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shall preside in such meeting,) to make an estimate of the amount necessary to furnish a comfortable support to the Presiding Elder, and to apportion the same, including house-rent and traveling expenses, and also the claim of the Bishops assessed to the District by the Annual Conference, among the different Circuits and Stations in the District, according to their several ability; and in all cases the Presiding Elder shall share with the Preachers in his District in proportion with what they have respectively received; but if there be a surplus of money raised for the support of the Preachers in one or more of the Circuits or Stations in his District, he shall receive such surplus, provided he do not receive more than his allowance.

Support of Ministers and Preachers.

T 349. It shall be the duty of the Quarterly Conference of each Circuit and Station, at the session immediately preceding the Annual Conference, to appoint an Estimating Committee, consisting of three or more members of the

Church, who shall, after conferring with the Preachers, make an estimate of the amount necessary to furnish a comfortable support to the Preacher or Preachers stationed among them, taking into consideration the number and condition of the family or families of such Preacher or preachers, which estimate shall be subject to the action of the Quarterly Conference; and to which shall be added the amount apportioned for the support of the Bishops and Presiding Elder; and the Stewards shall provide by such methods as they may judge best to meet such amount. The traveling and moving expenses of the Preachers shall not be reckoned as a part of the estimate, but be paid by the Stewards separately.

T 350. Whenever a member of an Annual Conference applies for a location, it shall be asked, Is he indebted to the Book Concern? and if it be ascertained hat he is, the Conference shall require him to secure said debt, if they judge it at all necessary or proper, before they grant him a location. Whenever any claimant on the funds of a Conference shall be in debt to the Book Concern, the Conference of which he is a member shall

have power to appropriate the amount of such claim, or any part thereof, to the payment of said debt.

T 351. When a member of an Annual Conference is accused of crime in the interval of his conference session, and is suspended by a Committee, and subsequently convicted by his Conference and expelled, his claim upon the funds of the Conference shall cease from the time of his suspension.

Support of Superannuated Preachers.

T352. It shall be the duty of the Quarterly Conference of each Charge within whose bounds a Superannuated Preacher, or the widow or child of a deceased Preacher, may reside, to appoint a Committee whose duty it shall be to make an estimate of the amount necessary to assist such Preacher, widow, or child in obtaining a comfortable support, and such estimate shall be sent up to the Annual Conference with which the claimant may be connected, and subject to the action of said Annual Conference.

Local Preachers to have an Allowance in Certain Cases.

T353. Whenever a Local Preacher fills the place of a Traveling Preacher, with the approbation of the Presiding Elder, he shall be paid for his time a sum proportional to the allowance of a Traveling Preacher; which sum shall be paid by the Circuit at the next Quarterly Meeting, if the Traveling Preacher whose place he filled up were either sick or necessarily absent; or, in other cases, out of the allowance of the Traveling Preacher.

T 354. If a Local Preacher be distressed in his temporal circumstances on account of his service in the Circuit, he may apply to the Quarterly Conference, who may give him what relief they judge proper, after the allowance of the Traveling Preachers and of their wives, and all other regular allowances, are discharged.



Methods for Raising Annual Supplies for the Propagation of the Gospel, and for making up the Allowance of Preachers.

355. The more effectually to raise the amount necessary to meet the above mentioned allowances of the effective Ministers and Preachers, let the Stewards at the beginning of the year estimate the amount needed monthly. Then ascertain from each member of the Church, and, as far as practicable, from each at tendant of the congregation, what each purposes to give as his monthly contribution.

1356. Let these sums be entered by the Recording Steward in a book which he shall keep as Treasurer of the Board of Stewards. If the total amount of these sums does not equal the amount needed monthly, then let the Stewards apportion the deficiency among all such as are willing, for Christ's sake, to assume such deficiency, setting down to each person,

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