Extracts from a Journal: Written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, in the Years 1820, 1821, 1822, Volumen1

A. Constable and Company, 1827

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Página 263 - Maddera, who was the last to quit the ship, cried bitterly as he wrung the hands of his numerous friends, who crowded round him, and loaded him with presents. " While we were heaving up the anchor, the natives assembled not only in canoes round the ships, but in vast crowds upon the neighbouring heights ; and, as we sailed away, they all stood up, and continued waving their fans and handkerchiefs, till they could be no longer distinguished.
Página 171 - ... invisible. These animals are of a great variety of shapes and sizes, and in such prodigious numbers, that, in a short time, the whole surface of the rock appears to be alive and in motion. The most common worm is in the form of...
Página 173 - But the growth being as rapid at the upper edge as it is lower down, the steepness of the face of the reef is still preserved. These are the circumstances which render coral reefs so dangerous in navigation ; for, in the first place, they are seldom seen above the water ; and, in the next, their sides are so steep, that a ship's bow may strike against the rock before any change of soundings has given warning of the danger.
Página 171 - The examination of a coral reef during the different stages of one tide is particularly interesting. When the tide has left it for some time it becomes dry, and appears to be a compact rock, exceedingly hard and ragged ; but...
Página 172 - The growth of coral ceases when the worm which creates it is no longer exposed to the washing of the tide. Thus a reef rises in the form of a gigantic cauliflower, till its top has gained the level of the highest tides, above which the worm has no power to carry its operations, and the reef, consequently, no longer extends itself upwards.
Página 172 - ... of different lengths and colours, some being as fine as a thread and several feet long, of a bright yellow, and sometimes of a blue colour : others resemble snails, and some are not unlike lobsters in shape, but soft, and not above two inches long...
Página 311 - I felt in a short time so completely exposed to his view, that it would have been impossible to have concealed or qualified the smallest particular. Such, indeed, was the rapidity of his apprehension of the subjects which interested him, and the astonishing ease with which he arranged and generalized the few points of information I gave him...
Página 262 - To me he gave a fan and a picture of an old man looking up at the sun, drawn, he said, by himself: he probably meant in his picture some allusion to my usual occupation at the observatory. After he had put off in his boat, he called out " Ingeree noo choo sibittee yootoosha," I shall ever remember the English people.
Página 306 - I proceeded to an anti-room, where I waited for about ten minutes, till a servant announced, that his Majesty the Emperor was ready to receive me. On entering the room, I saw Buonaparte standing before the fire, with his head leaning on his hand, and his elbow resting on the chimney-piece. He looked up, and came forward two paces, returning my salutation with a careless sort of bow, or nod. His first question was,
Página 115 - ... a jar of water up to us, and another a basket of boiled sweet potatoes, without asking or seeming to wish for any recompense. Their manners were gentle and respectful ; they uncovered their heads when in our presence, bowed whenever they spoke to us ; and when we gave them some rum, they did not drink it till they had bowed to every person round. Another canoe went near the Alceste, and a rope being thrown to them, they tied...

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