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A.S. P. C. L. Pyramus and Tbisby. The most lamentable comedy, and most cruel death of Pyramus! and Thisby

Mid. Night's Dream. 1 21 178111 5 A tedious brief scene of young Pyramus and his love Thisbe, very tragical mirth Ib. 5 2 1922 40 alted before Thereus

Ibid. 151 1 193 142 Pyrenean. And talking of the Alps, and Apenines, the Pyrenean, and the river Po K. Febr. 1

1 38912/24

Hamlet.21 Pyrrbus. The rugged Pyrrhus

2 1015110 Pyrbagoras. Thou almost mak'st me waver in my faith, to hold opinion with Pytha

Merch. of Venice. 41 1 goras

215|21 51 I was never so be-rhimed fince Pythagoras' time, that I was an Irish rat Y.L. 11.31 2 2361132 What is the opinion of Pythagoras concerning wild-fowl

Twelfth Nigbr. 4 2 3272 29

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Quaint Ariel


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UADRANGLE. My choler being over-blown, with walking once about the

2 Henry vi. 1 3 5761237 Quaff'd. That tyranny, which never quaff'd but blood

2 Henry iv. 41 41 4992 19 Quagmire. And make a quagmire of your mangled brains

i Henry vi. 1

4) 549 1122 Over bog and quagmire

Lear. 31 41 94812 Quail, crush, conclude, and quell

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 51 195 6 And let not search and inquisition quail to bring again these foolith runaways

As You Like 11.2

2 2292135 And his quails ever beat mine, inhoop'd, at odds

Ant. and Cleop. 2 3 777 132 But when he meant to quail and shake the orb, he was as rattling thunder

Ibid. 51 279912 5 An honest fellow enough, and one that loves quails

Troi. and Creil 5 1 8841235 And my false spirits quail to remember

Cymbeline. 5 5| 925144 Quailing. For, as he writes, there is no quailing now

i Henry iv.41 11 4641/29 This may plant courage in their quailing breasts

3 Henry vi. 21 31 6132139 Tempeft. 112

51136 in green, she shall be loose enroh'd

Merry W. of Windsor. 416 701-12 But for a fine quaint, graceful, and excellent fashion Much Ado About Nothing: 31 4 1352 41 fpirits

Midf. Night's Dream. 2 31 1812 18 lies

Mercbant of Venice. 31 41 213223 More quaint, more pleasing, nor more commendable

Tam, of the Sbrew.41 31 2711152 With forged quaint conceit, to set a glofs upon his bold intent i Henry vi. 41 156012 2 1 To lhew how quaint an orator you are

2 Henry vi. 3 2 5891210 Quaintly. A ladder quaintly made of cords

Two Gent. of Verona. 31 I 'Tis vile, unleis it may be quaintly ordered

Mercbant of Venice. 21 41 20444 To carve out dials quaintly, point by point

3 H nry vi. 21 51 6141129 But breathe his faults fo quaintly, that they may seem the taints of liberty Hamlet. 2 1 1009 1/26 Quake. Thou wilt quake for this shortly

Mu. Ado About Notb.1

1241 2 Never saw I wretches so quake

Winter's Tale.5 1 35912/23 · Canst thou quake, and change thy colour

Richard iii. 31 51 652 2151 in the present winter's state, and with that warmer days would come Cymbeline. 24 904139 Quak’d. Where ladies shall be frighted, and, gladly quak’d, hear more Coriolanus. 1

9) 710125 Qualification. Whose qualification thall come into no true taste again

Otbello. 2 1105411129 Qualified. Forbear his presence, until some little time hath qualified the heat of his displeasure

Lear. I

2 934138 Qualify. So to enforce or qualify the laws

Meal. for Meal. 1 He doth with holy abstinence subdue that in himself which he spurs on to qualify in others

941146 All this amazement can I qualify

M. Ado About Noth. 51 41 146142 Your grace hath ta'en great pains to qualify his rigorous course Mer, of Venice. 41 21458 Quality. To thy strong bidding, talk Ariel, and all his quality

Tempeft. 1
Shew'd thee all the qualities o' the ide
A man of such perfection, as we, in our quality, much want Two Gent. of Verona. 41 1

3811 146 What quality are they of

Meas. for Meal: 2 I have many ill qualities

Mu. Ado Abt. Norb. 2

12611151 Hate counsels not in such a quality

Mer. of Venice. 3 22092150 In your fine frame hath love no quality

Ail's Well. 2 2961137 You must now speak Sir John Falstaff fair; which swims against your stream of quality

2 Henry iv. 5 2 502 36 She hath lived too long to fill the world with vicious qualities

i Hen. vi.

51 55681219 To night, we'll wander through the streets, and note the qualities of people A. & C.1 I] 76811123


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A.S. P. C.L. Quality. Whose quality, going on, the sides o' the world may danger. And things outward, do draw the inward quality after them, to suffer all alike Ibid. 3/11 78811117

Ant. and Cleo.( 41 21 77011143 Give her what comforts the quality of her passion requires

Ibid. 5/ 1 798142 Know you the quality of Lord Timon's fury

Timon of Atbens. 3 Give him note of our approach, with the whole quality wherefore Troi. and Cref 4 8781120 For condition, a shop of all the qualities that man loves woman for Cymbeline. 5 5 9252 2 You know the fiery quality of the duke, how unremovable and fixt he is Lear.21 41 943)230 Thou’lt not believe of how deprav'd a quality

Ibid. 241 944/1/28 Will they pursue the quality no longer than they can fing

Hamlet.2 2 10131245 Give us a taste of your quality

Ibid. 2) 210141236 My heart's subdu’d, even to the very quality of my lord

Orbello. 1) 3104912133 This fellow's of exceeding honesty, and knows all qualities

Ibid. 3) 31061 21 Qualm. It is the only thing for a qualm

Much Ado About Norb. 31 4 136,135 And trow you what he callid me?-Qualm, perhaps

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 2 168|2|41 Some sudden qualm hath struck me to the heart, and dimm'd mine eyes, that I can read no further

2 Henry vi. 1

1 57217131 Qualmish. Hence ! I am qualmilh at the smell of leak

Henry v. 5) 5372) 7 Quantities. If I were saw'd into quantities, I thould make four dozen of such bearded hermit's staves as master Shallow

2 Henry iv. 5) 1 5012 16 Quantity of choice

Hamlet. 3) 4 1024122 Quarrelsus as the weazel

Cymbeline. 31 41 940251 Quarrels. And in the managing of quarrels you may say he is wise M. Ado About Notb.21 3 13022 Enter into a quarrel with fear and trembling

Ibid.2 31 13012157 Do not quarrel with us, good old man

Ibid. s 1411225 In a false quarrel there is no true valour

Ibid. 5 1 142 146 I have had four quarrels, and like to have fought one

As 7. Like It.541 248134 - Holy feems the quarrel upon your grace's part, black and fearful on the opposer's A.W.31 1 290|1|28

. I have heard of some kind of men, that put quarrels purposely on others, to taste their valour

Iw. Nigbr. 31 41 325"| 2 And the chance of goodness, be like our warranted quarrel

Macbeib. 41 3 3812 44 Put we our quarrel to the will of heaven

Ricbard i 121 4151220 Against whom comeft thou? and what's thy quarrel ? speak like a true knight 16.4 3 416215 Let it be a quarrel between us, if you live

Henry v. 4

1529141 I dare say, this quarrel will drink blood another day

i Henry vi. 2 41 5532 33 Thrice is he arm’d, that hath his quarrel just

2 Henry vi. 3 2 589 1.18 No quarrel, but a sweet contention

3 Henry vi. 1


2 636 2130 It is a quarrel just and reasonable, to be reveng'd on him that kill'd my husband Ř. i.i

Ibid. 1 2 636 237 It is a quarrel most unnatural, to be reveng'd on him that loveth thee Yet, if that quarrel, fortune, do divorce it from the bearer, 'tis a sufferance, panging as soul and body's severing

Henry viii. 21 3 682215

7742/49 If you'll patch a quarrel, as matter whole you have not to make it with Ant. and Cl. 2

Tit. Andrus. 1 2 83611 This day all quarrels die, Andronicus And the best quarrels, in the heat, are curs’d by those that feel their sharpness Lear.5 3962/2148

Romeo and Juliet. I

1 9681 The quarrel is between our masters, and us their men

Ibid. 1
I will back thee
Why, thou wilt quarrel with a man that hath a hair more or a hair less in his beard

Remeo and Juliet. 3 1 981258 than thou hart

Ibid. 3) 19811263 Thy head is as full of quarrels, as an egg is full of meat Beware of entrance into quarrel; but, being in, bear it that the opposer may be

Hamlet. 1 3 1004|255 ware of thee

Othello. 1231055137 He will be as full of quarrel and offence as my mistress's dog

Macb. 41 31 382 2 15 Quarry. Were on the quarry of these murder'd deer to add the death of you

I'd make a quarry with thousands of these quarter'd llaves, as high as I could pitch


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Boat Nuk

Lab. Lara that I can - Henry


Ibid. 1 3 6401219

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ch bearded 2 Herry it.

Ibid. 21 31 68212 43

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Rilbard 11: De knight 2.

Hery s4 1 Herry op

A.S. P. C. L.

2 Henry iv. 2 47912158 Quean. Throw the quean in the kennel

Ibid. 1 11 475 2133 Queafsness. They did fight with queafiness constrain’d, as men drink potions

Mucb Ado Ab. Norb. 2 I 128 228 Queasy stomach - Who, queasy with his infolence already, will their good thoughts call from him

Antony and Cleop.131 678412 12

Lear. 121 1 939 1 24 I have one thing of a queazy question, which I must act

Tempeft.31 1

17" 3 Queen o' the sky The queen, the sweetest creature's dead, and vengeance for't not dropp'd down

Winter's Taie. 3 2 3452155 yet

Ibid. 41 31 354 110 l'll queen it no inch farther, but milk my ewes and weep

Ricbard i.

to King Richard. D. P.
The happiest gift that ever marquiss gave, the faireít queen that ever king receiv'd

i Henry vi. 1

1571126 One way, or other, he is for a king; and the shall be my love, or else my queen

3 Henry vi. 3) 2 6181

Richard ii. 1 3 63812 51
I had rather be a country servant maid, than a great queen
Poor painted queen, vain flourish of my fortune

Ibid. 41 41 660 118
A queen in jest, only to fill the scene

Ibid. 4 4 6601
For queen, a very caitiff crown'd with care


Henry viii. 21 3 682 229
By my troth, and maidenhead, I would not be a queen
'Tis strange; a three-pence bow'd would hire me, old as I am, to queen it
There was a lady once, that would not be a queen, that would the not for all the

Ibid.2 31 6832 1 mud in Ægypt

She had all the royal makings of a queen; as holy oil, Edward Confesor's crown,
the rod, and bird of peace

Ibid. 4) 1 6941128

-, wife to Cymbeline. D. P.
Quell. Quail, crush, conclude, and quell

Mid. Night's Dream. 5 1 195 11 6
Who thall bear the guilt of our great quell

Macbetb. 1 7 3682132 Quclier. A man-queller, and a woman quelles

2 Henry iv. 2 1 4801

4 Quench. Come, quench your blushes

Winter's Tale. 41 31 350 156 This is of purpose lay'd, by some that hate me, to quench mine honour Henry viii. 5 2 6982 Weeps the ftill, fay'st thou ? dost thou think, in time she will not quench Cym. 11 6 89812116

If I quench thee, thou flaming minister, I can again thy former light restore 0:belto. 51 2107512 41 Quencb'd. That in all reason thould have quench'd her love

Meas. for Meaj: 311

892129 Being thus quenchid of hope, not longing

Cymbeline. 5 5 92512 35 Quern. Sometimes labour in the quern, and bootless make the breathless housewife churn

Midf. Night's Dream. 2

Il 179141
Quests. Contrarious quests

Meas. for Meaf- 4 1 93
Volumes of report run with these false and most contrarious quests upon thy doings 16. 41 1 931
What lawful quest have given their verdict up unto the frowning judge Richard iii. 41 643

Or cease your quest of love

Lear. 1 Il 9311 58 The senate hath sent about three several quests, to search you out

Otbello. 1

2 1046 132 Queftant. When the bravest queftant shrinks, find that you seek, that fame may cry you aloud

All's Well. 21 1 283 125
Question. Old Escalus, though first in queftion, is thy secondary

Meas. for Meal: 1
Lofs of question

Ibid. 21 41
Far out of question

Mu. Ado About Norb. 2

1281 Think you question with the Jew

Mer. of Venice. 4 1 215/1146 You may as well use question with the wolf

Ibid. 4 1 2151149 Many asked, without waiting for an answer

As Y. Like It. 3 2 2362116 I met the duke yesterday, and had much question with him

Ibid. 31 41 237245 Make that thy question, and go rot

Winter's Tale. I

2 337 1 55 Live you ? or are you aught ehát man may question this moft bloody piece of work

Macberb. I 3) 36412143

Ibid. 3 372110 – I must not have you henceforth question me whither I go, nor reason whereabout - Yet, if you there did pra&ice on my state, your being in Egypt might be my question

i Henry iv. 2 31 4511 SE If we contend out of our question, wipe him

Antony and Clespo 2

Ibid. 2 2 775|125 Health to you, valiant fir, during all question of the gentle truce

Troi. and Cred: 41 1 87712

47 Thy great employment will not bear question

Lear. 1

3 9342 Ibid. sl 31 962218 Hamler. 21 21012

24 Ibid. 121 21101312


2 Hayes 3 Heoryell :



husband R. e Duel ferance, pantz

Hearyo ith Autasd

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Tit. Andre 134 Tharpness Liseli Rases and facilita

. Tefs in his beard Rimo and Jules

76|1/31 86 120

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A, S. P. C.L.
Question. Niggard of question
So may he with more facile question bear it

Hamlet 31 (10161158

Questionable. Thou com'st in such a questionable shape, that I will speak to thee Ham. 11 4 1006): 32

31047 133
Question'd. To every country, where this is question’d, send our letters, with free

Henry vii. 1) 2 675457
Queftrifts. Some five or fix and thirty of his knights, hot questrists after him Lear.
Queubys. The Vapians passing the equinoxial of Queubus

31 71 95112 10

Twelftb Nigbt. 3) 314|2|24 Quick. I had rather be set quick in the earth, and bowld to death with turneps

Merry Wives of Windsor. condition

Meas. for Meas.) :) 1761.40 celerity

Ibid. - Then shall Hector be whipp'd for Jacquenetta that is quick by him; and hang'd for Pompey that is dead by him

Love's Lab. Loft. 5 2 1722/42 The mercy that was quick in us but late

Henry v. (21 2 51612/14 Earth, gape open wide, and eat him quick

Rich. . 1) 2 636) 5 Quicken his embraced heaviness

Merch. of Venice.[28 20712/16 These hairs, which thou doft ravish from my chin, will quicken and accuse thee Lear. 3) 71 9512142 Even then this forked plague is fated to us when we do quicken

Orbello. 31 31062/2119 Quickly. D.P. Merry W. of Windsor. p. 45.

D.P. i Henry iv.

441 D. P. 2 Henry iv. p. 473.

D. P. Henry v. 5091 Quick lye. It is a quick lye, fir; 'twill away again from me to you


51 11034/2136 Quickness. With fiery quickness

Ibid. 4) 31027749 Quick Jail . And yet but raw neither, in respect of his quick fail

Ibid. 5) 210381215 Quick-sand. What Clarence, but a quick-land of deceit

3 Henry vi.s) 4) 63019 These quick-lands, Lepidus, keep off them, for you sink

Ant, and Cleop.12

7) 7802148 Quicksilver. A rascal bragging Nave! the rogue fied from me like quicksilver 2 H. iv.(21 41 48611120 Swift as quickfilver, it courses through the natural gates and alleys of the body Ham.1) 510072

How likes Gremio these quick-witted folks Tam. of the Shrew. (s1 212751241 Quiddities. What, in thy quips and thy quiddities

1 Henry iv.) 1) 2) 4432 Quiddits. Where be his quiddits now, his quillets, his cases, his tenures, and his tricks


5) 1|1034129

Tw. Nigbr. 2 Quiet. Out of quiet

31 31512 thy cudgel; thou doft see I eat

Henry vi(5( 1

53712 Quietness, grown fick of rest, would purge by any desperate change

Ant. and Cleop.1 3 771 Quietus. When he himself might his quietus make with a bare bodkin

Hamlet. (31 1(10175

2 Henry vi. 3) 575) Quil. We may deliver our supplications in the quill

Love's Labor Loft. 41 3 163 Quillets. Some tricks, some quillets, how to cheat the devil

i Hvi. 21 41 552 In these nice sharp quillets of the law, good faith, I am no wiser than a daw And do not stand on quillets how to say him

2 Henry vi. 3 585 Nor found his quillets shrilly

Tim. of Albens.41

Humler. 5 1 103 Where be his quiddets now, his quillets, his cases

Otbello. 3 1 105 Pr'ythee, keep up thy quillets

i Henry jv.4) 2 Quilt. How now, blown Jack? how now, quilt

Tw. Nigbr. 1 5 Quinapalus. For what says Quinapalus

Midf. Night's Dream.

Romeo and Juliet. 4 9 Quinces. They call for dates and quinces in the pastry Quintaine. And that which here stands up, is but a quintaine, a lifeless block As Y. L. Quintessence. This quintessence of every sprite

Hamlet. 2 What is this quintessence of dust

Tirus Andronicus.

As You Like It.15
Much Ado Abt. Notb./2

3 Quips. Shall quips, and sentences

Two Gent. of Verona. 4 Her sudden quips

i Henry iv. 1 What, in thy quips, and thy quiddities hold their hins and loffe

Midf. Nigbi's Dream. 2



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31 82

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46 3

Quince. D.P.






Ibid. 3


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A.S. P. C. L. Quir. Till thou canst quit thee by thy brother's mouth, of what we think against theel

As You Like It. 31 1 234 135 And ere thou bid good-night, to quit their grief, tell thou the lamentable fall of

Ricbard ii. 5) 11 435. 1/20 I would, I could quit all offences with as clear excuse

i Henry iv. 3 2 46011 8 God quit you in his mercy! hear your sentence

Henry v. 2 2 51711143 And I shall quit you with gud leve

Ibid. 3) 2 521 1160 If you do free your children from the sword, your children's children quit it in your age

Ricbard it. 51 31 668147 God safely quit her of her burden, and with gentle travail

Henry viil. 5

697150 God quit you

Ant. and Cleop. 30178912122 As he shall like, to quit me

Ibid. 311147892150 To quit the bloody wrongs upon her foes

Titus Andron. 1 2 833 113 Their father (then old and fond of issue) took such sorrow, that he quit being Cym. 1 1894111 8 Edmund, enkindle all the sparks of nature, to quit this horrid act

Lear.31 7 952219 Be trusty, and I'll quit thy pains

Romeo and Juliet.12 49801135 Is 't not perfect conscience, to quit him with this arm

Hamler. 5 2 10381118 Or quit in answer of the third exchange

Ibid.15) 210401148 Quittance. Omittance is no quittance

As You Like I1.31 51 241|2|31 Rend’ring faint quittance, wearied and out-breath’d, to Harry Monmouth 2 H. iv. 1 1 47511 We shall forget the office of our hand, sooner than quittance of desert and merit H. v. 2 2 516125 As fitting beft to quittance their deceit

i Henry vi. 2

155011133 No gift to him, but breeds the giver a return exceeding all use of quittance T. of Asb. 1

806220 Quitting thee thereby of ten thousand Mames

2 Henry vi. 3) 2 5891 Quiver. If Cupid hath not spent all his quiver in Venice Mu. Ado About Norbing. 11 | 1231

There was a little quiver fellow, and a would manage you his piece thus 2 H. iv. 3 2 491/218 Why dost thou quiver, man

2 Henry vi. 4 7 59612/23 The green leaves quiver with the cooling wind

Titus Andron. 21 38381128 I am so vext, that every part about me quivers

Romeo and Julier. 2 41 9801 Quivering thigh

Ibid. 2 1 9751 28 Quoifs. Golden quoifs, and stomachers

Winter's Tale. 4 357254 Hence, therefore, thou fickly quoif; thou art a guard too wanton for the head

2 Henry iv. I 11 475/42 Quoint, Francis

Richard u. 2 1 42212 10 Quoit him down, Bardolph, like a Move-groat Shilling

2 Hen. iv.2 4 4852 25 He plays at quoits well

Ibid.12 41 486140 Quoniam, he seemeth in his minority; ergo, I come with this apology Love's Labor Loj.5 2 172 01 Quote you my folly

Two Gent. of Verona. 2 4

291258 We did not quote them so

Love's Labor Lot. 5! 2 1732 27 Note, how she quotes the leaves

Titus Andronicus. 4. 184526 What care I, what curious eye doth quote deformities

Romeo and Juliet. 14. 972146 Quored. He's quoted for a most perfidious Nave

All's Well. 51 31 3042| 4 - A fellow, by the hand of nature mark’d, quoted, and fign'd, to do a deed of shame

King John. 4 2 4051/20 joint by joint

Troil, and Crelli 4 5 8831160 I am sorry, that with better heed and judgment, I had not quoted him

Hamlet. 2

1/1009258 Quoth. 'Tis dinner time, quoth I. My gold, quoth he

Comedy of Errors. 2 il 1062 1 Quoridian. He seems to have the quotidian of love upon him

As You Like It. 31 2 237247 Quoridian tertiar. He is so thak'd of a burning quotidian tertian

Henry v.21 1 5152/21




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is for the dog

Romeo and Juliet.2 49801156
Rabato. Your other rabato were better

Mu. Ado Abt. Notb. 31 41 1352/24 Rabbet. I knew a wench married in an afternoon, as she went to the garden for parlly to stuff a rabbet

Tam. of the Shrew. 41 41 27318 Away, you whoreson upright rabbet, away

2 Henry iv. 21 21 4821 13 Rabbit-sucker. Hang me up by the heels for a rabbit-fucker, or a poulter's hare 1 H. iv. 2 4551234 Rabble. A rabble more of vile confederates

Comedy of Errors.15 Ui81261 - Or let a rabble lead you to your deaths

2 Henry vi. 4 8 597|1|38 Rabblement. Still, as he refus'd it, the rabblement hooted

Julius Cæfar.[1 2 744,2 Race. Vile race

Tempeft. 1/2 52/24 And now I give my fensual race the rein

Meas. for Meas: 21 41 86/2/45



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