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and what is he now? N. Y., Rob. Carter & Handbook for those interested in marine productions: Bros., 1879. 16 + 320 p. S. cl., $1.25.

furnishes accurate details respecting all articles and proConcise history of Jesus, embodying the prominent facts

ducts of importance in a commercial point of view ; statisof his life ; for general circulation.

tics official and brought down to date; divided into three

parts: 1. Food products obtained from the sea. Simmonds, P. L. Commercial products of the rine contributions to industry. 3. Marine contributions to

sea ; or, marine contributions to food, industry, and art. With 32 il. N. Y., Appleton, Veron, Eugene.. Æsthetics ; tr. by W. H. Armstrong.

Phil., Lippincott, 1878. 423 p. 8o. (Contemporary science 1879. 8 + 484 p. D. cl., $1.75.

ser., V. 4.) cl., $1.75.


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HARPER & Bros., N. Y.
Chambers' Cyclopædia, Acme ed., v. 1 (sub-

Black, Goldsmith..

75 scription only), $2.25 to $5.25 for the Collins, Man and wife (F. S. L., 38).

15 complete work.

Crabb, English synonyms new ed.
Huxley, Hume...

75 The ARGUS Co., Albany, N. Y. James, Jr., International episode.

25 Kips, Hannibal's man..

Lamb, Adventures of Ulysses (H. H. S., 92).....

25 D. APPLETON & Co., N. Y.

HENRY HOLT & Co., N. Y. Benjamin, Multitudinous seas..

Conway, Demonology...

. 7.00 Simmonds, Commercial products of the

J. H. HUBBELL, N. Y, sea...... 1.75 | Hubbell, Legal dir., 1878...

5.00 ROBERT Carter & Bros., N. Y.

G. I. JONES & Co., St. Louis, Mo.

Hosmer, Short hist. of German lit........ 2.25 Meade, Bel Marjory....

1.50 Patton, Jesus of Nazereth..


J. B. LIPPINCOTT & Co., Phila.
Veron, Æsthetics...

1.75 ROB. CLARKE & Co., Cincinnati.

G. P. PUTNAM'S Sons, N. Y. Force, Indians of Ohio...... ..75 c. ; 50

Hampton tracts, 5 nos., en...

08 H. T. CLAUDER, Bethlehem, Pa.

R. WORTHINGTON, N. Y. Clauder, Year book, 1879.... 15 | Adams, Famous books.....



MONTHLY REFERENCE LIST OF BOOKS (JANUARY). The figures in ( ) refer to the (whole) number of the “ PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY" in which the full title has been recorded under the name or words preceding the figure. The more prominent works appear in this list, both under authw and title or subject, with reference from the latter to the former.


Turn in Reference List to the words italicized in the Synopsis. Arts and Sciences. (See also DOMESTIC; EDUCATION.) Okey, Civil code of Ohio.-Raft, Executors in Ohio.

- Proctor, Pleasant ways in science.-Whittaker, Phys- Rapaljé, Digest of N. Y. decisions.-Sedgwick, Cases of iology.-Wilson, Leisure-time studies, chiefly biological. damages.-Štory, On promissory notes. - Williams, In-Witthaus, Essentials of chemistry:-Zahner, Trans- dex to Mass. statutes. mission of power by compressed air.

Literary History, Essays, Criticism, etc.Biographical. (See also HISTORY ; LITERARY HISTORY, Addison, Spectator.-Conant, Primer of Spanish lit.etc.)-Cheever, Ichabod Washburn.-Curtis, Bryant. - Curtis, Bryant.-Legouvé, Reading as a fine art.-MaFlipper, The colored cadet at West Point.-Hill, The re- son, Sam. Johnson.-Pascoe, Dramatic list.-Ward, Acacorder of Birmingham. – Hodgson, Mem. of Francis demical experiences. --What shall I read? Hodgson.-Pascoe, Dramatic list.-Pinkerton, Criminal reminiscences.-Smiles, Robert Dick.

Medical.--Charcot, Bright's disease ; Brain diseases.

Clark, Diseases of women.-Dela field, Physical diagnoEducation, Language, etc.- English hist, in stories.

sis.-Hall, Differential diagnosis. – Health primers.-Handbook for the kindergarten.-Huntington, Unconscious tuition.--Irish books.-Legouvé, Reading as a fine

Ringer, Therapeutics.-Sayre, Organic materia medica.

-Whittaker, Physiology.
art.-Miller, Mrs., Mother Truth's melodies.-Ralfe,
Exercise and training:-Richardson, Neophonography.- Music.-Even-Song.Robinson, Spiritual song.
Wiebe, Paradise of childhood.

Poetry and the Drama.-Caledonia.-Campbell and Fiction. (See also JUVENILE Books.)-Arnold, Henry

Falconer, Poet. works.-Hood, Poet. works:-Houghton, Lovell. - Brontë, Jane Eyre. - Bulwer, Last days of

Drift from York Harbor.-Hylton, The bride of GettysPompeii.-Burnett, Jarl's daughter.-Cambridge, My

burg.- New York drama.- Tennyson, Works.-Thomas, guardian.--Drake, Capt. Nelson.-Engelbach, The king's

Dream of Arcadia.—Ward, Lilian.-Witman, Legend of

the mound. warrant.-Gréville, Pretty little countess Zina.-Harris, The man who tramps.

Heyse, Tales.-Maitland, Old Political and Social Economy.-Besant, Marriage. patroon.—Modern fishers of men.-Signor Monaldini's -Reply to Roswell D. Hitchcock. niece.-Smith, Kiss and be friends.-Trebor, As it may happen.- Trollope, An eye for an eye.

Religion and Philosophy.-Berean question book.–

Conversion of the West.-Cotterill, Family prayers.History. (See also BIOGRAPHICAL; EDUCATION ; LITER

Crooks and Hurst, Study of Holy_Script. - Death of ARY, etc.)-Anderson, Amerika ikke opdaget af Colum

death.-Janet, Final causes.-Knox, Evangelical rationbus.-Barnwell, Russo-Turkish war.-Conversion of the

alism.-Lawrence, Do they love us yet? (spiritualism). West.-Hittell, Hist. of San Francisco.

Munsey, Sermons.-Shakspeare, St. Paul at Athens.Humor and Satire.-Archibald the cat.-Brinkley, Swallow, Camp-meetings. -Vaughan, My son, give me

Woman's thoughts about men.-Modern fishers of men. thine heart.
-Puck's Volks-Kalender.-World's almaniac.

Travel, Geography, Topography, etc. - AppleJuvenile Books.-Boy's own book.-Clare, Royal ban- ton's American winter resorts.-Geary, Through Asiatic ner.-Eadgyth. Wilford family.- English hist. in short Turkey.-Hooker, Tour in Marocco.-Inglis, On the Nestories. - Famous boys. - Frazier, Who did it ?-Harvey, paul frontier. --Waterton, Wanderings in So. Carolina. Compton's holiday. - Fohnson, The live boy.Page, Famous men, - Rosebuds. - Russell, Hidden workings.- Miscellaneous. - Almanacs. Bellew, Parlor amuseTales on the beatitudes.

ments.- Besant, Marriage.-Brinkley, Woman's thoughts Law.-Cutler, Mass. insolvent laws.-Drake, Attach- about men.-Chautauqua text-books.-German, How to

ments.-Haines, Illinois laws rel. to cities and villages.- give it. --Health primers.-Rubin, Sphinx Americana.

mus B.


N. 1758

Academical reference of the German renascence, see Collection of foreign authors, no. 15, Paul Heyse (366), Ward, A. W.

Tales from the German of, 16°, $1 ; pap., 60 C. Addison, Jos. (365, The spectator, Handy ed., 2 v. in 1,

N. Y., Appleton. 12°, $1.25...

.N. Y., Worthington. Colored cadet at West Point, see Flipper, H. V. Air, compressed, see Zahner, R.

Compressed air, see Zahner, R. Alcohol, its use and abuse, see Greenfield, W. S.

Conant, Helen S. (366) Primer of Spanish lit., 32°, pap., Almanacs for 1879, see Freidenker; Illustrated annual of 25 C.......

....N. Y., Harper. of phrenology ; Puck's Volks-kalender; Whittaker's ; Conversion (366) of the West, 4 v., cont. :—The contiWorld's.

nental Teutons, by E. Merivale.-The Celts, by G. F. American winter resorts, see Appleton's.

Maclear. - The English, by G. F. Maclear.—The North

men, by G. F. Maclear, ea. 16o, 75 C. Amerika ikke opdaget af Columbus, see Anderson, Ras

v.Y, Pott, Younge Co. Anderson, Rasmus B. (366) Amerika ikke opdaget af

Cotterill, T. (364) Family prayers for a week, 180, 49c.; pap., 15 c....

N. Y., T. Whittaker. Columbus, 12°, $1..... ..Chic., J. Anderson & Co.

Criminal reminiscences, see Pinkerton, A. Anderson, Rasmus B. (366) Julegave, 3d ed., 12°, 75 C.

Chic., 7. Anderson & Co. Crooks, G. R. (367) and Hurst, J. F., Lib. of theol. and Antilles, Wanderings in the, see Waterton, C.

bib. lit., v. 1, introd. to study of Holy Scripture, by

H. M. Harman, 8°, $4.......N. Y., Nelson & Phillips. Appleton's collection, see Collection of foreign authors.

Curtis, G. W. (367) Life, character and writings of w Appleton's (366) illustrated handbook of Am. winter

Cullen Bryant, 16o, 75 c. ; pap., 50 c. resorts, rev. for 1878-9, 12°, 75 c. ; pap. 5o c.

N, Y., Scribner's Sons. Ñ. Y., Appleton. Archibald (365) the cat, and other sea yarns, by the old

Cutler, Jos. (367) Massachusetts insolvent laws, 4th ed., sailor "out of the world,” il., sg. 16°, pap., 25.c.

8°, shp., $2.75.....

.... Bost., G. B. Reed. .

N. Y., The World" off. Damages, Measure of, see Sedgwick, H. D. Arnold, A. S. (364) Henry Lovell : temperance story, il.,

Death (The) of death (367), by an orthodox layman, 12°, 12°, $1 ; pap., 50 c...Valley Falls, R. 1., A. S. Arnold.


Richmond, 7. W. Randolph & English. As it may happen, see Trebor.

Death, Premature, see Premature death. Attachments, Law of suits by, see Drake, C. D.

Delafield, Francis (367) and Stillman, C. F., Manual of Ball, J., see Hooker, Jos. D.

physical diagnosis, 4, $2. N. Y., W. Wood & Co. Barnwell, R. G. (365) History of the Russo-Turkish war, Diagnosis, Differential, see Hall, F. de H. il., 12°, $2.50 ... ..Phil., 7. E. Potter & Co.

- Physical, see Delafield, F. Baron Münchhausen, see Raspe, R. E.

Dick, Robert, see Smiles, S. Beatitudes, see Tales on the.

Differential diagnosis, see Hall, F. de H. Bellew, F. (364) Parlor amusements, il., 16°


Do they love us yet ? see Lawrence, Mrs. C. W. Berean (367) question book, International ser., 1879, 18°,

Drake, C. D. (366) Law of suits by attachments, 5th ed.,

8°, shp., $6. bds., 20 c.. N. Y., Nelson & Phillips

... Bost., Little, Brown & Co

Drake, S. A. (366) Captain Nelson ; romance of colonial Besant, Annie (367), Marriage : as it was, as it is, and as days, so

, pap., 75 C.

.N. Y., Harper. it should be. With sketch of her life by A. K. Butts, Drama, New York, see New York drama. 12°, flex., 50 c. ; pap., 25 C

..N, Y., A.K. tts.

Dramatic list (The), see Pascoe, C. E. Bible, Introd. to study of, by H. M. Harman, see Crooks, Dream (A) of Arcadia, see Thomas, L B. G. R. and Hurst, J. F.

Drift from York harbor, see Houghton, Geo. Biology, see Wilson, A.

Eadgyth (pseud.) (367) The Wilford family, 12°, 75 C. Books, confidential chats on, see What shall I read ?

N. Y., Pott, Youkg Ca. Botany, Pharmacal, see Sayre, L. E.

Engelbach, Alfr. H. (367) The king's warrant: story of Boy's (365) own book, 5th ed., il., 12°, $1.25.

old and new France, 12°, 31.25..N. Y., Pott, Young & Co.

N. Y., Worthington. English (The), see Conversion of the West.
Brain diseases, Localizations in, see Charcot, J. M.
Bride (The) of Gettysburg, see Hylton, J. D.

English (364) history in short stories, rev. ed., 16°, $1.

N. Y., Barnes. Bright's disease, see Charcot, J. M.

Evangelical rationalism, see Knox, Loren L. Brinkley, Mrs. Hugh L. (366) A woman's thoughts Even-song (364) 32°, flex., 15 C.... N. Y., T. Whittaker.

about men, 16o, pap., 50 C.... .N. Y., Derby Bros. British stage, see Pascoe, C. E.

Executors and administrators in Ohio, see Raff, G.

Exercise and training, see Ralfe, C. H. Bronté, Charlotte (366) Jane Eyre, 4°, pap:

1., Harper. Eye, An) for an eye, see Trollope, Ant. Bryant, w. Cullen, see Curtis, G. W.

Falconer, W., see Campbell, T. Bulwer-Lytton (364) Last days of Pompeii, 4°, pap., 15 C.

N. y., Harper: Family prayers for a week, see Cotterill, T. Burnett, Mrs. Frances H. (366) Jarl's daughter, sq. 16°,

Famous boys (365) and how they became great men (new

issue), il., 12°, $1.25... N. Y., R. Worthington. pap., 25 C

.Phil., Peterson.
Caledonia (365) described by Burns, Scott and Ramsay, Final causes, see Janet, Paul.

men, see Page, H. A. il., 4°, $7.50

.N. Y., Worthington. California, Hist. of, see Hittell, J. S.

First Irish book, see Irish. Cambridge, Ada (366) My guardian, 16°, pap., 60 c.

Flipper, H. O. (367) Colored cadet at West Point: autoN. Y., Appleton.

.N. Y., Homer Lee & Co.

biog., 16°; $2 Campbell, T. (366) and Falconer, W., poetical works,

Franklin square library, ea., 4°, pap. :—No 33, BulwerRiverside ed., 3°, $1.75.. Bost., Houghton, Osgood & Co.

Lytton (364) Last days of Pompeii, 15 C-34, Geary, G. Camp-meetings, see Swallow, S. C.

(364) Through Asiatic Turkey, 15 c.-35, Inglis, Ja. (366)

Sport and work on the Nepaul frontier, 10 c.-36, Bronté, Captain Nelson, see Drake, S. A.

Charlotte (366) Jane Eyre, 15 C.-37, Trollope, Ant. (367) Celts (The), see Conversion of the West.

An eye for an eye, 10 c.....

N. Y., Harper. Charcot, J. M. (367) Lectures on Bright's disease, tr., 8o,

Frazier, M. (365) Who did it ? story, 160, pap., 30 C. $1.50... ....N. Y., W. Wood & Co.

N. Y., Author's Pub. Co. Charcot, J. M. (367) Lectures on localizations in diseases

Freidenker-Almanach (364) 16°, pap., 25 c. of the brain, tr., 80, clo., $1.50....N. Y., W. Wood & Co.

Milwaukee, C. Doerflinger. Chautauqua (367) text-books, 7 nos., ea, 32°, pap;, 10.4.

Geary, Grattan (364) Through Asiatic Turkey, 4°, pap.,

15 C.... Ń. Y., Nelson & Phillips.

....N. Y., Harper. Cheever, H. T. (366) Autobiography of Ichabod Wash

German (The): (366) How to give it, how to lead it, etc., burn, 160, $1.....

....Bost., Lothrop.
16°, $1.25...

Chic., Jansen, McClurg & Co. Chemistry, Essentials of, see Witthaus, R. A.

German renascence, see Ward, A. W. Clare, Austin (367) The royal banner: a tale, 12°, $1.25.

Goldsmith, Oliver (366) Vicar of Wakefield, 32o, pap., N. Y., Pott, Young Co. 25 c....

N. Y., Harper. Clark, A. L. (366) Diseases of women, 89, shp., $4. Greenfield, W. S. (366) Alcohol : its use and abuse, sq. Chic., Fansen, McClurg & Co. 24°, 40 c.

N. Y., Appleton.


Gréville, Henry (pseud.) (366) Pretty little countess Zina, Live boy (The), see Johnson, E. A. sq. 16o, pap., 75 C.

Phil., Peterson.

Maclear, G. F., see Conversion of the West. Haines, Elijah M. (367) Laws of Illinois rel. to cities and

Maitland, Jas. A. (366) The old patroon, 12°, $1. villages, 8°, shp., $3.50..... ..Chic., E. B. Myers.

Phil., Peterson, Hall, F. de H. (365) Differential diagnosis, 12°, $2.

Man (The) who tramps, see Harris, L. O.

Phil., D. G. Brinton.
Hand-book (366) for the Kindergarten, sq. 8o, pap., $1.

Maori, see Inglis, Jas.
Spring field, Milton Bradley S Co. Marocco, Journal of tour in, see Hooker, Jos. D.
Harman, H. M., see Crooks, G, R.

Marriage, see]Besant, Annie.
Harper's Half-hour ser., ea., 32o, pap. :-No. 83, Conant, Mason, E. T. ed. (566), Samuel Johnson, his words and
H. S. (366) Primer of Spanish lit., 25 C.-85, Goldsmith ways, 12°, $1.50....

..N.Y., Harper. (366) Vicar of Wakefield, 25 C ... ..N. Y., Harper. Massachusetts, Insolvent laws, see Cutler, Jos. Harper's lib, of Am. fiction :-No. 12, Drake, S. A. (366)

Statutes, Index to, see Williams, C. H. S. Captain Nelson, 8o, pap., 75 C.......... N. V., Harper.

Materia medica, Organic, see Sayre, L. E. Harris, L. O. (364) The man who tramps: a story of today, 12°, $1.25... ..... Indiana polis, Yohn Bros.

Men, A woman's thoughts of, see Brinkley, Mrs. H. S. Harvey (367) Compton's holiday : by author of " A child Merivale, C., see Conversion of the West. of the glens," 12°, 75 C...... .N. Y., Pott, Young & Co.

(a Health primers, ea., sq. 24°, 40 C. :-No. 1, Ralfe, C. H.

Kindergarten, il., 12°, $1........N. Y., G. W. Carleton. (366) Exercise and training.–2, Greenfield, W. Š. (366) Modern,fishers (367) of men : a story, 16°, pap., 5o c. Alcohol, its use and abuse.-3, House (The) (367) and its

N. Y., Appleton. surroundings.-4, Premature (367) death.

Mother Truth's melodies, see Miller, Mrs. E. P.

N. Y., Appleton. | Munsey, W. E. (364) Sermons and lectures, 12°, $2. Henry Lovell, see Arnold, A. S.

Macon, Ga., 7. W. Burke & Co. Heyse, Paul (366), Tales from the German of, 160, $1; | My guardian, see Cambridge, Ada. pap., бо с

.N. Y., Appleton. My son give me thine heart, see Vaughan, C. J. Hidden workings, see Russe!), H, R.

New York decisions, Digest of, see Rapalje, S. Hill, Matthew D., see Hill, R. and F. D.

New York drama (366), no. 45, 8o, pap., 15 C. Hill, R. (365) and F. D., The recorder of Birmingham :

n. Y., Wheat & Cornett. mem. of Matthew D. Hill, 8°, $4.50...N Y., Macmillan. | Neophonography, see Richardson, Jas. Hitchcock, Roswell D., on socialism, see Reply to.

No Name ser., see Signor Monaldini's niece. Hittell, J. S. (365) History of San Francisco, and, inci- Northmen (The), see Conversion of the West. dentally, of California, 80, $4.

San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft. Ohio, Civil code of, see Okey, G. Hodgson, Francis, see Hodgson, Jas. T.

Executors and administrators in, see Raff, G. Hodgson, Jas. T. (367) Memoir of Francis Hodgson, with | Okey, G. (366), Civil code of Ohio as it is, 80 hf. shp,, net, lewers from Lord Byron, 2 v. 12°, $5.N. Y., Macmillan.


.Cinc., R. Clarke & Co. Hood, Thos. (366) Poetical works, 2 V., Riverside ed., 8°,

Old patroon (The), see Maitland, Jas. A. $3.50....

..Bost., Houghton, O. & Co. Out of the world ser., see Archibald the cat ; World's Hooker, Jos. D. (367) and Ball, J., Journal of a tour in

almaniac. Marocco and the Great Atlas, 8o, cl., $6.50.

Page, H. A. (365) Famous men [new issue), 12°, $1.25. N. Y., Macmillan.

N. Y., Worthington. Houghton, Geo. (365). Drift from York Harbor, Me. Paradise of childhood, see Wiebe, Edw. (poems), sq. 12°, pap., 35 C...........

Bost., A. Williams. Parlor amusements, see Bellew, F. House (The) (367) and its surroundings, sq. 24°, pap; 406. Pascoe, C. E. (366), The dramatic list : record of living


[British) actors and actresses, cr. 8°, flex. mor., $5. Huntington, F. D. (364) Unconscious tuition, 16°, pap.,

Bost., Roberts. 25C

Syracuse, N, Y., Davis, Bardeen & Co. Peterson's Dollar ser., V. 28, see Maitland, Jas. A. Hurst, J. F., see Crooks, G. R.

Phonography, see Richardson, Jas. Hylton, J. D. (365) The bride of Gettysburg (poem), 12°, Phrenology, Annual of, see Illustrated.

.Palmyra, N. 7., 7. D. Hylton. Physical diagnosis, see Delafield, Francis. Illinois, Laws rel. to cities and villages, see Haines, E. M.

Physiology, see Whittaker, Jas. T. Illustrated (366) annual of phrenology and health alma

Pinkerton, A. (364) Criminal reminiscences, 12°, $1.50. nac, 1879, 8o, pap., 10 С........N. Y., S. R. Wells & Co.

N. Y., G. W. Carleton. nglis, Ja. (366) Sport and work on the Nepaul frontier,

Pleasant ways in science, see Proctor, R. A. 4°, pap., 1o C....

...N. Y., Harper. Power, Transmission of, by compressed air, see Zahner, Insolvent laws [of] Massachusetts, see Cutler, Jos.

R. International ser., see Berean question book.

Premature (367) death: its promotion or prevention, sq. Irish books (364) for use of Irish classes in America, first 24°, 40 C....

.....N. Y., Appleton. and second, ea. 12°, pap., 25.,

Pretty little countess Lina, see Greville, Henry. N. Y., Lynch, Cole & Meehan. Janet, Paul (365), Final causes; from the French, 80, $6. Proctor, R. A. (365) Pleasant ways in science, 12°, $3.50.

N. Y., Worthington. N. Y., Scribner & Welford. Promissory notes, On, see Story, Jos. Jarl's daughter, see Burnett, Mrs. Frances.

Puck's (364), Volk's-Kalender, 1879, il., 8o, pap., 25 C. Johnson, E, A. (367) The live boy, 16°, $1.

N. Y., Keppler and Schwarzmann, N. 1., Nelson & Phillips. Raff, G. (366) Guide to executors and administrators in Johnson, Samuel, see Mason, E. T.

Ohio, 8°, net, $2; shp., net, $2.50 Julegave, see Anderson, Rasmus B.

Cinc., R. Clarke & Co. Kindergarten, Handbook for the, see Handbook ; also, Ralfe, C. H. (366) Exercise and training, sq. 24°, 40 c. Miller, Mrs. E. P.

N. Y., Appleton. Kindergartners, guide to, see Wiebe, Edward.

Rapalje, S. (366) Digest of New York decisions, to 1878,

roy, 89, net, $6.50.Jersey City, N. 7. F. D. Linn & Co. King's Warrant (Che), see Englebach, Alf. H. Kiss and be friends, see Smith, Julia P.

Raspé, R. E. (365) Adventures of Baron Munchhausen

[new issue], il., 12°, $1.25..........N. Y., Worthington. Knox, Loren. L. (367) Evangelical rationalism, 16°, $1,25. Reading as a fine art, see Legouvé, Ernest.

Cin., Hitchcock & Walden. Lamb, C. (367) and Mary, Tales from Shakespeare, 16°,

Recorder (The), of Birmingham, see Hill, R. and F. D. $1.25....

.N. Y., Macmillan. | Reply (367) to Roswell D. Hitchcock on socialism, by a Last days of Pompeii, see Bulwer-Lytton.

socialist, 12°, flex., 50 C. ; pap., 25 C.

N. Y., C. P. Somerby. Lawrence, Mrs. C. W. (365), Do they love us yet? (Selection on spiritualism), 12°, $1.50.N. Y., Fas. Miller. Richardson, Jas. (366) Neophonography, 12°, 50 c.

N. Y., Harroun & Bierstadt. Legend of the Mound, see Witman, Frederica K. Legouvé, Ernest (366) Reading as a fine art ; from the

Ringer, S. (367) Handbook of therapeutics, 7th ed., 80, $4.50

..N. Y., W. 'Wood & Co. French, by A. L. Alger, 16°, 50 C.........Bo Roberts. Leisure-time studies, see Wilson, A.

Robinson, C. T. comp. (366), Spiritual songs with music,

8°, silk, $2.50; cl. and flex., $1.50 Lilian, see Welles, C. S.

N. Y., Scribner & Co.


ton, C.

75 C.

Through Asiatic Turkey, see Geary, G.
N. Y., Pott, Young'

Tramps, see Harris, L. O.
Royal (The) banner, see Clare, Austin.

Transmission of power by compressed air, see Zahner, R. Rubin, T. A. (364) Sphinx Americana, 24°, bds., 20 C. ; pap., 15 C. ..Milwaukee, C. Doerflinger: Trebor (pseud. ?] (365) As it may happen : story of Ameri

can life, 16°, $1.50...

..Phil., Porter & Coates. Russell, H. R. (367) Hidden workings, 12°, $1.

N. v., Pott, Young Co. Trollope, Ant. (367), An eye for an eye : novel, 4°, pap., Russo-Turkish war, History of, see Barnwell, R. G.

.N. Y., Harper. St. Paul at Athens, see Shakspeare, C.

Tuition, Unconscious, suc Huntington, F. D. San Francisco, Hist, of, see Hittell, J. S.

Turkey, Through Asiatic, see Geary, G. Satchel ser., see Frazier, M.

Unconscious tuition, see Huntington, F. D. Sayre, L. E. (365) Conspectus of organic materia medica

United States, Wanderings, in the northwest of, see Waterand pharmacal botany, 12°, $2....Phil., D. G. Brinton. School-room classics ser., see Huntington, F. D.

Van Nostrand's sci. ser., no. 40, see Zahner, R. Science, Pleasant ways in, see Proctor, R. A.

Vaughan, C. J. (365) My son, give me thine heart : serSecond Irish book, see Irish.

mons, 16°, $1.50..

......N. Y., Macmillan.

Wanderings in South Carolina, see Waterton, C. Sedgwick, H. D. (366) Am. and Eng. cases on the measure of damages, 8o, shp., $7.50.

Ward, A, W. (365) On some academical experiences of N. Y., Baker, Voorhis Su Co. the German renascence, 8o, pap., 40 c.N. Y., Macmillax. Shakespeare, Tales from, see Lamb, C. and Mary.

Washburn, Ichabod, see Cheever, H. T. Shakspeare, C. (366) St. Paul at Athens, sermons, 12°, Waterton, C. (367), Wanderings in South Carolina, the $1.25.. ....N. Y., Scribner's Sons

northwest of the U. s., and the Antilles, 1812, 1816, 1820,

1824, new ed., 80, $6.50.... ....N. Y., Macmillan, Eignor (366) Monaldi's niece (No name ser.), 16°, $1.

Bost., Roberts. Welles, C. S. (366) Lilian (poetry), 4°, $1. Smiles, S. (366) Robert Dick, baker of Thurso, geologist What shall (367) I read ? 16o, 75 C.

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RESOLVED, That this Convention recognize th: PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY as the established orzan of the entire trade, and recommend it to publishers as the medium through which they should make their " first announcement" of books they propose to publish, and the full title of all books immediately on publication.-AMERICAN BOOK-TRADE Association,


Henry Holt & Co.:-Kettner's Book of the Table. Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion, as illus- A. D. F. Randolph & Co.:-Bible Echoes in Ancient

trated by the Religion of India. By F. Max Muller. Cr. Classics, by C. T. Ramage. 8o. $2.50.

JANUARY 28. Gleanings of Past Years, 1843-'78. By Right Hon. W. E.

Gladstone, M.P. To be complete in 5 vols. $1 per v. D. Appleton & Co. :-Irrende Sterne, by Geo. Horn.(Soon.)

The House in the Hollow.
J. B. LIPPINCOTT & Co., Phila.

E. P. Dutton & Co.:-The Student's Edition of the Philosophy. By André Lefevre. (Library of Contempora

Speaker's Commentary on the Bible. Abridged and editry Science.) Cr. 8o.

ed by John M. Fuller, M.A., Vicar of Bexley. (To be

completed in 6 volumes.) Vol. 1 ready shortly:-Steps to Burlesques. By William Makepeace Thackeray. Ill. Cr.

Christian Manhood, by, Rosalind Marryat.-How to 8o. $1.25. New Popular Illustrated Ed.

keep Lent, by Rev. G. H. Wilkinson,

J. B. Lippincott & Co.:- Called to the Rescue.PUBLISHERS' PRIORITY CLAIMS.

The Last of Her Line.—Love Loyal.- The Artful Vicar. From the New York Commercial Advertiser for the

JANUARY 29. week ending January 29.

D. Appleton & Co.:-The Beleaguered City, by Mrs. JANUARY 27.

Oliphant.--The Evolution of Man, by Ernest Haeckel.D. Appleton & Co.:-La Moine de Chaolis, by Mme. Free Science and Free Teaching, by Professor Huxley. Charles Reybaud.

Roberts Bros. :-Wild Life in a Southern Country, by Harper & Bros. :-Within Sound of the Sea.-Kelver- the author of "The Gamekeeper at Home."-Essays on

dale.-On the Wolds.-Elizabeth Eden.-The Last of Art, by J. Comyns Carr.-Gwen, by the author of "The Her Line.-A True Marriage.

Epic of Hades.”—The Gamekeeper at Home.

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