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FAVORITE POEMS. i6mo, tinted paper, gilt and black stamp. 456 pages, plain edge, $1; gilt edge, $1.25. In uniform style with our British Poets. This collection comprises a large number of the Favorite

Poems of the English language.

THE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. With a Copious Glossary, an Index to Familiar Passages, and an Index to the Characters in each Play. Complete edition, uniform with our edition of the British Poets. One vol., i6mo, 1104 pp., cloth, plain edges, $1.25; gilt edges. $1.50. Fine edition, 8vo, with steel-plate portrait, elegantly bound in cloth, gilt and black, bevelled, plain edges, $2.50; gilt edges, {3; sheep, marble edges, $3. "Another, and especial advantage of this compact edition is an'Index to Familiar Passages, alphabetically arranged. By a glance at this, the reader can at once find, and locate in its proper place, any well-known quotation from the great originator of favorite sayings."—Hartford Times.

"The index to passages is really admirable, giving an easy key for immediate reference to some 1200 passages, and almost amounting to the importance of a concordance, combined with some of the advantages of a dictionary of quotations. This and the index to characters alone, are really 1 *orth the price of the book to any lover of Shakespeare."— Review Current Literature.

"On the whole, of all the cheap one-volume editions of; the world's greatest poet, there is none that may be more safely or more confidently recommended to the public."— H. N. Hudson.


MACAULAY'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND. New edition from new plates. Five vols., iamo, cloth, $5.

PLUTARCH'S LIVES, with notes, etc. New edition from new plates. Three vols., lamo, cloth, $4.50.

ROLLINS'S ANCIENT HISTORY of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Grecians and Macedonians. New edition. Four vols., i2mo, cloth, $6.

BUNYAN'S PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. Illustrated, i6mo, cloth, $1; cloth, gilt, $1.25.

THE PORTABLE COMMENTARY. A Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments. By Jamieson. Faissett, and Brown. New edition,complete in one volume. Crown 8vo, 1421 pp., illustrated by maps. Cloth, red edges, levelled boards, $3.50. A new edition, containing all the matter comprised in the

former twovnlume edition, with the same type, and at a

greatly reduced price.

From *'Advance Sheets1' purchased0/the author. THE SURE MERCIES OF DAVID. By Anna Shipton. i6mo, cloth, 75 cents; paper, 25 cents. Uniform with our edition of the works of this well-known author.


By Anna Shiiton. i6mo, cloth, 75 cents; paper, 25 cents. THE GREAT SLIGHTED FORTUNE. By Rev. John D.

Bell, author of "A Man." tamo, cloth, $1.50.

A valuable treatise on Self-Culture, and intended to urge upon all the duty of improving to the utmost every faculty <A the mind.

NELSON; or, How a Country Boy made His Way in the

City. By Rev. VV. M. Thayer, author of "The Poor

Boy and the Merchant Prince," "The Good Girl and the

True Woman," etc., etc. i6mo, cloth, $1.25.

A story of the life of a well-known and successful Boston

merchant, distinguished not only as an intelligent man of

business, but as interested in the philanthropic enterprises

of the day; presented as an example for young men.


or, Elements of Success drawn from the Life of Amos Lawrence, and other similar characters. By Wm. M. Thayer. New edition. i6mo, cloth, gilt back, $1.25.


Elements of Success drawn from the Life of Mary Lyon, and other similar characters. By Wm. M. Thayer. New edition. i6mo, cloth, gilt back, J1.25.

THE FARMER BOY, and how he became Commander in Chief. A Life of George Washington. Edited by Wm. M. Thayer. New edition. i6mo, cloth, gilt back, $1.25.

LEA S PLAYGROUND. A Book for Boys. 233 pp., i6mo, illustrated, $1.

FINETTE, the Norman Maiden and her English Friends. By Mary E. Ropes. 185 pp., i6mo, illustrated, $1.

CLIFF COTTAGE STORY BOOK. i6mo, 190 pp., elegantly illustrated, with ornamental cover in gilt and black stamp, and chromo, $1.

ARCHIE VERNON'S LIBRARY. Six vols., 124 pp., i8mo, cloth, gilt and black stamp, chromo side, 18 illustrations,

«3- „.

Nita's Music Lesson. The Red Apple.

Little Housekeeper. The Iron Boot.

Unselfish Freddy. A Queer Lesson.

The best collection of short stories we have on our list.

CURLY AND KITTY'S LIBRARY. Six vols., ^mo, 64 pp., cloth, black stamp, chromo side, 18 illustrations, $1.80,

NITA AND FREDDY'S LIBRARY. Six vols., 64 pp, 18mo

cloth, black stamp, chromo side, 18 illustrations, $1.80.

GOLDEN SECRET LIBRARY. Six vols., 64 pp., i8mo cloth, black stamp, chromo side, 18 illustrations, $:.8o.

PINE GROVE PICTURE LIBRARY. Six vols., i6mo each 64 pp. Short stories fully illustrated. Gilt and black and chromo side, in box, $2.40.


For Primary and Infant Scholars. 36 vols., i8mo, with

illustrations, $6.75 net to schools. Retail price, $10.80.

Sold only in sets.

We ask the attention of purchasers to the bindings which by a new method of sewing, is made stronger and more durable than any other series now in the market, an important consideration in books designed for small children.


Fifteeen vols., i6mo, illustrated, price reduced to $7.50

net to schools.

Most of the books in this library have been published during the last year, and are unexceptionable in point of literary merit and moral teaching.


744 Broadway, New York.








Elementary or Brief Arithmetic,

oral and written. Davies and Peck's United Course. 232 pages, cloth, 60 cents.

Key to Davies & Peck's Complete Arithmetic. Cloth, 340 pages, $1.12.


Short Stories in English History. A

Compendium of Facts about England. Cloth, i8mo, 179 pp., price, ft.

Eighteen Months on a Greenland Whaler. By Joseph P. Faulkner. Cloth, i8mo, 317 pages, price $1.


The Parallel and Meridian System of Map Drawing, in Connection with a Ruler. By W. V. Marshall. 4to, paper, 32 pages, price 25 cents.


Hand-Book of Punctuation, with Instructions for Capitalization, Letter Writing, and Proof Reading. By W. J. Cocker, A.M. Small 410, cloth, 127 pages, price 60 cents.


Complete Speller, Oral and Written, by J. Madison Watson, author of the Independent Series of Readers and Spellers. i2mo, boards, 162 pages, 25 cents.

Topical Course of Study for Common Schools. By R. C. Stone. i6mo. cloth, 40 cents.

By this little book the pupil is enabled to make full use of any and all text-books bearing on the given topics, and is incited to use all other information within his reach.


The Gospel Temperance Hymnal,

for Prayer and Praise Meetings, and Social Worship. By Rev. J. E. Rankin, D.D. and Rev. E. S. Lorenz. 8vo, boards, 128 pages, 35 cents.

Coronation Songs, for Praise and Prayer Meetings, Home, and Social Worship. By Rev. Charles F. Deems, D.D. and TheoDore E. Perkins. i2mo, 128 pages, boards, 35 cents; cloth, 50 cents.


Fourteen Weeks in Physics. By J.

Dorman Steele, Ph.D. Being a new edition of Steele's " Fourteen Weeks in Philosophy." i2mo, 305 pages, cloth, price, $1.25.


A One-Term Course in Latin; or.

The Study of Latin Simplified and Condensed. By James P. Hoyt, A.M. 161110, 19 pages, paper, 20 cents.


World's Fair, No. 2. International Exhibitions—Vienna, Philadelphia, Paris. 410, 45 pages, cloth, 75 cents.

A Shocking Story. By Wilkie Collins. i6mo, 58 pages, paper, 10 cents.

Buried Millions. Where do the Gold and Silver go? By J. V. C Smith. 8vo, 16 pages, paper, 5 cents.

Commentaries on New Testament.

By Lyman Abbott, D.D. Abbott on Luke. 8vo, 148 pages, cloth, price, $1.50. Already issued: Abbott on Matthew, $2. Abbott on Mark and Luke, $2. Abbott on John, in press. Abbott on Acts, $2.

Macmillan & Go/8 New Publications.

Memoir of the Rev. Francis Hodgson, B.D., Scholar, Poet, and Divine. With numerous letters from Lord Byron and others. 2 vols., i2mo, $5.

Dante : An Essay. By R. W. Church, M.A., D.C.L. To which is added a translation of "De Monarchia," by F. C. Church. 12010, $1.75.

Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Antilles. By Charles Waterton, Esq. New Edition. Edited by Rev. J. G. Wood. With 100 illustrations. 8vo, $6.50.

A Journal of a Tour in Marocco and the Great Atlas. By Joseph Dalton Hooker, K.C.S.D., and John Ball, F.R.S. With illustrations. 8vo, $6.50.

Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier; or, Twelve Years' Sporting Reminiscences of an Indigo Planter. With illustrations. 8vo, $3.50.

Selections from the Poetical Works of Heinrich Heine. Translated into English. i2mo, $1.75

Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare. Edited, with an Introduction, by the Rev. Alfred Ainger, M.A. Golden Treasury Series. iSmo, $1.25.

Gegenbaur's Elements of Comparative Anatomy. Translated by F. J. Bell. Revised by E. Ray Lankeston, M.A. 8vo, $7.

A Memoir of Matthew Davenport Hill, Recorder of Birmingham. With Selections from his Correspondence. With portrait. Svo, $4.50.

MACMILLAN & CO., 22 Bond Street, New York.


THROUGH BIBLE LANDS, or, Notes of Travel in Egypt, the Desert, and Palestine. By Rev. Philip Schaff,

D D.WLL.D. It is illustrated with twenty-four full-page engravings, has three maps, indexes, tables, etc. Square i2mo,

413 pp., $2.25. LIFE ANn DEATH ETERNAL. By Pres. Bartlett, Dartmouth College. A new edition. Cloth, $1.50. LIEE AND ADVENTURE IN JAPAN. By E. Warren Clark. i6mo, 247 pp. Illustrated with thirty-two

full-page cuts from original photographs. $1.25. HANDSOME HARRY. By Sarah E. Chester. i6mo, 294 pp. Six cuts from designs by Miss Curtis. $1. FOLDED HASDS. By Mr?. S. B. Titterington. 303 pages, i6mo, bevel boards, $1; gilt, $1.25. YVSUF IN EGYPT. By Mrs. S. K. Hunt. 220 pages, eight cuts, i6mo, $1. CHRISTMAS JACK. By Rev. E. A. Rand. i6mo, 231 pp., six cuts from crayon sketches, $1. BOOKS FOR BRIGHT EYES: One Day In Our Long Vacation. On The Farm. More Happy Days.

Mountain-tops. By Mrs. M. E. Miller. Four most charming books, with sixteen colored engravings. In an elegant

box $1. DAISl'BANK. By Joanna H. Mathews. i6mo, 190 pp , four outline cuts, 90 cts. SATISFIED, By Miss Catharine M. Trowbridge. 214 pages, four cuts, i6mo. 90 cts. MARGIE HARGRAVE, and the Percy Children. By Mrs. M. E. C Wyeth. 200 pages, four cuts, i6mo,

90 cts.
GUIDING LIGHTS. By F. E. Cooke. i6mo, 232 pp., four cuts, 80 cts.

CHAM PIONS O r THE REFORMATION. By Janet Gordon. i6mo, 215 pp., four cuts, 80 cts.
HEROES OF CHARITY. By James F. Cobb, F.G.K.S. i6mo, 232 pp., four engravings, 80 cts.
A MAN OF HIS WORD. By Hesba Stretton. 75 pages, i6mo, two cuts, 50 cts.
RIBLK WORDS FOR BIRTHDAYS. 321110, 250 pp., cloth, 50 cts.; gilt, 60 cts.

GOSPEL TRUTH AND WORK. By Rev. C. M. Whittelsey, and Rev. E. P. Gardner. 24mo, 135 pages, 40 cts.
NAN'S THANKSGIVING. By Mrs. C L. Harris. 72 pages, two cuts, i8mo, 35 cts.
ANGEL'S CHRISTMAS. By the author of " Little Dot." 61 pages, three cuts, i8mo, 30 cts.
A VNT LOU'S SCRAP-BOOK. By Miss H. B. Mckeever. 59 pages, i8mo, two cuts, 30 cts.

We have just issued a Catalogue of the publications of the American Tract Society, Boston, now for sale at our depositories, which we shall be happy to send to parties applying. We have made a decided reduction in the prices of many of their issues, besides putting them up in new and attractive bindings.


150 NASSAU STREET, NEW YORK, or, BOSTON, 23 Franklin Street; RICHMOND, Va., 914 Main Street;

PHILADELPHIA, 1512 Chestnut Street; CHICAGO, 52 Madison Street;

R0CHESTER,!N. Y., 75 State Street; SAN FRANCISCO, 757 Market Street.



:e. & If. nsr. Sipoust,

No. IjJj.6 Broome Street, New York.

RIGG? Arthur. A Practical Treatise on the Steam-
Engine. Illustrated with plates and woodcuts. 4to,
halt morocco $17 00

GRAHAM, J. C. An Elementary Treatise on Steam,
and the Use of the Indicator. Demy 8vo, cloth 3 50

RICHARDS, W. A Practical Treatise on the Manu-
facture and Distribution of Coal Gas. Numerous
engravings and plates. 4to, cloth 12 00

The Gas Consumer's Handy Book. i8mo, paper, 20

BOX, Thos. A Practical Treatise on Mill-Gearing,
Wheels, Shafts, Riggers, etc. Second edition. Crown
8vo, cloth 3 00

A Practical Treatise on Heat. Second edition, re-
vised and enlarged. Crown 8vo, cloth 5 00

BAYLEY, Thos. A Pocket-Book for Chemists. Chemi-
cal Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Dyers, Distillers,
Brewers, Sugar Refiners, Photographers, Students,
etc. 32mo, roan 2 00

LATHAM, Baldwin. Sanitary Engineering. A Guide
to the Construction ot Works of Sewerage and House
Drainage, with Tables for facilitating the Calculations
of the Engineer. Second edition. Plates. 8vo,
cloth 12 00

ELECTRIC LIGHTING. Its State and Progress, and
its probable Influence upon the Gas Interests. By
John T. Sprague. 8vo, paper 40

HOOD, Chas. A Practical Treatise on Warming Build*
ings by Hot Water, Steam, and Hot-Air, and on Venti-
lation. Fifth edition, enlarged and improved. 8vo, clo.$4 25

Sign-Writer's, and Stone-Cutter's Pocket-Book of
Alphabets. Oblong 3211:0 20

SPRETSON, N. E. Practical Treatise on Casting and
Founding. Including descriptions of the modem ma-
chinery employed in the art. 8vo, cloth, 82 plates 7 00

COTTERILL, Jas. H. The Steam Engine considered
as a Heat Engine. 8vo, cloth 6 00

ANDRE, G. G. Mining Machinery. A Descriptive
Treatise on the Machinery, Tools, and other Appli-
ances used in Mining. Vol. I., now ready 14 00

BEECHEY, F. S. Electro-Telegraphy. A Book for
Beginners. Fcap. 8vo, cloth 60

DENTON, J. Bailhy. Sanitary Engineering. A Se-
ries of Lectures given before the School of Engineer-
ing, Chatham. Many plates, royal 8vo, cloth 10 00

SIMMONDS, P. L. Tropical Agriculture; or, The
Culture, Preparation, Commerce, and Consumption of
the Principal Products of the Vegetable Kingdom.
Second edition. 8vo, cloth 8 00

MACASSEY, L. L. Hints on the Water Supply of
Small Towns and Villages. 8vo, cloth t 50

VON OTT, Karl. The Elements of Graphic Statics.
Translated by G. S. Clarke. Crown 8vo, cloth 2 00


A Short History of German Literature.


Professor of English and German Literature, Washington University, St. Louis; Author of the "Color Guard," "Thinking Bayonet," eto.

One Volume, Large 12M0, Pp. 604. Price, $2.25.

The design of the work is to give in compendious form a sketch of the Literature of Germany from the earliest period to the present time. The accounts of books and authors are relieved by graphic historical pictures, and interesting details of visits to places memorable through assocition with great writers. The work is the matured fruit of many years of study. •

"Professor Hosmer is one of our best writers and scholars."—Hon. Geo. Bancroft (the historian).

"I have formed, both from his contributions to ' The Nation' and from his other works that I have seen, a very high opinion of his attainments as a student of literature. * * * My good opinion of his writing, I may say, has been confirmed in my hearing by the most distinguished judges."—E. L. Godkin, Esq., editor of " The Nation/

"Every intelligent reader who begins it will read it directly through, and some readers, perhaps, taking it up early in the day, will sleep none till it is finished. It is one of the best and most charming books we have been privileged to read this many a day."—St. Louis Evening Post.

"Of special and peculiar interest to all German-Americans."—Westticht Post.

Q. I. JONES & CO., Publishers,

208 South Fourth Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Robert Carter & Brothers'


By Horatils Bonar, D.D.

Hymns of the Nativity.

Gilt. (1.
Poin'ed Papers. By Rev. T. L. Clyler,
Beauty for Ashes. (dickson.) $2.
Cunningham's Theological Lectures, $3.
VAubigne's History of the Ref. in the Time

of Calvin. Vol. VIII., $2.
Macduff's Eventide at Bethel. $1.25.
Hodge's Outlines of Theology. $3.
Culross on John. $£.25.

S< rtnt>i4s of Rev. W. A. Butler. 2 vols., $2.50.
The Widow's Trust. (gale.) $1.25.
Short Papers for Family Reading. 50 cts.
Winslotv's Help Heavenward. 75 cts.
Cotcpvr's Task. Illustrated, $3.50.
Henry's Commentary. 5 vols., cloth, $15.
Kitto'a Life. By Eadie. $1.25.
Rose Dunbar's Mistake. With a Preface by Dr.

Horatils Bonar. $1.50.


Water Gipsies. A Tale. (meade.) 81.

Tour Brother and Mine. (meade.) $i

White Lilies. (meade.) 60 cts.

House in the Glen. $1.25.

Little Lights Along Shore. $1.25

Home Lessons on the Old Paths.

The Springdale Series. 6 vols., §2.

Milly's Whims. (mathews.) $1.25.

Haps and Mishaps. (mathews.) 6 vols., $7.50.

lake Care of No. 1. (power.) $i.

The Gabled Farm. $1.25.

Pinafore Hays ; or, Fred and Dolly. Illustrated. 75 cts

Pickles: a Funny Litttle Couple. Illustrated, $1.

The King's People. By Susan Warner. Five

vols., $7.

Cont.: The Word — The House of Israel — The Kingdom of Judah—Star out of Jacob—The Broken Walls of Jerusalem.


Bel. Marjory. A Tale. By L. T. Meade $1 50

Jean Lindsay. By Emily Brodie 1 25

Patton's Jesus of Nazareth: Who was He, and what is He now? 1 25

Wells of Baca, By Dr. Macduff. Re-written and enlarged 50

In Press! Ready February 15th.



Irs. Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Poems.

An entirely new edition, uniform with Messrs. Houghton, Osgood & Co.'s " Favorite Edition" of Tennyson's Poems. One volume, i2mo. Price, $1.25; cloth, gilt extra, illustrated by American Artists, $1.50.






Diamond Edition. Will be reduced in price, from $1.50 to $1.
Casa Guidi Edition. From $2.50 to $2. •

Casa Guidi Edition. Illustrated. From $3 to $2.50.
Household Edition. Two vols., from $4 to $3.50.

JAMES MILLER, Publisher,

Opposite A. T. Stewart & Co

779 Broadway, New York.

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