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I felt their invitation ; and resumed
A long-suspended office in the House
Of public worship, where, the glowing phrase
Of ancient inspiration serving me,
I promised also, - with undaunted trust
Foretold, and added prayer to prophecy;
The admiration winning of the crowd ;
The help desiring of the pure devout.

“Scorn and contempt forbid me to proceed ! But History, time's slavish scribe, will tell How rapidly the zealots of the cause Disbanded, — or in hostile ranks appeared; Some, tired of honest service; these, outdone, Disgusted therefore, or appalled, by aims Of fiercer zealots; so confusion reigned, And the more faithful were compelled to exclaim, As Brutus did to Virtue, ' Liberty, I worshipped thee, and find thee but a Shade!'

“ Such recantation had for me no charm, Nor would I bend to it; who should have grieved At aught, however fair, that bore the mien Of a conclusion, or catastrophe. Why then conceal, that, when the simply good In timid selfishness withdrew, I sought Other support, not scrupulous whence it came; And by what compromise it stood, not nice? nough if notions seemed to be high-pitched, And qualities determined. — Among men

So charactered did I maintain a strife
Hopeless, and still more hopeless every hour,
But, in the process, I began to feel
That, if the emancipation of the world
Were missed, I should at least secure my own,
And be in part compensated. For rights,
Widely, inveterately usurped upon,
I spake with vehemence; and promptly seized
All that Abstraction furnished for


needs Or purposes; nor scrupled to proclaim, And propagate, by liberty of life, Those new persuasions. Not that I rejoiced, Or even found pleasure, in such vagrant course, For its own sake; but farthest from the walk Which I had trod in happiness and peace, Was most inviting to a troubled mind; That, in a struggling and distempered world, Saw a seductive image of herself. Yet, mark the contradictions of which Man Is still the sport! Here Nature was my guide, The Nature of the dissolute; but thee, O fostering Nature! I rejected, — smiled At others' tears in pity; and in scorn At those which thy soft influence sometimes drew From my unguarded heart. - The tranquil shores Of Britain circumscribed me; else, perhaps I might have been entangled among deeds, Which, now, as infamous, I ould abhor, Despise, as senseless : for my spirit relished Strangely the exasperation of that. Land,


Which turned an angry beak against the down
Of her own breast; confounded into hope
Of disencumbering thus her fretful wings.

" But all was quieted by iron bonds Of military sway. The shifting aims, The moral interests, the creative might, The varied functions and high attributes Of civil action, yielded to a power Formal, and odious, and contemptible. - In Britain, ruled a panic dread of change; The weak were praised, rewarded, and advanced; And, from the impulse of a just disdain, Once more did I retire into myself. There feeling no contentment, I resolved To fly, for safeguard, to some foreign shore, Remote from Europe ; from her blasted hopes, Her fields of carnage, and polluted air.

“ Fresh blew the wind, when o'er the Atlantic

Main The ship went gliding with her thoughtless crew; And who among them but an Exile, freed From discontent, indifferent, pleased to sit Among the busily employed, not more With obligation charged, with service taxed, Than the loose pendant, to the idle wind Upon the tail mast streaming. But, ye Powers Of soul and sense mysteriously allied, O, never let the Wretched, if a choice

Be left him, trust the freight of his distress
To a long voyage on the silent deep!
For like a plague will memory break out ;
And, in the blank and solitude of things,
Upon his spirit, with a fever's strength,
Will conscience prey.- Feebly must they have felt
Who, in old time, attired with snakes and whips
The vengefal Furies. Beautiful regards
Were turned on me, the face of her I loved ;
The Wife and Mother pitifully fixing
Tender reproaches, insupportable !
Where now that boasted liberty? No welcome
From unknown objects I received; and those
Known and familiar, which the vaulted sky
Did, in the placid clearness of the night,
Disclose, had accusations to prefer
Against my peace.

Within the cabin stood
That volume,

as a compass for the soul,
Revered among the nations. I implored
Its guidance ; but the infallible support
Of faith was wanting. Tell me,

why refused
To one by storms annoyed and adverse winds ;
Perplexed with currents; of his weakness sick :
Of vain endeavors tired ; and by his own
And by his nature's ignorance dismayed !

"Long wished-for sight, the Western World ap

peared; And, when the ship was moored, I leaped ashore T:dignantly, — resolved to be a man,

[blocks in formation]

Wło, having o'er the past no power, would live
No longer in subjection to the past,
With abject mind, from a tyrannic lord
Inviting penance, fruitlessly endured:
So, like a fugitive, whose feet have cleared
Some boundary, which his followers may not cross
In prosecution of their deadly chase,
Respiring, I looked round. How bright the sun,
The breeze how soft! Can anything produced
In the Old World compare, thought I, for power
And majesty with this gigantic stream,
Sprung from the desert? And behold a city
Fresh, youthful, and aspiring! What are these
To me, or I to them? As much at least
As he desires that they should be, whom winds
And waves have wafted to this distant shore,
In the condition of a damaged seed,
Whose fibres cannot, if they would, take root.
I roam at large;

- my business is,
Roaming at large, to observe, and not to feel,
And therefore not to act, - convinced that all
Which bears the name of action, howsoe’er
Beginning, ends in servitude, - still painful,
And mostly profitless. And, sooth to say,
On nearer view, a motley spectacle
Appeared, of high pretensions, - unreproved
But by the obstreperous voice of higher still;
Big passions strutting on a petty stage;
Which a detached spectator may regard
Not unamused. — But ridicule demands

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