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Buzzard. Oh, now wing'd turtle, shall a buzzard take thee? --Ay, for a turtle ; as takes a buzzard

Tam. of ibe Sbres More pity, that the eagle should be mew'd, while kites and buzzards prey at libert

Richard Buzzers. Wants not buzzers to infect his car

Haml Buzzing. The buzzing pleased multitude

Mer. of Venic Did you not of late days hear it buzzing

Henry v For you have stol'n their buzzing

Jul. Cæfa By. I'll not be by, the while

Richard By-dependencies. And all the other by-dependencies, from chance to chance Cymbeli By-drinkings. You owe money here besides, Sir John, for your diet and by-drinkings

i Henry i By-gone. This satisfaction the by-gone day proclaim'd

Winter's Tap By'r-Lady.

Much Ado About Nothing By’rlakin, a parlous fear

Midf. Nigbt's Drear

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C. CAbin'd. Now I am cabin’d, cribb'd, confin’d, bound in to saucy doubts and fears

Macberk Cable. Make the rope of his destiny our cable

Tempo Let me cut the cable; and, when we are put off, fall to their throats: all then i thine

Ant. and Cleof Or put upon you what restraint and grievance the law with all his night to enforce it on will give him cable

Orbella Cacedæmon. Hie thee to hell for Mame, and leave this world, thou cacodæmon Ricbo iii Caddice-garter

i Henry in Caddisjes.

Winter's Tale Cade. Or rather, of stealing a cade of herrings

2 Henry vi Cade. Jack. D. P.

Ibid Account of himself

Ibid Knights himself

Ibid. Nain

Ibid Cadence. The golden cadence of poesy, caret

Love's Labour Loft Cadent. With cadent tears fret channels in her cheeks

Lear Cadmus. I was with Hercules and Cadmus once, when in a wood of Crete, they bay'd the bear with hounds of Sparta

Mid. Nigbt's DreamCaduceus. And, Mercury, lose all the serpentine craft of thy Caduceus

Troi. and CredCadwallader. Not for Cadwallader, and all his goats

Henry vo Cæfar. Thou’rt an emperor, Cæfar, Keisar, and Pheezar

Merry W. of Wind. I Mall beat you to your tent, and prove a shrewd Cæsar to you Meal: for Meas His Thrasonical brag of I came, law, and overcame

As You Like It. It was a disaster of war that Cæfar himfelf could not have prevented All's Wdl. This is the way to Julius Cæfar's ill-erected tower

Ricbard ii. Now am I like that proud insulting thip, that Cæsar and his fortune bare at once

I Henry wi. Brutus bastard hand Rabb'd Julius Cæsar

2 Henry vi. In the commentaries Cæfar writ

Bid. No bending knee will call thee Cæsar now

3 Henry vi. They that stabb'd Cæsar, shed no blood at all, did not offend, nor were not worthy blame, if this foul deed were by, to equal it

Ibid. And Me Mall be sole victress Cæsar's Cæsar

Richard iii. JULIUS CÆSAR when swimming with Cassius, saved by him

7. Cæfar. refuses the crown thrice offered him


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Ibid. 51 1

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A.S. P. C. L. Cafer, Oétavius. D.P.

Julius Cæfar. Octavius. D. P.

Antony and Cleopatra.

767 Broad-fronted Cæsar

Ibid. 11 51 77212151 gets money, where he loses hearts

Ibid. 2 1 7731155 lamentation for the death of Antony

Ibid. 51798 112 Gage. Our cage we make a quire, as doth the prison d bird, and fing our bondage freely

Cymbeline. 31 31 908 211 - In which cage of rushes, I am sure, you are not prisoner

As You like It. 31 2 2372 53 Cain. With Cain go wander through the shade of night, and never Mew thy head by day nor light

Richard ii.


61 44012 - But let one spirit of the first born Cain reign in all bosoms

2 Henry iv. 1 1475 1152 Be thou cursed Cain to Nay thy brother Abel

i Henry vi. 1 3] 547 217 As if it were Cain's jaw-bone that did the first murder


15 11034125 Gain-eclour'd beard

Merry Wives of Windsor. I 4 501127 Caitiff. What is't your worship’s pleasure I Mall do with this wicked caitiff Meas

. for Meas. 2 The wicked'ft caitiff on the ground, may seem as fhy, as grave, as just, as absolute, as Angelo

9811153 I went to this pernicious caitiff deputy

Ibid. 981234 Whoever charges on his forward breast; I am the caitiff, that do hold him to it

All's Well. 3) 2 291 219 A caitiff recreant to my couîn Hereford

Richard ii. 1 2 416110 For queen a very caitiff crown'd with care

Ricbard iii. 141 41 6601129 I flatter not; but say, thou art a caitiff

Timon of Arbens. 4 3 To pieces thake, that under covert and convenient seeming haft practisid on man's life!

Lear. 3 2 497134 Here lives a caitiff wretch

Rom. and Jul. 5) 1994 47 Alas, poor caitiff !

Oibello. 4) 110681156 - O thou pernicious caitiff

Ibid.15) 21079 150 Caius, Dr. a French doctor. D. P.

M.W.of Winds. Cake. Your cake here is warm within

Comedy of Errors. 1311 Our cake's dough on both sides

Taming of the Shrew.. 1 2561-10 My cake is dough

Ibid. 5) 1 2751114 - He that will have a cake out of the wheat, must tarry the grinding Troil. and Credili 1 858 11 8 Calais. Three parts of that receipt I had for Calais, disburs’d I to his highness soldiers

Rickard ii. I 1 41412 46 Calamity. There's no true cuckold but calamity

Twelftb Nigbr. 1

5 311116 Like true, inseparable, faithful loves, sticking together in calamity K. jcbn. 31 41 4001235 Why Thould calamity be full of words? Alack, you are transported by calamity thither where more attends you Coriolanus. 1704/1129 Thou art wedded to calamity

Romeo and Juliet. 3 3 9851/26 Calcbas. D. P.

Troilus and Cressida. Calculate. Why old men fools, and children calculate

Julius Cafar.11 31 745 243 Calenders. You the Calenders of my nativity

Comedy of Errors. He is the card or calender of gentry

Hamlet. 2 10381219 Calf. The ewe that will not hear her lamb when it baes, will never answer a calf when it bleats

Much Ado About Nothirg. 31 31 1342 22 - And got a calf in that same noble feat


51 4145119 Quibbling on the word calf

Love's Labour L.97.5 21 1682 And as the butcher takes away the calf

2 Herry vi. 3 1 585142 - But where the bull and cow are both milk-white they never do beget a coal black calf

Titus Andronicus. 5) 1 8502 23 Calve's-bead. He hath bid me to a calve's-head and a capon Mu. Ado Abt. Nothing. 5 I 1422 23 Calf-like they lowing followed

Temp?ft. 41 Calf s-skin. He that goes in the calve-skin that was killed for the prodigal Com. of Er. 4 3 114159 And hang a calf's-skin on those recreant limbs

K. Yobr.3 1397146 · Will not a calf's-skin stop that mouth of thine

Ibid. 311 3982 +3 Hang nothing but a calf's-skin most sweet lout

Ibid. 31 1 398124 Caliban. D. P.

Tempeft. - how tormented at nights by Prospero

511147 Found by Trinculo, and described by him

1012150 described by Prospero

Ibid. 41 1


33 Calipolis. Then feed and be fat, my fair Calipolis

2 Hen. iv.21 41 48526 Caliver. Such as fear the report of a caliver worse than a struck fowl, or a hurt wildduck

1 Henry iv.14).2) 46511155


Ricbard il. 4141





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Ibid. 1
Ibid. 2





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Hen. v.

A. S. P. C.L. Caliver. Put me a caliver into Wart's hand

2 Hen. iv.131 21 4911217 Call in question our necessities

Julius Cæfar. 41 31 760218 Callar. A callat, of boundless tongue; who late hath beat her husband, and now baits

Winter's Tale. 23) 342213 Contemptuous base-born callat as the is

2 Hen. vi. 1 31 575 247 To make this shameless callat know herself

3 Hen. vi. 2

2) 612249 Callet. A beggar, in his drink, could not have laid such terms upon his callet Orbello. 41 210712/26 Calling. And would not change that calling, to be adopted heir to Frederick

As You Like It. I

2) 227 1 18 Calm. We'll calm the duke of Norfolk, you your son

Ricb. ii. I

1 4151/18 Sick of a calm : yea, good footh

2 Hen. iv. 21 41 484/1 Therein he was as calm as virtue

Cymbeline. 5 5 925/2 11 Calpburnia. D.P.

Julius Cæfar. 741 Calv'd. Not Romans, (as they are not, though calv'd i' the porch o' the capitol) Cor.3) 1 7212 39 Calumny. You mall ftifle in your own report and smell of calumny Meas. for Meal 24

86/2144 Back-wounding calumny the whitest virtue strikes


31 2 For calumny will fear virtue itself

Winter's Tale. 2 11 339/2 24 Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny Hamlet.


11018 1/10 Calydon. As did the fatal brand Althea burnt unto the prince's heart of Calydon 2 H. il 5732 4.1 Cambio. His name is Cambio

Tam. of the Sbrew. 2 il 2601243 Cambricks.

Winter's Tale. 4) 3/ 3511234 I would your cambrick were sensible as your finger

Coriolanu.. 1 31 707|2|3o Cambridge, Earl. D. P.

509 - Declare the cause my father, earl of Cambridge, loft his head

i Hen. vi. 2 5 554/141 Cambyses. For I must speak in passion, and I will do it in king Cambyses vein i Hen, iv. 21 41 4551133 Camel. It is as hard to come, as for a camel to thread the postern of a needle's eye Ricb.ii. 5) 5 4381213 of no more soul, nor fitness for the world, than camels in their war Coriolanus. 2

1 714/27 Achilles? a drayman, a porter, a very camel

Troil. and Cref:

2) 861 142 Do, camel; do, do

1 866 1 3 Do you see yonder cloud, that's almost in Mape of a camel ?

2 1022 153 Cameleon. He is a kind of cameleon

2 Gent. of Verona: 2 41 I can add colours to the cameleon

3 Henry viel 3 2 6191129 Of the camelion's dish

Hamlet. 3/ 2 101912 13 Camelot. Goose, if I had you upon Sarum plain, I'd drive you cackling home to Camelot

Lear. 2. 2) 941 1/44 Camillo. D. P.

Winter's Tale. 3331 Camomile. Camomile, the more it is trodden on the faster it grows

i Hen. iv. 21 41 455 1150 Campeius, Cardinal. D. P.

Henry vii. 671
Cardinal Campeius is stolen away to Rome; hath ta'en no leave


2 688 2 57 Camping. With camping foes to live

All's Well. 31 41 29211
Canaries. You have brought her into such canaries

Merry W. of Windsor. 2 2
Carary. I will to my honeft knight Faltaff, and drink Canary with him M. W of Winds:131 2

But i' faith, you have drank too much Canaries, and that's a marvellous searching

2 Hen. iv.241 4832 47 O, knight, thou lack'st a cup of Canary

Twelftb Night.
Canary to it with your feet

Love's Lab. Loft. 31
And make you dance canary, with sprightly fire and motion

All's Well. 21

1 2831239 Carcel all grudge

2 Gent. of Verona. 54 The end of life cancels all bands

i Hen. iv. 3 2 4611144 Caxell'd. What says my conceal’d lady to our cancell'd love Romeo and Juliet. 31 31 986111 Cancer. And add more coals to Cancer, when he burns with entertaining great Hyperion

Troil. and Cred2 3 870152
Candidatus. Be Candidatus then, and put it on, and help to set a head on headless Rome

Titus Andronicus. 1 2
Candle. He dares not come there for the candle : for you see it is already in snuff

Midf. Night's Dream. 51

Ibid. 21
Hamlet. 3

3011 5

54/2) 7 59/2155

309) 1/43 154 157




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A.S. P. C.L. Candle. Here burns my candle out, ay, here it dies, which, while it lasted, gave kingi Henry light

3 Henry vi. 26 615145 This candle burns not clear, 'tis I must snuff it

Hen. viii. 3 2 6891153 Candle-cases. A pair of boots that have been candle-cases, one buckled, another lac'd

Taming of the Shrew. 3 2 2651 22 Candles' ends. Drinks off candles ends for flap-dragons

2 Henry iv. 2 4 486141 Candle-beder. I'll be a candle-holder, and look on

Romca and Juliet. 1 4 972 2 1 Candle-mine. You whoreson candle-mine

2 Hon.jv. 24 487 7 Candle-ftick. I had rather hear a brazen candlestick turn'd

i Henry iv. 3 1 4581133 Their horsemen fit like fixed candlesticks, with torch staves in their hand Henry v. 42 53012135 Candle-waffers. Make misfortune drunk with candle-wasters Mu. Ado About Norbing. 5 1 1411 37 Candy'd. Why, what a candy'd deal of courtesy this fawning greyhound then did proffer me !

i Henry iv.1 31 447 2 3 Let the candy'd tongue lick absurd pomp

Hamlet. 3) 21019|1133 Canibals. And of the Canibals, that each other eat

Othello. Il 310482 11 Canidius. D. P.

Antung and Cleopatra. 767) Canker. In the sweetest bud, the eating canker dwells

2 Gert. of Verona, 1 2411 4 I had rather be a canker in a hedge, than a rose in his grace Mu. Ado About Noth. 1 3 124 2160 Some to kill cankers in the musk-rose buds

Midf. Night's Dream. 21 3 1812 14 But now will canker sorrow eat my bud

K. John. 31 4 4002150 And heal the inveterate canker of one wound, by making many

Ibid. 5) 2408 9 The cankers of a calm world and a long peace '

i Hen. iv. 4 2 46521 9 Hath not thy rose a canker

i Hen. vi. 21 41 553114 Banith the canker of ambitious thoughts

2 Henry vi. 11 2 574 128 The canker gnaw thy heart

Timon of Arbens. 4 3 820 1125 The canker galls the infants of the spring

Hamlet. I 3 1004|2|24 And is 't not to be damn'd, to let this canker of our nature come in further evil?

Ibid. 5) 21038110 Canker-bit. My name is loft; by treason's tooth bare-gnawn, and canker-bit Lear. 51 31 9632123 Canker-blossom. Ome! you juggler! oh, you canker-blossom ! you thief of love Mid.N.Dr. 3 2 1872 27 Cankar'd Bolingbroke

i Henry iv.1 31 446 1160 - I will fight against my canker'd country

Coriolanus. 41 51 729137 To wield old partizans, in hands as old, cankered with peace, to part your cankered hate

Romeo and Juliet. 1 1968/231 Carnakin. And let me have a cannakin clink, clink

Orbello.2 3.105521 I Cannibals. Compare with Cæsars, and with Cannibals, and Trojan Greeks 2 Hen. iv. 24 485133 - That face of his the hungry cannibals would not have touch'd

3 Hen. vi. 46091115 Butchers and villains, bloody cannibals

Ibid. 5) 5 631127 Cannibally. An he had been cannibally given, he might have broil'd and eaten him too

Coriolanus. 4) 5 730 122 Canne. He reports me a cannon; and the bullet, that's he: I Moot thee at the swain

Love's L. Loft. 3) 1| 155139 I most report they were as cannons over-charg'd with double cracks Macbeth. 1 2 363110 The thunder of my cannon shall be heard

K. John. 1 1 3872 14 The cannons have their bowels full of wrath

Ibid. 2

1 391 2016 By east and west let France and England mount, their battering cannon charg'd to the mouths

Ibid. 2 2 394124 · Unless we sweep them from the door with cannons

Henry vill. 51 3 7011 As level as the cannon to his blank

Hamler. 41 1102621 · And you mortal engines, whose rude throats the immortal Jove's dread clamours counterfeit

Oibello. 3 3 106325 I have seen the cannon when it has blown his ranks into the air

Ibid. 31 4 10661116 Cannoneer. What cannoneer begot this lusty blood

K. Jcbn.2 21 3942 49 Canine Contrary to thy established proclaim'd edict and continent canon Love's L. Loft.1

1 1492144 The canon of the law is laid on him

K. Jobn.21 392 35 'Twas from the canon

Coriolanus. 31 1! 7201118 Religious canons, civil laws are cruel

Timon of Athens. 41 3 820 1139 Or that the everlasting had not fix'd his canon 'gainst self-Naughter! Hamler. 1 2 10022 47 Canonize. And Fame, in time to come, may canonize us

Troil, and Cre]: 22 868 2 1 Canopy. Their Nadows seem a canopy most fatal, under which our army lies Ju.Cejar. 51 17622 55 - This most excellent canopy, the air

Hamla. 2 210131 49 Carierbury, Archbishop. D. P.

Henry v. 5091 , Bouchier, Archbishop. D.P.

Richard ii.
Cranmer, Archbishop. D.P.

Henry visi. 671)





16812 44

A.S. P. C. L Canterbury. The high promotion of his grace of Canterbury; who holds his state at door

Henry viii. 5) 2 698 2 45 Canile. A huge half-moon, a monstrous cantle out

i Hen. iv. 31 1 458111 1 The greater cantle of the world is lost with very ignorance Ant. and Cleop. 31 8 786 2 12 Canto. Write loyal canto's of contemned love

Twelfth Night. 1

5] 31311 8 Canvass. I'll canvass thee between a pair of sheets

2 Henry iv. 241 486115 I'll canvass thee in thy broad cardinal’s hat

1 Hin. vi. 1 31 54724 Canus. Whose club killed Cerberus, that three headed canus Love's Labor L. 51 21 17218 Canzonet. Let me supervise the canzonet

Ibid. 4 2 160 1 5 Cap. Will wear his cap with suspicion

Much Ado About Nothing. I 1231 50 Better wits have worn plain statute caps

Love's Labor Lot. 51 2 Why, this was moulded on a porringer; a velvet dish Taming of the Sbrew.41 31 2711111 That cap of yours becomes you not; off with that bauble, throw it under foot Ibid. 5 2 276 1155 They wear themselves in the cap of the time

All's Well. 2 11-283 2 12 I will cap that proverb with, there is flattery in friendship

Henry v.3) 7 5261145 He that cafts not up his cap for joy, shall for the offence make forfeit of his head

3 Henry vi. 2

I 611 1132 I have ever held my cap off to thy fortunes

Ant. and Clecp. 51 77802 44 Yonder they cast their caps up, and carouse together like friends long loft Ibid.410 7941) 9 Thou art the cap of all the fools alive

Tim. of Ab.4 3 8201213 - Such gain the cap of him, that makes them fine, yet keeps his book uncross'd Cym.3 3 9081 45 Cap and knee paves

Tim. of A:b.3 6818 2 5 Capable. For I am sick and capable of fears

King Jobr. 3 1 3961130 of our flesh, few are angels

Hen. viii. 5) 2 699 120 Let me bear another to his horse ; for that's the more capable creature Trci. and Cren:31 3 877|230 And of my land, loyal and natural boy, I'll work the means to make thee capable Lear.2 1 93912151 His form and cause conjoin'd, preaching to stones, would make them capable Ham.3 4/102514 'Till that a capable and wide revenge swallow them up

Otbello. 3) 3/106424 Capacity. God comfort thy capacity

Love's Labor Lof. 41 2 159125 Formal capacity

Twelfib Nigbr. 2 51 318241 If you be capacity of it

Merry W. of Winder. | 47 39

I I am courtier, cap-a-pe

Winter's Tale. 4) 31 356|2|39
Hamle. I

210032117 Caparison. With die, and drab, I purchas'd this caparison

Wirter's Tale.4 2 348239

Ricbard il. 5 3 668 2123 Here is the steed, we the caparisons

Coriolanus. 1 9 710216 Caparison'd. Dost thou think, though I am caparison'd like a man, I have a doublet and hose in my disposition

As You Like It. 3 2 236 1150 Cape. With a small compassid cape

Taming of the Sbrew.4 31 27112/28 Caper. Faith, I can cut a caper

Twelfth Night. 1 3 309|2|38 He that will caper with me for a thousand marks, let him lend me the money, and have at him

2 Hen. 191.1 2 4772/42 We, that are true lovers, run into strange capers

As You Like I. 21 4 231 126 He capers nimbly in a lady's chamber

Ricb.iii. 1

1 63328 Caper-master.

Measure for Measure. 4 3 952.17 Capbis. D. P.

Timon of Aikens. 803 Capiler. Let him let the matter sip, and I'll give him my horse, grey Capilet Tw. Nigbr. 31 41 3251 50 Capital. And to poor we, thine enmity's most capital

Cori lanus. 5 31 736117 Capitol. They'll fit by the fire, and presume to know what's done i' the capitol

Ilid. Il 1 7051149 Capirulate against us, and are up

i Hen. iv. 3 2 461 16 Capoccbiz. A poor capocchia!

Truil. and Crell: 4 2 878 2 46 Capon burns, the pig falls from the spit

Com. of Errors.1

2) 1051/28 He hath bid me to a calves head, and a capon

M14. Ado About Notb. 5 1 142
Break up this capon

Love's Labor L ft.41 1 157 215
Wherein neat and cleanly, but to carve a capon and eat it

i Hen. iv. 2

4 45521 56 You are a cock and a capon too

Cymbeline. 2 1901 153 · I eat the air, promise cramm’d: you cannot feed capons so

Hamlet. 3/ 210192115 Capp'd. Oft capp'd to him

Otbelio. 1

1 1043118 Capricio. Will this capricio hold in thee, art sure?

Ali's Well. 21 31 2882112 Cap'ring to eye the ship

I'empel.51 1

21 2118 Capiain. - I will eat and drink, and seep as soft as captain Mall

All's Well. 41 31 29912 50 These villains will make the word captain as odious as the word occupy 2 Hen.iv. 21 41 4851117 Capsicus. In this capticus and intensible fieve I ftill pour in the waters of my love

All's Well. 11-31 2821157


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my horse


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