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A. S. P. C. L.

Fear. Thofe linen cheeks of thine are counsellors to fear

- Hang thofe that talk of fear

- I have almost forgot the taste of fears

For I am fick and capable of fears; opprefs'd with wrongs, and therefore full of fears;
a widow, husbandless, subject to fears; a woman naturally born to fears
Let not the world fee fear, and fad diftruft, govern the motion of a kingly eye Ibid. 5 1
My teeth fhall tear the slavish motive of recanting fear

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385 1 30

K. John. 3 1

Richard ii. 1

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396130 407 2 16. 415 1 57

Ricbard ii. 3 2

428 133

[blocks in formation]

This ague-fit of fear is over-blown

The love of wicked friends converts to fear, that fear, to hate
Shall we buy treason and indent with fears

There is not fuch a word spoke of in Scotland, as this term of fear

my lord, or any Scot that this day lives

-If well-respected honour bid me on, I hold as little counsel with weak fear, as you

- He that but fears the thing he would not know, hath, by instinct, knowledge from others eyes

Let pale-fac'd fear keep with the mean born man, and find no harbour in a royal heart

All too confident to give admittance to a thought of fear

The people fear me

All these bold fears, thou see'st with peril I have answered

Ibid. 41494126
Ibid. 4 4 498 225

Ibid. 4 4 500 210

No man fhould poffefs him with any appearance of fear, left he, by fhewing it, fhould dishearten his army

Shake in their fear

He'll drop his heart into the fink of fear

Thawing cold fear

Henry v.4 1 528 160
Ibid. 2 cb 514116

When he fees reason of fears, as we do, his fears out of doubt, be of the fame relish as ours are

- Of all base paffions, fear is most accurs'd

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Thou feeft what's past, go fear thy king withal

3 Henry vi. 3 3


For, 'till I fee them here, by doubtful fear my joy of liberty is half eclips'd

Ibid. 4


To purge his fear I'll be thy death

Ibid. 5 6



His phyficians fear him mightily

Richard ii. 1 1


With guilty fear, let fall thy lance

[blocks in formation]

What do I fear? myfelf? there's none elfe by

Ibid. 5 3

667 223

[blocks in formation]

Blind fear, that feeing reafon leads, finds fafer footing than blind reason ftumbling, without fear

Nothing routs us but the villainy of our fears

Some falling merely through fear

Well, you may fear too far. Safer than trust too far

Almoft fears me to think of


Ibid. 3 2 873147 Cymbeline. 5 2 920229

Ibid. 5 3 920256 Lear. 1 4 938129 Ibid. 3 5 949 245

I have a faint cold fear thrills through my veins, that almost freezes up the heat of


What fear is this, which startles in our ears

Thrice he walk'd by their oppreft and fear-furprized eyes
Distill'd almost to jelly with the act of fear

For we will fetters put upon this fear, which now goes free-footed

The people's hearts brimful of fear

Fear'd. This afpect of mine hath fear'd the valiant

She hath been then more fear'd than harm'd

Fearful. He's gentle, and not fearful

[blocks in formation]

Warwick was a bug that fear'd us all

Come forth, thou fearful man

It was the nightingale, and not the lark, that pierc'd the fearful hollow of thine ear I6.3 5 987136 Fearful bravery.

Fearful king.

Julius Cæfar. 51
3 Henry vi.

7621 16 1603219

Fearful man. For, did I but suspect a fearful man, he should have leave to go away betimes

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K. John. 3


398 247

34162 53


Ibid. I

As at English feafts, fo I regreet, the daintiest laft, to make the end more sweet R. ii. 1
Or cloy the hungry edge of appetite, by bare imagination of a feast
To the latter end of a fray, and the beginning of a feast, fits a dull fighter, and a
keen guest

We had much more monftrous matter of feaft, which worthily

[blocks in formation]

By his gates of breath there lies a downy feather, which stirs not
Add more feathers to our wings

1 Henry iv. 4 2 4661 8

deferved noting

[blocks in formation]

Ant. and Cleop. 2
Tim. of Athens. 2 2

8121 2

Ibid. 3 6 818211 Cymbeline. 5 5 928223 Ant. and Cleop. 2 2 775120 light Rom. and Jul. 5 3 995241

Mu. Ado About Notb.1

yourself hardly one
Winter's Tale. 23
Cymbeline. 55
Ibid. 1 1

Tempeft. 2
Love's Lab. Loft. 4 1
All's Well. 4 5
Winter's Tale. 2 3

There's not a piece of feather in our hoft, (good argument, I hope, we shall
Was ever feather fo lightly blown to and fro, as this multitude
Lightness of men compared to a feather

Leave these remnants of fool and feather, that they got in France
Thefe growing feathers pluck'd from Cæfar's wing, will make him fly

I 121119

342237 924 225

8941 19

I 101 7

1581 I 301224 343129

2 Henry iv. 4 4 499114 2513247

Henry v.1 not fly) Ib. 4 3 532119 2 Henry vi. 4 8 5972 20 3 Henry vi. 3 1 617135 Henry viii. 1 3 676255 an ordinary Julius Caefar. 1

I am not of that feather to shake off my friend when he must need me Tim. of Atb. 1
When every feather sticks in his own wing, Lord Timon will be left a naked gull Ibid. 2
Some dozen Romans of us, and your lord, the best feather of our wing
This feather ftirs; the lives

Foreft of feathers

Feather-bed. To be in peril of my life with the edge of a feather-bed

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His confeffor; who fed him every minute with words of fovereignty

him with his prophecies

They nourish'd difobedience, fed the ruin of the ftate

Federary. She's a traitor; Camillo is a federary with her

Henry v1 2 675257

Ibid. 2


Coriolanus. 31 720 149 Winter's Tale. 2

Fee. So fhould I rob my sweet fons of their fee: no, let them fatisfy their luft on thee

Have fecret fee in fome of our best ports


[blocks in formation]

A. S. P. C. L. Hamlet. 2 21010244

Fee. In annual fee

Fee-farm. How now, a kifs in fee-farm

Fee-grief. Is it a fee-grief, due to fome fingle breast

Fee-fimple. For a quart d'ecu he will fell the fee-fimple of his falvation

Troilus and Creffida. 3 2
Macbeth. 4 3
All's Well. 4 3

873123 382,21 2 299156

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'Tis not enough to help the feeble up, but to fupport him after

To feed my humour, with thyfelf no harm

To be abus'd by one that looks on feeders

An I were fo apt to quarrel as thou art, any man fhould buy the fee-fimple of my life for an hour and a quarter

Feeble. D. P.

Feed yourfelves with questioning

Feeder. I will your very faithful feeder be

[blocks in formation]

Richard iii. 4




As You Like It. 2

[blocks in formation]

All our officers have been oppreft with riotous feeders

Ant. and Cleop. 311
Timon of Athens. 2

7892 4


8112 44

[blocks in formation]

Feed'ft. Thou falfe deluding fave, that feed'ft me with the very name of meat

Feeding. He boafts himself to have a worthy feeding

Feel. Spake he fo doubtfully, thou could'st not feel his meaning

[blocks in formation]

Now I feel of what coarse metal ye are moulded,—envy

That will not fee because he doth not feel

Feeling. Haft thou that holy feeling in thy foul, to counsel me to make my peace with


Yet let me weep for fuch a feeling lofs

Hath this fellow no feeling of his business? he fings at grave-making

I fee it feelingly

Feere. And fwear with me, as with the woeful feere, and father of that chafte dif

honour'd dame

Feet. O'er ftunk their feet

For fome of them had in them more feet than the verses would bear
Yet are these feet whose strengthless stay is numb, unable to fupport


I look down towards his feet;-but that's a fable

Fehemently. I moft fehemently desire

Feign. If I do feign, O let me in my prefent wildness die

Merry Wives of Wind. 3
Tim. of Atb.
2 Henry iv. 4
As You Like It. 3

Feign'd. Look in thy laft work, where thou haft feign'd him a worthy fellow
Feigning. For the trueft poetry is the moft feigning

Twas never merry world, fince lowly feigning was call'd compliment

Felicitate. I am alone felicitate in your dear highness' love

Fell. For Oberon is paffing fell and wroth

Tw. Night. 3

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this lump of
As You Like It. 3 2
1 Henry vi. 2
Othello. 5



5532 50


1079 1


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58112 500 127 1806 1


3 238225


320 40


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Midf. Night's Dream. 2

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Ibid. 51

That no compunctious vifiting of nature shake my fell purpose

Macbeth. 1

To do worse to you were fell cruelty

1941 60 5 3671 19

To behold our coufin Hereford, and fell Mobray fight

This fell tempeft shall not cease to rage

banning hag! enchantress hold thy tongue

At one fell fwoop

forrow's tooth doth never rankle more, than when it bites, but lanceth not the fore Ib. 1

Ibid. 4 2

380 141

Ibid. 4 3


Richard ii.


4161 3

[blocks in formation]

- ferpents

-lurking curs

- Clifford



Warwick's brother

But he fell to himself again

Forefeeing those fell mischiefs

All pity choak'd with custom of fell deeds

2 Henry vi. 3 1

Ibid. 3


Ibid. 5 I

600 225

3 Henry vi.14 609111

Ibid. 2


614 18

Ibid. 2 6 615264

Ibid. 4 4 6242 44

Henry viii. 2



[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 51 697 1 24

Julius Cæfar.3

Canidius and the rest that fell away, have entertainment, but no honourable truft

But all, fave thee, I fell with curfes

Out of this fell devouring receptacle

[blocks in formation]

Fell faults

To-morrow do I meet thee, fell as death

Where each of us fell in praise of our country mistresses

A.S. P. C. L.

Titus Andronicus.5 3 854/2/26 Troilus and Creffida. 4 5 883243 Cymbeline.1 5 897110

I wish my brother may make good time with him, you say he is fo fell
In fell motion with his prepared sword

[ocr errors]

Between the pass, and fell incensed points of mighty opposites

O Spartan dog, more fell than anguish, hunger, or the fea

[fkins] we are still handling our ewes; and their fells you know are greafy

of hair

The goujeers fhall devour us flesh and fell, ere they shall make us weep Felled. And amongst them fell'd him dead

Felleft foes

In felleft manner execute your arms

Fellow. The rude world hath not her fellow

Ibid. 4 2 915245
Lear. 2 1939 213
Hamlet. 5 2 1037234
Otbello. 5 21079246
AsY. L. I. 3 2 23518
Macbeth. 5 5
Lear. 5 3

Coriolanus. 4 4
Troil. and Cref. 5 7

385 1 32

9622 7

Ibid. 4 2


728 140


Mer. of Venice. 35


[blocks in formation]

My young remembrance cannot parallel a fellow to it

If he be not fellow with the best king, thou shalt find the best king of good-fellows H. v.52 - You have ferv'd me well, and kings have been your fellows Fellowly. Fell fellowly drops

Ant, and Cleo. 4 2
Tempefi. 51

Twelfth Night. 3
Winter's Tale. 3 2
Macbeth. 2 3

323154 3441 59

371130 540148 7902 49

Fellowship. All the titles of good fellowship come to you
Felony. I will make it felony to drink small beer

1 Henry iv. 2

2 Henry vi. 4

19/2/48 4454136 2 5932 3

Teach us fome fence

Felt. His overthrow heap'd happiness upon him; for then, and not 'till then, he felt himself

It were a delicate stratagem, to fhoe a troop of horse with felt Female. So the fon of the female is the fhadow of the male

Feminine. A foul feminine faluteth us

Fen. Wicked dew brushed from unwholfome fen
Fence. Defpight his nice fence, and active practice

Mu. Ado Abt. Nothing. 51

➡ An I thought he had been valiant, and so cunning in fence, I'd have seen him damn'd ere I'd have challeng'd him

Priest, I'll fhave your crown for this, or all my fence shall fail

Henry viii. 4 2
Lear. 4 6

2 Henry iv. 32 Love's Labor Loft. 4 2 Tempeft. 1 2

695 126 958224 490|1|38| 159 211

5143 141 254

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- I am never able to deal with my master, he hath learn'd so much fence already Ibid. 2
Where's captain Margaret, to fence you now
Can Oxford, that did ever fence the right, now buckler falfhood with a pedigree Ib. 3
Let us be back'd with God, and with the feas, which he hath given for fence im-

[blocks in formation]

393 144 1578 256 3 581259 6161 3


620 139

Ibid. 4 1

Fencing, many terms of, made ufe of

Merry W. of Windfor. 2

This is the right fencing grace, my lord; tap for tap, and so part fair Fennel. Eats conger and fennel

2 Henry iv. 2

622 2 11 2 57116 1481143

There's fennel for you

Fen-fuck'd fogs. Infect her beauty you fen-fuck'd fogs

Ibid. 2

4 486 141

Hamlet. 4 51030135

Lear. 2 4 9442 7

Fenton. D. P.

Merry Wives of Windfor.

Feodary. Art thou a feodary for this act, and look'st so virgin like without
Fer. I'll fer him, and firk him, and ferret him

Cymbeline. 3 2

45 907153

[blocks in formation]

Fefter. Well might they fester 'gainst ingratitude, and tent themselves with death Cor. 1 9 710238
Fefter'd. This fester'd joint cut off, the reft reft found
Feft'ring. Where bloody Tybalt, yet but green in earth, lies fest'ring in his shroud Rom. & Jul. 4||3| 991|2|46|
Feftinate. Advise the duke where you are going, to a most festinate preparation Lear. 37 9512
Feftinately. Bring him feftinately hither
Love's Labor Loft. 3 1 154151

Feftival. All things, that we ordained festival, turn from their office to black funeral

[blocks in formation]

Love's Lab. Loft.


Taming of the Shrew. 4

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268 226

1 Henry iv. 2

[ocr errors]

449 110

Richard iii. 5


669 221

Henry v.4 4


Julius Cæfar.


743 2 59

[blocks in formation]

Fetter. Will free your life, but fetter you till death

[ocr errors]
[blocks in formation]

Thefe ftrong Ægyptian fetters I must break or lose myself in dotage Ant. and Cleop.1 2

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

K. Jobn. 4
Measure for Meafure. 3 1


Titus Andronicus. 2 1

403 145 881 8 769 220 836150

Fever of the mad

[blocks in formation]

The raging fire of fever bred; and what's a fever but a fit of madnefs Com. of Errors. 5 1 - A fever she reigns in my blood

To make a shaking fever in your walls

Love's Labor Loft.4
K. Jobn. 2


1172 6 1612 5

1392 2 34

This fever that hath troubled me fo long, lies heavy on me, oh, my heart is fick 16.5
Ah me, this tyrant fever burns me up

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

2 Henry iv. 1

[blocks in formation]

With our furfeiting and wanton hours, have brought ourselves into a burning fever Ib. 4
Effect of a fever on Cæfar described by Caffius

And 'tis this fever that keeps Troy on foot, not her own finews
Feverous. Thou mad'st thine enemies shake, as if the world were feverous, and did

Fice for the phrase

Fiction. And, for thy fiction, why thy verfe fwells with stuff so fine and smooth, that thou art even a natural in thine art

Fiddle. The devil fiddle 'em

Fiddleftick. The devil rides upon a fiddlestick

Here's my fiddleftick; here's that shall make you dance

Fidius'd. I would not have been so fidius'd for all the chests in Corioli
Fidler, forbear; you grow too forward, fir

Field. Petruchio go thy way, the field is won

Whilft a field should be dispatch'd and fought, you are difputing of your generals 1 H. vi. 1
The army of the queen hath got the field
Fielded friends

Fiend. A fiend, a fairy, pitiless and rough


The fiend is strong within him

The fiend is at mine elbow and tempts me
How hollow the fiend speaks within him

The fiend is rough, and will not be roughly used
A fiend, like thee, might bear my foul to hell
Out hyperbolical fiend

- like queen

Mer. of Venice. 2

There is not fo ugly a fiend of hell, as thou shalt be, if thou didst kill this child K.Jobn. 4 - There the poison is, as a fiend, confin'd to tyrannize, on unreprievable condemned blood

Let the fiend give fire

The fiend hath prick'd down Bardolph irrecoverable

Let flood o'erfwell, and fiends for food howl on

[blocks in formation]

Whatsoever cunning fiend it was, that wrought upon thee fo prepofterously, he

hath got the voice in hell for excellence

Ibid. 2 4 487 140

[blocks in formation]

Beat away the busy meddling fiend, that lays ftrong fiege unto this wretch's foul Ib. 3
What black magician conjures up this fiend to stop devoted charitable deeds Rich. iii. 1 2
Accurs'd the offspring of fo foul a fiend
Titus Andronicus. 4 2 847121

[blocks in formation]

D. P.

Defcend to darkness, and the burning lake; falfe fiend, avoid

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 5

Where is thy lady? in a word? or else thou art straightway with the fiends Cym. 3 5 912 1 20 Delicate fiend

Italian fiend

Ibid. 5 924 1 39
Ibid. 5 5 925 251

Whom the foul fiend hath led through fire and through flame, through ford and whirlpool, over bog and quagmire

[blocks in formation]
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