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1879. iSS p. D. cl., $1.25.

Address delivered before Princeton Theological School; sets forth the essential nature and the basis of faith, and by contrast the method and spirit of rationalism; has to do with the philosophy of religion. Appendix contains 7 essays, on: Teaching of theology on the moral basis of fiuth: Doctrine of nescience respecting God; Doctrine of evolution in its relation to the argument of design ; Reasonableness of the Christian doctrine of prayer ; Jesus was not a religious enthusiast; Moral and spiritual elements of the atonement; Unity of belief among Christians.

Gibbons, Rev. Ja., D.D. The faith of our fathers: plain exposition and vindication of the church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ. lltk rev. and en/, ed. Bait., Md., J: Murphy & Co., 1879. 480 p. S. cl., $1 ; gilt, 91.5a— Same, cheap ed., pap., 50 c.

First published in 1876, since when 50,000 copies ha« been sold ; present edition contains a new chapter on the prerogatives and sanctity of the Blessed Virgin Mary; work offer* in a plain, practical form, for reference or teaching, an exposition and vindication of the principal tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. Index.

Greville, Henry {pseud.) [A/me. Alice Durand.] Dournof: a Russian story; from the French by Miss Marie Stewart. Phil., Peterson, [1879]. 17-276 P- s<\- S. cl., $1 ; pap., 50c Hero's name gives title to book, which presents a carefully studied picture of the manners and customs of the Russian middle class: written by the author during her residence in St. Petersburg; chief motive of work is to develop the character of hero, an ambitious young Lawyer, who is the victim of an unhappy love and an unfortunate marriage.

Hewitt. E. W. and Coleman, W. E., eds. Index to general orders and circulars affecting the quart crawler's department, U. S. A., 1865-1878, incl. 2d ed., rer. smd enl. Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Ed. W. Hewitt. 1S79- t**>^ (interleaved,) Ib°. hf. leath., $2 ; pap., $1.50.

James, H: Ammon. Communism in America, Yale John A. Porter prize essay for 1878. N.Y.. Holt, 1879. 7 + 86 p. sq. Q. pap., $1.

Divided into 5 parts: 1. Introductory—The use of the terms Communism and Socialism in America, 2. The old communism, including account of the religious communities, the Owen and Fourier movements. 3. The new communism (socialism). 4. The meaning and value of the new communism (socialistic movement). 5. Conclusion. Considers socialism a real danger, to be met by growing recognition of personal responsibility, but less threatening in adaptable democracy than under aristocratic government. Index.

Kinglake, Alex. W: Eothen; or, traces of travel brought home from the east. N. Y., Harper, 1879. 41 p. Q. (Franklin sq. lib., no. 54.) pap., 10 c.

By the author of "The invasion of the Crimea:" originally published in 1844 '■> account of a journey in the east, from Belgrade to Constantinople, Smyrna, Cyprus, through the Holy Land, etc.; chapter on the late Lady Hester Stanhope, and her claims to supernatural powers. Familiarly written, as if to an intimate friend, author dwelling chiefly upon his own experiences and impressions.

Man ual for teachers. Phil., Eldredge & Bro., 1879. 06 p. sq. 160. cL, 50 c.

Manuel, E. V. Fresco manual: coll. of over 300 different designs for usual decoration, ceilings, Japanese ornaments, etc. N. Y., W. Lindemeyer, 1879. 31 pi. 10 x 13 in. obi. cl., $4.

Martin, Mrs. Herbert. For a dream's sake:

a novel. N. Y., Harper, 1879. 54 p. Q.

(Franklin sq. lib., no. 55.) pap., 15 c.

Scenes and characters from fashionable English life;

about a young girl who almost wrecks her life through an

infatuation for an Italian singer; hero of the book is a

oung lawyer, who loves and shields the heroine, and saves

er from despair.

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O'Brien, Rev. J: History of the mass and its ceremonies in the Eastern and Western Church. N. Y., Catholic Pub. Soc. Co., 1879. 19 + 414 p. il. D. cl., $1.50.

History of the mass, as celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church, in the western or Latin branch, and in its eastern divisions in the Russian and Turkish empires, and in Greece. General index (18 p.). Author, Prof, of Sacred Liturgy in Mount St. Mary's College, Emmittsburg, Md.; work approved by archbishops of Baltimore and New York.

Piton, Camille. China painting in America; Album no. 2: Japan. N. Y., J: Wiley & Sons, 1879. 4 p. 15 pi. 48^ x 31^ cm. cl., $2. ; pap., $1.

Portfolio containing 15 plates of designs after the Japanese, that may be used on tiles, plaques, cups and#saucers, cr on any article of china ware, or on embroidery ; intended for.students. Also, text describing plates.

Rapid transit abroad. N. Y.,Ja. Miller, 1879. 196 p. sq. S. cl., $1.25.

Account of a three-months journey taken by a young man during a summer's vacation through Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France.

Wadleigh, R. H., ed. Head-gear, antique and modern. Bost., Coleman & Maxwell, 1879. 41 p. il. sq. O. cl., 50 c.; pap. 35 c. Brief account (with illustrations) of the fashions in headgear of ancient and modern times.

'Watson, J: T. Dictionary of poetical quotations. New ed. Phil., Porter & Coates, 1879. so6 p. ta°. cl., $1.50.

Youatt, W: The dog; ed. with add. by. E. J. Lewis, M.D. New ed. Phil.. Lippincott, 1879. 8°. cl., $2.50.

Youatt, W: The horse; ed. by J. S. Skinner. New ed. Phil., Porter & Coates, 1879. 8". cl., $a.


Catholic Pub. Soc. Co., N. Y.

O'Brien, Hist, of the mass $1-50

Coleman & Maxwell, Boston. Wadleigh, Head-gear 50 c.; 25

P. G. Delisle. Quebec.

Deville, Astronomic and geodetic calculations 1.50

Eld'redge & Bro., Phila. Manual for teachers 50

Estes & Lauriat, Boston.

Drury, Comical French grammar 1.00

Harper & Bros., N. Y.

Kinglake, Eothan (F. S. L., 54).. . , 10

Martin, For a dream's sake (F. S. L., 55). 15

Ed. W. Hewitt, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Hewitt and Coleman, Index to general orders Q. M. Dep., U. S. A., ided..... 2.00

Henry Holt & Co., N. Y.

Beerbohm, Wanderings in Patagonia 1.00

James, Communism in America 1.00

Lee Si Shepard, Boston.

Baker, Reading club and handy speaker,

no. 6 50

Brooks, Z6phiBl 1.50

W. Lindemeyer, N. Y. Manuel, Fresco manual 4.00


J. B. Lippincott & Co., Phila.

Youatt, The dog, new ed $2.50

Jas. Miller, N. Y.

Rapid transit abroad 1.25

John Murphy & Co., Baltimore, Md.

Gibbons, Faith of our fathers, llth rev. and enl. ed. 50 c; 1. 50

T. B. Peterson & Bros.. Phila.

Greville, Dournof. 50 c; 1.00

Porter & Coates, Phila.

Dickens, Complete works, new ed., 14 v. . 14.00 Watson, Dictionary of poetical quotations,

new ed 1.50

Youatt, The horse, new ed. 2.00

A. D. F. Randolph & Co., N. Y

Crosby, True temperance reform to

Chas. Scribner's Sons, N. Y.

Fisher, Faith and rationalism 1.25

N. Tibbals & Sons, N. Y.

Baker, Handbook for visitors of the sick.

80 c; 1.25

Thos. Whittaker. N. Y.

Baring-Gould, Vicar of Morwenstow 1.75

John Wiley & Sons, N. Y.

Piton, China painting in America, no. 2, Japan $1 and 2.00

Yohn Bros., Indianapolis, Ind.

Barr, Combustion of coal 2.50

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