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specially mentioned. These, with a clock and other precious relics, are now deposited in the Royal Museum at the Hague, and we are able to give, on page 11, a slight sketch of the group as it is arranged in the Museum.


“I go across the ocean foam,

Swift skating to my southern home,
Upon the ocean skates fast driven,
By gales, by Thurse's witch wife driven.”

Saga of King Harald Greyskin.—LAING.

On the eleventh we weighed and paid a visit to the salmon lake from whence the fish we had received the other day had been taken. This lake lay at the foot of the mountains, and was about two miles in extent. The scenery here was peculiarly striking, and to the lover of the rod and line a more enchanting scene could hardly be found elsewhere. The day was lovely, the air bright and serene ; we hurried along the distance that separated us from our expected sport with feelings not to be described, and were looking forward to the successful capture of splendid char or Alpine trout without fear of hitch of any kind, but when we arrived, the water, to our dismay, was frozen over, and we could not use our net for fishing. Winter surely comes, and it is time for us to return home-time to hasten too, for up here in the north when winter approaches, it comes with such haste as we have little experience of at home, and an Arctic winter must not be trifled with if we mean to go. The rest have already gone. The Norwegians have many superstitious beliefs to compel them to hasten home, and besides they have scant provision for the voyage, only intended to last them till October. They go back, poor fellows, empty this season to begin again later in the year along their own coast with the herring fishery, when we hope they may have such luck as will repay them for their ill-spent time in these desolate waters of the Spitzbergen Islands. Now our acquaintance with wild nature grows more limited every day. The wild geese begin to wing their way to the far south ; most of the migratory birds have gone, and we turn to look again upon a land, uninhabited no doubt, but a land full of pleasant recollections : the climate, with all its threatening aspect, so well suited to the manly sports we entered on by land and sea; the whole region, rough beyond compare, but still a region of enchantment and delight. It is a world in itself, of which the traveller who has not seen it can form no conception whatever-where the light of heaven is so unlike what we elsewhere experience, that we are unable to describe it. Its ice blinks and auroras, its heavy blue reflections against which the prismatic ice glitters in the purest light of day; and all the



family of nature that dwells here in its vast expanse of water-its whales and walrus, amphibious bears and seals, the host of winged sea-fowl, and stately deer.

We found Professor Nordenskiold a very pleasant man advanced in life, and his selected party full of zeal in the honourable undertaking they had entered upon : they seemed inspired with the enthusiasm of their leader, who certainly manifested all the aplomb of a man confident of success. They were waiting here for a supply of coal to be brought to them by a steamer not yet arrived. Every day at this season is precious time lost; the sun has already set in the heavens, and the long night of the Arctic seas gradually approaches. They are a long way from the point they have selected for their winter quarters, and the road is being rendered more difficult as the season advances. Their intention is to sail along the western coast we have lately visited, and then to fight their way to the Seven Islands along the unusually frozen sea which bounds the coast to the north. Arrived at their halting place they have much work to do before they can hope to be settled fairly down in their winter quarters. They bring with them all the requisite materials for the construction of a home, and to expedite this laborious undertaking they have had the wooden houses


carefully constructed, and after every detail had been duly inspected the little buildings were taken down with care, in order that their readjustment would present no insurmountable difficulty to the crews engaged upon their reconstruction on the selected site at the Seven Islands. We noticed the materials for three of these hutswa dwelling consisting of four sleeping-rooms, fourteen feet by thirteen ; a long room for the men, twenty-two by fourteen ; a central room nineteen by twenty-two; and a kitchen twenty-two by sixteen. With Professor Nordenskiold came a Lieutenant Palander, of the Italian Navy, who is deputed by his Government to observe the necessary arrangements, with the ultimate object of collecting materials for the guidance of an Italian expedition to the North Pole; so that we shall have an accession to the number of foreign explorations if this gentleman reports favourably of what he experiences to his Government.

There are besides Lieutenant Wykander and Lieutenant L. Palander, the captain of the steamer, Dr. Euran, an experienced physician and good observer, one mate, two engineers, eleven seamen, and four Laplanders, twenty-three in all. Of these Professor Nordenskiold has selected Lieutenant Palander, four seamen, and the four Laplanders, to accompany him

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