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Howe'er attractive, Fellow-voyager!

Wouldst thou not chide? Yet deem not my pains


For Vaudracour and Julia (so were named
The ill-fated pair) in that plain tale will draw
Tears from the hearts of others, when their own
Shall beat no more. Thou, also, there mayst read,
At leisure, how the enamored youth was driven,
By public power abased, to fatal crime,
Nature's rebellion against monstrous law;
How, between heart and heart oppression thrust
Her mandates, severing whom true love had joined,
Harassing both; until he sank and pressed
The couch his fate had made for him; supine,
Save when the stings of viperous remorse,
Trying their strength, enforced him to start up,
Aghast and prayerless. Into a deep wood
He fled, to shun the haunts of human kind;
There dwelt, weakened in spirit more and more;
Nor could the voice of Freedom, which through

Full speedily resounded, public hope,

Or personal memory of his own worst wrongs, Rouse him; but, hidden in those gloomy shades, His days he wasted, an imbecile mind.





It was a beautiful and silent day
That overspread the countenance of earth,
Then fading with unusual quietness,

A day as beautiful as e'er was given

To soothe regret, though deepening what it soothed,
When by the gliding Loire I paused, and cast
Upon his rich domains, vineyard and tilth,
Green meadow-ground, and many-colored woods,
Again, and yet again, a farewell look;
Then from the quiet of that scene passed on,
Bound to the fierce Metropolis. From his throne
The King had fallen, and that invading host-
Presumptuous cloud, on whose black front was


The tender mercies of the dismal wind
That bore it on the plains of Liberty
Had burst innocuous. Say in bolder words,
They who had come elate as Eastern hunters
Banded beneath the Great Mogul, when he

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