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F all my experience how vaft the amount, Since fifteen long winters I fairly can count! Was ever a damfel fo fadly betray'd,

To live to these years and yet ftill be a maid ?


Ye heroes triumphant, by land and by sea,

Sworn vott'ries to love, but undmindful of me;
You can storm a firong fort, or can form a blockade,
Yet ye ftand by, like daftards, and see me a maid.


Ye lawyers fo juft, who with flippery tongue,

Can do what you pleafe, or with right, or with wrong,

Can it be, or by law or by equity said,

That a buxom young girl ought to die an old maid ?


Ye learned phyficians, whofe excellent skill
Can fave, or demolish, can cure, or can kill,
To a poor, forlorn damfel contribute your aid,
Who is fick very fick -- of remaining a maid.

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Ye fops, I invoke, not to lift to my song,

Who answer no end
Ye echoes of echoes,
For if I had


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and to no fex belong; and fhadows of shade

I might ftill be a maid.




E ancient patriarchs of the wood,

YE ancient

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That veil around these awful glooms,

Who many a century have stood

In verdant age, that ever blooms.


Ye Gothic tow'rs, by vapours dense,
Obfcur'd into feverer ftate,

In paftoral magnificence

At once fo fimple and fo great.


Why all your jealous fhades on me,
Ye hoary elders do ye spread?

Fair Innocence fhou'd ftill be free,

Nought shou'd be chain'd, but what we dread.




Say, must these tears for ever flow?
Can I from patience learn content,

While folitude ftill nurfes woe,

And leaves me leifure to lament.


My guardian see !---who wards off peace,
Whose cruelty is his employ,

Who bids the tongue of transport cease,
And stops each avenue to joy?


Freedom of air alone is giv❜n,

To aggravate, not footh my grief, To view th' immensely-diftant heav'n, My nearest prospect of relief..


To Mifs ****

one of the Chichester Graces.


Written in Goodwood Gardens, September 1750.



E hills that overlook the plains,

"Where wealth and Gothic greatness reigns,

"Where Nature's hand by Art is check'd,

« And Taste herself is architect;

"Ye fallows grey, ye forefts brown,
"And feas that the vaft profpect crown,
"Ye freight the foul with fancy's ftore,
"Nor can fhe one idea more!"


I faid---when dearest of her kind

(Her form the picture of her mind)
Chloris approach'd----The landskip flew !
All nature vanifh'd from my view!
She feem'd all Nature to comprize,

Her lips! her beauteous breasts! her eyes!
That rous'd, and yet abafh'd defire,
With liquid, languid, living fire !

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But then---her voice l---how fram'd t' endear!
The mufic of the Gods to hear!

Wit that so pierc'd, without offence,

So brac'd by the ftrong nerves of sense !
Pallas with Venus play'd her part,
To rob me of an honeft heart;
Prudence and Paffion jointly ftrove,
And Reason was th' ally of Love.


Ah me! thou fweet, delicious maid,
From whence fhall I follicit aid?
Hope and despair alike destroy,

One kills with grief, and one with joy.
Celestial Chloris! Nymph divine!
To fave me, the dear tafk be thine.
Tho' conqueft be the woman's care,
The angel's glory is to spare.

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