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Miss. Lord, Mr Neverout, one cann't hear one's own ears for you.

Lady Smart. Indeed, madam, it is blindman's holiday; we shall soon be all of a colour.

Neverout. Why then, miss, we may kiss where

we like hut. Why then be all of a mis blindmani


Miss. Fogh! these men talk of nothing but

[She spits. Neverout. What, miss, does it make your mouth water?

Lady Smart. It is as good to be in the dark as without light; therefore pray bring in candles : they say, women and linen show best by candlelight• come, gentlemen, are you for a party at quadrille ?

Col. I'll make one with you three ladies.
Lady Answ. I'll sit down, and be a stander-by.

Lady Smart [To Lady Answ.] Madam, does your ladyship never play?

Col. Yes ; I suppose her ladyship plays sometimes for an egg at Easter.

Neverout. Ay; and a kiss at Christmas.

Lady Answ. Come, Mr Neverout, hold your tongue, and mind your knitting.

Neverout. With all my heart; kiss my wife, and welcome.

The Colonel, Mr Neverout, Lady Smart, and Miss,

go to quadrille, and sit there till three in the morn


They rise from cards. Lady Smart. Well, miss, you'll have a sad husband, you have such good luck at cards.

Neverout. Indeed, miss, you dealt me sad cards ;

if you deal so ill by your friends, what will you do with your enemies?

Lady Answ. I'm sure 'tis time for honest folks to be abed. Miss. Indeed my eyes draw straws.

She's almost asleep. Neverout. Why, miss, if you fall asleep, somebody may get a pair of gloves.

Col. I'm going to the land of Nod. .
Neverout. Faith, I'm for Bedfordshire.

Lady Smart. I'm sure I shall sleep without rocking.

Neverout. Miss, I hope you'll dream of your sweetheart.

Miss O, no doubt of it. I believe I shan't be. able to sleep for dreaming of him.

Col. [To Miss.] Madam, shall I have the honour to escort you ?

Miss. No, colonel, I thank you; my mamma has sent her chair and footmen. Well, my Lady Smart, I'll give you revenge whenever you please.

Footman comes in.
Footman. Madam, the chairs are waiting.

They all take their chairs, and go off.

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