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A.S. P. C. L. Boar. To fly the boar, before the boar pursues, were to incense the boar to follow us

Richard ii. 3) 2 6501210 Where's your boar-spear, man? fear you the boar, and go so unprovided Ibid. 3 2 651 1 3 Stanley did dreain the boar did rase his helm

Ibid. 3 4 652217 The wretched, bloody, and usurping boar, that spoil'd our summer fields, and fruitful vines

Ibid. 5) 26651148 Good angels guard thee from the boar's annoy

Ibid. 51 31 667 1 5 Eight wild boars roasted whole at a breakfast, and but twelve persons there

Ant. and Cleop. 21 2 7761 26 Who, like a boar too savage, doth root up his country's peace Timon of Atb. 5 31 827150

Like a full-acorn'd boar, a German one, cry'd, ' oh;' and mounted Cymbeline. 2 51 9061114 Bar-Spear. A gallant curtle-ax upon my thigh, a boar-spear in my hand As You Like It. 1 31 228 239 Board. For I will board her, though the chide as loud as thunder Taming of the Sbrew. 2 2581/44 Accost is, front her, board her, woo her, affail her

Twelfth Nigbr. 1 3 309 1 18 I'll board him presently

Hamles.2 2 1011 244 E varded. Unless he knew some strain in me, that I know not myself, he would never have boarded me in this fury

Merry Wives of Windfor. 2 52 1/47 · I am sure he is in thy fleet, I would he had boarded me Mu. Ado About Notbirg. 2 And boarded her i' the wanton way of youth

All's Well. 5/ 3 304/2 11 Bcafting. When I know that boasting is an honour, I shall promulgate Orbello. I 210452 54 Brar. Rotten carcase of a boat

Tempeft. 1 312 15 Light boats fail swift, though greater hulks draw deep

Troil. and Crep:12 3 87112 5 Fortune brings in some boats, that are not steer'd

Cymbeline. 41 3 91912 7 Her boat hath a leak

Lear. 3


9591152 If consequence do but approve my dream, my boat fails freely, both with wind and stream

Otbello. 21 3105511 53 Bcarwain. D.P.

Tempeft. Boarfeain's whistle

Ibid. 1 Bob. Although he smart, not to seem senseless of the bob

As You Like It. 2 7 2322 51 You shall not bob us out of our melody

Troilus and Cressida. 3) 187112 48 Bobb'd. Whom our fathers, have in their own land beaten, bobb’d, and thump'd Ricb.iii. 5 3 669 110 I have bobb'd his brain more than he has beat my bones

Troil. and Cref:12

1 866 1122 Of gold, and jewels, that I bobb'd from him, as gifts to Desdemona Orbello. 5/ 1107411125 Bocchus, King of Lybia,

Ant. and Cleap. 31 6785110 Bode. What should that bode

Much Ado Abuut Notbing. 3 2 133|2|35 Boded me

Tempeft. 31


88811 Bodements. This foolish, dreaming, fuperftitious girl makes all these bodements Tr.ard Cr. 51 3 33 Bodes. Peace it bodes, and love, and quiet life

Taning of the Sbrew. 5 2 276 40 Bodg'd. We bodg'd again

3 Henry vi. 4 60712 50 Podies. And the bodies shall be dragg'd at my horses heels

2 Henry vi. 41 3 594/2136 Why had your bodies no heart amongst you

Coriolanus. 21 31 718/1154 Our bodies are our gardens, to the which, our wills are gardeners

Orbello. 1 3 1050124 Bedikins. Odd's bodikins

Hamlet. 2 2 1015234 Bodings in the night of the murder of Duncan by Macbeth

Macberb. 2/ 3/ 3711121

Ibid. 21 41 372 143 Bedkin. When he himself might his quietus make with a bodkin

Hamlet. 31 11017153
Body. The body of your discourse

Much Ado About Norbing. I 1| 12411116
In the body of this fileshly land, this kingdom, this confine of blood and breath, hof-
tility and civil tumult reigns between my conscience and my cousin's death K. Jobr.412 405144
What I speak, my body shall make good upon this earth

Ricbard ii. I 141411/17
Learn to make a body of a limb

Ibid. 3 2 428 129 When this body did contain a spirit, a kingdom for it was too small a bound; but now two paces of the vileit earth is room enough

i Henry iv. 51 41 4711212 Then you perceive the body of our kingdom how foul it is

2 Henry iv. 31 1 488132 Make less thy body, hence, and more thy grace

Ibid. 5 5 506 What is the body when the head is off

3 Henry wi. 5) 1 6281/43 Of his own body he was ill

Henry viii. 4 2 6951) : She Thews a body rather than a life

Antony and Cleop. 31 31 783145 Some natural notes about her body

Cymbeline. 2 21 902 1/44 In one little body thou counterfeit'st a bark, a fea, a wind Romeo and Juliet. 31 5 9882 18 The body is with the king, but the king is not with the body

Hamlet.141 211026239 - If he be not rotten before he die, he will last you some eight or nine year

Ibid. 5) 11035 129 Body o'ne

Henry viii. 5) 21.6981242 Buty-kins

Merry W. of Windsor.121 31 5711136


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A.S. P. C.L. Doggle. You bogelė Mrewdly, every feather starts you

Alls Well.5 31 3042137 Beggler. You have been a boggler ever

An:. and Cleop. 311 789 26 Bobenia. Our ship hath touch'd upon the deserts of Bohemia

Winter's Tale. 31 31 346148 Bebemian Tartar. Here's a Bohemian Tartar carries the coming down of thy fat woman

Merry W. of Windsor. 45 Bobur. Now poor Edward Bohun

Henry viii. 2

il 680124 Beild. Such boil'd stuff, as well might poison poison

Cymbeline. | 7 9001155 Bcils. Herds of boils and plagues plaster you over

Coriolanus. 1 41 7081156 And those boils did run

Troil, and Crellida. 2 1 8651 36 Bafterius. Here to make good the boisterous late appeal

Ricbard i. I I 413110 Beitiar verd.

Merry W. Windsor.14 50 1152 Bold. Am bold to shew myself a forward guest within your house Tam.of ibe Sbrew. 2 1 260 27 'Fore God, his grace is bold, to trust these traitors

Henry v. 2 2 5152135 For I am bold to counsel you in this

2 Henry viil' 3 576114 as an oracle

Troil, and Creffid. 1 31 863 2 4 Bdder. Than my lord Hastings no man might be bolder

Ricbard ii. 3) 46521116 Boldened. Art thou thus bolden'd, man, by thy distress

As You Like It. 21 71 233 1129 But am bolden'd under your promis'd pardon

Henry vni. 1 267518 Bedness. The boldness is mine own

Taming of tbe Skrew. 2 1 2602 48 "Tis but the boldness of his hand, haply, which his heart was not consenting to

All's Well. 31 2291138 - be my friend

Cymbeline. 17 89911125 Belds. For this business it toucheth us as France invades our land, not bolds the king Lear. 5 1 961 1 48 Belizgórske. D. P.

Henry ii.

413 banished

Ricbard ii. 1 3 417213 encouraged by his father to bear his banisment patiently

Ibid. 1 31 4182 17 The banith'd Bolingbroke repeals himself

Ibid.2 2 4231 35 -'s oath to his king

Ibid. 3) 31 429121 % - an astrologer. D.P.

2 Henry vi. 571 Bifter. Damn them then, if ever mortal eyes do see them bolster

Orbelio. 31 310632157 Bott. I'll make a shaft or a bolt on't

Merry W. of Wind. 3 4 Yet mark'd I where the bolt of Cupid fell

Mid. Night's Dream. 2 2 1802 18 According to the fool's bolt and such dulcet diseases

As You Like It.5) 4 2482 11 Edis ard sbackles.

Twelfth Nigbr. 2) 5 318-19 Belt. You good gods give me the penitent instrument, to pick that bolt, then free for ever

Cymbeline. 31 4 921|2152 No bolts for the dead

Ibid. 51 4 9232 23 - And in conclusion to oppose the bolt, against my coming in

Lear.21 4 944 2 18 Baltars. And they have made bolters of them

i Henry iv. 3.) 3.462 144 Bolring-burcb. That bolting-hutch of beastliness

Ibid. 2 41 45512 49 Bombard. That huge bombard of sack

Ibid. 241 45512 51 Bombaft. As bombast and as lining to the time

Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 1732 23 How now my sweet creature of bombalt

i Henry iv. 2 4 454/2128 Evades them with a bombast circumstance

Orbello. I 1 10432 1 Bom, M. lt, described by Portia

Mercbant of Venice. 1 2 1992138 Bora, Gifter to the French king. D. P.

3 Henry vi. - requested in marriage by Edward IV.

Ibid. 3) 3 61911151 Bona-roba. We knew where the bona-robas were

2 Henry iv. 3 2 48911136 - She was then a bona-roba

Ibid. 3/ 2 49012152 Bands. You make my bonds ftill greater

Measure for Measure. s 1

981111 I would I had your bond : for, I perceive a weak bond holds you Mił. Nigbt's Dr. 3 21 18712 9 Let him look to his bond: he was wont to call me usurer Mercbant of Venice. 31 1 209|1|iz Pay him fix thousand and deface the bond

Ibid. 3) 2 Be merciful; take thrice thy money; bid me tear the bond Mercbant of Venice. 41 i 2162144 My love hath in 't a bond, whereof the world takes note

All's Well. 1 3) 2821143 Words are very rascals, fince bonds disgrac'd them

Twelfth Nigbr. 31 | 3201|14 Cancel and tear to pieces, that great bond which keeps me pale

Macbeth. 3 2 374 2 45 With inky blots, and rotten parchment bonds

Ricbard u. 2 1 420 1158 There is my bond of faith, to tie thee to my strong correction

Ibid. 1 4321145 I knew it for my bond

Ant. and Cleop. 11 41 7722 11 The bonds of heaven are Nipp'd, diffolvid, and loosid

Troilus and Crefida. 5) 2 88711 - I love your majesty according to my bond; nor more, nor less

Lear. 1

11 9301152 Bend of air. Bond of air, strong as the axle-tree on which heaven rides Troi. and Cres: 3) 862 1148 Berd-fiave. Thy state of law is bond-Daye to the law

Ricbard ij. (2) Il. 42012155


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A.S. 1 Bondage. 'Tis a hard bondage to become the wife of a detesting lord All's Well. 31 5 2 It will aiso be the bondage of certain ribbons and gloves

Winter's Tal. 41 31 3 Never did captive with a freer heart, cast off his chains of bondage Richard ii. 1 3 4 To be a queen in bondage, is more vile than is a llave in base servility i Henry vi. 51 45 Caffius from bondage will deliver Cassius

Jul. Cafar. 1 317 The vows of women of no more bondage be

Cymbeline. 49 Our cage we'll make a quire, as doth the prison'd bird, and sing our bondage freely

Ibid. 3) 319 Most welcome, bondage! for thou art a way, I think, to liberty

Itid. 5 4 Bondage is hoarse, and may not speak aloud

Romeo and Juliet. 2 Bondmaid. To make a bondmaid and a Nave of me

Taming of the Sbrew. 2 Bordman. Shall I bend low, and in a bondman's key

Mercb. of Venice. | 3 So every bondman in his own hand bears the power to cancel his captivity 7.Cal. 3 And bow'd like bondmen, killing Cæsar's feet

Ibit. 51 Bones. Fill all thy bones with aches Thy bones are hollow, impiety has made a feast of thee Meafure for Measure. Hang her an epitaph upon her tomb, and sing it to her bones M. Ado About Norb. 5 I Thy bones are marrowless, thy blood is cold

Macberb. 3/ 4 Fair fall the bones, that took the pains for me

K. Jobr. 111 Heaven take my soul, and England keep my bones

Ibid. 413 Now for the bare-pick'd bone of his majesty

Ibid. 4 3
Or lay these bones in an unworthy urn, tombless, with no remembrance over then

Henry v. 1
By these ten bones, my lords, he did speak them to me

2 Henry vi. 1 3 That his bones, when he has run his course, and Neeps in blessings, may have a tomb of orplian tears wept on them

Henry viii. 3 2 Hence, rotten thing, or I Mall Thake thy bones out of thy garments Coriolanus. 31 1 Bene-acbe. The bone-ache! for that, methinks, is the curse dependant on those that war for a placket

Troilus and Crofida. 2 3 Such an ach in the bones, that unless a man were curst, I cannot tell what to think on't Incurable bone-ach

Ibid.5 1 Bonfires. Nothing but bonfires

Winter's Tale. 5 2 An everlasting bontire light

i Henry iv. 3) 3 Bon-jour. There's a French falutation, to your French flop

Romeo and Juliet. 24 Bonnet. Go to them with thy bonnet in thy hand

Coriolanus. 3 2 Put your bonnet to his right use; 'tis for the head

Hamlet. 5! 2 Bonnetted, without any further decd to heave them at all into their estimation and re

Coriolanus. 2 port Borville, Lord.

3 Henry vi. 41 Boks. Burn but his books

Tempel. 3

Drown my books
The gentleman is not in your books

Much Ado About Notb. I
Tire the hearer with a book of words

Ibid. 1
These trees Mall be my books

As You Like It. 3
I have unclalp'd to thee the book even of my secret soul

Twelfth Nigbs. 1 4
By that time will our book, I think, be drawn

i Henry. iv. 3 By this, our book is drawn; we will but seal and then to horse immediately Ibid. 3 Turning your books to graves, your ink to blood, your pens to lances 2 Henry iv. 4 Blotting your names from books of memory

2 Henry vi. 1 Our fore-fathers had no other books, but the score and the tally Made him my book, wherein my foul recorded the history of all her secret thoughts

Ricbard in. 3 5 I have been the book of his good acts

Coriolanus. 5

Ibid. 51 3





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.hat it covers C

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Ibid. 14


A.S. P. C. L. Bocd-estb. I put thee now to thy book-oath; deny it if thou cans 2 Henry iv.12! 1 480 21 3 Book of Sport. Or like a book of sport thou'lt read me o'er

Troil. and Crep 14 5 88312 7 Bcon. A smaller boon than this I cannot beg

2 Gent. of Verona. 5. 4 43150 But you will take exceptions to my boon

3 Henry vi. 31 2 617 2152 Upon my feeble knee I beg this boon, with tears not lightly thed Tit. Andronicus. 21 41 84012136 And ask of Cymbeline what boon thou wilt, fitting my bounty, and thy ettate, I'll give it

Cymbeline. 5 5 9242 36 My boon I make it that you know me not

Lear. 41 71 960 1 11 Beor. What would'st thou have, boor

Merry Wives of Wind. 4 5 Let boors and franklins say it, I'll swear it

Winter's Tale. 512 3611 53 Bocrifh. Leave the society--which in the boorish is, company of this female

As You Like It. 5 1 246 1 13 Boot. Then vail your stomachs, for it is no boot

Taming of tbe Sbrew.5 2) 276248 It shall scarce boot me to say, not guilty

Winter's Tale. 312

3441/46 And the rich East to boot

Macberb. 41 3 3801253 Norfolk throw down; we bid; there is no boot

Richard ii. 1 1 415|1|24 It boots thee not to be compassionate

Ibid. 1 31 41712 49 What I want, it boots not to complain

Ibid. 3 41 43012126 Make boot upon the summer's velvet buds

Henry v. 1 2 5121239 Then talk no more of Might, it is no boot

i Henry vi. 41 61 5631251 And thou that art his mate make boot of this

2 Henry vi. 411 591145 It needs not, nor it boots thee not, proud queen

3 Henry vi. 1 4 6082148 It boots not to refiit both wind and tide

Ibid. 41 3 624 220 Young York he is but boot

Richard iii. 41 41 6591250 This, and Saint George to boot! what think'st thou, Norfolk ?

Ibid. 51 31 6681235 I will boot thee with what gift besides thy modesty can beg Ant. and Clcop.121 51 7781

32 Give him no breath, but now make boot of his distraction

790147 What boots it thee to call thyself a sun

Tit. And.5 31 853/2153 Helen to change would give an eye to boot

Troilus and Cred: 2 I'll give you boot, I'll give you three for one

Ibid. 41 51 881220 To boot, my son who mall take notice of thee

Cymbeline. | 6 8981239 You to your rights with boot

Lear.5 31 96512125 Bcories. If I had a mind to be honest, I see, fortune would not suffer me; the drops me; she drops booties in my mouth

Winter's Tale. 41 31 3571132 Bostless inquifition.

Tempeft. 1 2121. 8 Bossless. Spend his prodigal wits in bootless rhimes

Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 make the breathless hulwife churn

Mid. Nigbe's Dream. 2 179141 speed! when cowardice pursues and valour flies

Ibid. 121 2 1811128 I'll follow him no more with hootless prayers

Mercb. of Venice. 33 And bootless 'tis to tell you-we will go

i Henry iv. I 442 711 - Thrice from the banks of Wye, and sandy-bottom'd Severn, have I sent him bootless home

Ibid. 31 1 47512/23 spend our vain command

Henry v. 331 522 5 As I have seen a swan with bootless labour swim against the tide 3 Henry vi. 1

41 60712151 is flight, they follow us with wings

Ibid.2 36131152 Repent in bootless penitence

Ibid. 2

66151261 It shall be therefore bootless, that longer you defer the court

Henry viii. 24168412 9 Doth not Brutus bootless kneel

7. Caf.31 7521242 All bootless unto them, they would not pity me

Titus And. 31 1 841264 In bootless prayer have they been held up

84211142 He robs himself, that spends a bootless grief

Orbello. 1 31049 1138 Boots. Over boots in love

2 Gent. of Verona."

23/26 I'll wear a boot to make my leg somewhat rounder

Ibid. 5 2 42 43 You may be jogging while your boots are green

Tam.of tbe Sbrew. 3

2 2662135 For they ride up and down on her, and make her their boots. What the commonwealth their boots

i Henry iv. 2

| 449 16 - And wears his boot very smooth, like unto the sign of the leg

2 Henry iv. 2

4 4801144 Boracbio. D. P.

Much Ado About No bing. Border'd. That nature, which contemns its origin, cannot be border'd certain in itself

Lear. 141 2195447 Borders. The borders maritime lack blood to think on't

Ant. and Cleop. 1 4772130 Bore many gentlemen, myself being one, in hand and hope of action Mal for Meal.

751210 Methough; he bore him in the thickest troop, as doth a lion in a herd of neat Yet are much too light for the bore of the matter

Hamlet. 41 6110311126








Ibid. 3

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Ibid. 31

A.S. P. Bore in band. Your daughter, whom me bore in hand to love was as a scorpion in her fight

Cymbeline. 5 5 924 Boreas. But let the ruffian Boreas once enrage the gentle Thetis Troilus and Creffida. 3 862 Bores. At this instant he bores me with some trick

Henry viii.

1673 Love's counsellor should fill the bores of hearing to the smothering of the sense Cym. 3 2 907 Boreff. Thou borest thine ass on thy back over the dirt

Lear. 11 4 936 Boring. Now the ship boring the moon with her main mast

Wmter's Tale. 31 31 347 Born. Yet I live like a poor gentleman burn

Merry Wives of Windsor. I in a merry hour

Mucb Ado Ab. Nabing. 12

1 128 I can tell thee where that saying was born

Twelftb Nigbr. 1 51 310 Temptations have fince then been born to us

Winter's Tale. 1 I was born free as Cæsar, fo were you

Julius Cæfar.1 21 745 Who's born that day when I forget to send to Antony, shall die a beggar Ant. and Cleop. 1 5 773 When we are born, we cry

Lear.[4) 6959 Borne. 'Tis well borne up

Measure for Measure.41 1 92 Hath he borne himself penitently in prison

Joid. 4 2 94 His head borne to Angelo

Ibid. 41 2 95 * We were encountred by a mighty rock which being violently borne upon, our helpful thip was splitted in the midst

Comedy of Errors.1 He is borne about invisible

Ibid. 511 The conference was fadly borne

Much Ado About Nothing. 2313 Things have been strangely borne

Macbeth. 36 37 He hath borne all things well


37 What penny hath Rome borne

King Febr. 5 21 40 The manner how this action hath been borne, here, at more leisure may your highness read

2 Henry iv. 4 4 49 Troilus had rather Troy were borne to Greece, than Crefida borne from Troy

Troilus and Criffida. 4 1 87 Was falsely, borne in hand

Hamlet.12 Borrow. Yet of your presence I'll adventure the borrow of a week Winter's Tale. 1 2 33 When men come to borrow of your masters, they approach sadly and go away merry

Tim. of Athens. 2 81 Borrowed. The borrowed majesty of England

K. Job. I Berrowers. The answer is as ready as a borrower's cap

2 Henry iv.12

Hamlet. 1 Borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry

3 100 Bosky acres.

Tempeft. 4 Bofom as a bed shall lodge thee

2 Gent. of Verona. 1 And you shall have your bofom on this wretch

Measure for Measure. 4) 3 Covert bosoms In her bosom I'll unclasp my heart

Much Ado About Nothing. 1 Emptying our bosoms of their counsels swellid

Mid. Night's Dream. 1 Two bosoms interchained with an oath

Ibid. 2

31 Brafly bosoms

Mercb. of Venice. 41 1 You must prepare your bosom for his knife

Ibid.41 1 In what chapter of his bosom?-in the first of his heart

Twelfth Nigbr.

51 3 That is entertainment my bosom likes not

Winter's Tale. Il 3 We from the West will send destruction into this city's bosom

K. Job..2 When I strike my foot upon the borom of the ground, ruth forth

Ibid.41 1 - There is so hot a summer in my borom, that all my bowels crumble up to dust Ibid. 157

Nor let my kingdom rivers take their course, through my burn'd bosom
To whose fint besom my condemned lord is doom'd a prisoner

Richard ii. 5

4 There's no room for faith, truth, nor honesty, in this bosom of thine; it is all fillid with guts and midriff

1 Henry io. 3 - I and my bosom muft debate a while, and then I would no other company


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Ibid. 5

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Ibid. 51 7

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