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A, S. P. C.L. Relent. 'Tis cowardly, and womanish. Not to relent is beastly, savage, devilish 41 643|2133 Reitoks. Now he's gone, and my idolatrous fancy must fanatify his relicks Ail's Well. 1 27814153 - The nature of his great offence is dead, and deeper than oblivion we do bury the incenfing relicks of it

Ibid. (5) 3 302237 - Great men thall press for tin&tures, stains, relicks, and cognisance 7. Cafar.2 2750260 Relief. Away for your relief

2 Henry vi. 51 2 6021138 My relief must not be toss'd and turn'd to me in words

Tim. of Arbens. 12 1 809/255 Religion. In religiun, what damnd error, but some sober brow will bless it, and approve it with a text

Mercb. of Venice. 3 2 21025 - It is religion, that doth make vows kept

K. Jobr.3) 1 398|2|22 I see you have some religion in you that you fear

Cymbeline. 1 5 897 235 - When the devout religion of mine eye maintains such fallhood, then turn tears to fires

Bomeo and Juliet. I 29701247 And sweet religion makes a rhapsody of words

Hamlet. 3. 411024 132 Relinquisbed. To be relinquish d of the artists

All's Well. 21 3 285257 Rcliques. Shall we go see the reliques of this town

Twelfth Night. 3 31 322050 Relifb. I do not relish well their loud applause

Meas. for Meal: 11

7621 There's not a soldier of us all, that in the thanksgiving before meat doth relish the petition well that prays for peace

781238 - I begin to relish thy advice

Troi. and Crep 3 86512 15 The imaginary relish is so sweet that it enchants my sense

Ibid. 3) 2 87212 48 You may relish him more in the soldier, than in the scholar

Orbello. 2

1/1953/1/21 Relumine. I know not where is that Promethean heat, that can thy light relumine 16.15 2 1075|2|46 Remain. And thou shalt still remain the Duke of York

3 Henry vi. 51 Let's fetch him off, or make remain alike

Coriolanus. 11 41 7081239 I hope, it remains not unkindly with your lordship

Tim. of Atbensa 31 61 817|233 Remainders. The gods protect you! and bless the good remainders of the court Cym. 1 2 894/2/62 Remediate. Be aidant and remediate in the good man's distress

Lear. 41 41 955|2|50 Remedy. If not a present remedy

Mu. Ado About Norb. 11 31 12412142 Our remedies oft in our felves do lie, which we ascribe to heaven All's Well. 1

1279/21 6 Things without remedy should be without regard



2 374/2/ 2 Both our remedies within thy help and holy phyfick lies Romeo and Juliet. 21 31 977 240 When remedies are past, the griefs are ended

Otbello. 3 10491130 Remember. I'll not remember you of my own Lord, who is lost too Winter's Tale.

13 Briefiy thy self remember

Lear. 6

959136 Remember d. You being then, if you be remember'd, cracking the stones of the forefaid prunes

Mias. for Meas.12

81114 Remembrance. This Lord of weak remembrance

Tempeft. 2

91217 Point of remembrance


202115 - Take some remembrance of us for a tribute, not as a fee Mercb. of Venice. 4) 1 218160

His good remembrance, fir, lies richer in your thoughts, than on his tomb All's Well.1 21 28011/30
By our remembrances of days foregone, such were our faults

Ibid. 1 3 281 240
Myremembrance is very free and clear from any image of offence done to any man T. N. 3 4 324/2/43
Grace and remembrance be to you both, and welcome to our hearing Wi's Tale. 41 3 3501213
To rain upon remembrance with mine eyes

2 Henry iv. 2 3 483/26 With this remembrance


5 2 5031214 Awake remembrance of these valiant dead

Henry v. 1
And the remembrances of her, to hold the hand fast to her lord Cymbeline. 1 6 8981248
Whose remembrance yet lives in men's eyes : and will to cars and tongues, her
theme, and hearing ever

Cymbeline. 31 1 9061133 - I have remembrances of yours, that I have longed long to re-deliver Hamlet.

3 Remiss. That thus we die while remiss traitors leep

1 Henry vi. 4. 3 562 34 He, being remiss, moft generous, and free from all contriving

Hamlet. 4. 710322 23 Remifion. And never Mall you see that I will beg a ragged and forestallid remiffion 2 H.iv. 5 2 502143 Remifness new-conceived

Meas. for Meal: 12 8372 37 Remnant. Some odd quirks and remnants of wit

M. Ado Ab. Notb.2) 3) 131

5 Thou bloodless remnant of that royal blood

Richard ii. 1 Remorse. If your heart were touched with that remorse as mine is to him M. for M.2 Change Nander to remorfe

M. Ado Abi. Notb./4/ 11361/26 - My afterly remorse confutes my honour, and I did yield to him Meal. for Meas:Is 982 49

'Tis thought, thou’lt thew thy mercy, and remorse more strange than is thy strange apparent cruelty

Mer. of Ver. 4) 3 214 2156 - I did not then intreat to have her stay, it was your pleasure, and your own remorse

As You Like I1.111 31 22813144


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A. S. P. C. L. Romacise. Without any mitigation or remorfe of voice

Twelfth Nigbta21 31 315 1146 Stop the access and passage to remorse

Macbeib. 1 5 36711118 The vileft stroke that ever wall-ey'd wrath, or staring rage, presented to the tears of soft remorse

King Jobm. 4 3 4068 What says monsieur Remorse

i Henry iv. 1

2 444 133 I feel remorse in myself with his words; but I'll bridle is

2 Henry vi. 4 7 5962 37 And gentle, kind, effeminate remorse

Ricbard iii. 31 765512 57 The abuse of greatness is, when it disjoins remorse from power

7. Cæfar.2 747 | 4 Abandon all remorse

Otbeilo. 3) 3,1063/2/22 To obey Mall be in me remorse, what bloody work foever

Ibid. 31 3 10642114 Remorsefuli

Two Gent. of Verona. 41 3 401 4 day

2 Henry vi. 41 1 5911132 Remotion. All thy safety were remotion

Tim. of Athens. 41 3 823-157 - This act persuades me that this remotion of the Duke and her is practice only Lear. 21 4 9432155 Remove. In our remove be thou at full ourself

Meas. for 761 28 Shall your loves woo contrary, deceived by these removes Love's Lab. LA. 5 2 167 1 40 Here's a petition from a Florentine, who hath for four or five removes, come short

All's Well.151 31 30312 39 to tender it herself If they set down before us, for the remove bring up your army

Cur 2 7061229 Remov'd. How I have ever lov'd the life remov'd

Meas. for Meal4 78/2/14 Your accent is something finer than you can purchase in so removed a dwelling

As You Like It. 31 2 237224 house

Winter's Tale. 5 2 360 257 Removedness. So far, that I have eyes under my service, which look upon his removed* ness

Ibid. 41 13481144 Renunerate. Yes, and will nobly him remunerate

Titus Andronicus. 1 2 83511166 Remuneration-explained by Coftard

Love's Lab. Loft. 31 1 156129 Let not virtue feek remuneration for the thing it was,

Troil. and Grid 3 3 8761139 Rend. Sleep and snore, and rend apparel out

Mer. of Venice. 21 5 2051134 To rend our own soldiers

All's Well. 31 6 294 1 2 - We must not rend our subjects from our laws, and stick them in our will Hen. viii. 1

21 6751 52 Render. Nothing unless you render her again

Much Ado Ab. Norb. 41 11 1371153 And he did render him the most unnatural that liv'd’mongst men As You Like It. 41 3 24412152 Which I presume will render you no blame

All's Well. 51 11 30112150 May it please your majesty, to give us leave freely to render what we have in charge

Henry v." 2 513 1 25 Let each man render me his bloody hand

Julius Cæfar. 3 1 7532 55 To Cæsar will I render my legions, and my horse

Ant. and Cleop 31 81 78612 46 And sends forth us, to make their sorrowed render

Tim. of Atbens. 5 3 827132 To satisfy, if of my freedom 'tis the main part, take no ftri&er render of me, than

Cymbeline. S 4921258 Newness of Cloten’s death (we being not known, nor muster'd among the bands) may drive us to a render where we have liv'd

Ibid 41 41 9192128 My boon is, that this gentleman may render of whom he had this ring

Ibid. 515 925 125 Render up. My hour is almost come, when I to fulphurous and tormenting flames must render up myself

Hamlet. 1 5 1006245 Render'd. The castle gently render'd

Macbetb. 517 386 113 A gentleman well bred, and of good name, that freely render'd me these news for true

2 Henry iv. 1 1474 1 28 And public reasons Thall be rendered of Cæsar's death

Julius Cæfar.131 275517 Rendezvous. That is my rest, that is the rendezvous of it

Henry v. 2 151412116 Renegado. A very renegado

Twelfth Night. 3 2 322112 Reneges all temper

Ant. and Cleop. 1 17671113 Renega, affirm, and turn their halcyon beaks, to every gale and vary of their master Lear.2 2 94111138 Renew. Therefore Mall he die, and I'll renew me in his fall

Coriolanus. 51 s 738144 Would you renew me with your eyes

Cymbeline.131 21 907 2 22
Renouncement. By your renouncement, and immortal fpirit

Meas. for Meas. 5 791 46
Renown. So I am driven, by breath of her renown, either to suffer shipwreck iH. vi. 5
Stay we no longer dreaming of renown

3 Henry vi. 21 611135 By wounding her belief in her renown with tokens thus and thus Cymbeline. 55 9252 42 Rent off thy silver hair

Titøs Andronicus, 31 | 8432 53 Repair me with thy presence

Two Gent. of Verona. 5 4 431135 But only a repair i'the dark

Muaf. for Meas. 141 1 9311124


They suppos-d, I could rend bars of steći

, and spurn in pieces poses of adamant 14.01.30 525/2013

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A. S. P. C.L. Repair. It much repairs me to talk of your good father

All's Well.! I 21 28011110 What holier than fair royalty's repair

Winter's Tale. 5 1 3581112 That we could hear no news of his repair

3 Henry vil 511 628 113 I'll repair the misery thou dost bear, with something rich about me

953 239 - I will forestall their repair hither

Hamler. 5 2 10392129 there to me

O bello. 31 2 1059143 Repaff. Get me some repast; I care not what, so it be wholesome food Tam. of the Sbr 4 3 27012/2 Repaffure. Food for his rage, reparture for his den

Love's Lab. Loft.4 1 157257

Richard ii. 2 Repeals. The banished Bolingbroke repeals himself

2 423135 I'll pour this pestilence into his ear,--that the repeals him for her body's lust bello. 21 31053133 Repeal'd. These differences shall all rest under gage, till Norfolk be repeald: repeald he shall be

Ricbard ii. 4) 1 432 1156 Repent. It my wind were but long enough to say my prayers, I would repent M.W.of W. 4 5 69227 I never did repent for doing good, nor shall not now

Mer. of Ver. 31 41 213 120 O thou tyrant! do not repent these things

Winter's Tale. 3 21 346 1 3 w All faults I make, when I Mall come to know them, I do repent

Ibid. 3 2 346 2113 Well I'll repent, and that suddenly, while I am in some liking

i Henry iv. 3 3 4612 26 at idle times as thou may'st

2 Herry iv. 2 21 482 2 2 Take thou the fee, and tell him what I say; for I repent me that the Duke is Nain

Ricbard iii. 4 6432 53 Must I repent? I cannot do it better than in gyves

Cymbeline. 5 41 921255 Repentance. Who by repentance is not satisfy’d, is not of heaven, nor earth TwoC. of Ver. 5 4 43 2 50 Then comes repentance, with his bad legs

Mu. Ado Abt. Norb. 2 1 1261125 Try what repentance can : what can it not ? yet what can it, when one cannot repent

Hamlet. 31 31023143 Repented the ills she hatch'd were not effected

Cymbeline. 5 5 924 53 Repetitiun. The repetition in a woman's ear, would murder as it fell

Maibctb.2 3 371217 Reply-churish.

As You Like It.15) 4 248 2124 Report goes

Merry W. of Windf. 1 3

49. 44 Who falling in the flower of her own youth, hath blister'd her report M. for M.2 31 842 40 Volumes of report

Ibid.41 1

931747 - If my gossip Report be an honest woman of her word

Merch. of Venice. 31 1 2087154 And now I find report a very liar

Tam. of the Sbrew. 2 1 262 1139 These wise men, that give fools money, get themselves a good report after fourteen years purchase

Twelfin Nigbr. 4 1 326 243 That which I Mall report, will bear no credit, were not the proof so nigh W.Tale. 5 1 359 1165 - I see report is fabulous and false

i Henry vi.- 35512144 - That man i' the world, who shall report he has a better wife, let him in nought be trusted

Henry vii. 2 4 685135 Had he died in the business-then his good report would have been my son Coriol. 1 3 707! My mind gave me, his clothes made a false report of him

Ibid. 41 51 7291242 'Twas a contention in publick, which may, without contradiction, suffer the report

Cymbeline. 1 5 897 119 Thou wrong'st a gentleman, who is as far from thy report, as thou from honour Ibid. 1 7 9002 19 There's gold for you; fell me your good report

Ibid. 2 31 9031160 - Never saw I figures so likely to report themselves

Ibid. 21 41 9051118 And my report was once first with the best of note

Ibid. 31 3 9082 23 should render him hourly to your ear

Ibid. 31 41 9402 40 And am right sorry, that I must report ye my master's enemy

Ibid. 3 5 9110133 Thou wrong'st it more than tears, with that report

Romeo and Juliet. 41 1990 116 me and my cause aright to the unsatisfied

Hamlet. 5) 2104111/26 All my reports go with the modest truth; not more, nor clipt, but so Lear. 41 71 960 1 4 Reportingly. Believe it better than reportingly

M. Ado Ab. Norb. 3 1 1322141 Repose. The foster nurse of nature is repose

Lear. 4 4 955244 Rsprchend. I myself reprehend his own person

Love's Labor Lot. 1

1 1491 28 Reprisal. I am on fire, to hear this rich reprisal is so nigli, and yet not ours i Henry iv. 4 1 465110 R-proach. Is it not Hero? Who can blot that name with any just reproach M. Ado A. N. 4 Myself would, on the rereward of reproaches, strike at thy life

15:2.41 1 1381158 I beseech you, fir, go, my young master doth expect your reproach Mer. of Ven. 2 5 2051157 - Or else reproach be Talbot's greatest fame

1 Henry vi. 3 2 557 2120 Foul-fac'd reproach

Ricbard i. 31 71 656 116 Reprobatien. Curse his better angel from his fide, and fall to reprobation Orbell.51 21107917130 Riprof. She did betray me to my own reproof

Comedy of Errors. 5/ 1

1172121 Refraf valiane

As You Like It.151 41 248/2136


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Ibid. 3

A. S. P. C.L Reproof. In the reproof of this lies the jest

1 Henry iv. 11

444|2157 -Those enemies of Timon's, and mine own, whom you yourselves shall set out for reproof, fall, and no more

Timon of Aibenss1829120

M. Ado Ab. Norb. 2 Reprove. 'Tis fo, I cannot reprove it

31 13121 1

Lear. 31 51 94912149 Reprovable. A provoking merit, set a-work by a reprovable badness in himself Repugn. When stubbornly he did repugn the truth

i Herry vi 4

1 56012113 Reputatien. Of very reverent reputation

Comedy of Errors. Sin Slender reputation

Two Gent. of Verona." You may conceal her (as best befits her wounded reputation) M. Ado Ab. Nob. 4) 1391156 And would not put my reputation now in any ftaining act

All's Well. 317) 2942128

Ibid. Your reputation comes too short for my daughter

31 304130 Turn then my freshest reputation to a favour, that may strike the dullest nostril W.T.1 2 338 1148 The purest treasure mortal times afford is--spotless reputation, that away, men are

Ricbard ii. 1 but gilded loom or painted clay

1415140 Wherein thou lieft in reputation fick

Ibid. 2 1 42012137 But answer in the effect of your reputation, and satisfy the poor woman 2 Herry iv. 2

4801235 I have offended reputation

Ant. and Cleop. 131 91787151 Seeing his reputation touch'd to death, he did oppose his foe Timon of Athens. 3 5 816 1158 I have lost the immortal part, fir, of myself, and what remains is bestial.-My reputation, lago, my reputation

Oibello. 21 3 1057 1153 - is an idle and moit false impofition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving

Ibid. 21 31057 1 58 Repuse. In my conscience do repute his grace the rightful heir to England's royal seat

2 Henry vi. 51 600 260 Reputing. Yet, by reputing of his high defcent

1 583 2:48 Requeft. 'Tis in request, I can teil you

Winter's Tale.41 31 352 2 5 At your request, my father will grant precious things, as trifles

Ibid. 5 2 359251 His great opposer Coriolanus being in no request in his country

Coriolanus. 41 31 72712151 Things small as nothing, but for request's sake only, he makes important Tr. & Cr.12 3 8701 23

Or came it by request, and such fair question as soul to foul affordeth Orbello. 1 3 1048 1 26 Requiem. We should profane the service of the dead, to sing a requiem

Hamlet. 51 11035 2:55 Require. He will require them, as if he did contemn what he requested should be in them to give

Cori Linus. 2

2 7161152 Requiring. Answer his requiring with a plausible obedience

Meas. for Nicul 31 1 Requiral. I profess requital to a hair's breadth

Merry W. of Windjer. 442

652.12 You do so grow in my requital, as nothing can unroot you

Ali's W ll. 51 1 301 145 mon To make a more requital to your love

K. 1 39012154 Rescue. I am thy prisoner, wilt thou suffer them to make a rescue Comedy of Errors. 414 116124 those breathing lives to die in beds

King Jukn.2 394215 Good people, bring a rescue or two.—Thou wo't, wo't thou

2 Hurry in 2 11 48018 Résemblance. What likelihood is in that?--not a resemblance, but a certainty M. för 11.1+12 95145 Relemble as much as an apple doth an oyster, and ali one

Tam. of the Shrew.41 2 2701137 Rejem.bled. Had he not resembled my father as he llept, I had done't


21 36912143 Reservation. And that he willd me in heedfullest reservation to bestow them

All's W.1 31 282 223 I most unfeignedly beseech your lordship to make some reservation of your wrongs 16.2 31 288121 Refign. He bids you then resign your crown and kingdom

Henry v. 21 41 51912S Rifift. I see a woman may be made a fool, if she had not spirit to refift T.of ibe Sbr.31 2 26612 44 Rrjolves. How yet resolves the governor of the town

Henry v.31 31 527|2 43 May it please your highness to resolve me now

3 Henry vi. 312 6172113 yourself for more amazement

Winter's Tale. 51 3 362 149 0, that this too too solid flesh would melt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew Ham. i

21002245 Refolu’d. I am resolv'd that Clifford's manhood lies upon his tongue 3 Henry vi. 2

2 6122124 Ah, that thy father had been so resolv'd

Ibid. s 563012141 And be resolv'd how Cæsar hath deferv'd to lie in death

Julius Cæfar.13 1 753 1:56 Refolution. Your resolution cannot hold, when 'tis oppos’d, as it must be, by the power o'the king

Winter's Tale. 4 3 3500 20 Lest resolution drop out of mine eyes in tender womanith tears

K. Zobr. 4 1 402 132 We have no friend but resolution, and the briefest end

Ant, and Cliop. 41 31 797 228 I lould be lick, but that my resolution helps me

Cymbeline. 31 6 912260 I would unitate myself to be in a due resolution

2 93312127 - Do thou but call my resolution wise, and with this knife I'll help it presently ard Julici. 4 1 99011141 Thus the native hue of resolution is fickly'd o'er with the pale cast of thought Ham. 31 110172 5 Refort, 'Tis pity that thou liyeit to walk where any honett men refors. Com. of Errors.151 11 1171/10


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Lear. 1

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A.S. P. C. Refort. Join with me to forbid him her resort

Timon of Atbers. 11 of 8051 9 Respets. What should it be that he respects in her, but I can make respective in myself

Two Gent. of Verona. 41 31 42118 I would have daff'd all other respects

Much Ado Ab. Notb.21 3 130231 You have too much respect upon the world, they lose it that do buy it with much care

of I 11981133 - And therefore loh that title of respeã which the proud foul ne'er pays out to the proud

i Henry iv. 31 4451/40 For the gain propos'd choak’d the respect of likely peril fear'd 2 Henry iv. 1 475220 This argues conscience in your grace; but the respects thereof are nice and trivial

Richard . 31 7 655/2 29 Thou art a fellow of a good respect

7. Cæfar. 51 51 76511.36 He doth deny him, in respect of his, what charitable men afford to beggars 7. of Atb.31 2 814/12 And never learn'd the icy precepts of respect

Ibid. 41 3 822222 You know me dutiful; therefore, dear fir, let me not shame respect Troi. and Cr. 51 31 888: 24 Since that respects of fortune are his love, I shall not be his wife


11 93211 - 'Tis worse than murder, to do upon respect such violent outrage

Ibid. 21 41 9431713 There's the respect, that makes calamity of so long life

Hamlet. 31 11017145 of thrift

Ibid. 3) 2102012/11 Respeeled. First, an it please you, the house is a respected house, next this is a respected fellow, and his mistress a respected woman

Meas. for Meal.21 8112 16 Respective. Though not for me, yet for your vehement oaths, you Mould have been respective

Merchant of Venice. 5 1 2202 23 - lenity

Romeo and Juliet. 31 982255 Respectively. You are very refpe&tively welcome, fir

Timon of Atbens. 31 1 81212 48 Refpice finem.

Comedy of Errors. 4 4 11521 9 Refpite. This, this All-Souls' day to my fearful soul, is the determined respite of my wrongs

Richard ii. 5) 1 6651124 This respite thook the bosom of my conscience

Henry viii. 241 685|2|30 Responsive. Very responsive to the hilts

Hamlet. 5) 21039114
Rejt as wretches have o’ernight that wait for execution in the morn Two G. of Ver. 2/2 39/2 36

I have set up my rest to run away, so I will not reft 'till I have some ground M.of V.2 21 2032 13
No reft be interposer 'twixt us twain

Ibid. 3) 2 212 2 23
To whom we all rest generally beholden

Tam. of the Sbrew.: 2 2592 55 Why then the beef, and let the mustard rest

Ibid.41 2701225 What I can do, can do no hurt to try, fince you set up your rest 'gainst remedy A.W.2 | 284 549 I most jocund, apt, and willingly to do you rest, a thousand deaths would die T. N. 5 3301 13 If what in rest you have, in right you hold

King Jobr. 4 2 403215 Here let us reft, if this rebellious earth have any resting for her true king's queen

Richard ii. 5 1| 43455 Left rest and lying still, might make them look too near into my state 2 Henry iv.4 4 500227 And now there rests no other Tiit but this

i Henry vi. 2 55115 We are too bold upon your reft

Jul. Cafar. 2 1 74712 25 In peace and honour rest you here, my fons

Titus Andronicus. 1 2 833 1 24 I lov'd her most, and thought to set my rest on her kind nursery

Lear. 1 1 9302 29 Execution of the rest, beloved sons, be your's

Ibid. 1

9301244 He hath put himself from reft, and must needs taste his folly

Ibid. 24 9451 45 The county Paris hath set up his reft, that you thall rest but little Rom. and Jul. 41 5 992 4.59 O here will I set up my everlasting rest

Ibid. 5) 31 996 110 You reft here in our court some little time

Hamlet.2 21010129 Reft you fair, good Signior

Mero of Venice. 1 3 2002/58 Reflem. And now they do re-item their backward course

Orbelio. 11 31047150 Refful English court

Richard ii. 4) 1 431 160 Restoration, hang thy medicine on my lips

Lear. 41 7960113a Restorative. I will kiss thy lips; haply, some poison yet doth hang on them, to make me die with a restorative

Romeo and Juliet. 5 3 996 2 21 Restrained. To put metal in restrained means to make a false one

Mcal. for Meas:12 4 85229 Refraint. For the fifth Harry from curb'd licence plucks the muzzle of restraint 2 9001 Resty noth

. 3 Retail'd. Truth should live from age to age, as 'twere retail'd to all pofterity "Ricb. .131 | 64911? Re-tell thee again and again

Orbello.11 310502 5% Retention. Sir, I thought it fit to send the old and miserable king to some retention Lear. 5 3 962 237 Retentive. Have I been ever free, and must my kousa be my retentive enemy, my jail

Tision of Albons.131

Ratira. .


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