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ALI Europe fixed its attention last

month upon that

cedented prominence. A delicate situation with refereffort to drive

ence to this lady results from insinuations that the French Presidency which may plunge the third republic campaign against her husband may be extended to herin the supreme crisis of its history. Behind the “plot,” self. Hints in the London Express and other dailies as the Figaro deems it, is the implacable Joseph Cail- that some personal litigation in which she figured will laux, now more dominant than ever in the Chamber, soon be revived with a wealth of embarrassing detail while in alliance with him, according to others, stands afford proof to Poincaré's friends that the campaign George Clemenceau, the anti-clerical veteran. The against him will be scandalous. His presidency is, in first step in the war on Poincaré was the resignation of short, to be made impossible. The recent elections, on

, Premier Doumergue. His departure caused surprise. the whole, strengthened his enemies. The Socialists led He refused to comply with the President's entreaty to by Jean Jaurès came back with over a hundred votes. await a vote in the newly chosen chamber before laying Joseph Caillaux and the politicians in more or less symdown his office. The relations between M. Poincaré pathy with him control about 165 more. The moderate and M. Caillaux being so embittered, the President did. elements in the chamber can not very well combine with not at first apply to a follower of the latter's in his the clericals and conservatives. Hence the practical cersearch for a Premier. The whole radical scheme, ob- tainty of a chamber controlled by the Socialists and the serves a correspondent of the Vienna Neue Freie Socialist radicals with the aid of two, three or more of Presse, is to prove to Poincaré that while he remains the floating groups. M. Poincaré must, as some Paris President no ministry representing the majority can correspondents of London journals think, either surrenpossibly be formed. He will be driven to such expedi- der to the radicals or abandon the Presidency. ents as the organization of "stop gap" cabinets incapable of enacting laws. The President let it be known that

How President Poincaré Might

Defeat His Enemies. he would neither resign nar abandon the somewhat militarist policy with which he is known to sympathiza FRANCE has shown her determination at the polls

. to maintain an army capable of trying conclusions One leading politician after another refused to form a with Germany. Whatever may be the composition of ministry or abandoned the effort as hopeless until Poin- the ministry which the French chamber decides for the caré called in Ribot and finally Viviani.

present to support, the London Times, like most foreign

dailies published outside of France, does not believe any Efforts of Poincaré to

government in Paris will venture to tamper seriously Defy His Enemies.

with the three-years-service law. "The anxiety which FEW newspapers in Paris took very seriously the

policy and purpose of a Ribot cabinet. It would rep- has been shown across the Vosges that France should resent the persistence of the President rather than the

abandon that necessary bulwark of her safety and of policy of the chamber, according to the radical Lanterne.

her position in Europe will almost certainly prevent rePoincaré has inspired in the "left" or radical elements

sponsible men of any party from perpetrating so great generally a rooted suspicion of his devotion to milita

a folly.” On the other hand, the Socialist and the exrism, to the church, to the kind of strong government

treme radicals seem committed to such an administrawhich the Kaiser loves. These things mean to him a.

tion of the army law as will mitigate its severities while France capable of making headway against the might keeping France armed to the teeth. This is the point of Germany, a France worthy of her place in Europe upon which the champions of M. Poincaré lay such as the ally of Russia. His spectacular tours throughout

stress. The campaign against him, they say, and even France have been crusades in favor of autocracy, ac

the clerical Gaulois inclines to that view somewhat, can cording to dailies like the Socialist Humanité. Radi- terminate, if successful, only in a reduction of France cals did what they could to spoil the President's trip

to helplessness in the presence of Germany. France through central France last year. They caused a modi

will be thrown over by her ally, Russia, unless the ideals fication of the program arranged for the visit to Brit- of Poincaré are to prevail. He is a constitutional Presitany. M. Poincaré kept away from Le Mans altogether, it is hinted, because the followers of Caillaux there had arranged an unpleasant scene. In the new chamber a "bloc" or combination of political groups bent upon the expulsion of Poincaré is credited with a following of 266—not a majority but strong enough to endanger the position of the President.


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dent, we are told, confin

will provoke disclosures of ing himself within the four

infamy on another. Poinwalls of his executive func

caré may have to go, obtion.

serves a writer in the Lon

don Express, but the reEfforts of Briand to Save

public may have to go with the French President.

him. But this is an exBR RIAND, sometime So

treme view. The shrewdcialist, sometime Pre

est observers suspect that mier, and at present leader

M. Poincaré does no more of a combination of re

than play the game of a publican groups in the

sensible man resolved not chamber, seems the like

to be bluffed. Meanwhile liest instrument of Poin1994

his relations with Joseph caré's rescue. Briand's aim,

Caillaux remain of the as defined in his Paris


coldest and most formal organ, is the formation of a

description. Newspapers IDEAL DEPUTY FOR FRANCE "center" party made up of

devoted to the cause of moderate republican ele

"We don't pretend, fellow citizens, that our candidate for the Chamber Caillaux declaim against

has invented gunpowder. He has done nothing. He will never do any. ments. His "federation of thing. But ever since the times of Caesar and Vercingetorix his family “Caesarism." the lefts” is defined in the has produced good republicans of the radical school.”

-Paris Rire

France in the Hands of liberal London News

Jean Jaurès.
something more
than a new organization created

to real
. UNLESS the new chamber at Paris is vigorously

directed against the Jacobins and revolutionists of disciplined parties will war for the sake of principles. the extreme left, within six months it will be at the Its mere appearance marked the parting of the ways be- mercy of M. Jaurès. The opinion is that of the most tween those conservative republicans and those radical important and most influential of the organs of the conrepublicans who until recently were working together servative republican element, the Journal des Débats. against clericalism. Clericalism was routed four years The impression is confirmed by the more detached Lonago when the disintegration of the famous anti-clerical don Outlook, which opines, however, that for the moblock of Emile Combes brought Briand to the front. ment the military-service law calling for three years The confirmation of these facts was afforded when with the colors is safe in the sense that no majority can Poincaré was elected President of the Republic. He be found to abolish it. The impending domestic crisis had been Premier.

He was

one of the most dis- in France threatens to be so grave as to eliminate her tinguished men in French public life, adds the London from world politics, a fact of which Russia is taking daily, a careful observer. Raymond Poincaré is saga- note and of which England, fears the London pericious, high-minded, dispassionate, yet a true Lorrainer odical, should be observant: in being intensely patriotic. He seeks concord among Frenchmen by tempering the asperity of anti-clerical “There appears to be a solid block of two hundred and laws. Clemenceau, Caillaux and the rest say he is lull

fifty revolutionaries, together with at least thirty who are ing the republic into a false security in the face of the

pledged supporters of a minimum army and navy. There clerical menace. Briand stands as the champion of the

are, besides, numerous questions on which sections of the President.

semi-moderate majority may easily form coalitions with the avowed Socialists, which would bring an avowed so

cialistic cabinet into office. When we reflect that the whole Tactics of the Campaign Against Poincaré.

of France has just been appealed to, that every motive of EVERY detail in the past life of the

President of the

patriotism and orderly progress has been invoked in order

to bring an anti-revolutionist majority to the polls, and investigation, according to the correspondents of Lon

that, after all, we have these miserable results, who can don dailies. The history of a divorce in which he fig- regard the future of France with hopefulness?' The hisured as counsel and in which the woman who is now his

torical conservatives are shrunk to an insignificant handful

—not a ninth of the chamber. The whole of the supporters wife was a petitioner has been searched remorselessly.

of M. Briand, from whom so much was expected, are 110t Paris newspapers are becoming "documented.” Detec

much more than a fourth of the entire House. Certainly tives have been sent to Italy, to Germany and even to no statesman more conservative than M. Briand would obthe United States for traces of individuals whose recol- tain anything like that amount, comparatively small though lections would corroborate or embarrass. In a word, it is. The fact that a solid block of two hundred and fifty the French republic seems on the eve of one of those deputies, with a considerable tail of semi-detached followdramatic affairs" which, like the Dreyfus case, or the ers, is prepared to go all lengths on behalf of the socialistic Queen's necklace, elucidate the Latin temperament as a

program, makes the worst feature which has been revealed maker of political history. The friends of President

by any general election since the third republic was founded

amid the disasters of France forty-four years ago. As Poincaré are already, according to the London Tele

one of the consequences of the unfortunate situation, it is .graph, rallying around him. He will not be ruined

by no means likely that France will assume any firm attiwithout a more tremendous expenditure of ammunition

tude in foreign affairs; and the foreign friends of France than his foes can afford. Charge will be met with will have to be on their guard against 'defending French countercharge. Revelations of private life on one side claims.”


Not the least of Villa's virtues is his ability to make up Carranza's mind.— Baltimore American.

Mexican peons are getting the land back slowly, but surely—sis feet at a time.- Washington Post.

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DYNASTY IN CHINA UAN SHI KAI maintains so vigilant a' guard over embarrassments of Yuan just now. Nobody suspects

the person of the boy emperor of China that details that Yuan, however, is to be caught napping by anyone. of a political intrigue involving him leak out intermittently. There is little doubt in the minds of experts in

Why Yuan May Not Become Chinese affairs that this youth is the center of the plot,

Emperor Himself. now an open secret, to restore the imperial dynasty. ALL, the soldiers of ability in the counsels of Yuan Whether Yuan had this idea in mind from the beginning himself, it seems from the well-informed correspondent

Shi Kai urge him to assume the imperial purple or whether he has been driven by circumstances to strive

of the Paris Débats. But the Cantonese politicians for a return of the Manchus to their discarded throne

around Yuan Shi Kai assure him that once he is an is a source of speculation in European dailies. Paris

emperor a revolt in the southern provinces will render papers report from time to time details of a scheme to

his rule impossible. With his own camp thus rent, with proclaim the dynasty not as restored, since technically

White Wolf in arms and Chang Hsun plotting night it is not even deposed, but returned. Theoretically, from the Chinese standpoint, the dynasty is enjoying

and day, to say nothing of the scattered republican parthe nation's courteous treatment during the progress of

ties whom he despises, and the formidable Sheng Yun

with a fanatical following, Yuan looks to the Manchus a democratic experiment. Yuan, if we may accept the

as a trump card. Whatever be the motive, however, the rumors of the past month as true, will make himself

“President” of China seems to have embarked upon a regent when the hour has struck. For this reason the press was placed under the editorial supervizion of the

policy of which one logical outcome is a restored Empolice two months ago. The right to hold public meet

peror. That most competent authority upon the situa

tion in China to-day, Mr. J. O. P. Bland, writes in the ings of any kind has been done away with unless a

London National Review that Yuan's emergence in the gathering be for some purpose of which the authorities approve in writing. Editorials in the newspapers must

part of high priest at the temple of heaven, wearing the

sacerdotal diadem, would itself seem to foreshadow the not attack the government, while any person under

restoration of the dragon throne to its time-honored thirty caught editing a periodical is to be imprisoned.

place. It is a significant fact to Mr. Bland, moreover, Lists of subjects not to be commented upon or discussed in print will be given out from time to time by the police.

that upon the outbreak of the revolution Yuan urged
that the reigning family be retained as an emblem of

White Wolf Makes Yuan Shi
Kai Hesitate.

How the Chinese Emperor Could ALTHOUGH the events of the near future in China

Return to His Throne. seem likeliest to center around the daily court still

AGER as Yuan might be to have himself made em

E AGER maintained by the little boy who has become so im

peror, there are tendencies, possibly too strong for portant to Yuan, the immediate danger results from the

him to resist, making for a return of the old dynasty. depredations of the White Wolf. All the plans of Yuan

It must also be remembered, as Mr. Bland points out, may go awry, says the Paris Temps, if his troops do not

that the decrees in which the Manchu deliberately respeedily bring the leader of the brigand rebellion to

linquished the throne carefully avoided using the term book. White Wolf found it surprisingly easy to turn

which in Chinese conveys the idea of final abdication. back the forty thousand men sent against him six weeks

The machinery of monarchy remains intact: ago. There are hints that the factions opposed to Yuan, some of them formidable, will arrive at an understand

“The road to re-establishment of the monarchy is eviing with White Wolf, if that be not already achieved. dently clear. From Yuan Shi Kai's present dictatorship This would not necessarily mean a miscarriage of the to complete restoration of the old order can only be a matplan to restore the imperial

ter of time and opportunity. dynasty. Embittered as are

All recent events tend to the foes of Yuan, they

justify the belief that the seem inclined, if they be

change will be gradually and soldiers or bureaucrats of

peacefully accomplished, by importance to work for

steps conforming tactfully to

national sentiment and precthe overthrow of the re

edent and by adherence to public. The question is

the policy which Yuan pubmerely one of persons.

licly proclaimed in 1911; that Who shall bring back the

is to say, by retention of emperor, with greatly di

the existing Manchu dynasty minished authority, in or

with greatly restricted auder to become viceroy?

thority. This is the policy Yuan sees the point. His

which, as we know, coin

mended itself to the astute troops protect the dynastic heir night and day. There

intelligence of Li Hung

Chang, during the crisis of is a suspicion in Peking that Chang Hsun,


the Manchu rule was freely nowned soldier and

One by one at first, then in pairs and in dozens, the members of the

parliament that was sitting in Peking to frame a republican government discussed, and to the dispasstatesman, is behind the found itself reduced to the few here shown until they, as well, went the way of the others, leaving the strong man alone.

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induced to go to extremes upon a promise of “cadet” foundly stirred by the news that for any utterances support, only to find themselves out on the sidein the Russian parliament of a "seditious” or illegal walk. Mr. Shubinsky, the Octobrist, is annoyed becharacter they are to be prosecuted. The intimation cause his party is suspected of associating with the was followed by the expulsion of twenty-one Socialists. radical element. It will support the Goremykin minThe violence of their obstructive tactics rendered legis- istry, he says, in every “national” measure—the latter lation impossible, according to the Paris Figaro. Up- supposed to include a fresh campaign against the Jews. roar had succeeded uproar on the subject of the Jews. The governor of Kiev has already refused the request Mr. Shubinsky, an eminent Octobrist, defending a of a Jewish deputation, headed by the local rabbi, that charge of ritual murder, accused the constitutional the expulsion of their families from the city be delayed. democrats of being in the pay of the

The orders were issued because Finns. “Cad!” cried their leader,

many Jews lost the right to live in Professor Milyoukoff, “blackguard !"

Kiev through the closing of the Labor leader Kerensky repeatedly

schools in which their children were called Mr. Shubinsky a liar. Doctor

pupils. Professor Milyoukoff is Purischkevitch, the conservative

thought by his critics to have been publicist, threatened to snack Pro

somewhat cold to the misfortunes of fessor Milyoukoff's face, which drove

these people. The Socialists took up the left into calling Dr. Purischke

their cause before they were turned vitch an epileptic. Professor Mil

out. youkoff apologized when called to order, adding: "I must reiterate nevertheless that Shubinsky is a cad

Keeping the Members of the

Duma Out of Mischief. and a blackguard." Dr. Shubinsky

WHEN the Socialists resume their retorted, amid the applause of his

seats in the Duma, which will followers, that he did not know what

be in no long time apparently, the would have happened if there had

threat of prosecution for "illegal" been a revolver in his hip-pocket.

speeches must provoke them afresh. There ensued a veritable cascade of

Every Socialist daily in Europe objurgation and countercharge, the

makes much of that, altho the Octobrist leader asserting that there

more conservative Russophiles in the are members of the Duma who do

European press, like the Figaro, afnot hesitate to take the gold of Jews.

firm that the Socialists can accomThis session, like many others, ended

plish nothing. There are not three million workingmen in all Russia,

we are reminded, and they are scatModeration of the Radicals

tered from St. Petersburg to Odessa. in the Duma.

The labor movement is harmless, if UREAUCRATIC opinion in St.

noisy, from a bureaucratic point of Petersburg holds the constitu

view. The one element feared by tional democrats in the Duma, led by

the government is the peasantry, Milyoukoff, guilty of unpatriotic tac

who are conciliated by the new land tics. It is they, according to the

laws. These give the small farmer Novoje Vremya, who encourage the

a chance to buy his few acres outrebellious spirit among the Finns.

right with the aid of loans through The “cadets," as the constitutional THEY CALLED HIM A LIAR IN THE DUMA

the department of agriculture. The democrats are called, never go the He called one of them a blackguard and a cad,

benevolence prompts whereupon there was an allusion to a pistol in a

that length of the Socialists. The latter, hip-pocket. His refined features reveal him as "shepherding" of peasant deputies as the Berlin Vorwärts fears, were


in uproar.

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the noted idealist, Professor Milyoukoff, constitutional democrat.

in the Duma which makes even their




REVOLUTIONARY organs published by Russian

letters subject to censorship and their correspondence ments in the realm of Nicholas II., has these pessimistic liable to supervizion. Premier Goremykin does what he comments: can to prevent the peasant mind from succumbing to the

"The Duma would have been perfectly justified in refussophistries of Socialism, as a writer in the Paris Hi

ing to transact government business until its members were manité tells us. He would feed and clothe his majority assured that they were safe from prosecution for their in the Duma, if necessary.

speeches; and we are convinced that in adopting such a

position it would have had the profound sympathy of every Awaiting the Destruction

Parliamentarian in the world. After all, of what were the of the Duma.

Octobrist deputies who opposed the motion afraid? Of dis

solution ? But dissolution is preferable to the continued refugees in the capitals of western Europe predict

existence of a Duma which is not only gagged but is bound a practical termination of the Duma as an independent

hand and foot. It has to be borne in mind that the attack legislative body. One deputy, for instance, has been

upon liberty of speech is but a move in the systematic cam

paign of aggression which is being waged by the governprosecuted for referring with admiration in a speech to

ment against the rights of the Duma. We have lately the republican form of government. Outside the Duma,

heard the Premier deny his liability to answer interpellathe mere fact of membership in a social-democratic or

tions. We have seen the right of legislative initiative ganization is an offense punishable with penal servitude. flouted by a manifestly preposterous reading of the regulaA bill aiming at the establishment of the principle of tions. And now we find the Constitution of the Dumna, free speech within the Duma was introduced recently by which the Tzar pledged himself to uphold, distorted by a the Octobrists and Progressists, The Goremykin min similarly outrageous 'interpretation. As M. Efremoff de

' istry opposed this measure, and it was extinguished in clared in the course of last week's debate, what is at stake some committee or other. In due time the radical ele- is not so much the security of deputies as the most essenments supported a mộtion that the Duma hold up the

tial rights of the people, who are entitled to look to the budget until the right of free speech in the Russian par

Duma as a platform from which their grievances may be

presented without fear or hindrance. But such a platform liament be conceded. The violence of recent sessions

is just what the government does not want, and its aboliis due in part to the refusal of the Octobrists to main

tion is a direct challenge to the people to get ready for tain their original position. Darkest Russia (London), the life-and-death struggle which cannot be much longer organ of the more progressive and radical political ele- delayed."

As Sylvia Pankhurst might observe, the cause would advance more rapidly if there wasn't so much arrested progress.-Washington Post.

Altho Great Britain will not make an official exhibit at the Frisco exposition, it may on second thought send over its art treasures for safe keeping.–Grand Rapids Press.



there is a story in the Graphic that the women captured the theater bombarded and his levée disturbed in

a policeman and dressed one of themselves in his clothes. the series of demonstrations organized last month in the They had made their way well towards the Palace beinterests of votes for women. Never, says the London fore the gates were closed. The followers of Mrs. Standard, have the followers of Mrs. Pankhurst set Pankhurst tried to drag mounted men from their horses. law and order at such open defiance. The net result is a They were beaten off, in some instances, with cudgels. growing determination by the Home Office in London Closely guarded by her veterans, Mrs. Pankhurst to abandon the tactics of the cat-and-mouse act by pushed past an outer detachment of police, whereupon simply permitting the suffragets to starve themselves to the second line of defense repelled the onslaught by death in prison. If this plan is adopted, food and water driving the women in the direction of the crowd. The will be placed in the cell of a hunger striker, and the bodyguard of Mrs. Pankhurst resisted fiercely, using responsibility for her suicide must then be assumed by hat-pins, finger-nails, fists and feet, until Mrs. Pankherself. Official confirmation of this policy is lacking. hurst was lifted bodily from the ground and carried off

. The Home Secretary repudiates it. It has, however, ac- to a taxicab. As she was borne past the group of recording to the official organ of the suffragets, been care- porters, Mrs. Pankhurst, pale but composed in manner, fully matured. The crisis was induced by some seventy notwithstanding the rents in her attire, said: “Arrested arrests after the attempt to force a deputation into the at the gates of the Palace—tell the King that!” The King's presence at Buckingham Palace. The police object of the month's outbreaks, according to the Lonwere misled by a strategic march of hundreds of women don organ of militant suffragism, is to make His up Grosvenor Place to the Waterloo Arch. Here a con- Majesty see that Prime Minister Asquith is bestowing flict with armed constables diverted attention from Mrs. the worst advice possible "from a practical standpoint.” Pankhurst, commanding a force of veteran campaigners Hence the noisy demonstrations at the royal matinée in armed with hat-pins.

His Majesty's Theater. Hence, too, the damage to

pictures in the National Gallery and the Royal Academy Mrs. Pankhurst Outwits and the renewed efforts to blow up churches and manLondon Constables.

sions. HOW OW Mrs. Pankhurst evaded the force thrown

Suffragets Resolved to Be around Buckingham Palace is a mystery. Many

More Militant Than Ever. women managed to go through the lines after her, a cir

NO ORGAN of militant suffragism, least of all the cumstance inspiring some suspicion that the police con- weekly London Suffragette, abates a jot of its tained a few sympathizers with the cause. Indeed, bellicose tone. The campaign will be continued, we

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