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Ibid.31 1



A.S. P. C.L. Perftet. Thou art perfect then our ship hath touch'd upon the deserts of Bohemia W.T.131 31 3802136

31 34611147 I am not to you known, though in your state of honour I am perfect Macberb. 42 - We thould think ourselves for ever perfect

Timon of Atbens. : 2 807 2 21 I am perfect, that the Pannonians and Dalmatians, for their liberties are now in

Cymbeline. 3 1 907 110 arms

Ibid.41 21 91512157 I am perfect, what! cut off one Cloten's head And to deal plainly, I fear, I am not in my perfect mind

Lear. 41 796012 21 Perfe teft. I have learned by the perfectest report, they have more in them than mortal knowledge

Macbeth. 1 5 36612/26 Perfatign. Of such divine perfection as Sir Protheus

Two Gent. of Verona. 27. 3212 29. And feed upon the shadow of perfection

34/2162 - I feel this youth's perfections with an invisible and subtle stealth, to creep in at mine eyes

Twelftb Nigbt. 5 31329 All her perfections challenge sovereignty

3 Henry vi. 31 2 618 1143 - Smoke and luke-warm water is your perfection

Timon of Arbens. 31 6 8181129 Vowing more than the perfection of ten, and discharging less than the tenth part of

Troilus and Cressida. 3 2 873)2 4 No perfection in reverfion shall have a praise in present

Ibid. 3 2 573219

Orbello.1 so could err against all rules of nature

3/10481112 Perforce.

Mer. W. of Wind). 31 4 And take perforce my husband from the abbess

Cvmedy of Errors. 3 1 1 117 2150 He that perforce robs lions of their hearts, may easily win a woman's

K. Jobn." 1 3902119

Ricbard N.1 I must perforce : farewell

1634254 Performance. He would out-go his father, by as much as a performance does an irreso. lute promise

Henry viii. 26762/12 is ever the duller for his act

Timon of Atbens. s 2 8252147 is a kind of will, or testament, which argues a great sickness in his judgment that makes it

Ibid. (s1 21 825-150 Perfumes. When he performs astronomers foretel it

Trsilas and Cred: 51 8851 28 Perfume. For the is sweeter than perfume itself

Tam. of ibe Sbrew. 1

2 2582 44 All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand

Macbeth. 51 1 383/2 The perfume and suppliance of a minute

Hamlet. 3100411148 Perfum'd. He was perfumed like a milliner

i Henry iv. 4 3 445 2112 Perfumer. Being entertain'd for a perfumer

Mu. Ado Ab. Norb. 1 3 1252 S Perge. Good master Holofernes, perge

Love's Labor Loft. 4 2 159035 Periapis. Now help, ye charming spells, and periapts

i Henry vi. 5 4 5652 48 Perigort, Lord

Love's Labor Lo. 21 152 150 Peril. There be peril of waters, winds, and rocks

Mercb. of Venice. | 31 20012/23 Thou shalt have nothing but the forfeiture, to be so taken at thy peril, Jew Ibid.4) 1 217|2|36

As You Like It.1 His own peril on his forwardness

2 226 151 You knew, he walk'd o'er perils, on an edge more likely to fall in, than to get o'er

2 Henry iv. 1 47312 6 - Though perils did abound, as thick as thought could make 'em, and appear in forms more horrid

Henry viii. 3) 2 690 158 Alack! t'ere lies more peril in thine eye, than twenty of their swords Rom. and Jul. 2 2976 - 24 Perilous mouths that bear in them one and the self-Came tongue either of condemnation or approof

Measure for Measure. 24 87116

Henry v. cb 5092 $ Period. There would be no period to the jest, Mould he not be publicly Mam'd

Merry Wives of Wind. 4. 2 67 218 The period of thy tyranny approacheth

i Henry vi. 4 2 5611216 There's his period, to Meath his knife in vs

Henry viii. 1

26761215 Which failing him, periods his comfort

Timon of Aib. 18042127 Perib. Thy fiinty heart, more hard than they, might in thy palace perish, 2 Henry vi.3 21 587 247 Perjure. Why, he comes in like a perjure, wearing papers

Love's Labor Loft.41 31 160255 Perjured, Nor God, nor I, delight in perjured men

Ibid. 5 2 16914160 Perjuries. At lovers' perjuries, they say Jove laughs

Romeo and Julier. 2

2 9761148 Perjury. Who should be trusted, when one's own right hand is perjur'd to the bosom

I'wo Genio of Verona. 51 4 43|2|37 How oft haft thou with perjury cleft the root'

441114 She will not add to her damnation a fin of perjury Mucb Ado About Norbing. 4. i 1381246 This is fiat perjury to call a prince's brother-villain

Ibid. 4 2 140224 Some salve for perjury

Love's Labour Loft.4) 3 163|2| Thus pour the stars down plagues for perjury

Ibid. 51 21 16912159

Perjary, ,

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war narrow occan

Ibid. 51 4


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2 TOIT 120

A. S. P. C.L. Perjury. To our perjury to add more terror, we are again forsworn, in will, and error

Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 1701229 Your grace is perjured much, full of dear guiltiness

Ibid. 5 2 173 2132 I have an oath in heaven, Ihall I lay perjury upon my soul Mer. of Venice. 4 1 2162/38 porj iry, in the highest degree

Ricbard 1.1.5 3 6672 37 Thy dear love, sworn, but hollow perjury, killing that love which thou has vow'd to cherith

Romeo and Julier. 31 31 986|SI Sweet soul, take heed, take heed of perjury; thou art on thy death-bed Orbelio. 5 2 10761141 Periwig. I'll get such a colour'd periwig

Two Gerit. of Verona. 4) 342 14 Perriwig-pared. O, it offends me to the soul, to hear a robustious perriwig-pated fellow tear a passion to tatters

Hamlet. 3/ 210182129 Perk’d. Than to be perk’d up in a glistering grief, and wear a golden sorrow Henry viii. 2 3 682|2|24 Perkes, Clement, of the hill)

2 Henry iv. 51 i 50111/46 Pemilfrue pars

Meas. for Meall 4 78/2/46 Pernicious woman compact with her that's gone

Ibid. 51 1 nave

Comedy of Errors. 5 1 1191116 blood-sucker of sleeping men

2 Henry vi. 3 2 5891019 daughters


r. 131 21 94612155 - If he say so, may his pernicious soul rot half a grain a day

Orbello.5 -10771215 O the pernicious caitiff

Ibid. 5) 2107911150 Perniciously. All the commons hate him perniciously

Henry viii. 2 | 679|212 Peroration. What means this passionate discourse, this peroration with such circumstance

2 Henry vi. :) 1572 2126 Perpend.

Merry W. of Wind. 2/1 5212121 Learn of the wife and perpend

As You Like It.31 2 2351/22 Therefore perpend, my princess, and give ear

Twelfth Nigyt. 51 3311240 my words

Henry v.141 41 53212 3 Thus it remains, and the remainder thus perpend

Hamler. 12 Perpetual motion. I were better to be eaten to death with a rust, than to be scour’d to nothing with a perpetual motion

2 Henry iv. 2 478714 Perpetual laber gods

Timon of Arbens. 5 82532 Perpetuity. And yet we Thould for perpetuity, go hence in debt Winter's Tale. 1 2 334/110 Perplex's. I am perplex'd and know not what to say

King Jobr. 31 1 3981126 One, but painted thus, would be interpreted a thing perplex'd, beyond self-explication

Cymbeline. 3 4 909144 Perplexity. Here, master doctor, in perplexity and doubtful dilemma Merry W.of Wind. 4 5

691217 Perspectives. Like perspectives which rightly gaz'd upon, new nothing but confusion, ey'd awry

Richard 21 422 2 ST Perfecuted. He hath persecuted time with hope

All's Well. 1 1 277 121 Persever. I'll say as they say and persever so, and in this mist at all adventures go

Com. of Errors. 2 2) 1082.50 Ay, do, persever

Midf. Nigbr's Dream. 3 2 187 35 And will you perfever to enjoy her

As You Like It. 5 21.246 137 - Instruct my daughter how the shall persever

All's Well. 31 71 295 11 4 My love, as it begins shall fo persever

Ibid. 41 21 296 2116 not, but hear me

King John.2 2 39427 Perseverance, dear my lord, keeps honour bright

Troilus and Cru 31 31 876 18 Perseus. It is a beast for Perseus

Henry v.31 7 5252 3 Bounding between the two moist elements, like Perseus' horse Troilus and Cri 31 8621 20 I have seen thee as hot as Perseus, tpur thy Phrygian steed

Ibid. 41 5 8831110 Persistency. Thou think'st me as far in the devil's book, as thou, and Falstaff, for obduracy and perfistency

2 Henry iv.21 2 481234 Perfiftive. the protractive trials of great Jove, to find persistive constancy in men

Troil. ard Creffid. 1 3 8612 61 Person. Thus play I in one person many people, and none contented Richard ii. 5 5 438/2/28 Thus did I keep my person fresh and new

i Henry iv. 3 1 2 460 45 Personage. She hath urg'd her height; and with her personage, her tall personage, her height, forfooth, she hath prevail'd with him

Midf. Night's Dream. 31 2 1872 38 - Of what personage, and years, is he?-not old enough for a man, nor young enough for a boy

Twelfth Night. 5 311 257 Personating. It must be a personating of himself

Tinion of Arb. 51 218252157 Perspective. A natural perspective, that is, and is not

Twelfth Nigh:. 339715 Perspectively. You see them perfpectively, the cities turn'd into a maid Herry ros 21 5411110 Perfuade. Cease to persuade

Two Gent, of l'irona. 231314






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27 1149 12211147


A.S. P. C.L. Persuaded. This is not frong enough to be believed of one persuaded well of Cymbeline.[2] 41 9052124 Perfuafion. It should not be, by the persuasion of his new feasting Timɔn of Arbens. 3) 6 817|2 Perlain. If she pertain to life, let her speak too

Winter's Tal..5 31 362 2/16 Pertinent. Good, should be pertinent; but so it is, it is not

Ibid. 2336155 Perily. Yonder walls that pertly front the town

Troi. and Cref. 4 Periurbation. A great perturbation in nature, to receive at once the benefit of deep, and do the effects of watching

Macbeib. 5) 1 383/1/13 Perturb'd. The perturb'd court, for my being absent

Cymbeline. 31 41 910144 Perverted. He hath perverted a young gentlewoman here in Florence, of a most charte

All's Well. 41 31 297 1/20 Perusal. He falls to such perusal of my face, as he would draw it

Hamlet. 2 1 1009|235 Peruse the traders

Comedy of Errors. 1 2 10412 56 them well! not one of these but had a noble father

All's Well.2 3 2861154 - Let our trains march by us; that we may peruse the men we should have cop'd withal

2 Henry iv. 4 2 49512144 Out, some light horsemen, and peruse their wings

i Henry vi.4 21 5612 44 Let me peruse this face

Romeo and Juliet. 51 31 995 2 28 Will not peruse the foils

Hamlet. 4 7 103212125 Perused. Our fair appointments may be well perus'd


31 31 4291117 I have perused her well

Herry viii. 2 31 68311137 I have with exact view perus’d thee

Troil, and Cred: 4 5 8831160 Pifccd-time. I have known thee these twenty-nine years, come pescod-time 2 Henry iv. 21 4 487 2 45 Peffe. He hath not fail'd to pester us with messages

Hamlet. 1 21001 2128 Pgfer'd. Who then thall blame his pester'd senses to recoil and start Macbctb.


2 3841215 Peftiferous reports of men very nobly held

All's Wel. 41 31 299/2/24 Pestilence. To walk alone, like one that had the peftilence Two Gent. of Verona. 2 He is sooner caught than a pestilence

Much Ado Ab, Norb. I O when my eyes did Ice Olivia first, me-thought me purg'd the air of pestilence

Twelfıb Night. 11 1 307|1|25 God Omnipotent, is mustering in his clouds, on our behalf armies of pestilence Ř.. 3 3 429 1146 Now the red peftilence strike all trades in Rome

Coriolanus.14 1 7261138 On our side like the token'd pestilence, where death is sure Ant. and Cleop. 3

8 786 2 61 Where the infectious peftilence did reign, seal'd up the doors, and would not let us forth

Romeo and Jul. 5 2 9942 37 on him for a mad rogue

Hamlet. 51 1035144 I'll pour this pestilence into his ear

Orbello. 2/ 3/195811/32 Peftilent knave

Romeo and Julier. 4 5 9931244 Pepper'd. I am pepper’d, I warrant, for this world


31 1 982 2 26 Petar. For 'tis the sport, to have the engineer hoist with his own petar Hamlet. 31 4 1025243 Peter. D. P.

Meal. for Meal 75 Peter, St. So deliver I up my apes, and away to St. Peter for the heavens M. Ado Ab.Noib. 2

11252155 of Pomfret. D. P.

K. Jon.

387 · D. P. 2 Henry vi. p. 571.

D. P. Romeo and Juliet. 967 - Distribution of his effects to his fellow-'prentices before the combat with his master

2 Henry vi. 2 31 58112 54 Now, by St. Peter's church, and Peter too, he shall not make me there a joyful bride

Rum. and Jul. 3 5 988-159 - You mistress that have the office opposite St. Peter, and keep the gate of hell Oib. 4. 2/10711144 Petitionery. I priythee now with most petitionary vehemence, tell me who it is

As You Like It. 312 236144 Petitioners. D.P.

2 Henry vi.

571 Petitioner for blood, thou ne'er putt'rt back

3 Herry vi. 5) 5 631 sa Peto. D. P. i Henry iv. p. 441. - D. P.

2 Henry iv. 473 Petrarcb. NO is he for the numbers that Petrarch flowed in Romeo and Juliet.[2] 41 97812125 Petrucbio. D. P.

Taming of the Sbrew.

2511 his dress described

Ibid. 31 2265/1/20 -'s lacquey described

Ibid. 32 2651142 Petticoats. If we walk not in the trodden paths, our very petticoats will catch them

As You Like It. 3 227 2/43 Like fringe upon a petticoat

Ibid.31 2 237 2 19 And me-thought he had made two holes in the ale wife's new petticoat, and peep'd through

2 Henry iv. 2 2 482 110 That thou might till have worn the petticoat, and ne'er have stolen the breech from Lancaster

3 Henry vi.!sl sl 6301242


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A. S. P. C.L.
Pettinek. Which, in weight to re-answer his pettiness would bow under Henry v. 31 6 524/2137
Petritoes. That he would not stir his pettitoes, 'till he had both tune and words Wi's.7.4 3 3552117
Petty. I was of late as petty to his ends, as is the morn-dew on the myrtle leaf to his
grand sea

Ant. and Cleop. 3110787 2145
Were you buť riding forth to air yourself, that parting were too petty Cymbeline. i 28342136
Pew. That hath laid knives under his pillow, and halters in his pew

Lear. 31 41 94821 Powierer's bammer. He ihall charge you and discharge you with the motion of a pewterer's hammer

2 Henry iv. 31 2 491 454 Phaëron, (for thou art Merops' fon) wilt thou aspire to guide the heavenly car, and with thy daring folly burn the world

Two Gent. of Verona. 31 1 342137 Down, down, I come, like glistering Phaeton, wanting the manage of unruly jades

Richard ii. 3) 31 430 1/20 Now Phaeton hath tumbled from his car, and made an evening at the noon-tide prick

3 Henry vil1 460811 6 That Phaeton Mould check thy fiery steeds

Ibid. 2 6 615 1156 Such a waggoner as Phaeton would whip you to the West

Romeo and Jul 31 2 983234 Pbanarical. I abhor such phanatical phantasms

Love's Labor Loft. 51 3 164/2139 Pbang. D.P.

2 Henry iv.

4731 Pbantasm. A phantafm, a Monarcho, and one that makes sport

Love's Lab. Loft. 41 1 158119 I abhor such phanatical phantasms

Ibid. 151 1 1642 39. Phantafma. Between the acting of a dreadful thing, and the first motion, all the interim is like a phantasma, or a hideous dream

Julius Cæfar.21 1 747'|ss Pbantaly. Begot of nothing but vain phantaly; which is as thin of substance as the air

Romeo and Juliet. 1 41 973117 Horatio says, 'tis but our phantasy

Hamlet. 1 1 9992119 Is not this something more than phantasy

Ibid. 1 11000 1133 I nothing but to please his phantasy

Otbello. 3) 3 1062 247 Pbaracb. Like Pharaoh's soldiers in the reechy painting Mucb Ado Abt. Noib. 31 31 135 1125 Pbebe. D.P.

As You Like It. 223 -'s letter to Rosalind

Ibid. 41 31 2447129 Pleasant. Advocate's the court word for a pheasant

Winter's Tale. 41 31 356 2145 Pbrezar.

Merry W.of Winds. 31 482 57 P beefe. I'll pheese you, in faith

Induc. to Tam. of the Shrew. 1 25111 Pbeeze. An he be proud with me, I'll pheeze his pride

Troi. and Cressida.2 31 8702 3 Pbials. Edward's seven sons, whereof thyself art one, were as seven phials of his sacred blood

Richard č. 1 2 415 2126 Philadelf bos, King of Paphlagonia

Ant. and Cleop.131 6785115 Pbilario. D.P.

Cymbeline. 8931 Pbilip, King of France. D.P.

King for. 3871

Midf. Nigbi's Dream.2 2 179|228
Pbilo. D.P.
Ant. and Cleop. p. 767-

Timon of Arbens. 803

Midf. Nigbe's Dream.12.31 181 2127 And he hath cut those pretty fingers off, that better could have few'd than Philomel

Titus Andronicus. (2 58412116 This is the tragic tale of Philomel, and treats of Tereus' treason and his rape Ibid. 14! 184521 3 For worse than Philomel you us'd my daughter

Ibid. 5. 2 853/2/15 Here's the leaf turn'd down, where Philomel gave up

Cymbeline. 2

2 9022 5 Pbilumela. Fair Philomela, me but lost her tongue, and in a tedious sampler few'd her mind

Titus Andronicus. 21 51 84112113 Wert thou thus surprizd, sweet girl, ravish'd and wrong'd as Philomela was

Ibid. 41 11 8452 9 Philofopber. There was never yet philosopher that could endure the tooth-ach patiently, however they have writ the style of gods, and made a pilh at chance and sufferance

My. Ado Abt. Norbing. 5 1 14911154 Philosopbers two fones. And it Mall go hard but I will make him a philosopher's two stones to me

2 Henry iv. 3 2 492215 Pbibsophical perfem. And we have our philosophical persons, to make modern and familiar things supernatural and causeless

All's Wdl. 2 31 2852148 Philosopby. Hang up philosophy! unless philosophy can make a Juliet Romeo and Jul. 3 31 985229 of Corin

As You Like I!.[31 1 23412 36 To suck the sweets of sweet philosophy

Tam. of ibe Shrew. I 12551133
Pbil frate., D.P.

Mid. Nigbi's Dream. 175
Prijnomy. Faith, fir; he has an English name, but his phifnomy is more hotter in
France than there

Alls Weil. 4 5 300236
Phlegmatic. I fear it is too phlegmatic a meas

Tam, of the Shrew.141 31 270 2118



A.S. P. C. La Mid. N. Dr.11 1 177125 %

Pbæbe. When Phoebe doth behold her filver visage in the watry glass

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doft overshine the gallant'st dames of Rome

Tiras Andronicus. 1 2 834/2126 Pbebus. The gentle day before the wheels of Phæbus, round about dapples the drowsy East with spots of grey

M. Ado About Norb. 5) 3 14512 10 And not by Phæbushe, that wand'ring knight fo fair

i Henry iv. i 2 443 1 8 - O Phoebus ! had thou never given consent that Phaeton should check thy fiery steeds, thy burning car had never scorch'd the earth

3 Henry vi. 2 6 6151155 With Phoebus' amorous pinches black

Ant. and Cleop.) 5 772 2150 Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds, towards Phoebus' manfion Rom. and Yul. 3 2 98312 33 Full thirty times hath Phæbus' cart gone round Neptune's salt wash, and Tellus orbed ground

Hamlet. 3) 210201138 Pbænix.

Tempeft.3 3

15/1 21 She could not love me, were man as rare as phoenix

As You Like It. 41 31 2432161 - This is that Antonio, that took the Phænix, and her fraught, from Candy T. Nigbt. 51 32917155 But from their ashes Mall be rear'd a phoenix, that shall make all France afear’d 1

5564 2160 My alhes, as the phoenix, may bring forth a bird that will revenge upon you all 3 1 4 60811 8 But as when the bird of wonder dies, the maiden phænix, her alhes new create another heir

Henry vii. 5 4 702139 Lord Timon will be left a naked gull, which falhes now a phoenix Tim. of Atb. 2 81016

If she be furnith'd with a mind so rare, she is alone the Arabian bird Cymbeline. Il 7 899 1/24 Phrygian. Base Phrygian Turk

Merry W. of Windsor. 1 3 492133 Pbrynia. D.P.

Timun of Atbens. 803 Pbyfic. This phylic but prolongs thy fickly days

Hamlet. 31 31023216 Physical. Is Brutus sick? And is it physical to walk unbraced, and suck up the humours of the dank morning

Yulius Cæfar. 2 1 74911 47 Pbysicians. He hath abandon'd his physicians, madam ; under whose practices, he hath persecuted time with hope

All's Well. I

277120 Now put it heaven, in his physicians mind, to help him to his grave immediately R. ii. 14 419 2 39 Giv'st thy anointed body to the cure of thosc physicians that first wounded thcs Ibid. 2 I 4201239 Trust not the physician; his antidotes are poison, and he says more than you rob

Timon of Athens. 4 3 82426 He will be the physician that should be the patient

Troil. and Cres: 2 3 870 2112 D.P.


9291 Do; kill thy physician, and the fee bestow upon the foul disease

Ibid. 1 11 9311119 Pbyfick. For 'tis a physick, that's bitter to sweet end

Meaf. for Meal. 46 972 43 Begin you to grow upon me? I will physick your rankness

As You Like I. I 1 224 148 - I will not cast away my phyfick; but on those that are fick

Ibid. 3 2 2372 40 Sweet practiser, thy physick I will try; that ministers thine own death if I die Alls W.2 1 284 2 49 - The younger of our nature, that surfeit on their ease, will day by day, come here for phyfic

290 145 I know my physick will work with him

Twelftb Nigbr.21 31 316139 It is a gallant child; one that, indeed, phyficks the subject

Winter's Tale. Il 1333219 Throw phyfick to the dogs, I'll none of it

Macbetb. 5 3 384 2128 I will see what physic the tavern affords

i Henry vi. 3 1 556 PSI He brings his physick after his patient's death

Henry viii. 31 2 6882133 That gentle phyfick, given in time, had cur'd me

Ibid. 4 21 696114 If we suffer this contagious sickness, farewel all phyfic

Ibid. 52 69911136 - I have given her physick, and you must needs beltow her funeral Titus Andron. 4 2 847 247 Pia mater. Nourished in the womb of pia mater

Love's Lab. Lol. 4 2 159155 Here comes one of thy kin has a most weak pia mater

Twelfth Nigbi. 1 5 311214 His pia mater is not worth the ninth part of a sparrow

Troilus and Creff 2 18661123 Pibble pabble . There is no tittle tattle, nor pibble pabble in Pompey's camp

1528112 Picardy. Picardy hath sain their governors, surpriz'd our forts, and sent the ragged soldiers wounded home

2 Henry vi. 4 1 592136 Pick. I fall quit you with gud leve, as I may pick occasion

Henry v.312 521160 Pick-axes. I'll hide my master from the flies, as deep as these poor pick-axes can dig Cy. 4 2 918 2 49 Pick borte Francis,

2 Henry iv. 3 2 48911 33 Pick'd leisure

Tempcft. 51

21|230 - He is too picked, too spruce, too affected, too odd, as it were Love's Lab. Loft. 5 i 164 1152 - The age is grown to picked, that the toe of the peasant comes so near the heel of the courtier, he galls his kibe

Hamlet. 511035|1| Pickers. By these pickers and stealers

2 1022 11 9 Picking. The king is weary of dainty and such picking grievances 2 Henry iv.41 11 4942116

Ibid. 13


Ibid. 31 1


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