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List of the Clergy



SEPTEMBER 27, 1865.

This List of Clergy, being that presented by the Bishop to the Convention, contains no note of changes which have since taken place.

This mark • designates the Alumni of the General Theological Seminary of the Protest. snt Episcopal Church in the United States.


DIOCESE. The Rev. Charles C. Adams, rector of St. Mary's Church, Manhattanville, New

York. The Rev. Richard S. Adams, rector of St. Andrew's Church, Brooklyn, Kings

county. The Rev. Samuel M. Akerly, officiating at Marlborough and Milton, Ulster

county. The Rev. Reese F. Alsop, rector of Christ Church, Rye, Westchester county. The Rev. George B. Andrews, rector of Zion Church, Wappinger's Falls,

Duchess county. The Rev. Henry Anstice, Jr., deacon. The Rev. Edward Anthon, New York. *The Rev. Octavius Applegate, rector elect of St. Paul's Church, Franklin,

Delaware county. *The Rev. John P. Appleton, officiating at Hunter's Point, Long Island. The Rev. Samuel G. Appleton, rector of St. Paul's Church, Morrisania Village,

Westchester county. The Rev. John A. Aspinwall, rector of Christ Church, Bay Ridge, Kings


*The Rev. Edward R. Atwill, assistant minister of St. Luke's Church, New

York. *The Rev. Franklin Babbitt, rector of Grace Church, Nyack, Rockland county,

and missionary. The Rev. Deodatus Babcock, D. D., residing at Ballston Spa, Saratoga

county. The Rev. Charles Babcock, missionary at Greenwood Works, Orange county. The Rev. John W. Bacon, deacon, Principal of the Grammar School of Colum

bia College, New York, The Rev. John W. C. Baker, deacon (Note A). The Rev. James S. Barnes, assistant minister of Christ Church, Brooklyn. *The Rev. Reginald H. Barnes, at St. Peter's Church, New York. *The Rev. Liberty A. Barrows, missionary at Norfolk and Lisbon, St. Law.

rence county. The Rev. John G. Barton, deacon, Professor of the English Language and

Literature in the Free Academy, New York. The Rev. Henry B. Bartow. The Rev. Henry H. Bates, minister of St. Paul's Church, Oak II ill, Greene

county, and missionary. The Rev. Walton W. Battershall, deacon. *The Rev. Alfred B. Beach, D. D., rector of St. Peter's Church, New York. The Rev. Henry M. Beare, rector of Zion Church, Little Neck, Queens county.

P. O., Flushing The Rev. Eastburn Benjamin, assistant minister of St. Ann's Church for Deaf

Mutes, New York. *The Rev. Wm. II. Benjamin, assisting in the Church of the Holy Communion,

New York. *The Rev. Beverley R. Betts, rector of St. Saviour's Church, Maspeth, Queens

county, and missionary. The Rev. John H. Betts, rector of Calvary Church, Burnt Hills, and St. Paul's,

Charlton, Saratoga county. *The Rev. William S. Boardman, rector of the Church of the Holy Innocents,

Albany. The Rev. Elward B. Boggs, rector of St. Matthew's Church, Bedford, West

chester county. The Rev. Cornelius W. Bolton. The Rev. Samuel B. Bostwick, missionary at Sandy Hill and Fort Edward,

Washington county. The Rev. Rowland H. Bourne. *The Rev. Jolin Bəyle, assistant minister in charge of the Mission Chapel of

Zion Church, New York. The Rev. Darius R. Brewer, rector of St. Paul's Church, Yonkers, Westches

ter county The Rev. John Brown, D.D., rect of St. George's Church, Newburgh, Orange


*The Rev. Thomas Mckie Brown, deacon, assistant minister of St. John's

Church, Brooklyn. *The Rev. J. H. Hobart Brown, rector of St. John's Church, Cohoes, Albany

county, and missionary. *The Rev. Samuel Buel, D. D., rector of Christ Church, Poughkeepsie,

Duchess county. *The Rev. George F. Bugbee, Christ Church, Manhasset, Queens county. The Rev. Edward Bull, residing in Brooklyn. The Rev. John Burke, chaplain U. S. A., at Fort Hamilton, Kings county. *The Rev. Edwin E Butler, minister of the Church of the Messiah, Glen's

Falls, Warren county. *The Rev. Philander K. Cady, West Troy. The Rev. Charles H. Canfield. The Rev. Eli H. Canfield, D.D., rector of Christ Church, Brooklyn. The Rev. Alexander Capron; rector of Grace Church, South Middletown,

Orange county. *The Rev. Joseph Carey, rector of Grace Church, Waterford, Saratoga county. The Rev. William M. Carmichael, D.D., residing at Hempstead, Queens

county. The Rev. Abraham Beach Carter, D. D., rector of St. John's Church, Yonkers,

Westchester county. The Rev. William S. Chadwell, rector of St. Luke's Church, Catskill, Greene

county. The Rev. Charles N. Chandler, General Protestant Episcopal Sunday School

Union and Church Book Society, New York. *The Rev. Edgar T. Chapman, chaplain U. S. Volunteers. *The Rev. Peter S. Chauncey, D. D., rector of St. James's Church, New

York. The Rev. Hobart Chetwood, rector of St. Paul's Church, Newburgh, Orange

county. The Rev. Samuel S. Chevers. *The Rev. Caleb Clapp, rector of the Church of the Nativity, New York. The Rev. James P. F. Clark, residing in Brooklyn. The Rev. James Starr Clarke, missionary at Madalin, Duchess county. *The Rev. Augustus Vallete Clarkson, rector of the Church of St. Augustine,

Croton, Westchester county. P: 0., New York. The Rev. Charles Cleveland, rector of Trinity Church, East New York, Kings

county. The Rev. Lyman Cobb, Jr., deacon (Note A), at St. Paul's, Yonkers, West

chester county The Rev. Jonathan Coe, missionary at Athens and Coxsackie, Greene county. *The Rev. William S. Coffey, rector of St. Paul's Church, Eastchester, and of

Trinity Church, Mount Vernon, Westchester county. The Rev. Joseph H. Coit, D. D., rector of Trinity Church, Plattsburgh, Clinton


The Rev. Thomas W. Coit, D. D., LL. D., rector of St. Paul's Church, Troy,

Rensselaer county.. The Rev. Thomas K. Coleman, officiating in a mission to the Public Institu

tions in Brooklyn. The Rev. Thomas K. Conrad, rector of St. John's Church, Clifton, Richmond

county. The Rev. Thomas Cook, assisting in Christ Church, New York. The Rev. William II. Cook, rector of St. Paul's Church, Keeseville, Essex

county, and missionary. *The Rev. Samuel Cooke, D.D., rector of St. Bartholomew's Church, New

York. *The Rev. William H. Cooke, rector of Trinity Church, Lansingburgh, Reng.

selaer.county. *The Rev. Fenwick M. Cookson, deacon in Trinity Parish, New York. *The Rev. Edmund D. Cooper, rector of St. John's Church, Essex, Essex

county, and missionary. The Rev. Samuel J. Corneille, rector of All Saints' Church, New York. *The Rev. John Cornell, rector of St. Thomas' Church, Ravenswood, Queens

county. * The Rev. Augustine W. Cornell, Jamaica, Queens county. *The Rev. F. Delaplaine Cornell, residing at Brooklyn, Kings county. The Rev. Thomas F. Cornell, rector of St. Mark's Church, Brooklyn, Kings

county. *The Rev. Nathaniel E. Cornwall, D.D., rector of St. Matthias' Church, New

York. The Rev. Edward Cowley, officiating in the Public Institutions in the city of

New York. *The Rev. Robert Fulton Crary, St. James' Church, Caldwell, Warren county,

and missionary. *The Rev. Robert B. Croes. The Rev. Christian F. Crusé, D.D., librarian of the General Theological Semi

nary, New York. *The Rev. Henry M. Davis, missionary at St. Paul's Church, Salem, Washing

ton county. The Rev. Sheldon Davis, chaplain of the Church Charity Foundation, Brook

lyn. The Rev. A. Sidney Dealey, deacon. *The Rev. Sylvanus S. Dearborn, missionary at Clerniont, Columbia county. The Rev. Benjamin F. De Costa, an assistant minister of the Church of the

Ascension, New York. *The Rev. John H. H. De Mille, rector of St. Mary's Church, Mott Haven,

Westchester county. The Rev. Angel Hereros De Mora, New York. The Rev. Legh R. Dickinson, rector of the Church of the Mediator, South

Yonkers, Westchester county.

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