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A diving mermaid. Aileen Riggin won the fancy diving championship at the Olympic Games in 1920. U. $. national fancy diving champion for many years, she once more won this title this year and also took second place in the fancy diving at the Olympic Games in Paris.

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The Women's Relay Swimming Team, which helped pile up a score of 217 points for the United States against that of its nearest competitor, the Swedish team, with a total of 58 points, and set a new world's record in the 400-meter relay race. Gertrude Ederle, the most famous girl swimmer in the world, is on

the reader's left, standing next are Euphrasia Donnelly, Ethel Lackie, and Marciechen Wehselau.

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Eric Pedley, with Luis Lacey, perhaps the most brilliant individual players of the year. A substitute on the international team, he did not get a chance to play, but his performance in the Junior and Open Championships was of the highest order.

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