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THE DISPENSAR Y. Why a prolific Aura upwards tends,

Whilst birds from woodbine bowers and jasmine Ferments, and in a living flower descends;

grusves How vapours hanging on the towering hills Chant their glad nuptials, and unenvy'd loves. In breezes figh, or weep in warbling rills; Mild seasons, rising hills, and filent dales, Whence infant winds their tender pinions ery, Ceol grottos, silver brooks, and lowery vales, And river gods their thirsty urns supply.

Groves fill'd with balmy shrubs, in pomp appear, The wondering sage pursues his airy flight, And scene with gales of sweets the circling year. And braves the chill unwholesome damps of night: These happy ifles, where endless pleasures He views the tracts where luminaries rove,

wait, To settle seasons here, and faces above;

Are ftyl'd by tuneful bards The Fortunate. The bleak Arcturus ftill forbid the seas,

On high, where no hoarse winds nor clouds reThe stormy Kids, the weeping Hyades;

fort, The shining lyre with strains attracting more The hoodwink'd goddess keeps her partial court. Heaven's glittering mansions now than hell's be-Upon a wheel of amethyst she Gits, fore;

Gives and resumes, and smiles and frowns by fits. Glad Calliopeia circling in the sky,

In this still labyrinth, around her lie And each fair Churchill of the galaxy.

Spells, philters, globes, and schemes of palmiry: Aurora, on Etesian breezes borne,

A sigil in this hand the gipsy bears,
With blushing lips breathes out the sprightly morn: In th' other a prophetic leve and sheers.
Each flower in dew their Thort-liv'd empire weeps, The dame, by divination, kuew that sona
And Cynthia with her lov'd Endymion sleeps. The Magus would appear-and then begun :
As through the gloom the Magus cuts his way, Hail sacred feer! thy embassy I know :
Inperfect objects tell the doubtful day;

Wars must ensue, the fates will have it fo.
Dirn he discerns majestic Atlas rise,

Dread feats shall follow, and disasters great, And bend beneath the burden of the kics; Pills charge on pills, and bolus bolus meet i His towering brows aloft no tempefts know, Both sides shall conquer, and yet both shall fail; Whilst lightning flies, and thuodet rolls below. The mortar pow, and then the urinal.

Distant from hence beyond a waste of plains, I'o thee alone any influence I ove; Proud Teneriff, his giant brother, reigns;

Where nature has deny'd, my favours flow. With breathing fire his pitchy nostrils glow, 'Tis I that give, so mighty is my power, As from his sides he shakes the fleecy snow. Faith to the Jew, complexion to the Moor. Around this hoary prince, from watery beds, I am the wretch's will, the rook's pretence, His subject islands raise their verdant heads; The sluggard's ease, the coxconb's providence. The waves so gently wash cach rising hill, Sir Scrape-quill, once a supple smiling flave, The land seenis floating, and the ocean still. Looks lofty now, and infolently grave;

Eternal spring with smiling verdure here Builds, settles, purchases, and has each hour Warms the mild air, and crawns the youthful year, Caps from the rich, and curses from the poor. Froni crystal rocks transparcot rivulets flow; Spadillio, that at table serv'd of late, The tuberose ever breathes, and violets blow. Drinks rich Tockay himself, and eacs in plate; The vine undress'd her swelling clusters bears, Has levees, villas, mistresses in store, The labouring hind the mellow olive cheers; And owns the racers which he rubb'd before. Bloffonis and fruit at once the citron shows,

Souls heavenly borne my faithless boons defy; And, as the pays, discovers still Mc owes.

The brave is to himself a deity. The orange to her fun her pride displays,

Though blest Astrea's gone, some foil remains And gilds her fragranc apples with his rays. Where fortune is the slave, and merit reigns. No blasts c'er discompose the peacelul sky,

The Tiber boaits his Julian progeny, The springs but murmur, and the winds but figh. Thames his Nassau, tlre Nile his Prolomy. The tuneful fwans on gliding rivers float,

Iberia, yet for future fivay design'd,
And warbling dirges die on every note.

Shall, for a Fefle, a greater Mordaunt find.
Where Flora treads, her Zephyr garlands flings, Thus Ariadne in proud triumph rode;
And {catters oduurs from his purple wings, She loft a hero, and the found a god.

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Wuen the fill night, with peaceful poppies / And slumbering chiefs of painted triumphs dream, crown'd,

1 While groves and streams are the soft virgin's

thenies Llad spread her fhady pinions o'er the ground;



The surges gently dash against the shore,

Alles and owls, uoseen, their kind betray,
Flocks quit the plains, and gally-flaves the oar; If these attempt to hoot, or those to bray.
Sleep'shakes its downy wings o'er mortal eyes; Had Wesley never aim'd in verse to please,
Mirmillo is the only wretch it flies;

We had not rank'd him with our Ogilbys.
He-finds no respite from his anxious grief; Still censures will on dull pretenders fall;
Then seeks from this soliloquy relief.

A Codrus should expect a Juvenal.
Long have I rcign'd unrival'ci in the town, Ill lines, but like ill paintings, are allow'd,
Oppress'd with fees, and deafen'd with renown. To set off, and to recommend the good.
None e'er could die with due solemnity,

So diamonds take a luftre fron their foil;
Unless his passport first was sign'd by me.

And to a Bentley 'tis we owe a Bnyle.
My arbitary bounty's undenys;

Consider well the talent you possess;
I give reversions, and for heirs provide.

To strive to make it more, would make it less :
None could the tedious suptial state support, And recollect what gratitude is due,
But I, to make it easy, make it short.

To those whose party you abandon now.
I set the discontented matrons free,

To then you owe your odd magnificence,
And ransom husbands from captivity.

But to your stars your magazine of sense.
Shall one of such importance then engage

Haspt in a tombril, aukward have you thin'd,
In noisy riot and in civil rage?

With one fat flave before, and none behind. No: I'll endeavour straight a peace,

and so

Then haste and join your true intrepid friends,(e)
Preserve my character, and person too.

Success on vigour and dispatch depends.
But difcord, that still haunts with hideous mien Labouring in douhts Mirnillo Stood; then said,
Those dire abodes wliere Hymen once hath been, 'Tis hard to undertake, if gain dissuade;
O'erheard Mirmillo's anguish ; then begun What fool for noisy feuds la: ge fees would leave?
In peevifh accents to express her own:

Ten harvests more would all I wish for give.
Have I lo often banish'd lazy peace

True man! reply'd the elf; by choice diseas'd,
From her dark solitude, and lov'd recess?

Ever contriving pain, and never pleas'd.
Have I made South and Sherlock disagree,

A present good they flight, an absent choose;
And puzzle truth with learn'd obscurity?

And what they have, for what they have not, And does the faithful Ferguson profess

lore, His ardour still for animosities?

Falfe prospects all their true delights destroy,
Have I, Britannia's safety to ensure,

Resolûd to want, yec labouring to enjoy.
Expos'd her naked, to be molt secure?

In restless hurries thoughtlessly they live,
Have I made parties opposite, unite,

At substance oft' unmov'd, for shadows grieve.
In nion(trous leagucs of amicable spite,

Children at toys, as men at titles, aim;
To curse their country, whilst the common cry

And in effect both covet but the same.
Is freedom; but their aim, the ministry?

This Philip's fon prov'd in revolving years;
And shall a daltard's cowardice prevent

And first for rattles, then for worlds shed tears.(a) so long I've labour'd to foment?

The fury spoke; then in a moment fir'd
No, 'tis resolv'd, he either shall comply,

The hero's breast with tempefts, and retir'd.
Or l'll renounce my wan divinity.

In boding dreams Mirnillo spent the night,
With that, the hag approach'd Mirmillo's bed, And frightful phantonis danc'd before his fight,
And, taking Querpo's meagre slape, she said: Till the pale pleiads clos'd their cyes of light.
At noon of night I hasten, to dispel

At length gray morn glows in the eastern skies,
Those tuniults in your pensive boson dwell. The larks in raptures through the æther rise,
I dreamt but now I heard your heaving fighs, The azure mists scud o'er the dewy lawns,
Nay, saw the tears debating in your eyes.

The chaunter at his early matins yawns,
O that 'twere but a dreain! but threats I find The amaranth opes its leaves, the lys its bells,
Lour in your looks, and rankle in your mind. And Progne het complaint of Tereus tells.
Speak, whence it is this late disorder flows,

As bold Mirinillo the gray dawn descries,
That shakes your soul, and troubles your repose. Arm'd cap-a-pee, where honour calls, he flies,
Mistakes in practice scarce could give you pain ; And finds the legions planred at their post;
Too well you know, the dead will ne'er com- Where mighty Querpo fill'd the eye the most.

His arms were niade, if we may credit fame,
What looks discover, said the homicide,

By Mulciber, the Mayor of Birmingham.
Would be a fruitless industry to hide.
My safety first I must consult, and then
I'll serve our suffering party with my pen.

All should, reply'd the hag, their talent Icarn;
The most attempting oft' the least discern.

From (a)-(a) originally thus :
Let Peterborough speak, and Vanburgh write, But soon what they've exalted they'll discard,
Soft Acon court, and rough Cæcinna fight: And fet up Carus, or the kicy bard.
such must succeed; but, when th' enervate aim Alarm'd at this the hero courage took,
Beyond their force, they still contend for shame. And storms of terror threaten'd in his look.
Had Colbatch printed nothing of his own, My dread refulves, he cry'd, I'll straight pursue;
He had not been the Saffuld of the town,

1'1c fury, fatisfy'd, in fmiles withdrew

The war,

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JOL Of temper'd stibium the bright shield was cast, Halte straight to Neptune's fane ; survey with And yet the work the nietal far surpass'd.

zeal A foliage of the vulnerary leaves, [ceives | The walls. " What then ?" reply'd the infidel. Graved round the brin, the wondering light de- Observe thore numerous throngs, in effigy, Around the centre fate's bright trophies lay, The gods have fav’d from the devouring sea. Probes, saws, incision-knives, and tools to llay. ris true, their pictures that escap'd you keep, Embost upon the field, a battle stood

" But where are theirs that perish'd in the Of leeches spjucing hæmorrhoidal blood,

deep?" The artist too express'd the folemn state

Vaunt now no more the triumph of your skill. . Of grave physicians at a consult niet;

But, though unsee'd, exert your arm, and kill. About each symptom how they disagree,

Our scouts have learn'd the posture of the foe; But now unanimous in case of fee.

In war surprises surest conduct show. Whilst each allaflin his learn'd colleague tires

But fame, that neither good nor bad conceals, With leara'd impertinence, the fick expires. That Pembroke's worth, and Ormond's válour Beneath this blazing orb bright Querpo shone,

tells; Himself an Atlas, and his shield a noun.

How truth in Burnc., how in Cavendish, reigns, A pestle for his truncheon led che van,

Varro's inagoificence with Maro's strains; And his high helinet was a close-stool pan. But how at church and bar all gape and stretch His crest an Ibis, brandishing her beak,

If Winningcon but plead, or South or Only And winding in loose folds her fpiral neck.

preach; This when the young Querpoïdes beheld,

On nimble wings to Warwick-lane repairs, His face in nurse's breast the bry conceal'd; And what the enemy intends, declares. Then, poept, and with the effulgent helm would Confusion in each countenance appear'd, play,

A council's call'd, and Stentor * first was heard ; And as the monster gap'd, would shrink away. His labouring lungs the thron'd prztoriuni rent,

rent, (6) Thus sometimes joy prevail'd, and sometimes fear; Addressing thus the passive president : And tears and smiles alternate passions were.

Machaont, whose experience we adore, As Querpo towering stood in martial might, Great as your matchless merit, is your power: Pacific Carus sparkled on the righe.

At your approach, the baffled tyrant death An oran outang o'er his shoulders hung,

Breaks his keen shafts, and grinds his clashing His plume confessid the capon whence it sprung.

teeth. His motley mail scarce could the hero bear,

To you we leave the conduct of the day; Haranguing thus the tributes of che war:

What you command, your vaffals must obey. Fam'd chiefs,

If this dread enterprise you would decline, For present triumphs born, design'd for more, We'll send to treat, and stifle the design. Your virtue I admire, your valour more.

But, if ny arguments had force, we'd try If battle he refolv'd, you'll find this hand

To humble our audacious foes, or die; Can deal our destiny, and fare command.

Our spite, they'll find, to their advantage Scans; Our foes in throngs shall hide the crimfun plain, The end is good, no matter for the means. And thcir Apollo interpose in vain.

So modern casuifts their talents try, 'Though gods themselves engage, a Diomed Uprightly for the sake of truth to lie. With ease could show a deity can bleed.

He had not finish'd, till ch' out-guards defa But war's rough trade should be by fools pro

cry'd (c) fest,

Bright columns move in formidable pride; The trueft rubbish fills a trench the belt. Let quinsies chrottle, and the quartan shake, Or dropfies drown, and gout and chulics rack; Let livord and pestilence lay waste, while we Wage bloodless wars, and light in theory, Who wants not merit, needs not arm for fame; (1) True to extremes, yet to dull forms a slave, The dead I raise, my chivalry proclaim;

He's always dully gay, or vainly grave. Diseases baffled, and lost health restor'd.

With indignation, and a daring air, in fame's bright lift my victories record.

He paus'd a while, and thus address'd the chair. More lives from me their preservation own, Than lovers lose if fair Cornelia frown.

() What Stentor offer'd was by most appropid; Your cures, shrill Querpo cry'd, aloud you tell, But several voices several methods mov'd. Bur wisely your miscarriages conceal.

Ac length th' adventurous heroes all agree Zeno, a priest, in Samothrace of old,

T'expect the foe, and act defensively. Thus reason'd with Philopidas the bold:

Into the shop their bold battalions move, Immortal gods you own, but think them blind

And what their chief commands, the rest approve. To what concerns the state of human kind.

Down from the walls they tear the shelves in haste, Ficher they hear not, or regard not prayer ;

Which on thcir Hank for palisades are placid; That


argues want of power and this of care. Allow that wisdom infinite must know ; Power iofinite niuft adt. Igrane it lo." + Sir Thomas Millington.

* Dr, Goodall.

The passing pomp fo dazzled from afar,

But with a dauntless and disdainful mein It seem'd a triumph, rather than a war.

Hurl'd back steel pills, and hit him on the spleea. Though wide the front, though gross the phalanx Chiron * attack'd Talthibius with such might, grew,

One pass had paunch'd the huge hydropic knight, It look'd less dreadful, as it nearer grew.

Who straight retreated to evade the wound, The adverse host for ation straight prepare ; But in a flood of apozem was drown'd. All eager to unveil the face of war.

This Pfylas || faw, and to the victor said, Their chiess lace on their helms, and take the Thou shalt not long survive th' unwieldy dead, field,

Thy fate shall follow; to confirm it, swore, And to their trusty squire refigns the shield : By the image of Priapus, which he bore : To paint each knight, their ardour and alarms. And rais's an eagle-stone, invoking loud Would ask the mule that sung the frogs in arnis. On Cyothia, leaning o'er a filver cloud : And now the signal summons to the fray;

Great queen of night, and empress of the feas, Mock falchions fi:fn, and paltry ensigns play. If faithful to thy midnight.mysteries, Their patron god his filver bow-frings cwangs;

If, ftill observant of my early vows, Tough harness rufiles, and bold armour clangs; These hands have eas'd the mourning matron's The piercing cavitics ply their spiteful power;

throes, Enetics ranch, and keen cathartics fcour;

Direct this rais'd avenging arm aright; The deadly drugs in double doses fly;

So may loud cymbals aid thy labouring light. And peftles peal a martial lymphony.

He said, and let che ponderous fragment fly Now from their level'd syringes theý pour At Chiron, but learn'd Herpes pat it by. The liquid volley of a missive 12:wer.

Though the haranguing god survey'd the war, Not Devirms of fleet, which o'er the Baltic drive That day the muses' fons were not his care; Pulh'd on by northern gufts, such horror give. Two friends, adepts, the Trismegists by name, Liké spouts in southern seas the deluge broke, Alike their features, and alike their flame; And number: funk beneath th' impetuous Itroke. As fimpling near fair Tweed each sung by turn, So when Leviathans dispute the reign

The i!lening river would neglect his urn. And uncontrol'd dominion of the main;

Those lives they fail'd to rescue by their skill, From the rent rocks whole ciral groves are torn, Their muse could make immortal with her quill; And ifles of fea-weed on the wates are borne, But Icarn'a inquiries after nature's state Such watery stores from their spread nostrils fly, Diffolv'd the teague, and kindled a debatc. 'Tis doubtful which is sea, and which is fky. The one, for lofty labours fruitful known,

And now the staggering braves, led by despair, Fill'd magazines with volumes of his own. Advance, and to return the charge prepare,

At his once-favour'd friend a tome he threw, Each leizes for his itield a spacious scale,

That from its birth had slept unfeen till now; And the brass weighis fly thick as showers of Stunn'd with the blow, the batter'd bard retir'd, hail.

Suuk down, and in a simile expir'd. Whole neaps of warriors welter on the ground, And now the cohorts shake, the legions ply, With ga!lj-pots and broken phials crown'd; The yielding flanks confess che victory. Whilst empty jars the dire defeat resound.

Scenter, undaunted ftill, with noble rage Thus when lonje form its crystal quarry rends, Sprung through the battle, Querpo to engage. And Jove in tattling showers of ice descends; Fierce was the onset, the dilpute was great, Mount Athos Thakes the forels on his brow, Bo:h could not vanquish, neither would recreat; Whilt down his wounded fides fresh torrents Each combatant his adversary mauls, flow,

[below. With batter'd bed-pans, and ftar'a urinals. and leaves and limbs of treeso'erspread the vale

On Stentor's crest the usual crystal breaks, Eur now, ali order loft; promiscuous blows and tears of amber gutter'd down his cheeks; Confus'dly fall; perplex'd the batile grows. But whilst the champion, as late runiours tell, Frc. Stentor's * armi a mally opiace fiies,

Design'd a fure decisive stroke, he fell : And straight a deadly sleep clos'd Carus' eyes.

And as the victor hovering o'er him stond, At Colon † great Sertorius Buckthorn flung, With arus exrended, thus the suppliane sued:] Who with fierce gripcs, like those of dcath, was

When honour's lost, 'eis 3 relief co die;

Death's but a fure retreat from indamy.
But to the lose if pity night be shownl,
Reflect on young Querpoïdes thy fon;

Then pity mine, for luch an infant grace
And then behind the compter rang'd they stand

Smiles in his eyes, and flatters in his face. Their front fo well locur'd, t'obey command.

If he was near, companion he'd create, ind now the scours clie advcrfe hofis descry,

Or elle lament his wretched parent's fate.
Blue aprons in the air for colours fly:
Wich unrelisted force they urge their way,

Chine is the glory, and the field is thine;

To thee the lov'd Dilpenfáry I refign. And find the foc enzbactled in array.

* Dr. Gill against Dr, Ridley: * Dr. Goodall againn Dr. 'T';fon. Dr. Birch,

Il Dr. Chamberlain,


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163 At this the victors own fuch extasies,

Jansenius and the Jesuits agree,
As Memphian priests if their Osiris sneeze : The inquisition wink at herely,
Or champions with Olympic clangor fir'd;

Warm convocations own the church secure,
Or fimpering prudes with sprightly Nantz infpir'd; And more confalt her do&rine than her power.
Or fultans rais'd from dungeons to a crown;

With that he drew a lancet in his rage,
Or fasting zealots when the sermon's done. To puncture the still supplicating sage.

Awhile the chief the deadly stroke declin'd, But while his thoughts that fatal stroke decree,
And found compassion pleading in his mind. Apollo interpo:'d in form of fee.
But whilf he view'd with pity the distress'd, The chicf great Pæan's goldeb tresses koew,
He spý'd Signeurt writ upon his breast. [head, He own'd the god, aed his rais'd arm withe
Then tow'rds the skies he toss'd his threatening

And, fir'd with more than mortal fury, said : Thus ofter at the Temple.ftairs we've feen

Sooner than I'll from vow'd revenge defift, (d) Two tritons, of a rough athletic mien,
His Holiness shall curn a Quittest;

Sourly dispute fume quarrel of the flood,
With knuckles bruis'd, and face besmear'd in


But, at the first appearance of a fare, (d) Faith stand unmou'd through Stillingfleet's de- | Both quit the fray, and to their oars repair. fence,

The Hero so his enterprize recails, And Locke for mystery abandon fense.

His tift anclinshes, and the weapon falls, ^ Thore members of the college chat observe a late laVie, are called by the apothecasies Signiiier men."


[blocks in formation]


Wurie the shrill clangor of the battle rings, The puppets to their bodkin spears repair,

Rand 'catter'd feathers flurter in the air;
Auspicious health appear'd on zephyr's wings;
She seem'd a cherub most divinely bright,

But, when the bold inaperial bird of Jove
More foft than air, more gay than morning-light. Scoops on his founding pinions from above,
A charm he takes from each excelling fair,

Among the brakes the fairy nation crowds, And bcrrows Carlisle's shape, and Grafton's air. And the Strimonian squadron seeks the clouds. Her eyes like Riinelagh's their beams dispente,

And now the delegate prepares to go With Churchill's bloon, and Berkeley's ingon | And view the wonders of the realms helow; cence;

Then takes Amomum for the golden bough.
On Iris thus the differing beams bestow

Thrice did the goddess with her sacred wand
The dye, chat paints the wonders of her bow; 'The pavement ftrike; and straight at her como

From the fair nymph a vocal music falls,
As to Machánn thus the goddess calls :

The willing furface opens, and descries Enough, th' atchievement of your arms you've A deep descent that leads to nether kies. fhown,

Hygeia to the filent region tends; You seek a triumph you should blush to own.

And with his heavenly guide the charge dex Hafte to th' Elysian fields, those blest abodes,

fcends. Where Harvey fits among the demi-guds.

Thus Numa, when to hallow'd caves re:ir'd,
Consult that facred fage, he'll fion disclose Was by Ægeria guarded and inspir'd.
The method that must mollify these woes.

Within the chambers of the globe they fry
Let Cellus* for that enterprize prepare,

The beds where sleeping vegetables lie,
His conduct to the shades shall be niy care.

Till the glad fummons of a genial ray
Aghait the heroes stood diffolv'd in fear, Unbinds the glebe, and calls them out to day.
A form so heavenly brigh: they could not bear;

Hence pancies trick shemselves in various hue,
Cullus, alone unniov'l, the fight beheld,

And hence jonquils derive their fragrant dew; The re!i in pale confusion left she ficld.

Hence the carnation and the bashful rose So when the pygmies, marshald on the plains,

Their virgin blushes ro the more difclute; Wage punỳ war againt th' invading crancs ;

Hince the chalte lily rises to the light,

Unveils her (nowy brcaits, and charms the light; # Dr. Batercan,


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