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A.S. P. C.L. Henry v. 141 71 534) 5) 7

Ibid.41 71 534 110

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Macedon. I think, it is in Macedon, where Alexander is porn

and Monmouth compared Macbination. If you miscarry, your business of the world hath fo an end, and machination ceases

Lear. 5) 1 9612 33 Machiavel. Am I politick? am I subtle? am I a Machiavel ?

M. Wives of Wind. 3) 1

582 48 Alençon, that notorious Machiavel

1 Henry vi. 5) 5 5681 49 And set the murd'rous Machiavel to school

3 Henry vi. 3 2 61911 31 Macbine. Thine evermore, most dear lady, whilst this machine is to him

Hamlet.121 210111145 Mackerel. You may buy land now as cheap as stinking mackerel

Henry iv. 2 41 455 | 3 Mackmorris. D.P.

Henry v.

5091 Maculate. Most maculate thoughts

Love's Labor Loft. 2150125 Maculation. I will throw my glove to death himself, that there is no maculation of thy heart

Troil. and Cref: 41 41 88011|SI Mad. He is very courageous mad

Merry W.of Wind. 4 1 641155 Waft thou mad, that thus so madly thou didft answer me

Comedy of Errors.12

2 1071-16 Out of doubt, Antipholis is mad

Ibid. 4) 3) 11511 5 Be mad, good master, cry the devil

Ibid. 141 41 116 2 If they were but a week married, they would talk themselves mad M. Ado Ab. Notb.[2] || 128/1161 That being mad herself, she's madly mated

Tam. of the Sbrew. 3 2 267|2| 1 I am as mad as he, if sad and merry madness equal be

Twelfth Night. 13 4 3222/44 Or I am mad, or else this is a dream

Ibid. 4) 1 327127 Then you are mad, indeed, if you are no better in your wits than a fool

Ibid.41 21 3281119 O think what thou'st done, and then run mad

Winter's Tale. 3) 2 3452/38 world, mad kings, mad composition

King John.2 2 395 2134 I am not mad--I would to heaven I were, for then it's like I Mould forget myself 16.3/4 4002/16 If I were mad, I should forget my son, or madly think a babe of clouts were he Ibid. 131 4 4002/26 I am not mad; too well, too well I feel the different plague of each calamity Ibid. 31 4 4002/27 For he made me mad, to see him shine so brisk, and smell so sweet

1 Henry iv. 1 3 445|2|29 Thou art efsentially mad, without seeming so

Ibid. 21 41 4561 46 - natural graces that extinguish art

1 Henry vi. 54) 5672 25 Call the dave again; though I am mad, I will not bite him

Ant. and Cleop. 2 5) 778): 45 O, let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven

Lear. 11 5 938 2 48 He's mad, that trusts in the tameness of a wolf, a horse's health, a boy's love, or a whore's oath

Ibid. 3 6 9501140 - I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a hand-faw

Hamle. 2

2/1014/1/30 as the sea, and wind, when both contend which is the mightier

Ibid. 4 1 1026 1 14 - There the men are as mad as he

Ibid. 5 11035119 Madams. Our madams mock at us; and plainly fay, our mettle is bred out; and they

will give their bodies to the luft of English youth, to new store France with bastard warriors

Henry v. 3 5 523/1/15 - The madams, too, not us’d to toil, did almost sweat to bear the pride upon them

Henry viii. 1 1672 1/21

Taming of tbe Sbrew. 5 Mad ass. Away, away, mad ass

1 274\215 Mad-brain'd. Remaineth none but mad-brain'd Salisbury

i Henry vi.1 2 545 215

Love's Labour Loft.2
Mad-cap. The merry mad-cap lord
Why what a mad-cap hath Heaven lent us here

K. Job. I 13882 3 Well then, once in my days I'll be a mad-cap

1 Henry iv. 1

2 444 2/5

Ibid. 4 The nimble footed mad-cap Prince of Wales

1464238 Madding. This will witness outwardly, as strongly as the conscience does within, to the madding of her lord

Cymbeline. 2 / 2 9021 54 Merry Wives of Windsor. 41 2

66.223 Mad dog. This is mad as a mad dog

The venom clamours of a jealous woman poison more deadly than a mad dog's

Comedy of Errors.15)
Till time had made them for us

Measure for Measure. 1 3.

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hath this man made yop

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21 8071123

A, S. P. C. L. Made. And all the unlawful iffue, that their luft fince then hath made between them

Antony and Cleop. 3 6784158

Lear.24 943' 53 you no more offence

Romeo and Juliet. 1 2 970124
And too soon marr'd are those too early made

Richard iii. 1 1 63417
Made up. Scarce half made up
Madman. One sees more devils than vast hell can hold ; that is, the madman

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 51 192 131

Twelftb Nigbr. 1 5 311 2 6 He speaks nothing but madman

Ibid. 5 1 331 228 A madman's epiftles are no gospels

2 H. iv.1 31 4782

27 And so with great imagination proper to madmen, led his powers to death

Julius Cæfar. 4 3 75911136 - Shall I be frighted when a madman stares

Lear. 3

32 Tell me, whether a madman be a gentleman or a yeoman

Romeo and Juliet. 3 31 985226 O, then I see that madmen have no cars

Ibid. 51 3 99512120 -'s. Live, and hereafter say-a madman's mercy bade thee run away

Tempeft. 3 3
Madness which occasions men to hang and drown themselves

Comedy of Errors. 5 I
some of the causes of
Improper methods used by Adrian for the recovery of supposed madness in Anti-

Ibid. 11711147 pholis exposed

M. Ado About Notb. 51 1411 Fetter strong madness in a filken thread

44 This is a very midsummer madness

Twelftb Night. 3 - I have reason; if not, my senses, better pleas'd with madness, do bid it welcome

Winter's Tale. 4) 31 354 1 No settled senses of the world can match the pleasure of that madness Ibid. 5) 3) 362

33 What madness rules in brain-fick men

1 Henry vi. 4) 1 56012

30 And all the madness is, he cheers them up too

Timon of Atb.) - Like madness is the glory of this life

Ibid. 1 2 808127 To define true madness, what is't but to be nothing else but mad

Hamlet. 2) 21011 Il 8 Polonius' account of Hamlet's progress to madness

Ibid. 21 210112110 Though this be madness, yet there's method in't - in great ones must not unwatch'd go

Ibid.31 11018|2114 Hamlet's opinion on acts done in madness

Ibid. 5 2104011 4 Madonna. Two faults, Madonna, that drink and good counsel will amend

T. Nigbt. 1 5| 31012157
Meggats. For if the sun breeds maggots in a dead dog, being a god, kissing carrion

Hamler. 2
We fat all creatures else to fat us; and we fat ourselves for maggots


4 3 1027 1124 Magick garment

rough I here abjure
- If this be magick, let it be an art lawful as eating

Winter's Tale. 5 31 3621212
And that diftilld by magic nights, shall raise such artificial sprights

Macbeth. 41 51 377119
Magic of bounty! all these spirits thy power hath conjur'd to attend Timon of Aib. 1
Magic verses. By magic verses have contriv'd his end

i Henry vi. 1
Magician. A magician most profound in his art, and yet not damnable As You Like It. 5) 2 246/239

What black magician conjures up this fiend, to stop devoted charitable deeds R. ii. i Magiftrates. Labour in thy vocation : which is as much to say as--let the magiftrates be labouring men

2 Henry vi. 4 2 593 | 9
- You should discover a brace of as unmeriting, proud, violent, testy magistrates, (alias,
Cools;) as any in Rome

Coriclanus. 2
Magnanimous. Be magnanimous in the stratagem, and go on

All's Well. 3

Magnificoes of greatest port

Mercb. of Venice. 31 2
Be sure of this, that the magnifico is much belovod

Otbello. I
Magrifyf. Him that thou magnify'rt with all these titles, stinking, and fly blown, lies

here at our feet
Mago pies. Augurs, and understood relations, have by magot pies, and choughs, and

i Henry vi. 511 56412 4.
rooks, brought forth the secret'st man of blood
Mabomet. Was Mahomet inspired with a dove

Macberb. 3 4 376220 Mabu, The nrince of darle

Ibid. 2




Ibid. 5) I

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Ricbard iii.

A.S. P. C.L. Maid. The semblance of a maid

M. Ado Ab. Nob. 21

129f1|12 and stuff's

Ibid. 31 4 1361|25 Give me this maid your daughter

Ibid.41 1 13748 How like a maid the blushes here


4 1 1377159 Would you not swear, all you that see her, that she were a maid by these exterior thews

41 You must put in the pikes with a vice—they are dangerous weapons for maids Ibid. 51 21 144213 I am a right maid for my cowardice

Mid. Night's Dr. 3 2 18712]48 Silence is only commendable in a neat’s-tongue dried, and a maid not vendible

Mercb. of Venice.! 1 1 1982 19 Eleven widows and nine maids, are but a fimple coming in for one man

Ibid. 22 204116 What danger will it be to us, maids as we are, to travel forth so far

As You Like It. 1 31 2282 28 are May when they are maids, but the fky changes when they are wives

Ibid. 4) 1 2431 3 Mafter, your love must live a maid at home

Tam.of tbe Sbrew.1 1 2562 33 I am a simple maid; and therein wealthieft, that I proteft, I fimply am a maid All's W. 21 31 286758 The honour of a maid is her name; and no legacy is so rich as honesty

Ibid. 31 5 292 160 I am either maid, or else this old man's wife

Ibid, 53 30511145 Talks as familiarly of roaring lions, as maids of thirteen do of puppy-dogs K.Febr.2

2 394 247 Pale-visag'd maids

Ibid. 5. 2 4091 32 For maids, well summer'd and warm kept, are like flies at Bartholomew tide, blind

Henry v. s 2 540 2/58 So the maid, that stood in the way for my wish, fall Mew me the way to my will li.

2 5411 17 There shall not a maid be married, but the mall pay to me her maidenhead cre they have it

2 Henry vi. 41 71 596/2156 Play the maid's part, still answer nay, and take it

7654/24 to thy master's bed; thy mistress is o' the brothel

Tim. of Athens. 41 18181158 She that's a maid now, and laughs at my departure, shall not be a maid long, unless

Lear. 1 5 93812155 - Not half so big as a round little worm, prick’d from the lazy finger of a maid

Romeo and Juliet. 4 972 2135 Maidens. When maidens sue, men give like gods

Meas. for Meas. 15 7912 43

Mercb. of Venice. 3 2 2092152
Yet a maiden hath no tongue but thought
If the quick fire of youth light not your mind, you are no maiden, but a monument

All's Well. 4 2 296139 - If your pure maidens fall into the hands of hot and forcing violation

Henry v.3) 3 5221

Taming of the Sbrew. 3 2 266 2 49 Maidenbead. Carouze full measure to her maidenhead

Twelfth Night. 1
What I am, and what I would, is as secret as maidenhead

3121219 If there come a hot June, and this civil buffeting hold, we Thall buy maidenheads as

i Henry iv, 21 4 4551 7 they buy hob-nails, by the hundreds If that the devil and mischance look big upon the maidenhead of our affairs

2 Henry iv. 2 Is it such a matter to get a pottle-pot's maidenhead

24811316 By my troth and maidenhead I would not be a queen

Henry viii. 2 31 68212/28

Troil. and Cres: 4 2 8781235
How go maidenheads

Rom. and Jul. 1 1 96811 7
Ay, the heads of the maids, or their maidenheads
Now, by my maidenhead, at twelve years old

I'll to my wedding bed; and death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead
Maidenboud. Orleans that drew blood from thee, my boy, had the maidenhood of thy

1 Henry vi. 4) 6 56312115
first fight
And learn me how to lose a winning match, play'd for a pair of stainless maidenhoods

Romeo and Juliet. 3 2 9832 44 Maidenlief far. Tut, I hould have been that I am, had the maidenlieft Itar in the firmament twinkled on my bastardizing

934 11 6 Maiden''. 'Tis not maidenly: our sex, as well as I, may chide you for it

Mids. Nigbt's Dream. 3 2 187lilia What a maidenly man at arms are you become

things be cut shorter

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Il 464 149

Ibid. 1) 31 971117

21 985119


Lear. 1


A. S. P. C. I, Majefty. Thou whoreson mad compound of majesty

2 Henry iv.121 41 48672|46 This new and gorgeous garment majesty, fits not so easy on me as you think

Ibid. 5l 2 502 2 5 Your majesty came not like yourself: you appear'd to me but as a common man

Henry v. 41 81 536): 6 Naild up in shame

2 Henry vi.2 41 582 2112 Mail'd band. His bloody brow with his mail'd hand then wiping

Coriolanus. Il 31 707130 Maim. Your father's Gickness is a maim to us

i Henry iv. 41 1 46411132 And stop those maims of shame seen through thy country

Coriolanus. 41 sl 729131

Hamlet. S t 10352 35 Maimed. Who is this they follow? and with such maimed rites

6 Main. He might, at some great and trusty business, in a main danger fail you All's Well. 3

293217 Our main consents are had

Ibid. 51 31 303)7130 To set so rich a main on the nice hazard of one doubtful hour? it were not good

i Henry iv. 41 | 464 137 What cross devil made me put this main secret in the packet I sent the king H. vii. 3 2 6902 22 Quite from the main opinion he held once

Julius Cajar.12 17482 32 Stands up for the main soldier

Antony and Cleop. 1 2 770 1 43 We must with our main of power stand fast

Troil. and Cres: 2 3 8711 Bids the wind blow the earth into the sea, or swell the curled waters 'bove the main

Lear. 3 I 946121 I doubt, it is no other but the main; his father's death, and our o'er hasty marriage

Hamlet. 2 2 101012/24 Maine. Duchies of Anjou and Maine surrendered to the King of Naples 2 Menry vi. 1572135

Unto the main ! oh father, Maine is loft; that Maine which by main force did
Warwick win

Ibid. 1 1 5732 13

Ibid. By thee Anjou and Maine were sold to France


1 592 1134 I sold not Maine

Ibid. 417) 596 1152 Mainly. In this I do not call your faith in question, fo mainly as my merit Tr. and Cres. 41 41 880215 For I am mainly ignorant, what place this is

Lear. 41 71 96012123 You mainly were stirr'd up

Hamlet. 41 7 1037 1/48

Much Ado Abt. Notb.41 1 139 119 Maintain a mourning oftentation Main-top. From this most bravest vessel in the world, Aruck the main-top Cymbeline. 4 2 9181/25 Make, I will make her come

Mucb Ado About Notb.

3 131|243 What makes treason here

Love's Labor Lift. 41 31 162 1156 What make you here?--Nothing: I am not taught to make any thing As You Like T 2231213 And hither make as great ambassadors from foreign princes

Henry vii. 1 4 6781119 You speak of him when he was less furnish'd than he now is, with that which makes him both without and within

Cymbeline. I 5 896 2 14 But what, in faith, make you from Wittenberg

Hamlet. 1 2 100311 39 What make you at Elfinour

Ibid. 2

21013116 And cannot make away

Orbello. 51 110741233

Ricbard i. Make-peace. To be a make-peace shall become my age

Il 415119 Makeft. What mak’ft thou in my fight

Richard iii. 1 3 6391 51 Makings. She had all the royal makings of a queen : as holy oil, &c. Henry viii, 4 | 694,128 There was good sport at his making

Lear. 1 1 9291 28 Malady. Their malady convinces the great assay of art

Macbetb. 43) 3811252 Of man, and beast, the infinite malady crust you quite o'er Tim. of Athens. 3 6 818 2 6 But where the greater malady is fix'd, the lesser is scarce felt

Lear. 31 41 948 110 Malady of France. News have I, that my Nell is dead l' the spital, of malady of France

Henry v.151 1538717 Mulapert. I must have an ounce or two of this malapert blood from you

32717 - Untutor’d lad, thou art too malapert

3 Henry vi. 51 51 630255 Peace, master marquis, you are malapert

Richard iii. 1 31 640136 Malcbus. King Malchus of Arabia

Ant. and Cleop. 361 7857 13 Malcolm. D.P.

Macbeth. Males. The beasts, the files, and the winged fowls are their males' subject 6. of Err. 2

1 10619 No salve in the male

Love's Labor L. 31 1 1552 % Male-content. To wreath your arms like a male-content Two Gent. of Verona. 2 27 147 Thou art the man of male-contents

Merry W. of Wind.13 492 49 How like you our choice, that you stand pensive, as half male-content 3 Henry vi. 41 1622 1 20 Alas, poor Clarence! is it for a wife, that thou art male-content

Ibid. 41 | 622 2 31 Meledi&tions against king and nobles

Lear. 1 2934223 Malefactions. That presently they have proclaim'd their malefa&tions

Hamler. 2 2 1016 2 15 Male green-fickness. Thin drink doth so overcool their blood, and making many fish meals, that they fall into a kind of male green-sickness

2 Henry iv. 41 31 497


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Tw. Night. 41



وداد وو6 ء ادا



81 786|2129

A. S. P. C. LE Male-issue. For her male-iffue or dead where they were made, or shortly after this world had air'd them

Henry viii. 2 41 68 512 43 Male varlet. Thou art thought to be Achilles' male varlet

Troilus and Cref 5 1 8841 37 Malicbo. This is miching Malicho

Hamlet. 31 210201/18 Malice. Thou but lead'It this fashion of thy malice to the last hour of act Mer. of Ven. 4 1 21412 54 On my life, his malice 'gainst the lady will suddenly break forth As You Like It. 1

2 227 2/16 While our poor malice remains in danger of her former tooth

Macbetb. 3) 21 37425 Deep malice makes too deep incision

Ricbard i. 1 1 415 1 14 Left, by a multitude, the new-heal'd wound of malice should break out Ricb.ii. 2 2 646 2 10 You are potently oppos'd, and with a malice of as great a fize

Henry viii. 5 3 698|1|12 (God turn their hearts : I never fought their malice)


2 69812132 Men, that make envy and crooked malice nourishment, dare bite the best Ibid. More out of malice than integrity

Ibid. 5270011 % And with the deepest malice of the war, destroys what lies before 'em


731121 Our arms in strength of malice, and our hearts, of brothers temper Jul. Cæfar.31 11 7532 44 And spend my malice in my breath

Coriolanus. 2 1 71223 No levell’d malice infects one comma in the course I hold Tim. of Atbens. 1 | 804 1 19 'Tis in the malice of mankind, that he thus advises us

Ibid. 3 824 225 She looks as like a thing more made of malice than of duty


3 5 911215 The malice towards you is to forgive you


5 5 928110 Put on the vouch of very malice itself

Otbello. 11052 259 - Nothing extenuato, nor set down aught in malice


51210792123 Malicious. How malicious is my fortune, that I must repent to be just


13 5 949/2152 Malignant. His will is most malignant; and it stretches beyond you to your friends

Henry viii. 1 2675 245 Malkin. The kitchen malkin pins her richest lockram 'bout her recky neck Coriol. 1 7141113 Mall, Miftress. Are they like to take dust like Mistress Mall's pi&ture Twelftb Nigbt. 1 3 309|2 44 Mallard. Like a doating mallard, leaving the fight in height, flies after her A.Cle.

3 Maller. There is no more conceit in him, than is in a mallet

2 Henry iv. 2 41 486137 Malmsey-butt. And then throw him into the malmsey-butt, in the next room Ricb. i. 1) 41 642 231 I'll drown you in the malmsey-butt within

Ibid. 1

464312142 Malmsey-nose knave. That arrant malmsey-nose knave, Bardolph

2 Henry iv. 2 1 47912 49 Malt-borse.

Comedy of Errors.

3 110911150 You whoreson malt-horse drudge

Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 4) | 2681158 Melt-worms. None of these mad, mustachio, purple hu'd malt-worms 1 Henry iv. 2 1 4481243 Malvolio. D.P.

Twelftb Nigbt. 3071 Mamillius. D.P.

Winter's Tale.

333 Mammering. I wonder in my soul, what you could ask me, that I should deny, or stand so mammering on

Orbello. 3) 31060121 Mammets. This is no world to play with mammets, and to tilt with lips i Henry iv. 2 31 451||39 A whining mammet, in her fortune's tender

Romeo and Juliet. 3 5 989|1|25 Mammock'd. O, I warrant, how he mammock'd it


3 70712 5 Man. As proper a man as ever went upon four lege

Tempeft. 2 2

10028 dewlapped like bulls, whose throats had hanging at 'em wallets of filelhor whore heads stood in their breasts

Tempeft. 313 We are such stuff as dreams are made on


41 I 17250 How many goodly creatures are there here.How beauteous mankind is Cannot be a perfect man, not being tried and tutored in the world Two Gent. of Ver. 1 3 The loose encounters of lascivious men

32 2 57 of malecontents

Merry W. of Windfor. 1 3 49 249 I will exhibit a bill in the parliament for the putting down of men

5112.48 -, like an angry ape, plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven as makes the angels weep

Measure for Measure. 2 2
They say best men are moulded out of faults; and for the most, become much more
the better for being a little bad


TO2 1 6 To make of him a formal man again

Comedy of Errors. 5) 1 1172 37 A flattering honest man

Mu. Ado Abt. Nothing. 11 31 125 1 2 Not till God make men of some other metal than earth

Il 126 11 6 What a pretty thing man is, when he goes in his doublet and hose, and leaves off his wit


5 1 1431 S - If you were men, as men you are in new

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 31 2

18627 We had all been made men


41 21 1912 147 Hard-handed men that do work in Athens

Ibid. 51 1922 57 God made bim, therefore let him pass for a man

Mer. of Venice.lıl 2] 19912.40



Ibid. 5 I

211119 2612114


Ibid. 2



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Ibid. 2

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