The Plantation Scheme: Or, The West of Ireland as a Field of Investment

W. Blackwood and Sons, 1850 - 191 páginas

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Página 70 - When sated with the martial show That peopled all the plain below, The wandering eye could o'er it go, And mark the distant city glow With gloomy splendour red ; For on the smoke-wreaths, huge and slow, That round her sable turrets flow, The morning beams were shed, And tinged them with a lustre proud, Like that which streaks a thunder-cloud. Such dusky grandeur clothed the height, Where the huge Castle holds its state, And all the steep slope down...
Página 185 - We have thoroughly examined these volumes ; but to give a full notice of their varied and valuable contents would occupy a larger space than we can conveniently devote to their discussion ; we therefore, in general terms, commend them to the careful study of every young man who wishes to become a good practical farmer.— Times.
Página 187 - NOW AND THEN. By SAMUEL WARREN, Esq., FRS Author of " Ten Thousand a- Year," and the
Página 70 - Like that which streaks a thunder-cloud. Such dusky grandeur clothed the height, Where the huge castle holds its state, And all the steep slope down Whose ridgy back heaves to the sky, Piled deep and massy, close and high, Mine own romantic town...
Página 185 - By the same Author, A Catechism of Agricultural Chemistry and GEOLOGY. A New Edition, price lOd. The Publishers make a deduction when a quantity is taken for Schools, or for Distribution. " We would recommend every farmer in Britain, let his knowledge of agriculture be extended or limited, to procure a copy of the Catechism for himself; and this recommendation we would support by the facts, that the memories of the initiated are apt to get rusty ; so much so, that a little rubbing-up may be necessary...
Página 187 - MEMOIRS OF SIR WILLIAM KIRKALDY OF GRANGE , Knight, Commander of French Horse, Lord of the Secret Council, and Governor of the Castle of Edinburgh for Mary Queen of Scots.
Página 70 - ... massy, close and high, Mine own romantic town ! But northward far, with purer blaze, On Ochil mountains fell the rays, And as each heathy top they kiss'd, It gleam'da purple amethyst.
Página 120 - ... and in short most of the articles found in a middling English cottage; but upon enquiry, I very generally found that these acquisitions were all made within the last ten years, a sure sign of a rising national prosperity.
Página 153 - Roman Catholics. The total number of male and female teachers trained, from the commencement of our proceedings to the 31st of December, 1847, is 2.044.
Página 185 - This is a little book which we heartily desire to see brought into general circulation in agricultural districts. Practically useful while explaining first principles, and scientific without pretence, it is just the work to catch and rivet the attention of the more shrewd and intelligent portion of our agricultural population. The style is delightfully clear, the facts important, brought to bear on the daily business of the farmer's life with startling effect; and the subjects broached so interesting...

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