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§ 1. Let all the appointments stand according to the plan of the Circuit.

§2. Engage as many Local Preachers and Exhorters as will supply them, and let them be paid for their time in proportion to the allowance of the Traveling Preachers.

§3. If Preachers and Exhorters cannot attend, let some person of ability be appointed in every Society to sing, pray, and read one of Mr. Wesley's sermons.

§4. But if that cannot be done let there be prayer-meetings.

T178. The Preachers who have the oversight of Circuits are required to execute all our rules fully and strenuously against all frauds, and particularly against dishonest insolvencies, suffering none to remain in our Church on any account who are found guilty of any fraud.

Supernumerary and Superannuated

1179. A Supernumerary Preacher is one who, because of impaired health, is

temporarily unable to perform effective work. He may receive an appointment, or be left without one, according to the judgment of the Annual Conference of which he is a member; but he shall have no claim on the beneficiary funds of the Church, except by vote of the Conference; and he shall be subject to all the limitations of the Discipline in respect to re-appointment and continuance in the same charge that apply to effective Preachers. In case he be left without an appointment he shall have a seat in the Quarterly Conference, and all the privileges of membership in the place where he may reside.

T180. Every Superannuated Preacher, who may reside without the bounds of the Conference of which he is a member, shall have a seat in the Quarterly Conference, and all the privileges of membership, in the Church where he may reside; and he shall annually forward to his Conference a certificate of his Christian and ministerial conduct, together with an account of the number and circumstances of his family, signed by, the Presiding Elder of the District, or the Preacher in Charge of the Circuit or Station within

whose bounds he may reside; without which the Conference shall not be required to allow his claim, and may locate him without his consent.

General Directions concerning Local

T181. The Quarterly Conference shall have authority to license proper persons to preach, and to renew their license annually, when, in the judgment of said Conference, their gifts, grace, and usefulness will warrant such renewal; to recommend to the Annual Conference Local Preachers who are suitable candidates for Deacons' or Elders' Orders, and for Admission on Trial in the traveling connection; and to try, suspend, and de prive of ministerial office and credentials, expel or acquit, any Local Preacher in the Circuit or Station against whom charges may be preferred; provided, That no person shall be licensed to preach without the recommendation of the Society of which he is a member, or of the Leaders and Stewards' Meeting; and no member of the Church shall be at liberty

to preach without such license. Nor shall any one be licensed to preach, or recommended to the Annual Conference to travel, or for ordination, without first being examined in the District or Quarterly Conference on the subject of Doctrines and Discipline.

T182. Every Local Elder, Deacon, or Preacher shall be amenable to the District or Quarterly Conference where he resides for his Christian character and the faithful performance of his ministerial office. He shall have his name recorded on the journal of said Conference, and also enrolled on a class paper, and shall meet in class; and in neglect of the above duties, or if found unacceptable in his ministerial office after due trial, the District or Quarterly Conference, if they judge it proper, may deprive him of his ministerial office. And when a Preacher is located, or discontinued by an Annual Conference, he shall be amenable to the Quarterly Conference of the Circuit or Station where he had his last appointment.

T 183. Whenever a Local Elder, Deacon, or Preacher shall remove from one Circuit or Station to another, he shall procure from the Presiding Elder of the

District, or from the Preacher having charge, a certificate of his official standing in the Church at the time of his removal, without which he shall not be received as a Local Preacher in other places.

¶ 184. The Presiding Elders and the Preachers in Charge are required so to arrange the appointments, wherever it is practicable, as to give the Local Preachers regular and systematic employment on the Sabbath.

T 185. Whenever a Local Preacher shall have a pastoral charge, he shall hold his Church relation in said Charge.

Local Preachers and their Ordination.

T 186. A licensed Local Preacher shall be eligible to the office of a Deacon after he has preached four consecutive years from the time he received a regular license, and has obtained a testimonial from the District or Quarterly Conference, after proper examination, signed by the President and countersigned by the Secretary, and after his character has passed in examination before, and he has ob

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