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It was

THE 201st had been a long time hood, were appropriated, almost at Westerly-on-Sea, and was look- entirely, by Westerly. ing out for a change, when-sud

a stirring place comdenly-it came.

pared to Wraxeter

had good There were many worse quarters shops, sea-air, and soldiers; while than Westerly, as the regiment its rival—if rival it could be called would find, to its cost, before very -had nothing but age to recomlong; for, although it was not a mend it. Westerly went to Wraxlarge place, there was plenty of eter just as a young relative visits fun and amusement to be got out an old one from whom advantages of it-fishing, shooting, and court- are to be derived, or as a matter ing, dancing and lawn-tennis. of traditional regard and duty

To be sure, it was only a town; nothing more. Gaiety was not but it was within six miles of a indulged in at the latter place, city_Wraxeter, where there was or frivolity countenanced there. a grand cathedral, and some fine When the soldiers went on Sunold canons and fossil clerics with days, with invitations for the fair handsome and agreeable daughters. ones of the cathedral precincts, The bishop's palace was only a mile they always put up their drags, and a half or so out of the town; dogcarts, and tandems at “The and the social and trade advantages Crown,” and attended divine to be derived from the presence and service as a means to patronage of the Right Reverend Even the railway, which had its Dr Quodlibet, in the neighbour- terminus at Westerly, passed

an end.


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Wraxeter by at a respectful dis- a moment! Here's a young pup tance; and though there was not yet even fledgedstation called Wraxeter Road, the “I was not aware,

retorted easiest way to get to Wraxeter Fitz, who knew from experience was from Westerly—as you gen- to whom the flattering noun was erally had to walk from Wraxeter meant to apply, “that puppies Road, there being no public con- grew feathers at any stage of their veyance to the ancient city. The existence, even under the most palace was nearly as old as the favourable circumstances.” cathedral, and was built, in order “Not even Irish ones ?” laughed to command a good view of the the major ; “well, no.

I beg your sea, long before Westerly existed pardon. Permit me to be more or was thought of. It served now exact.” as a connecting-link between trade “Oh, of course; please yourand theology — between the shop self about it, I don't mind.” and the church. The bishop was “Here's a young pup,” went on a friendly and popular man, and the major, "actually not haired gentlemen's seats were numerous yet, though he goes through the round about.

form of a regulation shave three Notwithstanding that the regi- times a week; who has been gament had been made much of by zetted a little over twelve months ; the inhabitants of both places, the who thinks nothing of rushing undeclaration of war was a source of ceremoniously into the sanctum of the greatest satisfaction to that one of the strictest disciplinarians gallant corps—commonly called the in his regiment, and—stop-yes, “Do-or-Dies” (alias, “D.D.'s," or of actually seating himself unin“Divinity boys "); for the simple vited-hanged if he doesn't !—and, but soldierly reason that it stood I suppose, expects to be offered a first on the roster for foreign cigar into the bargain.” service.

Suiting the action to the word, Major Tynte was busy writing, the major presented the case, and looking into official documents, watched his irrepressible visitor and arranging about the thousand spinning a chair on one leg and and one things—regimental and finally settling down into it, with other which an officer on the both his own long ones stretched eve of departure must of necessity well out in front, his arms on the have to look to at such a time, ack of it, and his chin on his when the clanking of a scabbard, arms. and the sound of rapid footsteps There hovered a smile on the coming up the barrack stairs, dis- good - natured features of the turbed him.

speaker, altogether at variance The major looked up, his cigar with the words; but the big sub in the corner of his mouth, and didn't trouble himself to note the nearest eye closed to keep out either the one or the other. the pungent cloud which arose “Give us a light now, major, from it.


you are about it. Never do “Well, Fitz, my boy-how are things by halves. Thanks! It's you ?” he said.

« Ah ! times are the nature of the beast, you know; changed, and for the worse too, and what can't be cured must be since I was a sub."

endured.” « How so?

“Well,” responded the major, “By Jove! just you think for resuming his own cigar and his

-you need

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pen, “I suppose you are right. would think you had got your Il faut hurler avec les loups.majority in the year One, instead

Fitz put on a thoughtful ex- of its only being the same age as pression, going over the quotation my lieutenancy. I like these airs ! in his mind, and ultimately giving You shut up, major. Look here" it up as a bad job.

—and he raised his big sledge· Hang it!” he said, “it is hammer arm slowly, with the cigar deuced bad form—you must know standing straight up between his that, of course—to speak in an un- fingers—"if you were to step toknown tongue to a-guest.” Here morrow into the shoes—bunions he withdrew the weed from his and corns and all—of the old chief, lips, and calmly contemplated the every sub in the regiment would end of it, while he waited for a just come over here and congratreply.

ulate you on promotion, with a “I was only giving emphasis hearty slap on the back.” to your own sentiment about the Here he resumed his smoke. nature of the beast.

A bad ex- “Stay where you areample is catching. However, I not physically illustrate the assermight have known that you didn't tion, said Tynte, observing a shine in your French at Sand- sudden movement, which seemed hurst.”

to indicate that he was about to No, faith! Right there—for do so; “I can quite imagine the

I always found it hard slap on the back—don't mention enough to speak my own language,” it.” said Fitz, apologetically.

“Well, you just make the best - Which do you call your own

of it, and don't preach any more. - Irish ?

You can't tell how soon the for“Well, no; English, I suppose.” tune of war may give us the op

“I thought you had cheek portunity of testing the truth of enough to say so.”

my statement." “I mean by courtesy or adop- “I hope the fortune of war will tion, of course; if I could only do nothing of the kind, you coldmanage to shake off the brogue, blooded rascal. The supposition I shouldn't make such a bad fist involves disaster to too many galof it. Grammar is quite a sec- lant fellows, to say nothing of the ondary consideration, I find.” chief himself, who is a tip-top

“They don't bother about it at soldier — not the less so because Sandhurst.”

he keeps a tight hand on a young “You're always dead nuts on unkempt Kerry colt let loose Sandhurst."

upon us from the wilds of Bally“Only Sandhurst could produce bog." Fitzmaurice Bateman of ours. I “Oh, I like that !” exclaimed attribute the present state of the the incorrigible sub, throwing his army to its confounded levelling- right leg back again over the chair up system, which is the result of and changing his position in a way pure and unmitigated cram. A which was indicative of disgustyoung fellow just joined should for somehow there was expression assume a virtue if he has it not, in every movement of this big but and show outward respect to his not ungainly son of Anak and Hisuperior officers, even if he doesn't bernia. " You want to be parson feel it.”

as well as major.

I'm not sup“Oh! that be hanged ! One posed to go down on my knees

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and worship the old beggar, or into you pretty smartly if I had pray to him, same as a poor devil been your colonel, my sweet inof a curate has to do to Bishop fant." Quodlibet.”

“Oh, stuff! On the contrary, “Curates don't do anything of you'd have walked into the second the sort. You are getting out of commercial chap, and have lent your depth."

me a hand if you had been any. • Well, chaplains. I thought where within reach at all, instead that was the orthodox


to of leaving me to manage two of make sure of being a rector or a

them single-handed. No use your dean or an archdeacon."

sermonising. The cap doesn't fit.” - Bosh !

You know as little And Fitz rose, pushed back his about Church discipline as you chair, and leisurely walked to the do about that of the army, I fear. open window. But, in any case, I can tell you He was physically a fine sample this, that were it not for the Bate- of the young officer. Tynte, who man traditions in the regiment, was really warmly attached to the my boy, and the high regard in unruly sub, could not but admire which the chief holds your father, the width of his broad shoulders, he would have called you over the and had no misgivings as to how coals seriously before now. Take Fitz would acquit himself when that to heart."

hand-to-hand fighting had to be “Oh, I daresay. I'm grateful done; he was, in fact, every inch to the old cock for his forbearance, a soldier. certainly, and all the rest of it. " By Jove, major!” said he, lookI'll fight like a black for him when ing out, and then speaking back the time comes, and obey orders over his shoulder in a half-whisper, and all that, and harbour no petty “I say, here's Garth down below, spite, but magnanimously let by. just come out to contemplate the gones be bygones. Meanwhile, he barrack square, sitting on the may go to blazes ! Hang it all! window - sill in his usual mood, what more

can you or he ex- with arms folded and eyes no pect?"

doubt in a fine frenzy rolling- That's

your philosophy, is it?" if we could only see them.” said the major, laughing outright. Fitz cast about him at once for “There is nothing to be added to

some missile.

The nearest thing it, except the advice to keep the to his hand was a small softly muzzle on as much as possible bound regulation drill-book in red, while there is no legitimate fight- belonging to the major, which lay ing to be done. Lister likes var- within easy reach ; this he inmint dogs' of war, but he likes stantly appropriated, and leaning them well trained—which you are cautiously out, took aim, and not. Down shot,' 'up to heel,' dropped it on the unoffending head and all that."

of Captain Garth, knocking that “That's all just because I got distinguished oflicer's cap over his fast in the commercial traveller eyes, and a small brown cuttyfellow at the hotel, I suppose, the pipe—which it had taken some night I joined."

time to colour-out of his mouth “ And very nearly had yourself at one and the same time. A in hot water for the hundredth strong expletive from below foltime," said Tynte. “I'd have put lowed this successful exploit, sucyou under arrest, and have walked ceeded in a few seconds by a


“double" up-stairs on the part of quired Fitz; “don't keep it all to
the captain, who, from a point of yourselves.”
vantage on the landing, hurled “It wouldn't require a very
back the drill-book through the abstruse discussion to get you out
open door at the head of Fitz, of your depth, I take it,” said
catching him dexterously on the Garth.
ear, from which the book re- “ Wouldn't it? You say that
bounded, and falling on the table, because, just out of sheer modesty,
upset the ink over some of Tynte's I have hidden my light under a

bushel up to this; but, by Jove ! ir I'd have sworn it was you, you I'll not do it any longer-I mean untamable savage,” said Garth, to come out. You should have making a rush towards him. heard Tynte and me on the edu

"Pax! Garth, pax !” shouted cation question—that's all. We Fitz, backing into a corner, and got so hot about it, that I had to presenting the four legs of an go to the window for fresh air, uplifted chair to the enemy. and that's how the whole accident 6. Swear not at all. Here, look

came to ppen. I was just emhere, Tynte, I'm really very sorry, phasising an observation, when I Let me mop it up. I'm afraid let fly the book, and it went the you have done no end of mischief, wrong way, just as a crumb of Garth. What a confoundedly un- bread does in a fellow's throat ruly and impulsive chap you are ! sometimes.” A fellow can't touch you but you Exactly! How can you, mamust strike fire."

jor, explain such a phenomenon “The sooner you make it ир

the as Fitz ? Is he the result of race better for me,” put in Tynte, rue- or climate or genealogy, or all fully, endeavouring to educate the three mixed – or what? Why spilt ink with a pen to travel in a does it exist at all, or to what particular direction, while he held class or genus does it belong ?” the bottle at the edge of the table “Oh, I give it up as a hopeless ready to receive it. With that problem. Our knowledge is too perversity peculiar to spilt ink, it limited to get us logically out of took a sudden turn just when it such a crux as he. What in the shouldn't, and spurted out on the name of goodness is he at now ?major's sleeve.

Fitz was doubled up, sitting on “Deuced provoking," grinned his heels, looking into a familiar Fitz; “don't laugh at your su- cupboard in search of the mateperior officer, Garth. The major rials for a brandy-and-soda ; and is rather touchy on that point. having found both, he proceeded Hand him over the blotting paper. coolly to place tumblers for all That's right; make yourself use- three, as though he were ful. We were having, before this home” in his own quarters. The uncalled-for intrusion, a most in- two looked on not disapprovingly teresting discussion on a matter at the proceedings, but insisted on which was growing too deep for measuring out the spirit to suit the major, and you just broke the their own tastes and constitucontinuity of my argument. I've tions. lost the thread completely.”

“ All right! We'll split the Garth looked up, and so did soda into three,” said Fitz; “I Tynte, and both laughed.

don't like extravagance, even at “ What's amusing you ?” in- another man's expense. Talking

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