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from those interested motives which too often absorb all other considerations ; for although the fair reward of Labour is a lawful desire, yet Reputation is still to share in the Undertaking.

Care has been taken to print this Edition as elegantly as possible ; and, in point of Accuracy, it will be found vastly superior to any former one, as no pains or expence have been spared to render it complete. The disagreeable Inconvenience resulting to the Reader, from the very confused and irregular manner in which the Letters have been placed throughout all the former Editions ----not excepting even the London Royal Quarto, which fells for upwards of Ten Guineas,-is effectually obviated in This ; as they succeed each other in exact Chronological Order.

As a further improvement to this valuable Work, we have thought it necessary, in order the more readily to lead the Reader to the mutual References throughout the whole, to prefix CONTENTS to each volume.


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