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esteem the feid, if any follow, equall to us all. In witnes quhareof, our soverane lord, in taken of his said approbation, and allowance of the premisses, and evere ane of us, for us and our forsaids, have subscryvit this present, to be insert and registrat in the books of the secret counsell, and to have the strength of ane decreit thereof against the contraveiners. Wherunto our subscriptions sall serue for ane sufficient warrant for everie ane of us.

This band, written by William Wyllie, clerk, Sic subscribitur. James R.--Lenox-Huntlie-Montross,

Cancellarius-Angus-Herys-Caithness-Traquair Lochinvar Johnstoun

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Drumlangric -David Scot of Stobneill. Apud Jedburgh, 29th March, 1612, Walter Scot of Goldielands, Walter Scot of Tishelaw, Robert Scot, his sone, James Gledstanes of Cocklaw, William Elliot of Falneish, Robert Scot of Satsheills, Walter Scot of Harden, Sym Scot of Bonniton, and William Scot in Burnfute, in the Water of Aill, with our hands at the pen, led be James Primerose, clerk of counsell, at our command. J. Primerose. Robert Scott in Stirkfield, with hand at the pen, led be William Wyly, wryter of this band. William Scot of Hartwoodmyres, Philip Scot of Dryhope, Robert Scot of Aikwood, William Scot of Howpasly. Jedburgh, 29th of October, 1612, William Scot of Whythaught, James Scot of Gilmerscleugh, and John Dalgleish of Douchar, with our hands at the pen, led be William Wylie, clerk. W. Wyllie.





Historical Ballads



ONE edition of the present ballad is well known; having appeared in the Reliques of Ancient Poetry, and having been inserted in almost every subsequent collection of Scottish songs. But it seems to have occurred to no editor, that a more complete copy of the song might be procured. That, with which the public is now presented, is taken from two MS. copies,' collated with several verses, recited by the editor's friend, Robert Hamilton, Esq. advocate-being the 16th and the four which follow. But, even with the assistance of the common copy, the ballad seems still to be a fragment. The cause of Sir Patrick Spens's voyage is, however, pointed out distinctly;

1 That the public might possess this curious fragment as entire as possible, the editor gave one of these copies, which seems the most perfect, to Mr Robert Jamieson, to be inserted in his collection. It also has been published, with many curious illustrations, in Mr John Finlay's Scottish Historical and Romantic Ballads, Glasgow, 1808.

2 [Robert Hamilton, Esq. Sheriff of Lanarkshire, and one of the Principal Clerks of Session, died in 1831.]

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