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cause if you have a box for that purpose.'

“Sir," was the reply, "we have such a box.'

“Then, may I see it?" I asked.

"Sir" — with a pleasant smile and a bowI am that box.'



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A Brilliant British Horse.
Here is a startling story of equine sa-
gacity related by the London Tit-Bits. A
horse was standing in the shafts of a car-
riage just outside a local theater. It had a
weary look, as of one that desired repose.

Suddenly it brightened up, and before it
could be stopped it made a dash for the

The reasons for this unexpected behavior gave rise to 'much discussion, till at last one

of the crowd, more observant than the othThis never happens in an stails," was written in large letters over the

box-office window. office where there is

Let Justice Be Done. a Dictaphone

A lawsuit was recently in full swing, ac

cording to Everybody's Magazine, and durYou can't point your finger at the othering its progress a witness was cross-exam

ined as to the habits and character of the man, because we mean you—if you are still

defendant. relaying your correspondence via the ste

“Has Mr. March a reputation for being nographer's note-book and pencil.

abnormally lazy?" asked counsel briskly.

“Well, sir, it's this wayEvery one of your employees who is dic “Will you kindly answer the question tating to a stenographer is wasting just that asked?” struck in the irascible lawyer. much of her time and therefore just that "Well, sir, I was going to say it's this much of your money.

way. I don't want to do the gentleman in

question any injustice, and I won't go so far Don't have your stenographer write your

as to say, sir, that he's lazy, exactly; but letters twice-once in shorthand, again on

if it required any voluntary work on his the typewriter. Dictate to the Dictaphone.

part to digest his food—why, he'd die from

lack of nourishment, sir.” Get in line with genuine business efficiency. Small office or large office-one stenogra

All She Could Handle. pher or fifty-it fits in perfectly.

In Iowa, Lippincott's says, they are tellLet us demonstrate the Dictaphone on ing a story of a German farmer in one of your work in your own office. Reach for the northern counties who has for some your telephone and call up the “Dicta time been posing as an apostle of progressphone" and make the appointment.

ive agriculture.

of Following the lead

such men as Hoard and Wallace he has If you don't find that name in the 'phone been preaching against the practice of growbook, write to

ing nothing but corn and small grains, and
has been advocating cattle, silos, and al-

“It iss cows, cows, cows vich iss needed
in dis country. Dey vill bring back der

fertileness. Ve haf altogether too much Suite 1406, Woolworth Bldg., New York corn, corn, corn. Ve should haf a hoonderd

thousand cows in Iowa to make us all rich.” Stores in the principal cities

“That's pretty good doctrine, Otto,” said

a member of the State Legislature to him -dealers everywhere

one day. “I suppose you practice what you Official dictating machine of the

preach. How many head of stock have you

on your half section ?” Panama Pacific Interna dictate “Vell,” said Otto, hesitatingly, “I haf now tional Exposition Dictaphone ten cows."

The Legislator expressed surprise. "Your Day's Work”-a book

"Why,” said he, “I expected to hear that we should like to send you.

you had at least two or three hundred.
How is that?"

"Vell,” replied the German sadly, "you

see ten cows iss all mine frau can milk."

A Clerical “Fan.”
The making of Wedding and Social Invita-
tione. Visiting Cards and Stamped Paper is our
special work, done in our own shop. Samples

It was

an Episcopal clergyman, and an and prices upon request. Write Desk C.

ardent lover of the great American game, LYCETT, Society Stationer

says Harper's Magazine, who inadvertently 802N, Charles Street, Baltimore, Md. remarked at the end of the portion of Scrip

ture appointed to be read:

“Here endeth the first inning."

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Introducing the
Sprightly Spearmen


There's a New Show

on the Road The “Wrigley Spears” are playing all the big centers and the onenight stands. They already have a host of enthusiastic followers. Their introductory offering is


“Wrigley's Mother Goose


As It Ought to Be!" The price of admission to their stupendous, thrilling, side-splitting, spectacular, tuneful extravaganza is merely a 2c. stamp or a penny postal—as you see fit-spent to write for this 28-page book in four colors.

Remember Wrigley's for your teeth, breath, appetite and digestion, and write today!

WM. WRIGLEY JR. CO. 1310 Kesner Bldg.

Save the

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The Care of the Child.
Harper's Magazine directs this searchlight
upon modern maids and mothers :

Two nursemaids were wheeling their in-
fant charges in the park when one asked
the other:

“Are you going to the dance to-morrow afternoon?"

"I am afraid not."

“What !” exclaimed the other. “And you so fond of dancing !"

“I'd love to go," explained the scientious maid, “but to tell you the truth, I am afraid to leave the baby with its mother."







Stylo E for
Sheet Musio

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“ 'I have none,' was the reply.

"Time was short and the necessity great. In a flash the little fellow met the emergency by saying:

“Here, take mine. That'll pay for you, and I'll get under the seat.'”

A Perilous Bargain. When the season was almost over, a storekeeper in a small southern town (according to the faraway Sacramento Bee) put a lot of dollar shirtwaists in the window at 75 cents.

"Say, what kind of bizness you call dis?" asked an old colored woman. "Is dat de way you try to make a liar out of yo' customers? After I been telling all de cullud folks in de neighborhood dat I paid a dollar for dis shirtwaist, you come an' spoil my reputation for veracity.

Las' time I ever gwine to do bizness here."

that ?” he asked, pointing to the Albert Memorial. The Englishman explained. "What, already a monument to our brave King !” cried the Belgian as he embraced his friend, The Englishman, with admirable reticence, said nothing.

Meeting the Emergency. From a banquet of ministers Tit-Bits picks up this story told by a clergyman:

“One of the members of my church has instilled into his family the belief that the collection is a vitally important part of the service. Consequently his little boy Thomas never comes to church without his contribution.

“One Sunday, as the elders began to take up the collection at the morning service, Thomas looked along the pew to see if the various members of the family were provided with a contribution. Noticing a guest of his sister's empty-handed, he whispered:

" Where is your money?'

Saving the Poor Horse. At the railway station a nice old lady left the train and got into a cab. (The Christian Advocate vouches for the story.) The cabman said, “Gimme your bag, lady, I'll put it on top o' the cab."

“No, indeed !" answered the dear old lady, “that poor hoss has enough to pull. I'll jist hol' it on my lap.”.

Stenographic Presence of Mind. Simplified spelling is not the only qualification of the successful stenographer, if we may believe the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

"What did you learn at the school ?” the

Had What He Needed. Irate Countryman (white with anger at being disturbed): “You book canvassers make me

so angry with your confounded nerve and impudence that I cannot find words to express my indignation.”

Canvasser (jumping with enthusiasm): “Then, sir, I am a great help to you.

I have here the very thing you need—a dictionary of the English language, containing all the words and slang phrases known, and only $2. Take it, and you will never be at a loss to express yourself again.”—Kansas City Star.

Out of Sight. One of the fair passengers on a yachting party indefinitely located by the Houston Post, observed that the captain wore anxious look after some mishap to the machinery of the craft.

"What's the matter, captain ?” she inquired, solicitously.

“The fact is,” responded the captain in a low voice, “our rudder's broken."

"Oh, my, don't fret about that,” replied the young woman consolingly. “As it's under water nearly all the time, no one will notice it."



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Anxiety But Not Worry. “Do you think," asked the widower, “you could learn to love my children as you would if they were your own ?"

“Oh, yes," replied the anxious maiden, “I think I should care more for them, really, than if they

my own, because I shouldn't have worry much about them if they got hurt or were sick.”

Through all these many years Regal Cars have been distinguished for sturdy and enduring construction. Today, these qualities are more than ever embodied in each model-in every car that leaves our Factory. Surely among these Three Regals is one suited to your needs.

were to

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Retribution. That the injured party can sometimes afford to bide his time is suggested by the story told in the Woman's Home Companion:

The dentist of the town had had his photograph taken to give to his sweetheart as a valentine. We feel that we do not exaggerate when we say that it was the worst photograph ever taken of anybody in the world.

The dentist longed, in a very human way, for retaliation, and at last his time came. The photographer had a tooth to be filled. The dentist got in some deadly work, and just when the agony was at its climax he stepped back, looked at his patient critically and said in a cheerful voice :

“Look pleasant, please !"

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What Struck Him Most. An Irishman invalided home from the war, says the New York American, was asked by one of his relatives what struck him most about the battles he took part in.

“What struck me most?” said Pat. “Sure, it was the large number of bullets flying around that didn't hit me.”

That Albert Memorial. London Punch tells of an Englishman who had suddenly to exercise all his tact the other day. He was in Kensington Gardens with a Belgian refugee. “What's

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This shows
the hand-
some grain
of the Cou-
er. Color is
rich dark


olive green




When you make a gift of a subscription to CURRENT OPINION have us send this binder with the first copy, with your name as donor right where it will be seen every time the magazine is looked at.

And, lest you forget, let, us remind you what an ideal gift is a subscription to CURRENT OPINION. For to give CURRENT OPINION is a distinct yet delicate compliment to the men. THE SPECIAL tality of the recipient. Only persons with brains care for CURRENT DEPARTMENTS OPINION, but such persons like it very much.

And they like particularly

CURRENT OPINION'S speThey like the clear crisp way in which it spreads before one each

cial departments on the Busimonth the drama of the world. They like to see events after they

88 World, Music and Drama, have shaken off the distorted and journalistic shape of the hurried Art and Literature, Science moment and have emerged into their true perspective, the perspective and Discovery, Religion and from which history will view them.

Ethics, Poetry, Persons in the

And, above all, they like
the ideal for which CUR-
that ideal which is summed
up for our readers and our
editors in the following:.

In the belief that real events, real achievements, the real thoughts and deeds of living, striving men and women furnish the motive power of the world and are there. fore the most interesting things to record and read about, CURRENT OPINION

created and is ducted.

You cannot make a more acceptable gift, on any occasion — birthday, anniversary, Christmas, graduation-than a year's subscription to CUR. RENT OPINION.

And this new plan just adds
the desired touch of distinc-
tion and unusualness to the
whole affair.

Send us only $3.00 for a year's subscription to

CURRENT OPINION and 25c to cover cost of ex-
Your Name

press and handling on binder ($3.25 in all) and we

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copy of the magazine on the new subscription to Appears in

any address in the United States (Canada, 50c more, This Space

foreign, $1.00 more).
CURRENT OPINION, 134 West 29th St., New York City



This Binder







France's New Defiance to Germany


Situation in the Eastern Theater of War


War and the Christianity That Has

Not Been Tried

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Palates Too Much for Her.

boss asked the fair young applicant for the stenographer's job.

"I learned," she replied, “that spelling is essential to a stenographer."

The boss chuckled.

"Good. Now let me hear you spell essential.”

The fair girl hesitated for the fraction of a second.

"There are three ways," she replied. “Which do you prefer?"

And she got the job.

You can imagine the schoolmarm's astonishment, says Collier's Weekly, when Tommy returned to school with this note from his mother:

Dere Teecher: You keep telin' my boy to brethe with his palate. Maybe rich children has got palates, but how about when their father only makes two dollars a day and has got six children ? First it's one thing, then it's another, and now it's palates. That's the wurst yet.

Her Difficulty. A young lady who lisped very badly was treated by a specialist, and after diligent practice and the expenditure of some money learned to say: "Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers.

She-repeated it to her friends at a private rehearsal, and was congratulated upon her masterly performance. "Yeth,” she said dubiously, “but it ith thuth an ectheedingly difficult remark to work into a converthathion-ethpethially when you conthider that I have no thithter Thuthie.”

“When you work, of course," said the lawyer.

“Vy, work—” “I know," said the lawyer, “but what at?". "At a bench.'

“O!” groaned the lawyer. "Where do you work at a bench?".

"In a factory.”
“What kind of a factory ?”
“You make bricks?"
“No, de factory is made uv bricks."

“Now, Laszky, listen," said the lawyer. "What do you make in that factory?”

“Eight dollars a week.” "No, no! What does the factory make?” “I dunno; a lot uv money, I think.”

“Now, listen! What kind of goods does the factory produce?”

“O,” said Laszky, “good goods." "I know, but what kind of good goods ?" “The best."The best of what?” "The best there is." Of what?” Of dose goods." "Your honor," said the lawyer, “I give

Why He Lost the Sale. "Were you able to sell old Skinfint a grave ?” asked the superintendent of the cemetery

The agent shook his head, says Tit-Bits.

"He was afraid he might not get the full value of it,” he explained.

“But, hang it all, a man has got to die some time !” exclaimed the superintendent.

"That's what I told him, but he only answered, ‘Suppose I should be lost at sea.


Tommy's Answer. His name was Tommy, according to Lippincott's, and he came home from school looking so down in the mouth that mother asked him severely what was the matter.

Out of his little trousers pocket he fished a note from the teacher, which said, “Tommy has been a very naughty boy. Please have a serious talk with him."

“What did you do?" asked mother.

"Nothing," sobbed Tommy. “She asked a question, and I was the only one who could answer it.”

"H'm," murmured mother. “What was the question?”

“Who put the dead mouse in her desk drawer?" answered Tommy.


A Chautauqua Not Wanted. This story which started on the Chautauqua circuit is passed along by Everybody's :

A booking agent for a Chautauqua bureau visited the most prominent man of the town. “Mr. Jones," said he, “I called to see you in regard to a Chautauqua.” “It won't do a bit of good,” spoke up the prominent citizen. “My wife and I have looked over all the catalogues carefully, and have already decided on another machine."

A Mild Man Waxes Wroth. Uncle Henry Barnes was a mild man, says the Youth's Companion, but when John Ragland deliberately cheated him out of $900, even his patient spirit was ruffled. “Sometime," he remarked to his wife, “I'm going to tell that man what I think of him.” One day he came home highly satisfied with himself. “I saw John Ragland to-day, and I told him straight out what I thought of him," he said. “What did you say?" asked his wife. "I told him I thought he was a very unreasonable man.”

Life on Shares. "Woman," says Dr. Anna Shaw, “ever has been man's companion, sharing his exile, espousing his cause and buckling on his armor." And man, adds the Boston Globe, ever has been woman's companion, sharing her happiness, espousing her when she would have him, and buttoning her up the back.

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Learning His Name. Stranger: “What is your name, little boy ?" Little Boy: "Willie.' Stranger: “Willie what?” Little Boy : “Willie Don't, I guess. That's what mamma always calls me.

Too Much for a Philadelphia Lawyer.

A young foreigner was being tried in court, says the Public Ledger, and the questioning by the lawyers on the opposite side began.

"Now, Laszky, what do you do?” "Ven?” asked Laszky.



howlingly opposed by hostile mobs. Hissed, hectored and upbraided-he fought and strove, and gradually won over the public sentiment of Great Britain for neutrality in the struggle between North and South.

“There has not been such eloquence in the world since Demosthenes,” said an enthusiastic contemporary concerning these dynamic speeches by Henry Ward Beecher. His wonderful Liverpool speech is included among hundreds of others in

The World's Famous Orations


















Scene in Liverpool on Oct. 16, 1863, when Beecher's audience repeatedly became little more than a shouting mob only to be gradually worn down and finally conquered by the speaker.

A Collection of the World's Most Brilliant Speeches on all Subjects How Great Speeches Are Made on All Subjects. A Classic Thoughts on Many Themes Speeches That Have Made History

Great Arsenal of Suggestion and Inspiration, showing Here are classic thoughts on an infinite number These ten volumes, containing the great masterpieces of ora

tory from ancient Greece down to the present day, include many How the Greatest Orators of All Ages

of themes—the brainy masterpieces,arguments, etc., that are famous because of the great events with which they are have Handled the Biggest Subjects of that have lived through centuries-bristling with ideas

closely linked ; such, for example, as Mark Antony's over the Public Interest.

dead body of Cæsar; Burke's at the trial of Warren Hastings ; that start your mind along sound, resultful channels.

Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty” speech; Lincoln's "House Wonderful Speeches On All Sides ofThese speeches abound in intellectual stimulus. Divided Against Itself”; Wolfe's Address before Quebec;

Goldwin Smith's "The Secret Beyond Science"; John Morley's War, Peace, Armament, Politics, Campaign The thought-content ranges from the raging fire of

Pittsburg Address; Lord Rosebery on Robert Burns, as well as Speeches-Patriotism-Woman Suffrage political upheaval to the gentle sweetness of Inger many other famous epoch-making orations. Tariff Debates—The Constitution-Empire - Liberty-Independence — Sovereigntysoll's words at the grave of his brother.

Compiled and

Hundreds of orators are in- Emm Treaties—Taxation - Socialism-Invasion There is mental recreation and renewed intellec- Edited by cluded. Here are 56 taken O'CONNELL WEBSTER --Confederation-Finance-Government

PARNELL at random from the list.

WILLIAM tual power for you in these inspired utterances of the

DAVITT Ireland - Trade-Legislation—Conquest


ACHILLES Union - - Tyranny — Coercion - Slavery great men of all ages-words that have moved count


LUTHER Free Speech - Reform-Corruption-Oli less throngs of men to issue forth in battle, to beat BRYAN,


DEMOSTHENES garchy-Treason-National Policy, etc.

BEACONSFIELD back the forces of tyranny and barbarism, to secure Secretary of

ROBESPIERRE BEECHER In Conventions, Congresses, Clubs, for the present and preserve for future generations State and CÆSAR

CHURCHILL GARIBALDI etc. Nominating Speeches-On a Resolu wise administration and free forms of government. Perhaps the


INGERSOLL tion - Protest-On Resigning -Accepting

World's Most

WASHINGTON CONKLINO Here also are golden gems of ripe wisdom and phian Honor or Appointment-Debate On a

BLAINE Motion-An Amendment-Compromise - losophy — thoughts worth, cogitating the very Popular Liv


CLEVELAND Cross-Examination-Conciliation-Remov essence of the brains of mighty men.


ROOSEVELT al from Office — Acceptance — Forcing a Resignation-Repeal-Replying to a Charge -Self-DefenseTrial, etc. HOW TO APPROACH THE SUB



CHARGES PAID BY US, AND Farewell Addresses—Speeches of Welcome -Dedication-Inaugural Orations—EmanAs you read and ponder these speeches you

WITHOUT A CENT FROM YOU cipation-Eulogy-Lectures on Literature

will understand how these great Orators ap- Science

Sent on Approval-No Money Down Scholarships — Education proached a given subject-sketched it out in their Reading, etc. own minds—got together materials definitely

Sign and mail to us the Examination Request briefed it out—then studied and phrased and Funeral Orations, Religious, Character wrote their ideas into a definite, pointed, clean

Form herewith, and we send the books on apding, Lectures, etc. Funeral Ora cut and impressive whole, finally

to be presented

proval. If they are satisfactory, keep them Sermons Orations on Death with the poise and power and the telling effect

and remit $1.00 within five days and $1.00 per - Excommunication — Perse consequent upon thorough study and complete

month thereafter until the $19.00 is paid. If sion - Simplicity-Worship preparation. You will learn from these pages

you do not want the books after examination , sertion-Distinction-Invec How Big Men Have Handled practically every

return them at our expense. You lose nothing - Temptation-Grievance subject in the realm of Public Speaking. 'itiny-Exhortation, etc.

-we pay the carriage charges both ways. No Mr. Bryan Was Assisted in His Compilation by many famous men as: Rt. Hon. Herbert

agent will call upon you, everything is arH. Asquith, British Prime Minister; Rt. Hon.

ranged by mail.
Get 10

A. J. Balfour; Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain ;
John Dillon, Esq., M.P.; John Redmond, Esq.,
M.P.; Count Albert Apponyi, ex-President
Hungarian House of Representatives; Baron

D'Estournelles De Constant, Minister Plenipo-
tentiary, France, and many others.

WORLD'S FAMOUS ORATIONS A Permanent De Luxe Edition of This Famous Work

Sign and Mail This Coupon To-day Like These ten volumes are beautifully bound in three quarters red leather, with

(Cur. Opinion) rich green cloth sides (the sides of the books are not of fancy PAPER, but

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FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Pube. pages, gilt tops, gold cover designs, uncut edges, silk headbands.

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Gentlemen : Please send me One Set of the vellum and India tint paper, comprising a portrait gallery of history's De Luxe Edition of THE WORLD'S FAMOUS leading masters of speech.

ORA Edited by William Jennings Bryan, We Sell Direct by Mail-No Agents

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New York
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Post Office..

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