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“God commendeth His love toward






your peace would only deepen, and holy people; and much people of Israel died. crimson, they shall be as wool.” (Isaiah joy and love continually increase. OTherefore the people came to Moses, xlv. 22, xliii. 24—26, i. 18.) Well might would it not be joy to have your sins and said, We have sinned, for we have the prophet Micah, when speaking of forgiven ? to know yourself a favoured spoken against the Lord, and against such a God, and such grace, exclaim, child of God, brought near to Him, be- thee; pray unto the Lord, that He take “Who is a God like unto thee, that loved and blessed as Jesus is ? His away the serpents from us. And Moses pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the gentle hand to cheer your soul and chase prayed for the people. And the Lord transgressions of the remnant of His away your fears? His voice to whisper said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery ser-heritage? He retaineth not His anger peace, and tell you He would care for pent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall for ever, because He delighteth in mercy. you? to have His Holy Spirit dwelling come to pass, that every one that is bit- He will turn again, He will have comin your heart, and know that in a little ten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. passion upon us; He will subdue our while, you would be with Him where He And Moses made a serpent of brass, and iniquities: and thou will cast all their is, and share His happiness for ever! put it upon a pole, and it came to pass,

put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, sins into the depths of the sea." (Micah Would this be gloomy? and will you turn that if a serpent had bitten any man,

vii. 18, 19.) your back on joys like these? Away, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he then, with these foolish thoughts! They lived !(Num. xxi. 4—9.)

us, in that, while we were yet sinners, make you linger; they keep you on the

This simple history speaks for itself; Christ died for us.” (Rom. v. 8.) brink of hell. Why be deceived? Why it tells us the reason for which the fiery listen to the cruel lie of him who only serpents were sent by the Lord—it tells IN THE WILDERNESS, EVEN SO MUST THE seeks to cheat your soul, and lure you to of the misery which they created


conviction which was hereby wrought on SOEVER BELIEVETH (i.e. trusteth) in HIM It is so hard,” perhaps you say, “I the Israelites that they had, by their murcould not persevere, and should turn back, muring, sinned against God--of their aguin.” No, no, you are wrong again; for help--of the readiness manifested by for if you are once renewed, and made a God in providing a remedy—of the way Mr. Mc Tarem and Mr. Gustart were

What are you doing? child of God, you can never be lost. It in which that remedy was proved to be is eternal life that JESUS gives ; and if effectual

: “ If a serpent had bitten any Edinburgh. When Mr. Mc Tarem was

both ministers of the Tolbooth Church, you truly turn to Him, his own Almighty man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, Edinburgh. When Mr. Mc Tarem was arm will keep you to the end; the Lord he lived.

dying, Mr. G. paid him a visit, and put Himself will be your Shepherd; yes, He

Jesus himself gives us the spiritual the question to him, “What are you will seek you when you wander, and gently meaning and application of this event: doing, brother?” His answer was, “I'll wean your heart from sin, and make you " As Moses lifted up the serpent in the tell you what I am doing, brother; I am love His holy ways. It is an inward wilderness, even so must the Son of gathering together all my prayers, all my change you need ; mere religion will not Man be lifted up: that whosoerer believ- sermons, all my good deeds, and all my do, nor forms of prayers, nor outward eth in Him should not perish, but have evil deeds, and I am going to throw them shew; these all will quickly pass away, eternal life. For God so loved the world, all overboard, and swim to glory on the and leave you still far off from God, and that He gave His only-begotten Son, plank of free grace.” on the road to hell. It is to Jesus you that whosoever believeth in Him should

“Jesus, thy blood and righteousness

My beauty are, my glorious dress ; must go, that precious loring One, who not perish, but have everlasting life.”

'Midst flaming worlds, in these array'd, died to save the guilty, and waits to par. (Jno. iii. 14-16.)

With joy shall I lift up my head. Any addition to this, any attempted with an honest heart desiring pardon interpretation by man, would serve to

To take my mansion in the skies, now, and He will surely hear your cry, perplex the anxious inquirer rather than

E'en this shall then be all my plea,

Jesus hath lived, hath died for me.” and make you His for ever! Come worth - help him. less, wretched, ruined, with nothing in

May the Holy Ghost, whose word it is, your hand; come with your many sins, interpret it in the consciences of those “ I am no longer disposed,” says a Jew, and cast yourself before Him; look up, who feel their need. There is hope, a in writing to another, “to laugh at reliconfide in Him, and lean on Him to save sure and certain ground of hope, for all

gion, or to plead that Christianity has no you; no more is asked of you, for He such. There is a voice from the cross comfort in death. I witnessed the last will save; only believe, and, guilty though saying, “Look unto me, and be ye saved, moments of my worthy gardener, and you are, His precious blood will cleanse all the ends of the earth; for I am God, wish I may die his death. your sins away, and make you fit to dwell and there is none else." "Thou hast with Him for ever.

happiness in another life, this disciple made me to serve with thy sins, thou of Jesus is assuredly happy. When the

hast wearied me with thine iniquities.” | physician told him he was in extreme Why Despond? God is Love.

Human reasoning would conclude that danger, “How," said he, “can that be, The children of Israel “journeyed from the next word which proceeded from the when God is my Father, Jesus my ReMount Hor by the way of the Red Sea, lips of Him, who thus charges man with deemer, heaven my country, and death to compass the land of Edom: and the such guilt, would be, “Depart, ye cursed,

the messenger peace, and the greatest soul of the people was much discouraged into everlasting fire.” But, no. Hear, orisk I run is to die, but to die is to enter because of the way.

And the people heavens, and be astonished, 0 earth! the into complete and endless bliss!" His spake against God, and against Moses, very next word He utters is, “I, even I, last words were, “I die, but why Wherefore have ye brought us up out of am He that blotteth out thy transgres that trouble me? My Jesus is the true Egypt, to die in the wilderness ? forsions for mine own sake, and will not God and eternal life.” there is no bread, neither is there any remember thy sin. Put me in remem

“Away! thou dying saint, away! water; and our soul loatheth this light brance: let us plead together.” “Though

Fly to the mansions of the blest, bread. And the Lord sent fiery serpents your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as

Thy God no more requires thy stay, among the people, and they bit the white as snow; though they be red like

don sin. Come at once to Him! Come

When from the dust of death I rise

The Jew and his Gardener.

If there is


He calls thee to eternal rest.


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(To be continued.)




world here is used to teach us that Jesus is



calamity. Religiousness there was. Per- there was no trace of any thing wrong, on, the BROKEN LEG AND A BROKEN HEART. haps, as he never seemed unwilling, he no appearance about the leg itself to

might have welcomed my reading the account for the decided change in the ap

Scriptures, and prayer, and speaking to pearance of the invalid ; but on carefully Tue wife and mother of our friend were him as he was able to bear it; but to all examining the upper parts of the limb, that night by his bedside, watching over appearances, and to my feeling, it was two or three livid spots were discovered, him with the anxiety and solicitude borne with, rather than coveted by him. very small, but which at once clearly acknown only when such relationships are He tolerated, rather than appeared to counted for the condition of our poor cemented by a love unequalled in the rejoice in it. He did not object to reli- friend; those spots, small as they were, human heart—a wife's love for her hus- gion, on the contrary, he looked to and too surely indicated that DEATH was at band, and a mother's for her child, are depended upon it to help him in his hand; mortification had commenced, and without parallel, even though sin has extremity. What he resisted and re- in a few hours he must Die! marred and blighted all human ties. jected was the solemn fact, expressed so

“Can a woman forget her sucking child strongly, and detailed so frequently in that she should not have compassion on the holy Scriptures, that man, as man, is the son of her womb ?” is God's appeal to, a ruined, judged, and lost sinner. Man SCRIPTURE declares that God so loved the and estimate of, the strength of human wants a Saviour, not religion; he needs world, that He gave His only-begotten Son,

And the answer, “Yes, she may to receive, and believe, and rest in the that whosoever believeth in Him should not forget,” is His testimony that there is love that God has for poor, ruined, and perish, but have everlasting life.” The word but one stronger link to bind heart to undone sinners, and not to be seeking not only the Saviour of the Jews, but the heart. "Yes! she may forget, yet will I peace and satisfaction in what a sinner Saviour of Gentiles also, even of all who never forget thee.” Oh! wondrous Love, can do for God. This stumbling-stone BELIEVE on Him. existing in its full blessedness in God of millions was an offence to him. He the Father; it was this that moved Him to give

The origin of salvation, is the love of God alone, but that love believed in, is re- could not understand, and did not believe, His Son to die, the just for the unjust. Some ceived by the human heart even now, that there was SALVATION ONLY FOR THE have wrongly imagined, that God required the removing all fear of the wrath to come, LOST.

blood of Jesus to appease His anger.

is not so, for God is love;" that is His and making the poor believing sinner Oh, how man's religion ignores and nature; but while He is love, He is also happy, now and evermore. Oh! how denies this solemn fact! The very best just. Now as man had rebelled against His marvellous is the love of God, mani- efforts of the natural heart are to please authority, and trampled under foot His holy fested as it has been in the gift, the life, God by service and worship.

law, He could not, consistent with His jus

Natural tice, pass by sin unpunished; consequently, the sacrifice, the death of His only be religion never allows what God affirms, while His loving heart yearned over fallen gotten Son, “who, for the great love that there can be no service, no worship, man, His justice demanded the transgressor's wherewith He loved 'us, even when we until life is received from above. “Verily, thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die.”

life; for the law had said, “In the day that were dead in sins, hath quickened us verily, I say unto you, ye must be born But God, who is rich in mercy as well as in together with Christ,” so that one stu- again,” and until the soul is “alive unto truth, provides a substitute in the person of pendous result of the love of God is, God through Jesus Christ our Lord,” all and a Saviour.” Thus we find all God's at

Jesus, that He might be both " a just God that every believer in the Lord Jesus efforts to serve and all attempts to wor- tributes meet at Calvary, and embrace each Christ has passed from death unto life, is ship, are not only vain, but dishonouring other. God's love to a lost world was both risen with Christ, is already judged in and impious to Him to whom they are pure and free. Man had nothing in himself to

recommend him to God's notice-he did not the death of Christ, already raised in the rendered. Our friend did not receive ask for God's love, but rejected it. Neverresurrection of Christ, is now a joint- this cardinal, fundamental truth of holy theless, God, for His name's sake, would love heir with Christ, of all the glory the Scripture; and, I repeat, millions are whereby poor lost sinners might be saved.

a , Father has given His well beloved Son, like him. Millions are trying what they

The requisite for salvation is found in the and will soon, very soon, appear with can do to appease and to please God; person of the Lord Jesus Christ, who, “beChrist in glory. Dear reader, can you few, comparatively few, know that the cause the children were partakers of flesh and say, “We have known and believed the first step in obeying God is to receive blood, took part of the same.” Man needed a

Saviour; one who could present to a broken love that God has to us?” If so, you Him whom He hath sent. If Christ law, a perfect obedience-to offended justice, should be a humble, obedient, happy, and is not received into the heart by faith, a complete satisfaction-one who could prodevoted Christian, rejoicing in hope of every thing must be out of place, all else vide a meritorious atonement. All this God

provided for us in the person of his wellthe glory about to be revealed; but if must be wrong. If Christ has been re- beloved Son. you are hesitating about THE LOVE OF ceived, blessed be God, the believer in Jesus was given, for He came not naturally, God, there can be no peace, there is no the Lord Jesus Christ has everlasting but was born of a virgin, according to the safety, and, alas ! you may be engulphed life, shall never come into judgment, but Christ, neither was there anything in man to in the wrath, instead of embraced by the is passed from DEATH unto LIFE. claim the pity of God; yet He gave His Son. love of God, for ever and for ever!

Seven or eight days had elapsed since

There was no proportion between man and I saw but little of the poor patient for the accident occurred, when early one trariety. Yet, notwithstanding all, “God so

Jesus; but an infinite disproportion and conthe next few days. He appeared to be morning I received a hasty summons to loved the world, that He gave His Son” to progressing favourably, and it was hoped my sick friend. I found him very feeble bleed and suffer, groan and die, that sinners

might be saved. that, in a comparatively short time, he and faint, and he appeared to be sinking.

Jesus was given in promise to Adam and would be sufficiently recovered to be re- Hastily giving some stimulants, I went Eve: “The seed of the woman shall bruise moved to his own home. I heard of him for his medical attendant, who, on visit the head of the serpent.” In type, to the continually, and when I saw him I con-ing him, partook of my alarm, and agreed Israelites in Egypt, when the paschal lamb tinued to press upon him the state of his with me, that a sudden alteration for the lintels and the door-posts, declaring that the soul before God. He did not respond worse had taken place. Were the liga- destroying angel should pass over their habitaas I wished. I might have expected too tures too tight ? Could there have been tions; in prophecies to the Jews, during their

history prior to their rejection of Jehovah; in much, or been impatient for the fruit I hemorrhage ? Had any of the arte humiliation, sufferings, and death, to the Genhoped and prayed would result from this ries given way? No; on examination tiles, who rejected his testimony; and now,



To thee let sinners fly,

Am I Christless ? said he.

in the precious Bible, and the preached word, thou knowest that I love thee,” the blessed to all who are made willing, by the Holy Saviour knew such to be a truthful reply. 1 We rejoice at being enabled to inform our read

The Work of the Gospel. Spirit, to receive a Saviour. While the Father tried to apply the Saviour's question per-ers, that we continue to hear good tidings regave the Son, the Son freely gave himself, for sonally, and endeavoured to shew her by some specting the success of the gospel in many parts they both exist in unity, though distinct in passages of Scripture that God knew her of the kingdom. personality

altogether, and all within her heart. I said, In England, particularly in London and the The design of salvation is seen in that little “You may love your parents, relatives, friends, western counties, we hear of many souls having word "so" *God so loved the world, that but if you love not Jesus more than these, been lately awakened, and manifesting converHe gave His only-begotten Son, that who- God knows such to be the state of your heart; sion to God. Prayer-meetings are being held in

various places, and are well attended. In many soever believeth on Him should not perish, and if you, a guilty sinner, despise and reject No man who Jesus, the only Saviour, you must eternally of four or five hundred. What a vast amount

persons but have everlasting life.”

assemble for prayer in companies believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, can ever die.” I pointed her to Jesus, and bade her of blessing we may expect to follow! be excluded from salvation, for that com- look to Him as the risen Saviour, who is “able In Scotland, also, the Lord's blessing is being prehensive word " whosoerer" is sufficient to also to save them to the uttermost that come abundantly poured out in some places. A letter meet all the requirements of whoever may unto God by him, seeing He ever liveth to from a Christian friend, contains the following apply.

make intercession for them” (Heb. vii. 25), account of the Lord's work in Aberdeenshire. Salvation is, in this text, expressed by a who has himself declared, “All that the Father

6. The Lord's work is going on very zealously

all around this neighbourhood. There are prayertwofold idea. Negatively; “ shall not perish,” giveth me shall come to me, and him that shall not be condemned, shall not be cast into cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. the different churches. A. P., a godly young

meetings in different places, besides lectures in "outer darkness, where is weeping, and wail-|(John vi. 37.) During most of the time she man, a fisherman, still goes on labouring for the ing, and gnashing of teeth.” Positively; “but wept, and few were the words she spoke. cause of Christ, and with great success. have everlasting life,” shall live in the pre- My hope was that the Spirit had broken her Sunday they sent him to Denhead again, and the sence of God for ever, and realize all those heart, and that the love of Jesus was drawing large barn that Mr. Murray allowed him to have glories which shall constitute heaven. her to Himself, who alone can “ bind up the was crowded to excess. May our united prayers

Dear reader, are you a believer in the Lord broken-hearted." We reached the station. I be, that what is spoken in truth may bring forth Jesus Christ? have you been washed in the sought to give a few words of encouragement to His name be all the praise !"

much fruit to the glory of our dear Saviour, and Saviour's precious blood ? Consider the mat- and comfort, told her to read the 21st chapter

In Ireland, also, the Lord is working in conter, for it is important, and it concerns your of St. John's Gospel, and she left. I then version. A beloved servant of Christ lately gave soul.

commended her to the gracious care of Him us the following account of a visit to a small who will never leave to perish, or cease to love, village in the north of Ireland.“

“A man, whose Lovest thou me ?

those who trust in Him for salvation, and since mind was stored with various religious doctrines,

then I have had an encouraging account of her called on a well-known Christian woman to arOn a morning in Autumn last, I set off to spiritual state.

gue with her. When he entered the house, he wards the Railway Station, which was not

found her engaged in talking solemnly to a young “Dear Saviour, draw reluctant hearts,

woman about her soul, and warned-her of the very far distant from my friend's house, where

And take the bliss thy love imparts,

awful consequences of being Christless. The word I bad been staying a day or two on my return

And drink and never die."

Christless went as an arrow to the conscience of from the sea coast. The Master's presence,

the listening man.

Does my reader, love Jesus? I enquire not From that time he discovered the folly of holdwhich had given much peace and joy to my concerning the past; it is our present state of ing religious opinions, and still being a Christless soul from the early dawn of that day, was soul, which we should be anxious to know. soul. He was brought to the feet of Jesus, and still felt in all its sweetness and security. With Peter there had been much not pleasing membering that he had a companion that was

with God through His blood. ReDivine love seemed to be then drawing out to the eye of his Saviour, a three times denial dear to him, he prayed earnestly for his convermy heart in an earnest desire to “ work while of his Lord--a following afar off One who sion. God heard' his prayer, and they walked to

was about to lay down His life for sinful, timid gether as brethren in Christ. These two agreed it is day,” and to use wisely and faithfully Peter; but after those things had taken place, together in prayer for the conversion of others, each opportunity of doing good, which might the melting look of Jesus moved his heart and their supplications were heard. These went present itself on the journey towards home. he wept bitterly. His state of heart was

on in the same way, and so increased, that now A young female servant of the family whose somewhat known by himself, but fully known it is hoped upwards of 100 souls are truly con

verted to God.” roof I had just left accompanied me to carry his love. "If our heart condemn us not, then may be stirred up to cry continually to God for

by his Master. Jesus knew the measure of Oh that those who know the power of prayer, a small parcel. We had made only a few have we confidence towards God.” (1 John in. the salvation of souls ! steps when I thought of her soul's welfare, 21.) “We love Him because He first loved and that this might be the given opportunity us.” (1 John iv. 19.) Ask for grace to love for “ preaching Christ to her.” I asked the Him more ; and ever seek after poor sinners, the following interesting letter:

Since the above was in type, we have received and tell them of His love. Perhaps the one Lord's help and blessing; my prayer, was, whose eye is upon these lines, who has read

To the Editor of the Evangelist. " that the seed about to be sown by that“ way. concerning this young stranger, has an unreside" might fall into prepared ground. She

Dear Sir,-I am sorry to see that few of our could read God's word, and occasionally did, heart there is no love to Jesus.

If this be the case, in your Christian papers report the work doing in so but her heart knew nothing of that dear Sa

Thousands many places at present. I suppose it arises from viour's love; she had not a saving knowledge

are living at this moment who are “dead in Christians not sending the tidings. You might

They love sin, the mention in your paper, I think, some particulars of Him whose mission to this sin-polluted trespasses and sins.”

which would cheer brethren in many parts of earth was to “save sinners,” to give “His life world, its pleasures; their love is fixed on

the country: a ransom for many," and through whose death some person or thing; but they love not Je

A Christian, who has been long labouring in

Reader! I again ask, Are you one of Aberdeenshire, writes to me that the work in livered from condemnation, pardoned, justified, these? If so, may the Holy Spirit quicken Aberdeen is marvellous. “There are no words and made partakers of eternal life. "I said to your insensible soul, and shew to you what is to express it, and I feel afraid to touch it; it is

so much of God, and so solemn. her, “ As you read your Bible, there may be your real state. God has bestowed upon man some portions which you can remember. Do

his best Gift. Jesus, the loving Saviour, laid “just desirous to stand still and see the salvation you know what is written in the last chapter blood, “ took upon himself the form of a seraside His glory, clothed himself in flesh and of God; it is really worth coming here only to

“hear and see, if nothing else. I have found it of St. John's gospel ? Can

you recollect
any for kindness towards men he received town seems just on the point of closing with

very solemnizing and quickening. The whole part of the conversation which Jesus had with Simon Peter, after He had risen from the insult and cruelty; He became obedient unto a Christ

An awakening also has appeared dead? Jesus asked him a question. death, even the death of the cross.”

young prisoners in the Reformaput the same question to him three times. - love to sinners” which brought Him from “tory; Christians have only to speak to people, Perhaps you may not know exactly to what heaven to this lower world, and yet you love and there and then they close with the Lord's I refer. In that chapter we find Jesus talking love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be

The apostle said, “If any man ' promises. On Saturday night last, a large

“ Free Church was crowded from 7 to 9 only to him about love.' I will tell you what Jesus asked Simon Peter: “Lovest thou me, sidered as a just punishment for all those who had obliged the greater number to go away, there

“for prayer, conducted as an open meeting, one accursed at His coming. What St Paul con

“praying after another; and when a late hour more than these?" I then spoke of Jesus

love not Jesus will most undoubtedly be their were still about 400 who would not go, but and His amazing love, setting such glorious truths before her mind in a few plain words, portion. God's word declares it. (Matt. xxv.

“ remained to pray longer together. A Sunday and in as simple a manner as possible. She lis- 41.)

“morning prayer-meeting, intended only for an

“hour or so, could not be got to cease at the tened thoughtfully whilst I was talking about “ Haste, oh! hasten to the Saviour! Peter, and how Jesus was acquainted most

Sue His mercy while you may;

“church hour,-it was only thinned by telling Soon the day of grace is over;

"the people it would be held again between the perfectly with every affection and feeling with

Soon your life will pass away.

services. The writer adds, 'I feel as if all my in his disciple's heart; and when the answer

“past Christian life had been wrong. I want a was given, “Lord, thou knowest all things :

Hasten, Sinner!

You must perish if you stay."

new conversion. I have not seen a hundredth

newed heart.


One feels

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“part of what sin is in God's eyes. I have had

A NEW HYMN BOOK. “ far too much levity in my walk and conversa

BOOKS AND TRACTS recommended for the in.
struction, edification, and comfort of the Children of

Shortly to be Published (if the Lord will),
I feel, if I may so state it, that the God.

Righteousness without Works, 2d.

HYMNS & SPIRITUAL SONGS FOR THE position I have hitherto held has not been a

Assurance of Salvation, 2d. “true one; I have been taking the position of Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, 3d.

Alphabetically arranged under the following heads :

Christ and the Church, 3d. child of God, while all along I have been

The Work of the Spirit and the Work of Christ

241 Worship.

4 Bringing Little Children “a child of the flesh.'

their distinction and their connexion, ld.

13 Scripture Reading and

to Jesus (Matt. xix). Christian Devotedness, 1d.


6 Baptism. The tidings also from Scarborough are most

77 Private Use.

7 Burial. The Eternal Purpose of God, ld.

6 Meals.

5 Missions. cheering, A prayer-meeting is held every day at The Heavenly Hope, ld.

The Love of Christ to the Church, 1d.

4 Marriage.

19 The Gospel. noon, and another every evening ; about 1000

Divine Canons for the Church of God, 3d.

Total, 412, with one Index to all the first lines, Names of people attend the former, and 1500 the latter. I

Heavenly-mindedness, 3d.

Authors, Index to Subjects, and a third Index to all the learn that in Glamorganshire and Cardiganshire, A Call to the Converted, 4d.

verses, except the first, in each hymn. there are evident tokens of a great awakening:

The Vision of the Glory of God, 3d.

This Hymn-book has been undertaken in dependence on Resurrection Life, ld.

the Lord. It is not the work of one compiler, but the result In Exeter the prayer-meetings are crowded; and Precious Truth, 18.

of the communion of many Christians, with the desire to

What is it that is to be believed in order to it is hoped that not a few have been added to the

promote the joy and edification of the Church of God.

Eternal Life and Eternal Punishment, ld. church of Christ there already.

Salvation, la.

A selection of tunes, suited to these hymns, will probably

I am, dear Sir, yours truly,

One Shilling's worth of any of the above sent postage free
to any part of the Kingdom.

It is intended to publish the Gospel Hymns in a

separate form also. London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street. W.

London: WILLIAM YAPP, Old Cavendish Street.

Price Is. 3d., in roan.
Just published, price 1s. 6d. per packet, assorted,
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A supply of any number, not less than fifty, may be had at Recollections of an Evangelist.2nd Edition, 2s. Large Type, earnestly recommended for Somersetshire, vià Bristol. London: W. YAPP, 4, Old Cavendish Street.

general distribution.
11. The Blood for a Token

Just Published,
It is scarcely possible to recommend this work too 2. The Stray Sheep.

(Exodus xii. 13).

3. Thy Kingdom Come. highly. It is a plain, unvarnished record of the

12. Self-righteous Lost, and THE VOICE IN THE DREAM; or, “ Her Soul 4. The Scoffer Silenced.

Sinners Saved.

is Worth Saving." A Tale of Age. A True Narrative. Lord's work, by Mr. Gribble, for upwards of forty 5. Utterly Unclean. 13. Be ye Reconciled.

Price 3d. years. Besides recording a considerable number 6. Christ my Glory.

London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street. W. 7. Liberty; or, the Captive of facts, it is interspersed with sound doctrinal

Slave made Free.

16. A Well-remembered Hour. truth. It should find a place in every house. Our 8. Peace;

or, the Dying
17. "I was Busy, Busy."

Just Published,

18. Grace. space will not allow us to give an extract now, but

9. The Black Sheep.

19. Why will ye Die ? we hope to do so on a future occasion. The work 10. How can I approach God? 20. The one Řesting-place.

or, Who is the True Priest? By CATESBY Paget.

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1. The Fallen House.

14, The Riddle Solved.
15. The Storm Hushed.



A VOLUE"of solemn- and touching hymns and R Cocidente connected with Fillage Hinistry; e LAW AND Gokarce is being Nore or Lectures on

The Missionary Tour. A new scene of service. The Little THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM: a Gospel


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poems. The following extract will shew the cha- / which are added some Extracts from his Diary. BS of “The School of God," “ On Worship," "Heavenly-mind

the Epistle to the Galatians. By J. L. HARRIS, Author Robert Gribble. racter of the book.

edness," &c.
CONTENTS—The First Step. The first fruits of the Gospel.

London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street. W. The power of the Word of God. The Waggoner. The shoe"BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD!'

maker. The Midnight visit. Man's will and God's purpose.
The Backslider. Gracey, the Schoolmistress. Retrospect.

Just Published.
Behold, believe, and live;

The Home Missionary Station. The Return. The Revel. Behold His all-atoning blood,

Farm. The Converted Publican. The Contrast. Harvest Tract. By GORDON FORLONG. Price 1s. 6d. per 100; or, And life receive.

Time. The Baptism. The Chapel. The Consumptive. The in large type, 3s. per 100. * Look for thyself to Him,

Removal. A Second Harvest Season. A Cry for the Gospel. London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street. W. Bebold Him on the tree;

The Praying Wife. The Great Debtor. The Two Converted

Husbands. The Converted Farmer. Master and Servant.
What though the eye of faith be dim,
Retrospect. A Depraved Village. The Converted Blind Boy.

Just Published,
He looks on thee.

Dangerous Prosperity. Sudden Death. Conclusion. Diary.
That weak, that languid eye,
London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street. W.

ter addressed to the Lord Bishop of Oxford. By Turns from Himself away;

Invites the trembling sipper nigh,

Crimson cloth, gilt edges, Is.
And bids him stay.

between God and the Sinner. By J. ELIOT HOWARD. “Stay with Him near the Tree;

1. Frederick and his Wife; or the Two Hopes.

Price 6d. Stay with Him at the Tomb;

2. An Evening worth Remembering. Stay till the risen Lord you see;

3. The Anxious Heart made Truly Glad, Stay TILL HE COME.


TRUTHS MOST OPPOSED TO PUSEYISM. 5. Was he Really Happy? 6. Rest in a Wearisome World.

1. Justification by Faith. The Gospel according to St. Matthew." In very

7. Joy! Joy! both here and hereafter.

2. Contrast of Judaism and Christianity. large type. Cloth, 9d.

8. The Silent Voice.

3. Christian and Jewish Worship. 9. Who Cheered this Old Man's Heart?

4. Priesthood. The Gospel according to St. John.Cloth, ls,

10. “Oh, what a Precious Gift!"

5. Baptism and Regeneration. The Epistle to the Romans.” In wrapper, 6d.

11. “I have Joyous News to tell."

6. Unity of the Church. 12. Her Loss was Endless Gain.

7. Failure of the Church, and its Results. The Epistles of St. John.3d. BATEMAN.

8. Hopes of the Church. London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street. W.

By J. Eliot Howard. Second Edition. Price ls. THESE re-prints of the holy Scriptures, in large type, are well adapted for the aged, or invalids, GOSPEL TRACTS, earnestly recommended for or for poor persons who cannot read well. They


By J. Eliot HOWARD. 8vo. bds. Price 28. 6d. will doubtless be welcomed by many.

GOSPEL TRACTS, containing 60 or 300 pages. Price Is. A Brief and Simple Record of the Lord's gracious


MINISTRY. A New and Revised Edition. Work among the Indians of British Guiana, by A Brand Plucked out of the

The Love of God of Sinners His servant, John Meyer, during four years and Balm of Gilead

The Harvest u-half. By Leonard Strong. 4d. BATEMAN. Come and See

The Passover

Naaman the Syrian
Revellings and such like

MATION (so called); or a Scriptural Appeal to the This little book needs only to be read to be Poor Richard

Church of God. Second Edition. Price ld.

The Rejected Stone valued.

The Blood for a Token

London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street. W. It is another of Mr. Strong's deeply The Rescue; a narrative of a

remarkable case of Con- The Second Advent interesting relics of “ Gospel Reminiscences in


The Serpent of Brass the West Indies," and shews us the blessedness The Scarlet Line of God's servants going forth in dependance upon The Two Thieves

Sin, its Punishment and its TRACTS AND BOOKS on the COMING AND


CHRIST. himself.

You must be Born again

What is the Gospel ?
A Few Words on Repentance Whom say ye that I am ?

One Shilling's worth and upwards of these Tracts sent free
A Just God and a Saviour The Compassion of God

of Postage to any part of the Kingdom. Almost and Altogether

Now and Nigh

The Second Advent and Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, ld. In 5 vols. fcap. 8vo, in extra red cloth, price 10s. 6d.,

Death and Life
The Substitute

The Premillennial Advent, 2d.
post free,


Flee from the Wrath to Come God's Eternal Purpose and Christ's Everlasting Kingdom, 2d. TYRUMBS FOR THE LORD'S LITTLE ONES. The Great Mistake

The Things which are Coming on the Earth, 3d.

The Better Country, 3d. original papers, on various Scriptural subjects, writ- NEW SERIES of 26 GOSPEL TRACTS, 32mo. enammelled Popular Objections to the Premillennial Advent, 3d.

covers. Price ls.

The Personal Coming and Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, 2d. ten for the edification, exhortation, and comfort of

The Rapture of the Church; or, Are any Events to be exthe Lord's people. The Love of God to Sinners Friend and Traveller

pected before the Rapture of the Church, ld. Blessed is he whose Trans- The Poor Char-woman and London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street,

PLAIN PAPERS ON PROPHETIC SUBJECTS, 3s. gression is forgiven

the Parish Doctor.
Oxford Street.

CONTENTS-What is the Hope of the Christian? What is
What is the Gospel ?
The Substitute

the Hope of the Church? Approaching Judgments. The Now and Nigh

Coming Crisis and its Results. The Doom of Christendom.
The Serpent of Brass

Christ and the Church. Same subject, concluded. Israel

in the Past and Present.
Published Monthly, in fcap. 4to., price 4d..
The Compassion of God

Israel's Future Restoration.
The Blind Eyes Opened
A Just God and a Saviour The Little Pilgrim

Israel's Restoration Introductory to Millennial BlessedTHE BIBLE-READER'S JOURNAL: a medium Sin its Punishment and its The Fallen Cathedral

ness. The Great Prophetic Question: Is the Millennium, Remedy.

What must I do to be Saved? or Christ's Second Advent, to be expected first? Further The Good Physician, and the All have Sinned

Pre millennial Evidence. Waiting for Christ. Ecclesiasmunication, and Biblical Research.

Best Medicine
The Idol of Eimeo

tical Corruption and Apostacy. The Last Days of Gentile Communications for the Editor, and Books for Death and Life

Blind Warrior

Supremacy. Israel in the approaching Crisis. The Spared

Flee from the Wrath to Come Remnant. The Martyred Remnant: with Remarks on the Review, to be addressed to 72, Hatton Garden, A Few Words on Repentance

The Coventry Sweep
That Are did it

Earthly Calling of Israel and the Heavenly Calling of the London.

Church. Apocalyptic Interpretation. The First Resur This series is very portable, and suited to all classeg.

rection Same subject, concluded. The Millenniam. A London: Printed and Published by Morgan and

One Shilling's worth and upwards of these Tracts bent Recapitulation : or, a general Outline of Prophetic Truth. Chase, 72, Hatton Garden; Sold by Wm. Yapp, Old postage free to all parts of the Kingdom.

Objections Answered. Further Answers to Objections. Cavendish Street, Oxford Street, and all Booksellers.

London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street. W.

London: William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street. W


Heart's Ease



The BScripture Exposition, Christian Intercom

I Montbly Journal,



“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled." LONDON: WILLIAM YAPP,]

(LUKE XIV. 23.)


No. 5.]

Registered for
Transmission abroad.

LONDON, MAY 2, 1859.


8 12 16 20 24


Is. Is. 4d. ls. 8d. 28. Od.

88. 12s. 169. 20s. 218.

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No. 3.


ark, during the 120 years it was in pre- their justification. Dear reader, make The Publisher will forward parcels of The Evangelist to any part of the United Kingdom, post free, paring? Reader, you stand upon solemn no excuses. Do not imagine that you on the undermentioned terms:

ground, between the flood and the fire. will have plenty of time to enter the ark 4 copies for 4d. or for one year, 1s.

If you look backward, there are abundant when you see his judgments approaching. proofs of God's judgment by water. If Do not think you are too vile to enter in

you look forward, the judgment by fire now, for the blood of Jesus Christ cleansA single copy will be sent to any British Colony

approaches with a slow but awful cer- eth from all sin. If you want to escape for 12 months for 2s., paid in advance.

5 All orders should be addressed to the tainty. All who are not sheltered in the the coming fire, and to enjoy present Publisher, Mr. W. YAPP, 4, Old Cavendish Street, true ark, the Lord Jesus Christ, washed peace and future glory, come to Jesus Oxford Street, London, W.

in and pardoned through his precious now, just as you are. Come at once ; All Communications, Subscriptions, Books for Review, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, "To the blood, will certainly perish. The ark come, for all things are ready. Editor of the Evangelist," 4, old Cavendish Street could have been completed in a few years. Come to the ark, ere yet the flood Oxford Street, London, W.

Your ling'ring steps oppose; Men saw Noah busy at work, year after Come, for the door which open stood, Several papers are omitted for want of space. We

Is soon about to close. do not undertake to return Mss. if not suitable. year, making little progress, as they N. B. L.'s paper is scarcely in keeping with the ob- judged, and they scoffed, despised, and

The Cross of Christ. jects of this publication.

disbelieved his preaching, not underA Happy Death.

standing the long-suffering of God waited The Cross manifested God's amazing We have lately heard of a man of God, to give them an opportunity of escaping love to fallen, sinful man.

“ When we who adorned the doctrine of God his the flood. But there was an end to the were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” It

forbearance of a gracious God; and the is, therefore, most blessed to observe, Saviour, by a consistent life for many years, and when laid on a sick bed he flood came.

that the first cry of Christ on the Cross

Now, dear reader, this is a great fact. was for sinners: “Father, forgive them, requested that his daughter would bring him some bread to eat, saying, “I am I entreat you to be thoughtful, and not for they know not what they do.” very hungry.” She handed him a slice willingly ignorant of it. The Lord makes

We never see sin in its horrid blackof bread, and when he took it from her, his sun to shine upon the evil and the ness and vileness as in the sufferings and he sat up in the bed, and said, “Our good, and seed-time and harvest are pre- death of Jesus. No less a person than Lord Jesus, the same night in which He served unto us; but do not, because the one equal with God could endure all the was betrayed, took bread, and when He Lord is thus kind and gracious, think wrath and smiting that sin justly merited; had given thanks, He brake it, and said, that He has forgotten his promise of and in the wounds, bruises, stripes, dark* Take eat, this is my body which is bro-coming again in flaming fire, taking ven ness, and hiding of God's face, that Jesus ken for you.'

When he had said these geance on them that know not God, and underwent upon the Cross for us, we find words, he fell back, and departed to be that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus sin righteously condemned and put away. with Christ. Surely we may say that he Christ. (2 Thess. i. 8.) Remember that “God spared not his own Son." Thus,

the patient waiting and long suffering of in the Cross, salvation for sinners freely died feasting, and though he realized a change of place, it was no change of God, is salvation. He delays his coming, flows forth — an already accomplished company. - Blessed are the dead which that poor sinners may enter into the true salvation. Beholding Jesus crucified, we

ark, and be saved. Hear the Lord's own learn to hate sin, and love the Saviour. die in the Lord.” (Rev. xiv. 13.) words: “I am the door; by me if any

The world, too, is never so truly beheld The Flood and the Fire. man enter in, he shall be saved, and go in its ungodliness as in that Cross, which READER! God once destroyed, by a flood in and out, and find pasture.” Thousands was so infinitely acceptable to God, and of water, the inhabitants of this earth, have felt and confessed themselves sin

The religious because of their wickedness. (Gen. vi.) ners, believed the message of God's love, world was there - chief priests and His unerring word declares that He will and are now securely sheltered in the scribes; the political world --Pilate, solagain visit this same earth in terrible Lord Jesus Christ, "and yet there is diers, &c.; the people -- high and low, judgment by fire. “But the heavens room.Yes, and yet there is room. The rich and poor; they were all clustered and the earth which are now, by the door is wide open; there is no reason around the Cross-all, with one consent, same word are kept in store, reserved why you should perish in the coming cried out, “Not this man, but Barabbas! unto fire against the day of judgment fire, or die in your sins, for God has Away with Him! Crucify Him!” The and perdition of ungodly men.” (2 Pet. sworn that He has no pleasure in the world knew Him not. This led Paul to iï. 7.) Have you ever seriously thought death of him that dieth. The proof of say, “God forbid that I should glory save upon this subject ? Do you believe that this is, that He spared not his own Son, in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, the deluge swept away all who made light but gave Him up freely to die for sin- by whom the world is crucified unto me, of Noah's earnest entreaties to enter the ners, and raised Him from the dead for and I unto the world.

so full of love to man.

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