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A. Attainted. My father was attached, not attainted

i Henry vi. 21 Attainture. Hume's knavery will be the duchess' wreck; and her attainture will be Humphrey's fall

2 Henry vi. 1 Attempt. Neither my coat, integrity, nor my profession can attempt you Meas. for Meal. 4

Impossible be strange attempts, to those that weigh their pain in sense All's Well.)
I'll stay at home, and pray God's bleffing into thy attempt
The attempt, and not the deed, confounds us :-hark !-

Macberb. 2
Such poor, such bare, such lewd, such mean attempts

i Henry iv. 3 Attemptible. And less attemptible, than any the rarest of our ladies in France Cym. 1 Attend. Dost thou attend me

Tempeft. 1 No port is free; no place, that guard, and most unusual vigilance does not attend my taking

Lear. 2 Attendance. To dance attendance on their lordships' pleasures, and at the door H. viii. 5 - Why might not you, my lord, receive attendance from those that the calls servants,

or from mine
Attended. The crow doth fing as sweetly as the lark, when neither is attended

Mercbant of Venice. 5
I am attended at the cypress grove

Coriolanus. 110 I do condemn mine ears, that I have so long attended thee

Cymbeline. 17 Attendants. You tempt the fury of my three attendants, lean famine, quartering steel, and climbing fire

i Henry vi. 4 Attent. Season your admiration for a while with an attent ear

Hamlet. 1 Arrire. He hath some meaning in his mad attire

Tam. of the Sbrew. 3 What are there, so wither'd, and so wild in their attire

Macbeth. I 3

M. Ado About Notb.14
Attir'd. I am so attir'd with wonder, I know not what to say
Why are you then attir'd, Andronicus

Titus Ardronicus. 5 3
Attires. I'll thew thee fome attires

Much Ado About Notb. 3 Go fetch my best attires

Antony and Cleopatra. 5) 2 Attorney. And will have no attorney but myself

Comedy of Errors. 5 I No, faith, die by attorney

As You Like It. 41 1 Attornies are deny'd me, and therefore personally I lay my claim to my inheritance of free descent

Richard ii. 2 3 As fit as ten groats is for the hand of an attorney

All's Wol. 2 I could be well content to be mine own attorney in this case

i Henry vi. 5 Be the attorney of my love to her

Richard it. 41 4
I by attorney, bless thee from thy mother
Attorney’d. I am still attorney'd at your service

Meas. for Meal: 51

13 Their encounters, though not personal, have been royally attorney'd Winter's Tall. 1 Attraktion. Setting the attraction of my good parts aside, I have no other charm

Merry Wives of Windsor. 2 2
Attribute. Much attribute he hath

Troi. and Cref:2 31
Hamlet. I

The pith and marrow of our attribute
Helen, could you not find out that by her attributes

Troi. and Cre]:31 18 Attribution. Such attribution Mould the Douglas have

i Herry iv.4 Avail. I charge thee, as heaven shall work in me for thine avail, to tell me truly

All's Well. 1 3

Ibid. 3
When better fall, for your avails they fell

Macberb. 4) 3
Avarice. Such a staunchless avarice

Merry Wives of Windsor.1 3 4 thou witch

Comedy of Errors. 41 31 1

Love's Labour Loft. 5 2 perplexity! thou hateful villain, get thee gone

King Jobno 4 31 40

i Henry vi. 5 5 56 Peasant, avaunt !



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Ibid. 51 3

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16 I

Richard ii. 1 21 633 thou dreadful minister of heil!



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80211 31

A. S. P. C.L. Axdit. You have scarce time to steal from spiritual leisure a brief span, to keep your earthly audit

Henry viii.!3 2 689 2.54 Yet I can make my audit up

Coriolanus. 1 11704 2 51 If you will take this audit, take this life, and cancel these cold bonds Cymbeline. 5 4 922111 And how his audit stands, who knows, save heaven?

Hamlet. 31 3110232 % Auditor. A kind of auditor

1 Henry iv. 21 448 222 Audley. Sir Thomas. D. P.

Henry viii. 671

As You Like It. Audrey. D.P.

223 Ave's. Their loud applause and Ave's vehement

Meas. for Meas. 76 2) 2 Ave-maries. But all his mind is bent on holiness, to number ave-maries on his beads

2 Henry vi. 1 3 5752 17 Numbring our ave-maries with our beads

3 Henry vi. 2 Avenged. If God will be avenged for the deed, O know you yet he doth it publickly K. ü. 1 4 643|1|39 Averdupois. The weight of an hair will turn the scales between their averdupois

2 Henry iv.2 41 486 214 Averring notes of chamber hanging, pictures

Cymbeline. 5 5 925243 Avert. Avert your liking a more worthier way

Lear. I Il 9312123 Aufidius. Tullus. D.P.

Coriolanus. 703 Augers and understood relations, have by magot pies, and choughs, and rooks, brought forth the secret ft man of blood

Macbeth. 31 41 376219 Augbi. If your love can labour aught in sad invention Much Ado About Notb. s! I 143 2136

If you know aught which does behove my knowledge thereof to be inform’d; imprisun it not

Winter's Tale. 1 2 3381116 He for his father's fake so loves the prince, though he will not be won to aught against him

Ricbaid i. 3 1 6492 51 Augre-bole. Our fate, hid within an augre-hole, may rush and seize us

Macbeth.2 3 37211Z Augurer tells me, we shall have news to-night

Coriolanus. 2

71211 5 The augurers say, they know not-they cannot tell-look grimly, and dare not speak their knowledge

Antony and Cleopatra. 410793255 You are too sure an augurer what you did fear is done

Ibid. 51 2 Aagury. If my augury deceive me not

2 Gent. of Verona. 4 3 402 56 We defy augury

Hamlet.15 21039 2 31 Avis d. Are you avis'd of that

Merry Wives of Windsor. Il 4) 5012 50 Auld. Then take auld cloak about thee

0:bello. 21 3105512129 Aumerle. Duke of. D.P.

Ricbard ii. 413 Aunt. The wisest aunt telling the saddest tale

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 2 1 179127 The thrush and the jay are summer songs for me and my aunts Winter's Tale.4 2 34812121 Avvid, no more

Tempef. 41

171235 - Hence and avoid my sight

Lear. I

1 93012129 Avouch. I speak and I avouch

Merry Wives of Windsor. 2 5212141 If the duke avouch the justice of your dealing

Meal. for Meaj. 4 2 951/43 I'll avouch it to his head

Mid. Night's Dream. I I 17612 12 And in the stocks avouch it

Winter's Tale. 4 2 3481234 Aveucbes. If this, which he avouches, does appear, there is no flying hence, nor tarrying here

Macherb.5 5 385213 This avouches the Mepherd's son

Winter's Tale. Si 2! 360 211 - I could with bare-fac'd power sweep him from my fight, and bid my will avouch it


374 1/10 And dare not avouch in your deeds any of your words

Henry v. 5

1 5381 6 The thoughts of your heart with the looks of an empress

Ibid. 1 5 2 5401140 What I have said I will avouch

Riibaid j. 1 3 6381261 I dare avouch it, fir

Lear. 2!

4 945138 - I might not this believe, without the sensible and true avouch of mine own eyes

Hamlet. 11 I 1000 1 38 Avrid. He will avoid your accusation

Meal. for Meal.3 I Satan, avoid! I charge thee, tempt me not!

Comedy of Errors. 4 3 114-29 then, fiend

Ibid. 41 31 1142147 Let us avoid

Winter's Tale. 1 2 338 2 45 False fiend, avoid

2 Heniyri 4 577 2 37 the gallery

Henry' vii. 1697213 Pray you, avoid the house

Curiolinus. 4. 5728222 Thou bafest thing, wroid!

Cymbeline. 1 2 894256 Avided. What cannot be avoided, 'twere childish weakness to lament or fear 3 Hinovi. 5: 4630121 What can be avoided, where end is purpos’d by the mighty gods Julius Cæjar. 2' 2 750 1151



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A.S. P. C.L. Auricular. And by an auricular assurance have your satisfaction

Lear.|1| 21 933|2119 Aurora. Yonder thines Aurora's harbinger

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 3 2 1882 14 Aufterely. Might'st thou perceive austerely in his eye, that he might plead in earnest

Comedy of Errors.141 2 1132 9 Auftria. Arch-duke. D.P.

K. Joba. 387 Aufterity. With such austerity as 'longeth to a father

Tam. of tbe Sbrew.44 27240 Aufria. Arch-duke of. Execration of Lady Constance against him K. Jobr. 3

397 1/28 Autbentic in your place and person

Merry Wives of Wind. 2 2 fellows

Airs Well. 2 31 285 259 Stand in authentic place

Troilus and Creffida.1 3 862 2136 Author. Oh, thou the earthly author of my blood

Richard č. 1 31 416255 But stand as if a man were author of himself, and knew no other kin

Coriolanus. 51 31 735

54 Axtborities. When two authorities are up, neither supreme, how soon confusion may enter 'twixt the gap of both, and take the one by the other

Ibid. 3) 1 720 1138 Idle old man, that still would manage those authorities that he has given away Lear. :) 31 93412128 The demi-god authority

Measure for Measure. 1 3 77237 though it err like others, hath yet a kind of medicine in itself that skins the vice o'the top

Ibid. 2 2 841/18 My authority bears a credent bulk, that no particular scandal once can touch, but it confounds the breather

Ibid. 41 41 97 153 Though authority be a stubborn bear, yet he is oft led by the nose with gold

Winter's Tale. 41 31 3571144 Our authority is his consent

2 Henry vi. 3 1 586 1 38 What authority surfeits on, would relieve us

Coriolanus. I 170311121 Or let us stand to our authority, or let us lose it

Ibid. 3) 1 721150 Authority melts from me

Antony and Cleop. 3 11 7891142 There thou might'st behold the great image of authority: a dog's obey'd in office

Lear. 41 6 958)1 39

Winter's Tale. Autolycus. D.P.

333 Autumn. An autumn 'twas that grew the more by reaping

Ant. and Cleop. 5) 2799127 Auvergne. Countess. D.P.

i Henry vi.

543 Awake. It is requir'd, you do awake your faith

Winter's Tale. 51 31 362 1160 But being awake, I do despise my dream

2 Henry iv. 5 5 5062 3 Awak’d. My master is awak'd by great occasion, to call upon his own Tim. of Arbens. 12 2 810145 Awaking. Such as you nourish the cause of his awaking

Winier's Tale.2 31 341 2162 Awards. The court awards it, and the law doth give it

Mer. of Venice. 4 1 217 153 Away. Trudge, plod, away, o'the hoof

Merry Wives of Wind. 1

49/2125 We must away all night

i Henry iv. 4 2 465|2|40 She could never away with me

2 Henry iv. 3 2 4902 48 Awe a man from the career of his humour

Mucb Ado About Noth.21 31 1312 10 Now by my sceptres awe I make a vow

Ricbard ü. I 1 414/2138 Aweary. For Cassius is aweary of the world

Fulius Cæfar. 4 31 759 2 43 Are you aweary of me

Troilus and Cressida. 41 2 87812 15 Awful. Thrust from the company of awful men

2 Gent. of Verona. 41 1 We come within our awful banks again

2 Henry iv.41 1 4941151 scepter

3 Henry vi. 2

1 61012 +8 Awkward. And twice by awkward wind from England's bank drove back again unto my native clime

2 Henry vi. 3 2 5872 28 Awl. I meddle with no trade,-man's matters, nor woman's matters, but with awl

Julius Cæfar.l1 11 741214 Awry. You pluck my foot awry

Taming of the Sbrew. 4 1
Looking awry upon your lord's departure

Ricbard č.22 42311 2
Ah, Nell, forbear, thou aimest all awry

2 Henry vi.21 41 582|239 Axe. Nor stir at nothing, till the axe of death hang over thee, as, sure, it shortly will

Ibid./21 41 3822 30 We set the axe to thy ufurping root

3 Henry vi. 2 2 6131/16 Whilft your great goodness, out of holy pity, absolv'd him with an axe Henry viii. 32 691|1|18 Axle-tree. Strong as the axle-tree on which heav'n rides

Trois and Cref 3 862 1 48 Ay. To the perpetual wink, for ay might put this ancient morsel

Tempeft. 2

1011119 Ay and no too, was good divinity

Lear. 41 6 957 2125 Aye. For aye to be in shady cloister mew'd

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 1 1 1761737 For aye, austerity and single life

Ibid. 1

Il 176:57 Muit for aye confort with black-brow'd night

Nid. Nigbi's Dream. 188/2/21 Let this pernicious hour stand aye accursed in the calender

Macbet b.141





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A. S. P. C.L. Aye. Thy faints for aye be crown’d with plagues

Timon of 2 826|1|19 Yet rich conceit taught thee to make vaft Neptune weep for aye on thy low grave

Ibid. 51 6829/2 20 To feed for aye her lamp and Aames of love

Troi. and Creff:31 2 874 125 I am come to bid my king and master aye good night

Lear. 51 31 964252 This world is not for aye

Hamlet. 31 2102012 29 Acurd vault

Tempeft. 511 1912 19


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I 26012131


Love's Labour Loft. 5 2 166157 B. Fair, as a text B in a copy book, Babble shall not henceforth trouble me

2 Gent. of Verona. - 2 For the watch to babble and talk, is most tolerable, and not to be endur'd

Much Ado About Nothing.3 3 134 145 Babbling. The babbling goffip of the air

Twelftb Nigbr. 5/ 313115 Babes. So holy writ in babes hath judgment shown, when judges have been babes

All's Well.2 1 28411152 A davghter; and a goodly babe, lusty, and like to live

Winter's Tale. 2 2 341 1129 Here is the babe as loathsome as a toad

Titus Andron. 41 2 847 1 7 Finger of birth-Atrangļd babe, ditch deliver’d by a drab

Macbeth.41 1 378 1117 Richer, than doing nothing for a babe

Cymbeline. 31 31 908/143 Old fools are babes again

Lear. 11 31 934|230 Those that do teach young babes, do it with gentle means, and easy tasks

Orbelio. 41 210712113 Baboons. Else you had looked through the grate, like a geminy of baboons

Merry Wives of Wind. 2 2 -'s blood

Macbetb. 4 1 378 124 I would change my humanity with a baboon

Orbello. 11 310501155 Baby beats the nurse

Meas. for Meal 1 4 78

12/36 You'll kiss me hard; and speak to me as if I were a baby ftill Winter's Tale. 2 Doft thou not see my baby at my breast, that sucks the nurse alleep Ant. and Cleop:15 2 801253 Think yourself a baby

Hamlet. 1 3 1005 143 Baccare! you are marvellous forward

Tam. of tbe Sbrew.2 Baccbanals. The riot of the tipsy bacchanals, tearing the Thracian finger in their rage

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 5 1 1922 32 Baccbus. Love's power proves dainty Bacchus gross in taste Love's Labour Loft. 41 31 164 Plumpy Bacchus, with pink eyne

Ant. and Cleop.271 78112 17 Barbelers. This youthful parcel of noble bachelors stand at my bestowing All's Well.2 31 286744 Wisely, I say, I am a bachelor

Jul. Cafar. 3 31 757 2 24 Back. A straight back will stoop

Henry v. 5 2 5392/22 O, many have broke their backs with laying manors on them for this great journey

Henry viü. 1 To bear them, the back is facrifice to the load

Ibid. 1 26751 1 If your back cannot vouchsafe this burden, 'tis too weak ever to get a boy Ibid. 2 31 682252 I love, and honour him; but must not break my back, to heal his finger Tim. of Aib. 2 Upon my back to defend my belly

Troi. and Creff The army broken, and but the backs of Britons seen

Cymbeline. 5| 3920 2 50 I have years on my back, forty-eight

Lear. 1 41 935131 Quarrel, I will back thee-How? turn thy back and run? Romeo and Juliet. 1 196811117 Backbite. They are arrant knaves, and will backbite

2 Henry iv. 5 1501140 Back-bitten. No worse than they are back-bitten

Ibid. 5 1 501141 Back-door. Having found the back-door open of the unguarded hearts Cymbeline. 5 31 921131 Backed. Great Jupiter upon his eagle back'd appear'd to me

Ibid. 5 5 928121

As You Like It.31 2 2361112 Back-friends. How now, back-friends Backing. Call you that backing of your friends ? a plague upon such backing 2 Henry io. 2 4 4531117 Come, Warwick, backing of the duke of York

3 Henry vi. 2 Back-Sword's man. He greets me well, fir : I knew him a good back-sword's man

2 Henry iv. 3) 21 48912125 Back-trick. I have the back-trick, fimply as strong as any man in Illyria Tw. 31 3092140 Back-ward. In the dark back-ward and abysm of time

Temper. 1 212/27 - She would spell him backward

Much Ado About Notb.3) 1 13225 Thou wilt fall backward, when thou hast more wit

Romeo and Juliet.1 3 9711154 Bacon-fed kraves!

1 Henry iv. 12

2! 4501116 Becons. On bacoas, on

Ibid. |21 21 45011123


1 672240

1 8092154 21 8611155

21 612115


Tempeft. 5

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Love's Lab. Loft. 5

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2 Henry vi. 5

Macbeth. 2

Il 601124

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Ricbard ii.


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Ibid. 14




Bad. Counting myself hut bad, 'till I be best

A. S. P. C.L. Bad causes. Unto bad causes swear such creatures as men doubt

3 Henry vi. 51 6632|1|48 Badges. Mark the badges of these men, then say, if they be true

Jul. Cajar. 2 1 748117 Badge of bitterness


Much Ado Ab. Notb. 1
Badges. By these badges understand the king

121 21 6 Sufferance is the badge of our tribe

2 1731155

Mer. of Venice. I
Might I but know thee by thy house's badge

3) 2011154
Budg'd. Their hands and faces were all badg’d with blood
Bafie. I'll make one; an I do not, call me villain, and baffle me

3 3711230

1 Henry iv. 1 Baffled. And shall good news be baffled

2 444 120 Alas, poor fool! how have they baffled thee

2 Henry iv. 5 3 505119

Twelfth Nighr. 5
I am disgrac’d, impeach'd, and baffled here
Bag and baggage. No barricado for the belly, it will let in and out the enemy, with

1 415131 bag and baggage

Winter's Tale. I 2 3361135
Baggage. You baggage

M.W. of Wind. 4
You baggage, let me in

67 128

Comedy of Errors. 3 109/2140 Out, you baggage ! you tallow-face

Romeo and Juliet.[3] 5) 98812 47 Bagot. D.P.

Ricbard ii.

413 Bag-pipes. And others, when the bag-pipes fings i' the nose, cannct contain their

Merchant of Venice. 4) 1 215|123 Why he, a woolen bag-pipe

Ibid. 4 1 215|31 No, the bag-pipe could not move you

Winter's Tale.4335129 Melancholy as the drone of a Lincolnshire bag-pipe

i Henry iv. 1 2 443 2134 Bag-piper. Some [men] will evermore peep through their eyes, and laugh like parrots at a bag piper

Mer. of Venice. I

I 1981 8
Bajazers. Tongue, I must put you into a butter woman's mouth, and buy another of
Bajazet's mule

All's Well. 4

295 2/22 Bail. I do obey thee, till I give thee bail

Comedy of Errors. 4 113.727 Bailiff described

11312 46 described


Ibid. 41 3 114,757 Then a process-server, a bailiff

Winter's Tale. 4

349|154 Bait. Do their gay vestments his affections bait

Comedy of Errors. 2

10612135 the hook well, this filh will bite

Much Ado About Noth.2 31 130 130
And greatly devour the treacherous bait
- The false sweet bait that we lay for it
Have you with these contriv'd to bait me with this foul derision Mid. Night's Dr. 3) 2

186 257 Whilf that my wretchedness doth bait myself

Ri bard ii. 14

1 4332 33 Are these thy bears? we'll bait thy bears to death

2 Henry vi. 5) 1 60012/23 And the steals love's sweet bait from fearful hooks

Romeo and Juliet. 1
Baited. How he hath been baited

Love's Labour Loft. 5 2 172 153
Why stay we to be baited with one that wants her wits

Coriolanus.41 21 727155 Balance. She shall ne'er weigh more reasons in her balance M. Ado About Nob. 5/ 1 14314 Are there balance here to weigh the fieth

Mer. of Venice. 4 1 21711 4 Which hung so tottering in the balance, that I could neither believe, nor misdoubt

All's Well..!! 3) 2811227 - But in the balance of great Bolingbroke, besides himself, are all the English peers, and with that odds he weighs king Richard down

Ricbardii. 31 41 431211 Therefore still bear the balance, and the sword

2 Henry iv. 5 2 503 124 If the balance of our lives had not one scale of reason to poise another of sensuality

Orbello. 1
Bald. This bald unjointed chat of his

i Henry iv. 1 3) 445/241 tribunes

Coriolanus.13 1 72012149 Bald-pate. Come hither, goodman bald-pate

Mcaf. for Meal. 5 100/250 You bald-pated lying rascal

Ibid. 51 1

101 111 Baldrick. In an invitble baldrick

Much Ado About Nob. I 1 123/2/34 Bale. Rome and her rats are at the point of battle, the one side must have bale Cor.1

1 70511/14 Baleful. Contriv'd by art and, baleful forcery

i Henry vi. 2 1 55011134 By sight of these our baleful enemics

Ibid.5 51 5681240 Thou baleful messenger, out of my fight

2 Henry vi. 3 2 58753 Baleful weeds. I must up-fill this ofer cage of ours with baleful weeds Rom. and Juli

3/ 977 154 Balked in his own blood

i Henry 12). 1 1 442 21 3 Bailad. Is there not a ballad, boy, of the king and the beggar Love's Lab. Loft.I 151 142

Ibid. 1 151/144
The world was very guilty of such hallads fome three ages fince
I will get Peter Quince to write a ballad of this dream Alid. Night's Dream. 41 al 19112120


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