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CONSTITUTION. Art. I. This Association shall be called The British Pharmaceutical Conference, and’its: objects shall be the following:1. To hold an annual Conference of those engaged in the practice, or interested in the

advancement, of Pharmacy, with the view of promoting their friendly reunion, and

increasing their facilities for the cultivation of Pharmaceutical Science. 2. To determine what questions in Pharmaceutical Science require investigation, and,

when practicable, to allot them to individuals or committees to report thereon. 3. To maintain uncompromisingly the principle of Purity in Medicine. 4. To form a bond of union amongst the various associations established for the advance

ment of Pharmacy, by receiving from them delegates to the annual Conference. Art. II. -Membership in the Conference shall not be considered as conferring any guarantee of professional competenoy.

RULES. 1. Any person desiring to become a member of the Conference, shall be nominated in writing by a member, and be balloted for at a general meeting of the members, two-thirds of the votes given being needful for his election. If the application be made during the recess, the Executive Committee may elect the candidate by a unanimous vote.

2. The subscription shall be 58. annually, which shall be due in advance, upon July 1.*

3. Any member whose subscription shall be more than two years in arrear, after written application, shall be liable to be removed from the list by the Executive Committee. Members may be expelled for improper conduct by a majority of three-fourths of those voting at a general meeting, providing that fourteen days' notice of such intention of expulsion has been sent by the Secretaries to each member of the Conference.

4. Every association established for the advancement of Pharmacy shall, during its recognition by the Conference, be entitled to send delegates to the annual meeting.

5. The Officers of the Conference shall be a President, four Vice-presidents by election, the past Presidents (who shall be Vice-presidents), a Treasurer, two General Secretaries, one Local Secretary, and nine other members, who shall collectively constitute the Executive Committee. Three members of the Executive Committee to retire annually by ballot, tho remainder being eligible for re-election. They shall be elected at each annual meeting, by ballot of those present.

6. At each Conference, it shall be determined at what place and time to hold that of the next year.

7. Two members shall be elected by the Conference to audit the Treasurer's accounts, such audited accounts to be presented annually.

8. The Executive Committee shall present a report of proceedings annually.
9. These Rules shall not be altered except at an annual meeting of the members.

10. Reports on subjects entrusted to individuals or committees for investigation shall be presented to a future meeting of the Conference, whose property they shall become. All reports shall be presented to the Executive Committee at least fourteen days before the annual meeting.

Authors are specially requested to send the titles of their Papers to either of the General Secretaries two or three weeks before the Annual Meeting. The subjects will then be extensively advertisod, and thus full interest will be secured.

* Members will please also to transmit 6d. for postage of Year-Book-Total, 53. 6d,


I Nominate (Name) (Address) as a Member of the British Pharmaceutical Conference.



The nomination must be legihly written, and forwarded to one of the Honorary General
Secretaries, Prof. ATTFIELD, 17, Bloomsbury Square, W.C., or Mr. F. BADEN BENGER, 1,
Market Place, Manchester, either of whom, or any other officer or member, will duly sign the
Pupils and Assistants, as well as Principals, are invited to become mombors.


Professor P. Wendover Bedford, College of Pharmacy, New York City,

U.S.A., Corresponding Secretary of the American Pharmaceutical

Association, 278, Greenwich Street, New York. Professor L. A. Buchner, Munich. Senhor Joaquim Correa de Mello, Campinas, Brazil. M. Augustin Ambroise Delondre, Membre de la Société Botanique de

France, de la Société d'Acclimatation, Chevalier de l'Ordre Impériale

de la Rose (Brésil), etc., Rue St. Pierre, 3, Sèvres. Mr. Albert E. Ebert, Corner of State and Twelfth Streets, Chicago,

Illinois, U.S.A. Dr. John Baker Edwards, Ph.D., F.C.S., Ex-Vice-President of the

British Pharmaceutical Conference, Box 3984, Post Office, Montreal,

Dominion of Canada. Dr. Friedrich August Flückiger, Staatsapotheke, Bern, Switzerland. Professor J. M. Maisch, 1607, Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia. Dr. G. F. H. Markoe, Professor of Pharmacy in the Massachusetts

College of Pharmacy, U.S.A. Mr. Carlos Murray, Buenos Ayres. Professor Edward Parrish, College of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Professor William Proctor, jun., College of Pharmacy, Philadelphia,

U.S.A. Dr. Carl Schacht, 56, Mittelstrasse, Berlin, Dr. J. Léon Soubeiran, Prof. Agrégé Ecole de Pharmacie, Secretaire

de la Société d'Acclimatation, Officier de l'Ordre Impériale de la Rose (Brésil), Knight of the Royal Order of Charles the Third of

Spain, Hotel Lauragais, Rue de Lille, 19, Paris.
Dr. E. R. Squibb, 56, Doughty Street, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Mr. E. C. C. Stanford, Edinbarnet, Dumbartonshire.
Dr. J. E. de Vrij, the Hague.
Professor E. S. Wayne, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.


Baker, Mr. G. S., Geneva.
Beynon, Mr. E., Messrs. Treacher & Co., Byculla, Bombay, India.
Butten, Mr. J., Rangoon Medical Hall, British Burmah (Letters, etc.,

to Mrs. Butten, Whitehall, Royston, Herts). Cornish, Mr. W., jun., Australia (Letters, etc., to 174, Western Road,

Brighton). Daji, Mr. Narayan, G.G.M.C., Bombay. Gopal, Mr. Pandurang, G.G.A.C., Byculla, Bombay, India. Green, Mr. G. E., 11, Malop Street, Geelong, Australia. Groves, Mr. H., 15, Via Borgognissanti, Florence (Letters, etc., to Mr.

T. B. Groves, Weymouth). Jenkins, T. E., M.D., corner Third and Walnut Streets, Louisville,

Kentucky, U.S.A. Kemp, Mr. D. S., 5, Elphinstone Circle, Bombay (Letters, etc., to Mr.

W. D. Davies, 106, Leadenhall Street, E.C.). Leslie, Mr. J., Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope. Mercer, Mr. N., Notre Dame Street, Montreal. Mills, Mr. W., Sydney, N.S.W. (Letters, etc., to Mr. G. Harvie, Princes

Street, Helensburgh). Peake, Mr. R. Pond, Mr. J. A., 63, Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand (Letters, etc.,

to Mr. Pond, New Park Road, Brixton Hill, S.W.). Pratt, Mr. W., 519, George Street, Sydney, N.S.W. (Letters, etc., to

Messrs. Maw, Son & Thompson). Pugh, Mr. G. (Messrs. Treacher & Co., Bombay), Letters, etc., 38a,

King William Street, E.C. Romano, Mr. F., Palotas, Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil (Letters, etc., to

Guy's Hospital). Sequiera, Mr. E. C., Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil (Letters, etc., to

Mr. J. C. Sequiera, Hawthorn Terrace, Pendleton, Manchester). Smith, Dr. J., Liverpool Asylum, N.S.W. (Letters, etc., to Messrs.

Maw, Son & Thompson). Symes, Mr. E. W., Simla, N. India (Letters, etc., to G. F. Strawson, LIST OF MEMBERS.

101, High Holborn, W.C.). Taylor, Mr. W. C., G.G.M.C., Fort, Bombay. Thompson, Mr. G. B., 416, Main Street, Buffalo, U.S.A. Verge, Prof. C., M.D., Leval University, Quebec. Watkins, Mr. R., Timarn, Canterbury, New Zealand (Letters, etc., to

Mr. J. Wade, 194, Warwick Street, Pimlico, S.W.). Woodward, C. M., M.D., 120, William Street, Waterloo, Seneca County,

New York, U.S.A.

The Secretaries will be glad to receive notice of any inaccuracies in the lists of members.

Number of Members, 2000.

For Alphabetical List of Towns, see page 440 Abbott, Mr. J., 59, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. Abraham, Mr. J., 87, Bold Street, Liverpool. Adams, Mr. A. A., Woolston, Southampton. Adams, Mr. F., Stoke-on-Trent. Adams, Mr. F., 65, Edward Street, Brighton. Adams, Mr. G., 170, Clarendon Road, Notting Hill, W. Adams, Mr. J., Market Place, Loughborough. Adams, Mr. J. H., Stoke-on-Trent. Adlington, Mr. W. B., la, Weymouth Street, Portland Place, W.. Agar, Mr. W., Westgate, Mansfield. Agnew, Mr. J., 290, Great Homer Street, Liverpool. Ainslie, Mr. W., 58, George Street, Edinburgh. Aitken, Mr. J., Broughton Street, Edinburgh. Aitken, Mr. R., 73, Princes Street, Edinburgh. Aitken, Mr. W., 3, Pitt Street, Edinburgh. Akhurst, Mr. W. E., 8, Lamb's Conduit Street, W.C. Albright, Mr. A., Litherland Road, Liverpool. Albright, Mr. J., Penny Street, Lancaster. Allan, Mr. W., 73, Princes Street, Edinburgh. Allanson, Mr. C., Montpelier Parade, Low Harrowgate. Allchin, Mr. A., Richmond Road, Barnsbury, N. Allen, A. H., F.C.S., 1, Surrey Street, Sheffield. Allen, Mr. H. W., King's Lynn, Norfolk. Allis, Mr. F., Tewkesbury. Alpass, Mr. H. S., 331, Park Road, Liverpool. Ambler, Mr. T., Birkenhead. Amos, Mr. D., 1, Parade, Canterbury. Amyot, T. E., F.R.C.S., Diss. Anderson, Mr. A. B., 38, Princes Street, Dundee. Anderson, Mr. J., Musselburgh, Edinburgh. Anderson, Mr. T. S., 30, Duke Street, Manchester Square, W. Anderson, Mr. W., West Maitland Street, Edinburgh. Andrews, Mr. C., Commercial Row, Pembroke Dock. Andrews, Mr. F., 23, Leinster Terrace, W. Anholm, Dr. A., 11, Smeaton Street, Hull. Anness, Mr. 8. R., Ipswich. Anthony, Mr. J. L., 48, High Street, Bedford. Appleby, Mr. C., Market Place, East Retford. Appleby, Mr. E. J., 52, King's Road, Brighton. Applegate, Mr. E., 5, Herenles Terrace, Holloway Road, London, Y. Arblaster, Mr. C. J., 40A, New Street, Birmingham. Arcbbold, Mr. G., 5, Coleman Street, E.C. Archer, Mr. J. S., Guiseley, Leeds. Archer, Prof. T. C., Museum of Science and Art, Edinburgh. Argles, Mr., Maidstone. Armitage, Mr. E. H., 70, Trafalgar Street, Brighton. Armstrong, Mr. J., Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland. Arnison, W. C., M.D., College of Medicine, Newcastle-on-Trne. Arnold, Mr. G. J., 17, Hardwick Place, Commercial Road, E. Arnold, Mr. S., Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells. Ashford, Mr. H. S., 3, High Street, Clapham, S.W. Ashton, Mr. W., 36, Sloane Sqnare, Chelsea, S.W. Ashton, Mr. W., 77, Lord Street, Southport, Lancashire. Aslin, Mr., 15, Alford Place, Camp Road, Leeds.

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Asquith, Mr. W. C., Market Street, Colne.
Astin, Mr. E., 114, Abbey Street, Accrington.
Atherton, J. H., F.C.S., Nottingham.
Atkins, Mr. S. R., Market Place, Salisbury.
Atkins, Mr. W. 8., Broad Street, Birmingham.
Atmore, Mr. G., High Street, King's Lynn, Norfolk.
Attfield, Prof. J., Ph.D., 17, Bloomsbury Square, W.C.
Ault, Mr. J., Eastwood, Notts.
Avison, Mr. J., 13, King Street, Dukinfield, Cheshire.
Ayre, Mr. H. M., 21, Howard Terrace, Morpeth.
Babtie, Mr. J., Dumbarton.
Bache, Mr. J., High Street, Pensnell, Staffs.
Badcock, Mr. J., Barnard Castle.
Bagnall, Mr. W. H., 7, New Street, Lancaster.
Bagshaw, Mr. W., 37, Yorkshire Street, Oldham.
Baildon, Mr. H. C., 73, Princes Street, Edinburgh.
Bailey, Mr. T., 5, Burgess, Coventry.
Bailey, Mr. T., Westbury, Wilts.
Bailey, Mr. W., Horseley Fields Chemical Works, Wolverhampton.
Baines, Mr. J. C., Bank Street, Melksham, Wilts.
Baker, Mr. A. P., 33, Norfolk Terrace, Westbourne Grove, W.
Baker, Mr. F. B., 195, Queen's Road, Dalston, E.
Baker, Mr. G., High Street, Corsham, Hants.
Baker, Mr. P.C., Swaffham.
Baker, W., F.C.S., 46, High Street, Sheffield.
Balcombe, Mr. J., 10, Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham.
Baldock, Mr. J. H., 3, High Street, South Norwood, S.E.
Balkwill, Mr. A. P., 65, Old Town Street, Plymouth.
Balkwill, Mr. G., 65, Old Town Street, Plymouth.
Ball, Mr. E., High Street, Buxton.
Ball, Mr. G. (Mr. Garside), Ormskirk.
Ball, Mr. W., 65, Russell Street, Landport.
Balls, Mr. G., 189, High Street, Deptford, S.E.
Balls, Mr. J. (Mr. Cupiss), Diss.
Baly, Mr. J., Market Place, Warwick.
Bamford, Mr. J. W., 37, Cronkey Shaw Road, Rochdale.
Bancroft, J. J., F.C.S., Ruthin.
Banner, Mr. T., Junr., 177, London Road, Liverpool.
Bannister, R., F.C.S., F.R.M.S., Inland Revenue Laboratory, Somerset

House, W.C.
Bannister, Mr. W., 108, Patrick Street, Cork.
Barber, Mr. G., 51, Great George Street, Liverpool.
Barclay, Mr. T., 17, Bull Street, Birmingham.
Barker, Mr. W. R., 143, New Bond Street, W.
Barnard, Mr. J., 338, Oxford Street, W.
Barnes, Mr. B., St. Peter's Street, Derby.
Barnes, J. B., F.C.S., 1, Trevor Terrace, Princes Gate, W.
Barnitt, Mr. F., Old Bond Street, Bath.
Barnitt, Mr. J., 30, Upper Paradé, Leamington.
Barr, Mr. R., Gourock.
Barraclough, Mr. T., Roscoe Terrace, Chapeltown Road, Leeds.
Barratt, Mr. J., Richmond Road, Bayswater, W.
Barret, Mr. E. L., 20, Spencer Road, St. John's Hill, New Wandsworth,

Barrett, Mr. T. G., Church Street, Ilchester.
Barron, Mr. W., 37, Winchcomb Street, Cheltenham.
Barton, Mr. A. F. G., 32, Edge Lane, Liverpool
Barton, Mr. H., Kenilworth.
Barton, Mr. H., 77, King's Road, Brighton.

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